The Divine Brew Nov. 5: Growth Doesn't Require an Explanation

Right now you may be trying to find balance in your affairs when it pertains to your family. Now it may seem like a battle when it pertains to a head over heart decision. You want stability and you’re trying to move towards stability but you slowed up your pace because you’ve been afraid to make the wrong decision. Some of you are afraid to move on from a family situation because you’re afraid you may regret leaving it behind. The energy of wanting to expand has been coming up for you for the last four months or since the month of May of this year. You want to expand your bank account, expand your mind, or even simply expand your living situation. This time around you are getting a second chance at something and it’s a chance for you to do it right.

However your negative thoughts are controlling you and you’re having a hard time seeing the positivity in a situation. Even if you broke up with someone, you’re still struggling to find your way forward. Some of you are still struggling to find out where you belong. You’ve been on this journey possibly since you were 17 or some of you may have gotten kicked out of your home at an early age because you didn’t fit in with your parents idea of who you should be. And now that may be playing out in your life as an adult with your own kids or you just being heavily guarded because you refuse to let someone else abandon you or give up on you again. Your inner child is still scarred or bruised in some way. Some of you have pent-up anger or aggression still stemming from childhood or from a emotional situation from the past 10-15 years. Some of you are still carrying anger from someone leaving you to raise a child by yourself or because you are having to pay the caretaker to someone.

Those times where you walk around with a smile on your face, you actually find yourself sad or even crying at night when you’re to yourself. You want to start a new beginning and some of you may be wanting to start a new job or even wanting to go back to school. But for some reason you fear not fitting in or it's simply a matter of your fear of things not going right again. You likely have been through multiple cycles in your life where you’ve been casted out or abandoned with no explanation as to why. Some of you may now struggle when it comes to growing up. You still may have the mindset or mind frame of a 15-year-old even if you are physically 35 or 40. Some of you may not be prepared even now to go on this new journey and that may be in a new city for some and others it's being single could be completely new. These days we are required to make a choice in terms of what’s going to make us happy. And for a lot of you what’s going to make you happy is to take a step outside of fear and just do what’s been on your heart for the longest time. Some of you have to stop muting yourself because it’s blocking your throat chakra. Too focused on keeping the peace or not rocking the boat even though they won't try to keep the peace with you. So why hold back on how you really feel? If there’s something that you need to say to someone it's better off said than unsaid. There is money coming in and also new opportunities over the next 6 to 8 weeks and things will start to take a quick turn. Not in a bad way though.

A new love interest could be coming in for some of you and it’s by way of a friend or you may meet this person through a friend that is married. Now is not the time to sit on your high horse and disregard criticism or close your mind to certain things. Some of you could be a lot further along when it pertains to your path or your journey if you would just sit down and listen for once. No one can make it through this life without any sort of help. And some of you may be so determined to prove a point that you can do it on your own that you’re just making it more difficult for yourself. It’s OK sometimes to show feelings or even vulnerability. If someone is giving you criticism it doesn’t mean this is a personal attack, it could simply be someone trying to help you get to your destination faster. Those of you that are in relationships rather married or unmarried, you may be thinking about going to counseling during this time to work on your daddy issues or it could be mother issues. Coming up in the next two weeks or two days some of you guys may be cutting off a friend or a family member for these exact reasons that I listed. Because neither person wants to listen or simply two stubborn people are too focused on trying to get their points across. Somethings need to change in order for things to get better. If you are changing or going through changes right now and people are starting to distance themselves from you it's not always a bad thing. Your energy just may be in a different spot than what it was back in 2013 or 2017. Some of you may be taking growth as a bad thing because that may mean that you may have to leave behind partners, parents, friends, etc. You don’t have to be so defensive or you don’t have to keep explaining yourself as to why you are deciding to move on or as to why somethings just aren't for you anymore. Growth doesn’t require an explanation. If someone or people really want to go with you on your journey they are going to understand and they’re going to catch up. If you are back-and-forth on if you want move to a new city or a new place, it’s best for you to put this to the side right now because this won't play out in your favor at this time. Some of you that are trying to make this move we’re only making it because you want to run away and you feel that if you run away then maybe you’ll get what you want somewhere else. But no, right now the universe wants you to learn how to deal with your shit. That’s the only way through this journey.

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