The Divine Brew Oct. 20: Changes are Happening or At Least They Should Be

Changes are happening around you right now and you have to learn how to adjust. Some of you may still be grieving over the loss of someone that you had a lot of love for. But this connection may have came with a lot of red tape. You or them may not have been over your ex or someone came in with emotionally manipulative ways. Be careful of the energy vampires during this time who seem to be there right at the very moment you want to give up on everything just to leave you high and dry when you start talking about commitment. Or when you try to exert some boundaries, now all of a sudden they just can't do it anymore. You may not know how to emotionally express yourself right now because it seems as soon as you want to express yourself everything you say is just all wrong. Try to work on saying how you feel without crying or don't get discouraged when someone doesn't understand where you're coming from.

Don't try to control a situation because you're afraid of being abandoned or hurt. We can't control the way people are with us in relationships. And as much as we'd not like to experience hurt or to cry, sometimes that's going to happen when we open our hearts to people. Now is a time where you may have to evaluate if you deserve the treatment you are being given by certain people. Some of you may be afraid that someone is hiding a secret relationship from you, or you fear that a person is embarrassed of you or hiding you from the world. When it comes to your career, you may not be happy in the spot that you are in right now, but settling has become too easy. You want success, but you may be tired of having to prove yourself, so you may want to give up. Why can't they just see what you have to offer without all the extra? Well if the world was fair there would be no poor or rich or educated vs. uneducated. I know you just want credit but you have to start first with patting yourself on the back because someone isn't always going to be there to remind you that you're doing a good job or that they are proud of you.

In the area of kids, some of you are detaching from your children and it may be because they are acting just like you. A lof you may not want to face yourself right now, but a child has become your mirror. They feel your disappointment towards them without you having to say anything. Something didn't turn out the way you wanted, but you're about to get a second chance at this career. Hold your head up because the time will come where people will see the talent or the strength you have. But also, just because something doesn't work out doesn't mean you can start blaming everybody else. Accept your part, try to be better and move on from there. If you fail at something at least you know that wasn't the right thing for you. If you never fail how will you know how strong you are.

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