The Divine Brew: Let it Go and Let it Be

Right now you may be confused whenever it pertains to a situation that you just had to recently let go of. Life may feel like a big jumbled mess right now especially when it comes to your purpose. You thought your purpose was in one direction but then reality set in and now it just seems that everything is just out of place. You may be realizing right now that your expectations for this person to change and be somebody else they’re not just doesn’t fit. This person may still be trying to apologize to you to make things right, but as the days go on you start to realize that things won't ever be the same. The thing is that you are changing and you are growing up, and it’s a shame that people around you aren’t trying to follow suit. Over the next few weeks you may find yourself getting pulled back into old cycles of the blame game or the "whoa is me" because something isn't working out the way you would’ve wanted.

But your past that phase in your life and there’s no need to venture back into old and negative energy. You will get a second chance to do something different whenever it pertains to what you want to do and who you wanna be. And this time around since you’ve grown into a better person the outcome will be different. Some of you have to stop focusing on what you lost in the past and specifically stop looking at someone's social media or trying to throw subliminals their way to see if they notice. They're focusing on their life right now, so it may be best to do the same thing. Some of you may be seeing this person as your beginning, middle, and end. You may be too stuck in the mindframe of thinking that a man or a woman defines your entire existence or puts the cherry on top of your accomplishments. Some of you may feel like without love who are you. But even without love or finding that person right now, you still are someone and can be someone great. Love is not the end all be all, even though it is a great thing to have, you don’t need it to become someone and you don’t need it to define who you are. Keep your head up keep your chin up during this time because opportunities will come in. Some of you may be looking for a reason to quit something right now that you’ve put a lot of effort into. Recognition doesn’t always come in big batches and some of you are missing the point that you are making a difference in someone’s life even if it’s just one person.

Right now things are changing for a lot of people and yes it’s uncomfortable but you can’t use that as an excuse to stop going. What is it in your life or about yourself that you would like to see change in the next six months? Because all the universe is asking is for you to tweak little things so you can get bigger things and bigger opportunities. But some of you may be in the mindframe that you don’t have to change because you're fine the way you are, but ask yourself how can you possibly grow with that mindset. Change is a part of it and sometimes we get caught up focusing so much on what we want other people to change that we forget that we have inner work to do ourselves. You may hear somebody out in terms of the apology that they feel they owe you, but it doesn’t mean that this is a situation that should go further than that. Hear what this person has to say, accept the fact that it just didn’t work this time, and figure out how you move forward. Everyone’s not gonna see your point of view when it comes to things, but some of you are so adamant about getting your point across that you’re wasting your time and energy. People only see where you’re coming from when they choose to see where you’re coming from, they’re not obligated to automatically be understanding or accepting. So speak your peace and keep it pushing and if they understand it great and if they don't, then that's fine too. It’s best right now to stop searching for the answers so much and just take a step back. Sometimes the universe doesn’t want us to have an answer at that time because there’s other things we need to see and lessons we still need to learn. For the collective this is a mass period of growth, nothing else, nothing more. There will be days of stagnation and there will be days were things seem to move forward, but most importantly the best thing you can do right now and for the next two months is to learn how to let go and let it be.


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