The Divine Brew Oct. 29: Don't Focus on the Why

This may be a confusing time right now especially whenever it pertains to relationships. Some of you are in a period where you are just trying to figure out who can be a good partner for the long run. True love aside, because some of you may feel that the person who you are so in love with, just won’t do right. Some of you may have just went through a situation where you were abandoned and it left you questioning yourself on what did you do wrong. You may have been dealing with an air sign or an earth sign. You also may be questioning why are you having to go through the lessons that you’re having to go through, but the thing is you’re not looking at the bigger picture. There’s meaning behind these lessons that we go through, and a lot of times it’s all about taking a deeper look within self. Some of you may want to take off, pack up everything and start over elsewhere because that may be the easiest option. Now, others of you, the option of moving to a different place may be the hardest one but you still may fear taking this step.

You wonder if somebody really cares or some of you are wondering if anybody really cares. You find yourself being alone a lot more than you want to admit and you find yourself having to have your own back. So some of you may be feeling that you are running out of energy, time or you are just feeling like you are on an island by yourself. Because someone didn’t give you an answer as to why they didn’t wanna work on things, some of you actually may be checking this person's social media or you may be asking friends around to see what’s going on. Others of you may still be waiting for somebody to catch up to your growth, not realizing that people are going to grow at their own time. And no matter how much love, care, or even if you want them to grow more than they want to grow, that still turns out to be something they need to figure out on their own. Right now you may be feeling a bit nostalgic whenever it comes to your career or when it comes to education. Some of you may even want to go back to school to finish your degree so that you can go in a new career direction. Some of you may be taking this time to move back home and that could be moving in with a family member or you could be moving back to your hometown. Respect the progress, and respect the fact that you’re not where you were six or eight years ago. Even if you aren’t where you want to be financially speaking, take a look back and see how you were emotionally or mentally six to eight years ago.

Some of you may be too caught up in the why instead of paying attention to how far you’ve come. Someone doesn’t have to tell you why, they have no obligation to give you an explanation. If they give you an explanation it's because they chose to do that. If you’re in a partnership with a water or fire sign person in the upcoming six days or six weeks, there will be an opportunity to work on your relationship. But someone has to get out of the energy of expecting the other person to mold to who they want him to be. Now is the time to just accept people as they are, and you may get on easier that way. Travel is highlighted over the next 6 to 8 hours or over the next 14 days, and it will be a good way for you to recharge your batteries. Communication could be coming in from somebody who you had just a sexual relationship with, but now someone may be wanting to sing a different tune. Today a new beginning is starting. It doesn’t matter if it's financially, mentally, physically or emotionally. The important thing is that something new is beginning and you have to put aside the disappointment that you had in the past. Disappointments are part of life but so are new beginnings. Some of you may be too stuck in trying to make a situation work with someone who’s already spoken their peace to you back in 2017. Why settle for less or why cut your blessings short just because you’re trying to get through to this bonehead. New art projects or new creative ventures could be happening right now and these are things that you are passionate about.

Even if this doesn’t turn into another stream of income or if it doesn’t turn into your true purpose, still take this time to do something that makes you happy regardless of what the outcome could be. Don’t try to over complicate life right now, now is the time to release what doesn’t serve any longer and to work on manifesting in new things. Let go of the idea or let go of the energy of constantly trying to get answers from someone that could care less. Or some of you have to take a step back and not try to hop into a new relationship just to Band-Aid your heart. Because someone may be trying to move onto fast to prove a point even though they may not be over their past. Don’t get caught up in this entanglement or this wave of emotions between you and whoever this person is. Embrace the changes no matter if they are big or small. Some of you may be too caught up on wanting these huge changes that you’re not appreciating what you already have. This is a journey, this is a marathon not a rat race to the finish line. If you don’t love yourself how can you even possibly offer that love to somebody else. Now is the time to really sit back and figure out what is it gonna take for you to be happy, leaving everybody else's opinion out of the question. If moving to a new place is truly going to make you happy then do that. But some of you may be moving to make somebody else happy and you’re not even sure if this is what you truly want to do. So this is the time to not base your life decisions or base what you want to do off of the reaction or potential reaction of someone else because you’re gonna lose every time. Some of you, a new business could be happening over the next 12 days, even though it’s Mercury retrograde. But I don’t feel that this is a bad thing to start for some of you. The timing isn’t always gonna be right or the time it’s not always going to be politically correct. If you’re constantly waiting for things to fall into place or for the stars to align exactly the way they need to, then you will never accomplish anything. So take this day or take this time to accomplish something, even if it’s small, it’s still is a win

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