The Divine Brew Sept. 30: The Cycle of Life isn't Perfect

You're traveling a path that you didn't expect to go down. Your goals have changed and some of you are having to surrender to the world of practicality. No more living in the world that you've created in your mind. It's a time where you are learning to be more patient with yourself and also others. You're realizing that where you want to get to is going to require a bit more elbow grease than what you were expecting. You can either adjust to this new journey or continue to fold to your circumstances. Some of you are trying to open yourself up to love after a failed relationship left you wondering who you really are. A lot of you are learning now that no man or woman should solely be our beginning, middle or end.

Learning yourself and figuring out what makes you happy may trigger childhood emotions in some of you. Some of you may have spent your childhood being responsible for others and forgetting about what you needed. This could make some of you as adults easily fall into the caretaker role in relationships. Because people weren't patient with you, you may want to give what you didn't have to someone else. Losing yourself in a relationship isn't an option anymore. The point of this new cycle is to have balance and harmony with the elements. If you are dealing with someone then a softer approach may need to be taken. Even if you decide to leave this situation behind, the ending doesn't have to be dreadful, dramatic or brought to tears. A simple conversation so both parties can have an understanding will do just fine.

Persistence and seeing past your fears will help you the most right now. Spend time in nature and spend time figuring out how to cleanse your energy. Some of you are too willing to let people in your energy without interviewing them first and then you wonder why it all falls apart. Everyone doesn't deserve access to you and some have to rid themselves of the codependency of needing to always have someone around. Being alone or to yourself right now isn't a bad thing. Take this cycle as a haircut. Shed or trim what's been hanging on for too long so that something else can grow in its place. Closure and apologies from air, water or fire signs will be happening in the next 10 days. Some of you should be mindful of repeating old patterns in new relationships or marriages. Some of you still think about a spiritual connection from your past that is no longer a part of your journey and you may be trying to find or create this connection with new people. Every connection is different and it doesn't make sense to believe you'll find the same exact thing with someone else. Don't be ashamed if you have to go backwards to go forward. The only one pointing the finger at you is you. It's okay to fail and start over and fail and start over again. As long as you are learning and not repeating the same mistake then the universe doesn't hold this against you. Don't put so much pressure on yourself to be all you can be right now. Life is not a competition on who can do it better. Do what you can do and be the best at it. That's all the Universe ever asked of you.

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