The Divine Brew Sept. 14: We Have to be Better than the Past.

This is a time where some of you may be feeling judged by others for your past mistakes. The pressure could be on from family or friends to settle down and find the one for you. Some of you may be looking for love from someone who reminds you of your father, or you may be looking to fill a parental void through a relationship. Some days you feel emotionally empty because your accomplishments aren't enough. Sometimes we are set off into life with no guidance, but we don't have to repeat the pattern. What were you missing as a child that you are trying to find through someone else? Some of you are just looking for someone to care, cry with you or hold you when you feel lost. This is a time where we have to examine the relationships we have with ourselves. Some of you may have vowed to be different towards your kids, but you've fell right back into the generational pattern.

Blessings happen when we become a blessing to others. You may still be searching for answers regarding the past. Some of you are seeing people for who they are and in the same breath you may be casting judgment. At one point you were naive and immature too. Job security is coming for those of you that have been manifesting something new. An earth sign person for some singles is on the way in to offer marriage and you will be really happy. Remember those days as a child when you were asking your parents to "look at me! look at what I did!" Some of you may still carry the emptiness on your hearts of not being good enough or not feeling payed attention to. You don't need to seek out others approval to make sure you are doing the right thing or for them to tell you they are proud of you. Be proud of yourself. A relationship isn't meant to replace what your parents didn't give you and some of you may be treating your connections in this way. People are serving as your mirrors during this time and what do you think that image looks like. When's the last time you got really real with yourself without it being about what someone else did to you? If no one else can acknowledge you then at least acknowledge yourself.

Some people may be using money or success to define their value or self worth. Don't look for somebody to save you or rescue you from yourself. The reason why tower moments happen is for self reflection and when we forget to reflect then the tower repeats itself. They can't save you from your past and magically turn your life around without you doing any inner work. They should add to your happiness and not define it. You can't force a future with someone who only saw you as the present. Your life has purpose because you are still here. Sometimes our purpose involves helping others in ways that people didn't help us. Purpose isn't always this ground-breaking thing. This is a time for us all to learn more about who we are so that we can know what we need. We don't know everything and we never will. Forgive those who let you down because they probably didn't know any better. It's easy to point the finger when we feel like we're perfect. Our job is not to play judge, jury and executioner; that's above our pay grade.

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