Forest Trees


I figured at the beginning of my journey that I needed to be perfect or simply just embody the idea of perfect so that people would turn to me. I figured out pretty early that I'd never get anywhere being who I think I should be. I spent a vast majority of the last 10 years trying to live up to the expectations that were set forth in front of me. 

Of course it's always easy to follow your destined path, but the fated path is where life really starts to feel different. Even today, I still find myself sitting back asking God or my guides why me. I still don't have an answer to that question, but obviously my purpose has become much bigger than me. Maybe the fact that I'm always willing to help others or that I'm always willing to see things in another light is why I haven't left the journey; Believe me, I have tried LOL. 

It's been a difficult road and some days the tears are heavier than most, but I'm always crying anyway because I'm a cancer. I take pride in knowing that I've helped you all in some form, shape or fashion. I don't try to know it all that's why I say that "google is free." I plan to continue on this journey until God tells me to turn in my keys. He hasn't asked for them yet so I'm still appreciating the time I have on this earthly plane. And I thank you all for listening to me, confiding in me, trusting me with your stories, but also providing a listening ear when I need it. So from me to you, I am forever humble and grateful to share my gifts.

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