Angel Messages for the Elements

These are messages from the angels when it comes to the energy around you and the energy moving forward.

Water Signs

Healing wounds in a relationship, rather present or in the past, will be your mission for the next 6 weeks or 6 months. You know where you don't want to go back to and you are finally ready to leave some things behind. Those of you that have been struggling when it comes to love in a current relationship will see a change starting the end of the 3rd week of this month. Creativity is being held up inside of you and some of you are about to embark on a new journey when it comes to your career. Those of you that are looking for love will have luck as an air or fire sign person is about to come into your life by the month of August. Travel is highlighted and coming up for most of you within the next 6 months. Don't think that you have to limit yourself or dull down your goals just to make others around you feel better. The time has come for you to stop being afraid of your gifts or what you can do on this earthly plane. If you want to start over with someone you have to know that the past has to stay where it's at. If you can't leave the past behind then leave the person alone. These fresh starts that you've been asking for are starting to come in, but you also have to stop hiding away. Show the world what you can do and there's no way the world can see you hiding behind your curtains. I know it gives you major anxiety to put yourself out there and you wonder what if they don't accept you. Some of you are great writers or story tellers so you need to put the pen to the paper. Or you could be great artists. It doesn't matter what you can do, just as long as you try over the next few months to actually get out there and do it. It's time to open up and also you should use this time to rest your body, muscles and emotions. Some of you have been overdoing it since the year started when it comes to trying to find the right path for you. Now it's time to take a step back and think. Those of you that are being lazy or using the hermit mode as an excuse not to make things happen will still be in this mode for the rest of the year until you decide to shape up. The sun doesn't wait to rise just because you're not having a good day. Life keeps rolling and it's time you realize that. It's okay to take a moment to regroup, but you can't take forever.

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Earth Signs

A relationship is meant to serve as a transformation for you rather that be good or bad. Too much obsession over what someone is going to do is not good. Some of you are too consumed with what makes someone else happy that you've completely given over your power to them. What would happen if you took your power back? Likely, you may not have this relationship anymore. Some of you could be dealing with someone who has manipulation tactics or this is someone who knows that no one else is willing to put up with their shit but you. They may be demanding changes from you but when those changes need to be done within themselves, now all of a sudden they have amnesia. You feel stuck right now and you don't know what to do. Some of you may be feeling that someone wants you to chase them or play phone tag with them just because they heard something that hurt their feelings. You may be too quick to always fix this situation with them, but when are they going to step forward and be the initiator. You may even be manifesting what you don't want instead of what you do. You may want closure or even an explanation from someone who has showed you their back and yet you keep trying to tap them on the shoulder to get them to turn around. Some of you could even be wondering how things would be different if you would have decided to stay with your past. Oh, you mean that person that won't even check on you to see if you're okay or who had a habit of making it all about themselves? Surely not them. Things may also be feeling a bit icky when it comes to a work situation and dealing with an overly judgmental boss. Some of you may be ready to take your leave in a situation because you've given enough time and energy to this place or work situation. Yes it's a paycheck, but when will you be ready for peace. Some of you are actually with the right one for you, but due to the past and they way the did you emotionally, you don't know what's real and what's fact. This person's love is real, especially if you reconnected with them in december or january. You want someone to mess up like your past did, just so you can say that you were right and that they would hurt you. But no. Stop manifesting that energy into your space. Why is it so hard to believe that you can be happy or that someone can make you happy? Those of you that are single will meet the right one for you in the next 8 weeks and this is your life partner in this lifetime. It is a pisces, gemini, scorpio or aquarius person. Those of you in relationships, the right one for you are the placements I just stated.

Air Signs

You want love, but these days you feel that's a lot easier said than done. Some of you may be in connection with people or this could even be platonic friendships that you feel you have to question if they even care or not. You've been stuck in la la land recently when it comes to a connection that has been on and off. Why is it so hard for them to give emotions to you? Maybe you aren't recognizing the emotions that they are giving you because you expect them to give you back exactly what you gave them. What if these individuals are trying to show you something different when it comes to love, but maybe you're too stuck on what you think love should look or feel like. These are times when it's time for you to get clear about what you really want. Choices need to be made and you have to stop including everyone else in your decision. If you want to give something a chance then give it a fair chance without listening to judgements of others around you. Some of you may be being hard on yourself when it comes to your looks and some of you may even be portraying yourself to be someone that you're not. Especially when it comes to online dating. Put up that recent picture of you instead of using one from 2 years ago. You're in a different space now and there's no need to hide who you are. Love will happen if that's what you truly want. I know it's tempting to always want to know the answers of what lies ahead, but all the clarity you seek has already been answered for the last 7 weeks. You know what to do, it's just the fact that you don't want to do it. Also, stop putting your hand in every pot so you don't have to think about the real issues. No matter how many ideas or projects you start won't bring you what you seek until you figure out what is it that truly makes you happy. Continuously being busy isn't the answer. You are heading into a period where you will start to think more about your passions on the emotional and physical plane.

Fire Signs

The time has come for you to rebuild. You've sat back and held off from making changes for long enough and now is the time that the universe says, it has to be done. You may be leaving behind a connection unexpectedly that you still don't have answers to. Some of you may be wanting to leave behind a job unexpectedly because emotionally you are just fed up with what you have to deal with. Some of you may even be questioning a friendship at this point. A friendship may have went to another level and now there's confusion in the air because someone is backtracking. You are having to move on from something or someone that you may have thought was the one for you. It hurts, but some days you even wonder if this life is meant to be spent just to yourself. You are tired of putting bandaids on your wounds just to tell everyone else that you are okay. But you aren't okay and when are you going to be honest about them. There are people around you who can tell that you aren't yourself and that you need someone to talk to but they won't say anything if you won't. By now you thought your life would have looked a bit different, but these last few years have involved a bunch of starting over. When is the consistency going to happen? As soon as you stop confiding in the same person but with a different face. Ask yourself why do the people you attract only want to care when it's convenient for them? Is it because you are always caring about others and you forget about yourself? Don't make any promises or commit to anything brand new for the next 2 months as it won't go as planned. Over the next few weeks your path will be changing to one that is more spiritually rewarding instead of materially rewarding. But that's okay because it's about time that you re-evaluate what's most important in your life. Some things aren't replaceable. Put more effort into working on your communication and not feeling threatened when someone doesn't agree with you. Some of you have been having difficulties with an earth sign taurus or capricorn person. If you are separated a final conversation with this person will be happening within the next 4 weeks. It's a conversation that will send you both off onto your separate paths. And it's not a bad thing because you will meet another fire sign person who will bring balance to you and will make your heart sing. Those of you in connections could be going through a challenging time right now when it comes to someone's career. Be careful of taking out your frustrations on them. This will past as long as you both communicate and tell one another what you need. Some of you will be moving to a new city or a new country next year or by the year of 2022. You're ready for a new beginning anyway, so don't be afraid.

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