The Devil and the Cup he Found

Updated: Sep 7

There are certain energies that stick out like a sore thumb and the devil is always one of those. The coiled snake that shows up in your dreams falls right in line with the dark side of this energy.

There's a movie that I love to watch called, "The Missing", with Tommy Lee Jones and Cate Blanchett. In a scene where a witch doctor was seen doing rituals with snakes hanging from the trees, I always think back to the shadow side of the devil when I watch this scene. The devil can be tamed just like the snakes if we learn to accept his shadow side.

Tap into the devil energy and fight for it like he would when he wants people to fold to his will. I'm not condoning the devil by any means, but the reason why he exists is because there can be no dark without light. The Universe/God is light so somebody had to do the job. We see the devil card and immediately want to run and hide. It's not always bad though. Pair it with the Sun or the World and you've got some next level stuff going on. With the Sun, success in business or career will be for the long term. The Devil card with the World can mean that suffering is over and you'll no longer choose sadness or depression. You've learned the lessons the Universe needs you to learn and now you can move on to new beginnings

Another interesting take on the devil is when it's with the 2 of cups. Capricorn and Cancer are said to be a match because earth and water and 4th house aspects the 10th house. But when we look a little deeper, if a 4th house planet is opposing a planet in the 10th house, we can see the darker side of things. Such as harsh differences of opinion, gaslighting, narcissistic tendencies, family interfering, and sometimes I've even seen racism from family heavily when I get the devil with the 2 of cups; the list goes on. Saturn isn't comfortable in the sign of cancer. Example would be Saturn in the 4th house. A hard upbringing, poverty, lack of love from mother or father, or growing up with a parent who cared more about themselves and what they wanted instead of tending to the children.Now not all Saturn in the 4th house people grew up the same. But when we combine Saturn with the moon and there's been trauma through the 4th house, this can almost turn into a subconsciously suffering relationship. Because now the shadow side has made its way in and subconsciously traumas or things of the past are forced to be dealt with. Not saying it can't work, but be prepared to face things that may have been swept under the rug. And this can be a bit difficult for the moon person because the Saturnian nature can be kind of harsh and sometimes in the energy of "get over it". For example the Saturnian empathy meter can look a little like this gif....

My first love in high school was a capricorn and subconsciously it was a battle. As time went on we started to remind one another of certain things in our childhood we didn't want to face. It became a rollercoaster and then the ride came to a halt. But that Saturn taught my Moon that not facing it was and will continue to be to my detriment. It taught me how to be strong, even if I was told I wasn't strong enough before. Even if you aren't a capricorn or a cancer, you can still get the devil card with the 2 of cups in a reading. Doesn't mean its a bad thing, it means there's work to do and it may require a little bit more effort than most, but you can make it happen. This combination can make or break a connection, try to let it make it because then it can turn out to be a very emotionally rewarding relationship.

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