The Divine Brew Oct. 14: Looking for Direction

Right now you are trying to find your footing, but most importantly you're trying to find out where you belong. It may seem like a struggle now with everyone trying to have an opinion or say so into what you should be doing with your life. Some of you may still be holding on to the fantasy of someone or you are holding on to a dream and the universe is asking you to be more practical. Communication may be off thanks to mercury in retrograde, but this energy is different. You may be wondering why do you have to fight so hard to prove you deserve love or to be treated with respect. Some of you may be feeling guilty right now for wanting to do something for yourself. You may start to panic or think how will so and so feel if you decide to do something without making it all about them, like you usually do. Those of you that are blazing a new trail when it comes to your career, may be receiving backlash because you handle this career with ease. Some people just naturally catch on to things quicker than others. Don't dull down your light just to blend in or to not make them feel uncomfortable. If they can't catch up or catch on, you still do your best.

Don't be afraid of success and don't be afraid of standing out from the crowd if you're good at something. Some of you may be going through battles in your relationships because someone wants you to be more like their ex or more like one of their parents; or you could be doing this. You may not even realize that this is going on because you've gotten too caught up in trying to make them happy. A child may be being born into a broken home, but brokenness doesn't have to come from you. You can still be strong and give love without settling for a dead connection. It's better to accept the truth now so that you can know how to move forward. Some of you may feel right now that you are being played for a fool because someone isn't who they were at the beginning. Is that the case or did you just not want to pay attention. Because of this energy, divorces could be happening or separations. Things are just becoming a lot clearer now and things we didn't want to accept have to be looked at. Some of you may be struggling financially because of a divorce, job loss or having to take care of kids on your own. I wish I could say you have a support system behind you, but some of you are figuring out the hard way that people who said they would be there aren't there at all now. But sometimes the harsh truth is that just because we turned our life upside down for someone doesn't mean they're obligated to do the same for us.

No matter how much you fight to have them to listen to you or to love you, they have to choose to do that. No amount of love is good enough unless they want it to be. So don't stress yourself wondering why or what can you do to fix it. Why is it solely your responsibility to fix something that took two people to make? A new direction will approach you in the next five weeks. This may require you to a new place or a new job in a different city or a different state. Some of you shouldn't be making plans with money you don't have because a defeat or delay could be coming in November. But this will close the door to a one, five or eleven year chapter. Save your money and try not to spend to make yourself feel better. How can you save yourself because someone may never save you? If you are an artist or in the field of the arts, perfect your craft as success will come summer of 2021 or the year of 2022. Connect with your friends or siblings to get your mind off of things. It's okay to still care and to still love someone, but don't get caught on a sinking ship with someone who can't give the same back. It's about being at peace and being happy with yourself.


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