The Divine Brew Nov. 15: Everyone's Intentions Aren't Genuine

There are people around you and environments that you are in right now that you feel are keeping you from moving forward in your journey. Right now is the time to pay attention to the actions of others around you but also pay attention to how your mood changes when these people come around. You may be trying to get out of your situation or find a better environment that you feel is more conducive to your healing. But right now you may not necessarily have any other place to go or anyone else to turn to. Things may be popping up in your dreams that don’t necessarily make any sense and this is a good time for you to invest in starting a dream journal to write down what you see and interpret this at a later date. Very soon what you’re going through will all make sense and you’ll finally be able to breathe a sigh of relief. Some of you may be stuck in a pattern where you were waiting for somebody to save you instead of making a choice yourself and moving forward with that. Others of you are saving yourself for an ex to come back into your life.

There may be multiple options or multiple paths that you want to choose right now but yet you really don’t know where each path will lead you to in the future. Some of you may just simply have your head in the clouds hoping that the answer will just fall into your lap. Or you may be stuck in a cycle of waiting for somebody else to tell you what to do. There will be a message coming to you in the upcoming 2 to 4 months or weeks from an air sign person. Some of you will be finding out that this person has been lying to you. And you actually may find out about this person’s lies through a friend or if this person has let you go you will find out that this person has already moved on to someone else. But really the issue could be that this person may have never really moved on from their ex at all but they may have gotten into your relationship hoping that it would help them get over their ex.

You have to challenge yourself to do better and some of you have to become unstuck in this mindset of you can’t move on or you can’t move forward. The only mindset or the only thing working against you right now is yourself. Pride and stubbornness may be playing a factor in communication or connections right now. Somebody would rather die on that hill of being right instead of sucking it up and apologizing. You will have to let go of something before December ends rather you like it or not. But there’s no point at this time struggling to keep something that the universe already said should’ve been gone six months ago. Some of you may be feeling pulled to move to another place or simply another city but a lot of this has to do with you trying to duck and hide because you just don’t want to deal with defeat. Some of you have just been quite unlucky when it pertains to love over the last three years. There’s been a lot of temporary people coming in and out of your life but also there’s been a lot of people just coming in using you as a filler until the person who they want to be with answers the phone. But that part of your life is about to come to an end as some of you are about to meet a younger air or water sign person. Those of you in a relationship will be realizing during this time that the fights are really petty and there’s no sense in making a permanent decision on temporary emotions.

You don’t have to lie about your shortcomings because you hope that won’t turn somebody in the opposite direction. Everybody has flaws and there is no perfectionism in a person because at the end of the day we’re all human. So stop trying to paint a picture of somebody that you’re not and just live. You're transforming and your energy will be shifting before Scorpio season ends but some of you would rather fight that by going back to exes who disrespected you, staying in jobs there are terrible for your mental health, trying to make nice with parents that may not mean you any good, or trying to fight a battle with your child’s parent that really could care less about what you're talking about. Stop fighting everybody because you want them to fight for you. Everybody doesn’t have your best intentions at heart but the least you can do is have your own back and fight for yourself during this time. And once you start doing that you’ll see the energy shifts like a bird in the sky

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