The Divine Brew Sept. 25: Be Devoted to Yourself

The idea of you losing everything that you've worked for may be keeping you up at night or you are having bad dreams. And ending may be happening around you and some of you it's on the financial front. There may have been something that happened that you feel embarrassed by or you feel that people want to kick you while you're down. Mistakes are part of it and if we didn't make any, how would we grow. It may be easier to be dependent on others right now to pick us up while we're down because of life's challenges. Some of you are struggling to connect with your inner child. You may even have resentment towards the ones who raised you because they didn't prepare you. One can't really be fully prepared for life because there's no manual.

We do what we can with what we have. This person who said they wouldn't leave still has a hold over you emotionally, even though you uttered the words "Im done. I'm moving on". Right now is a time where we may feel that if we're not doing something or everything then we are failing. Life is on hold or stagnant because we have to pay attention. What needs to stay and what needs to go? We can't have it all and expect to lose nothing in the process. Disappointment is a part of it. Sometimes we show up for people and they don't show up for us. We can create a fuss about it or we can make boundaries to prevent this from happening in the future. Some of you may miss being comfortably uncomfortable with an air or earth sign person that left your life 5-10 months or weeks ago. Sometimes we endure the suffering because we think love has to be accompanied with pain

Love doesn't have to hurt. Of course things will happen in relationships that are out of our control, but what's in our control is what we allow and what we accept. Those of you that have went through a job loss may find relief through moving west or south from where you are now for better opportunities. Searching for the missing pieces to the puzzle of life will be taking place over the next 2-4 weeks. Don't force puzzle pieces to fit when they belong to another picture. Choose happiness and choose not to run. Face your problems or they become the ghost that watches you sleep. Money will finally be coming in via check, direct deposit or some sort of loan getting approved before the 10th of October. Believe in yourself more during this time. Some of you are afraid to be great or afraid to push harder on this idea you have. We can't expect the world to believe in us if we don't believe in ourselves. Love will be put on the backburner right now if you aren't fully committed to someone. Love isn't going anywhere if it's truly meant to stay in your life. Don't desperately try to capture it.

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