Pay Attention to Codependency

This is a article that I wrote when I started my magazine House of Neptune. It has aged like a fine wine

The inability to let go can sometimes shake up our entire existence. You want to heal someone through love, but it ends up backfiring. You see this lost soul that needs love care, and attention, but what happens when that soul starts to feel like a burden. Codependency can feel just like that burden. That mission to save that hurt soul, turns into that itch you can't scratch. Their feelings all of a sudden turn into your feelings and their bad days turn into your bad days. However, you still feel unable to detach. Those moments when you cry because there is nothing left to do

You want to break the patterns and narcissistic tendencies, but you don't want the person to leave you. It then turns into an inability to tell them no. Maybe if you be the yes man, then they will never leave or cheat on you. Codependent relationships are just a cover up for love deficiency, fear of intimacy and covering up voids that were never filled. After 6 months of bliss and total romance, this person soon becomes unreliable or emotionally unavailable. They fall into the category of being a vampire. Vampires are very calculating when it comes to their victims. It was the same way in Van Helsing when Dracula spent years after Anna Valerious. It turned quickly from rage to kill her to wanting her to be one of his many wives. It;s the classic phrase of "if you can't beat them, join them." Doesn't matter how much calculating it takes, vampires only show up when you're at your most vulnerable. They come to you by way of a plutonian individual (A person with majority Pluto aspects in their birth chart).

Plutonian people are mysterious, but they do very well at hiding who they truly are at times. But what if these people are really sent by Saturn (planet of karma) to see if you have learned your lesson in love? Sun-Pluto aspects or even Mars square Neptune, can scream codependent tendencies in relationships. Some of us even had vampire parents growing up, where they would suck the life out of you to keep you from growing. A lot of those times come from you not receiving love from a parent and even made to be seen as "the problem child." Unfortunately, growing up in environments like this, makes you more susceptible to vampires. However, Pisces/Neptune individuals are more susceptible to vampires as well because of their sensitivity. The want or need to save the fallen can sometimes be a blessing or a curse, but you can't fix everyone.


Codependency happens when you suddenly become obsessive with other people's needs and problems. You tend to forget about yourself, but still feel that you'll be okay with an empty cup. Then you start to tolerate mistreatment or abuse, while justifying their behavior and trying to defend them. You suddenly turn into a, "it won't happen again," person after too many of their mistakes. And you start to drift away from friends or family because a vampire can't stand the fact of you hanging out with someone else.. These codependent vampires hate seeing their true selves. Vampires don't like mirrors right? correct. No vampire wants to deal with their shadow side that contain issues of abandonment, neglect, fear, communication issues, anger and the list goes on. But why did they just up and leave you?

Well, they left because you were changing into a person that would force them to deal with their shadow side. A lot of people fear change, but vampires really hate being brought to the light. Those times when you get tarot readings and the 7 of pentacles, Tower, five of wands and the knight of wands pop up in the same reading, then you are likely in a codependent relationship. The seven of pentacles represents Saturn and our feelings of not being good enough. Or even with the knight of wands. A knight of wands person can be a codependent vampire because they have no peace. The issues they should have resolved before just didn't happen. This is why they bounce around like a ping pong ball from relationship to relationship. Get away from codependency. Don't zoom all the way in so fast when you're at your most vulnerable. No matter how much love you give a person their free will always gives them the option to leave or stay. So don't love them more than you love yourself.

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