The Divine Brew Oct. 5: You Know Which Door To Choose

Right now you may have someone on your mind that you wish you could have had one last conversation with. Some of you are still trying to figure out where you belong and you could be in this continuous cycle of changing your home or constantly changing your career. You're longing for that time in your life where things were simpler. You feel called towards a specific path or a specific door and maybe behind it you can find the meaning to your life. Some of you may still be recovering from those times where you were made to feel like a burden by one of your parents or by someone that you were in a relationship with. Right now you may feel more vulnerable than you have been in the last two to three years. And now you may want to fix things up with your past.

Some of you are finding it easiest to fall in awe with the stars because reality is hitting you in a lot of different ways. Others of you are having issues accepting the end of a connection or having a hard time accepting that someone just really isn't that interested. Psychic gifts or insights could grow in strength during this time. So it may suit you to keep a journal between now and October 31st. Write down the signs, symbols and dreams that you have and start deciphering it's meaning in the month of November. Some of you have no plan when it comes to life and you're wasting a lot of time opening doors that mean you no good. Right now you have to pick the direction you want to go in. Continuing to be indecisive will keep you in limbo for the next two years. You should try to have more fun or get immersed in a hobby that will help you find balance. Not a bad time to learn something new about yourself or about a career direction that you want to go in. Some of you may have a choice to make between a fire and earth sign and they both may be at a distance from you.

More than ever you just need someone to talk to who will understand where you're coming from instead of making it about them. Sometimes something that you're good at isn't going to take you as far as you'd like it to. Or it may take you down a different path that you weren't expecting. A big part of being an adult is learning to accept that life is going to be what it's going to be, but it's what you make of it at the end of the day. Pushing for someone to change or be different by showing them the world is an effort that's falling on deaf ears. You can't be so quick to change your life around for everyone and then get mad because they won't do the same thing for you. Some of you may need to adjust the way you communicate with people. Instead of fleeing because you are losing control or they aren't telling you what you want to hear, try talking it through first. Take a minute and really ask yourself what you want. Others may not care enough to ask you what you want, but do yourself a favor and be first for once. They won't love you more just because you put them first. Try to have a different mindset right now despite the trials and tribulations. These times won't last forever and things eventually tend to work themselves out. Some of you should put focus towards a new workout routine or a new diet. Some of you may have to work two jobs to get back on your feet. Or you may have to move in with someone for the time being. Changes are happening and although these changes may be slow, they are coming. No relationship can fill a void.

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