The Past Life of Bill Clinton

Disclaimer: This reading is for entertainment purposes. I don't know brother bill, but this is just my psychic insights into who he was in his past life. Take this with a grain of salt. This reading is being written as if Bill came to me for a my insights

The first past life that I picked up for you was for the year of 1742. Your supposed spouse should have been a water sign, but you married a earth sign who could end up being a karmic relationship for you during this time. The water sign that you wanted to marry, save you from drowning when you were out on a lake one day. So you may have a fear of water or a fear of being out in nature by yourself. Your spouse was of a different ethnicity with olive skin, dark hair, loved horses and younger than you. You may feel drawn to people of a different ethnicity or background than you, but you may have to hide the care you have for them due to something revolving around your father. You saw marriage during this time as a way out of poverty. There is a coldness to you that keeps you locked away or to yourself. Even in a past life you prefered your own company. A father in your past used to punish you with a belt as your hands were tied to the ceiling. Almost as if this person treated you like a slave. You were different. Even in this current life you may struggle when it comes to being faithful or when it comes to being a father.

You've always wanted a boy. Someone to go hunting or fishing with. When you were younger in your past life you may have had sticky fingers or you found yourself entertaining the girlfriends of your friends. Your family had a farm and underneath that farm was oil. In your past life the path that was carved out for you was one of being a preacher. You took this path because you thought relying on God or your faith was going to make your father love you or it was going to cure a disease that he had. You didn't really want to be a father in your past life. As you felt you had to sacrifice too much. You traveled a lot, speaking in other congregations and at one point you spoke to soldiers during the american revolution. You struggle with forgiving people that have done you wrong. But in another past life, you went to war for someone's else's land and enslaved their people. You may have stolen their medicines or their ways in which they dealt with agriculture. You may have a tendency to run away from your mistakes. One of your past lives, you were trying to escape danger or the government and you moved to another state and changed your name. You don't like for people to know the real you. You may have talents in music, the guitar or some sort of wind instrument to be exact, but in one of your lives you father banned you from making music. You are an old soul, a prophet to be exact and probably should have been a minister. But you like to rebel.

In a past life your father caught you trying to act like the opposite gender. You may have had an interest in boy clothes or felt more comfortable identifying as one. In this lifetime you may struggle with your sexuality because in a few of your previous lives you were a a female. That would explain the struggle that you could have when it comes to love. Always looking for something. What you seek may be someone of the same sex. In this lifetime you are here to learn how to be a male, but you find it easiest to relate to women or let women do the work for you. Your body feels like a prison and you may deal with asthma, issues with the throat, or issues with your prostate. Your sister was with you in a past life, but she may now be too concerned worrying about herself, or being an author. Women may reveal your secrets to the world. You may not feel loved. In a past life you may have had or accused a lover of doing something that ended them up in prison or they died suddenly in some sort of locomotive accident (which wasn't really an accident). Ancestors or angels from people in your past life may come to you in this current life. The angels or spirits may be those people who you wronged in a previous life. You may blame or curse God for taking someone you love away or for making you the way you are. You should be careful of your finances in relationships or you should be careful of using money to do things in love you shouldn't be doing. You may have a tendency to blame the little guy so that the heat is off you. Also in your past life, you had a lot of babies, some with your spouse and some with other people's spouses. You did love your spouse, but in your heart, you felt there's more.

Being in the military may not pan out well for you because you have a temper and easily react without thinking, especially towards men. If your mom has passed on, she serves as a protector for you to skate away from danger. Because you may deal with anger issues, try to refrain from alcohol but also don't resort to male enhancement drugs. Also in one of your past lives, someone forced themselves on you at the age of 7 or 10 and it was an uncle or your grandfather. You still hold on to something that happened to you in your childhood that makes it hard for you to accept people touching you. Don't try to force your opinion or try to force people to pay attention to you. Even in a past life you struggled with your looks. Don't fall into the trap during this lifetime of becoming a follower because you will end up in bed with the wrong people.

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