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AUG 30

Due to recent events, you may feel the need to find your solace through being cold. Mentally you may be shutting down because you don't know what is next. You may be trying to be released from the grasp of a toxic workplace or even a toxic connection. Secretly you may want to indulge in things that aren't good for your health or good for you mental space because maybe that will help you feel better. Some may be obsessing over money matters or how to make more money. Your ambitious right now, but are you ambitious with a purpose. Some of you have possibly been crying because "why does life have to be so tough?." If you're in connections you still may feel alone or unhappy even though this person lays right next to you. Some of you are struggling when it comes to breaking the patterns that were set forth by your parents. Their story doesn't have to become your story and you're not obligated to be there for anyone that's toxic. There may be an energy of selfishness coming from those around you or this energy could be coming from you. The love of money is the root of all evil. You may feel that if your bank account isn't this or if you don't look like this then no one can love you. Some of you may even be trying to push to change your look to see if this will make another person happy. New beginnings are coming but some sacrifices have to be made. Are these sacrifices worth abandoning your morals or values? Look before you cross the street to make sure it's safe. If you do things with decency and in order you will reach your ace of pentacle.  It takes more energy to live a lie than it does to live your truth. Be mindful of someone's wandering eye. Shiny new quarters are actually pennies and you're worth more than that. Offers from the past you overlooked will resurface again in the next 3-8 days or 3 weeks. If you are trying to start school or anything new this virgo season, the universe urges you to take your time. Ease into the transition. Others of you during these next 9 days may realize you're in a connection for all the wrong reasons. There's someone outside your peripheral looking at you with love. So if you leave know that love doesn't end with this one person, someone else is already waiting. Court cases or legal situations may take some time to be resolved, but no need to worry. Choose balance and peace. 

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