The Divine Brew Sept. 20: Truth in Acceptance

The ego self may be showing up a lot more in ourselves or in those around us. The concept or the goal to reach perfection has been heightened over the last six months or up to the last six years. If we don't have this we're not enough or if we don't reach a certain pinnacle then we've failed. We want to lead others towards the path for them because it's better not to think about the path for ourselves. It's easy to get wrapped up in becoming or helping out others that we forget what our soul needs. We need nourishment, emotional and mental care, but most importantly we need a light. Everyone wants to feel like they belong to something. At times we find ourselves trying to belong to everything and everyone.

Some of you may be taking your purpose as a journey that requires pleasing others. Ask yourself why you do what you do or why you want to. Some don't know. Some have their heads in the clouds like the answer is written across the sky. Some seek their purpose through materialistic wants that carry them further away from who they truly are. At the end of the day when the lights go down, acceptance must come from within. Right now you may feel emotionally confused, tired and everything else in between. We tend to turn to others for understanding because we don't understand ourselves. Is it this or that? How can they answer this when it's your life to live at the end of the day. Some of you may be stressing about finding the one. Do you know what you're looking for or were these expectations set by someone else. Only you can know what's good for you.

Your tone my change over the next week. You may cycle through every emotion all at once sometimes. You're seeking out where you truly belong at this time and it will be frustrating and certain things may not make sense. But you have the answers and all it takes is five or ten minutes to ourselves to hear what the Universe needs us to hear. The fear of failure or change brings about emotions we thought were behind us. Some are divorcing, separating or still remaining stagnant. The feeling when someone wants you is unmatched, but you don't need to persuade them to get there. Some are dangling their assets, or who you they can be in love, right in someone's face. But yet this person is still confused. You don't have to say you're a good person, it shows in human form. You don't have to settle to curb down loneliness. A cup may be full but if there's a hole in it, what's the point. Can't keep pouring into this just to watch it all continue to spill out. Have you ever tried to pour water out of a sinking boat with a hole in it? seems pointless. Pay attention to your emotions and how others react to them over the rest of this month. Career or finances may worry some of you if you have a younger air sign child or are dealing with an air sign. A lie will be told a thousand times, but it still can't hide the truth. A connection may seem perfect, look deeper in the sheep's eyes. You can't put lipstick on a pig and think it won't be who it truly is.

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