Weekly Horoscope Feb 17-23. Don't Push the Boundaries

There may be times this week where you are dealing with motion sickness or you may have a bad batch of seafood. You've iced your feelings for a Pisces or other water sign person that has stopped answering your calls. You want to focus on your creativity this week and some of you may be doing something that's dedicated to your mother. Don't drink in excess or overdo it with the sugar because stomach issues are likely for those of you that have cancer in your chart. Even though you may be a little bummed with the way things ended up with someone, by the end of the week you will feel content with where things are at. If you collected some of their clothes or had a lot of pictures of them then you will be deleting things and throwing stuff away. You may be interested in music that has the sound of running water, bamboo, fire, or sounds of the rainforest. Some of you may need to find a way to balance out your root chakra and it may be time to let go of the pork/red meat. Paint, draw, or sew not to gain anything from it but to just help you find your center. Don't get pulled in to spending money just based on how you're feeling at the moment because you will regret it by March 15th.

Signifiers this week: trapezoid, earl, diamond, vintage

blue sweater, goat, eagle

Tara, M, C, seaweed, lobster

Angel Numbers 28, 52

A new friend will be coming into your life between now and June 25th. This is another earth sign like yourself and this person may already be friends with a sister or this could be someone new to town. You're feeling very motherly this week and some of you will talk with a partner about having a child. Finances will be in a stable place this week. Some of you are missing your mom or you are missing a partner that used to get along well with someone in your family. For some this old flame may have been someone who passed away. Those of you that haven't been doing much with your appearance could be trying new makeup or you are getting a new wardrobe. Someone is needing your help this week and you will go against your better judgment to assist them even though a part of you feels this could be a waste of time. If you plan on giving out any money or loaning out any money then lead with the expectation that this isn't going to get paid back. This will help you to not get so disappointed in the end. You can't always shield or hide your kids from the world and it's time to let them grow up and find their own way. You can still be nearby to make sure they don't bump their head too hard. This week your lesson is to learn the art of detachment and having healthy boundaries. Don't be afraid to say no either.

Signifiers this week: Turtles, Blanket, Fred,

Red, Heaven, Angel, Purple

Flees, Ginger, 15, 11, August, October


You are trying to hang on as long as you can to your last little bit of savings. The money will be tight this week as there will be some sort of family emergency that requires you to spend. Those of you that are in separation and thinking about divorce could be putting a meeting with a lawyer on hold for another four months. You may be doing this to see if finally, this person will get their act together. Make sure you wash your hands after some sort of group meeting that may happen at work. Someone is sick and they are not telling. Contracts or new opportunities dealing with your finances could be put on hold until the last week of this month. Some of you may be having to pack or you are having to help a mom organize her stuff. Observe this person some more before you put your heart out there. Not saying that it's bad but you may be caught in a repeat cycle of asking questions later instead of asking them upfront. You have a lot to lose when it comes to money so now is not time to gamble your luck or to invest in any sort of startup. Save your money as best you can until mid-march to the first week of April. A boss may be controlling towards you or there will be some sort of change to your schedule that will be unexpected however, you're not in a position at the moment to walk away so you may have to bite your tongue. If someone owes you money you will be deciding to seek out legal advice to see what other options you have. It doesn't seem like a small amount or some of you could be considering suing a construction company, real estate company, the company you used to work for, or an insurance company.

Signifiers this week: Tangerine, Lime

Valencia, Venice, H, B, Gin, Black Coffee

Snow Plow, Heater, Toxic Masculinity

Greco Roman, Van Gogh, Back, Thighs, Right eye

Focusing on higher learning and education this week. You could be researching how to honor your ancestors or how to set up an altar. You'll be interested more in crystals starting Wednesday and some of you may even think about starting your own shop. An argument that you had with someone 4 days or 4 weeks ago, will be resolved with you deciding to be the bigger person and apologize for the words you said. If you've been having issues getting your transcripts or getting a copy of your diploma, you will get through to someone who will finally help you. A new position in management could be opening up that you will apply for by the 28th of February. Others of you that have Sagittarius or Pisces placements in your chart will be making a decision to go into the field of fitness or healthcare that can bring good results in the next 14 months. If you are able to then you should spend time next to the water and if it rains then you should collect some rainwater and have a spiritual bath. Your spiritual well-being is important as well and you may decide to try something different when it comes to meditating. HR may send you home this week but it will be with pay so don't worry about that. Your third eye is opening and your aura is changing as well. Some of you are going from a yellow aura to a light green or pink one. This may even show up in the way you dress. Overall good energy.

Signifiers this week: Jade crystal, onyx, daisies,

Eric, total, treat, pacific ocean

12 o'clock, news, talent scout,

public relations, management, photography

You love yourself enough now to not even argue with this person anymore, but instead to just move on. Some of you are distancing yourself from someone mentally and it could be a Virgo, Aquarius, or Gemini. But by the end of the week, this person may inbox you via social media or they may text you from an unknown number asking for your help on something. You will say no at first but then you will feel bad to leave them hanging and you will go help. Even though in your mind you will be telling yourself 'this is the last time,' but no not really. The truth is you still care for this person but right now you just want to move on and work on yourself. You would like for it to come back around to you at some point but you don't want to focus on the what-ifs. Some of you could be planning to move to a different state and it could be for job purposes or you are just ready to start over elsewhere. Now, this may not take place until 6-12 months from now, but this week you will have the idea. If you've already moved to a different state to make a relationship work out, there is something that you are ignoring or hiding about this connection. Some of you may be trying to stick it out so that you don't have to hear the 'I told you so,' from your family members. But I am getting a sense of loneliness that you feel in a connection. You have to come to terms with whatever it is that you're ignoring or otherwise it will come out as the tower by mid-May.

Signifiers this week: Blue, Tylenol, Pain Medicine for knee,

Leo Venus, Taurus Sun, Aries Moon, Rocky mountain

Butter, Garlic, Fishing, Catfish

High school yearbook

You are focused on your health this week after some sort of scare that happened in the last eight days or some of you have been packing on the quarantine pounds and you're just now noticing. If you were dealing with a Leo in 2018, then you and this person will be having a conversation to apologize to one another. This may not be a conversation for reconciliation but one for you to finally get closure after one of you ghosted the other. You could be seeing a lot of 8's or 5's this week and just know that money is on the way into you. You are getting stronger over these next few weeks when it comes to the people that you allow into your life. Might be time for some new glasses or if you've been having issues with your eyes then it's time to see the optometrist. Some of you may be anemic or having issues with low iron, so you may need to look into a vitamin to help with that or consult your doctor if it's too out of control. People may claim that you're playing fake nice, but now you just are over being irritated about nothing. You will be more friendly and will open yourself up to new people by the end of the week, that are trying to get to know you. Take a health class or get enrolled in some sort of nutrition course if you are feeling pulled to make this into a career. You're normally pretty good with your health so you may have found your purpose by helping others feel better about themselves.

Signifiers this week: Leo, Capricorn, Virgo,

Vitiligo, Whole Foods, Tom, Henry, Ketchup,

New Pet, Short Hair, Brown, Kitchen

Check, Deposit, Child Support

This week you may feel that your past is catching up with you, especially if it involves a Virgo, Gemini ex, or something to do with social media. You want to be to yourself and it will feel that people just won't allow you to be human for one second. Feeling that you always have to put on a smile and say the right thing to keep from rubbing people the wrong way. Some of you may be educators and you are feeling pretty exhausted this week and others of you may be feeling tired due to having to care for a sick parent or grandparent. You may feel stuck to the past in a way, especially if you made more money in the past or you were more stable. Some of you are starting over when it comes to your life purpose because for the past 9 years or since 2019, you've been following the same path you did in your previous life. So now you're at a point where you're having to relearn yourself all over again and you also are back looking for direction. Studying will be good for you, specifically history. If you are in separation with someone then you will still be waiting on this person to make a decision on if they want to work this out or not. Be careful to not get complacent or lazy this week because it will be hard not to, especially if you are stuck at home due to the weather or you have been nursing yourself back to health. Now isn't the time to just sit back and wait for it to come to you. You have to fight through the sleepless nights and the thousands of ideas in your head until you get to one that makes sense. You will find your way once the moon gets in Virgo again which will be the 27th of this month.

Signifiers this week: history, Atlantis, journal

professor, college admissions, necklace

crow, beagle, headphones, Scorpio

jumper, angel number 34, 75

K, S, W, O

Things will be looking better for you this week. If you are wanting to get enrolled in a graduate program or if you are wanting to do school online then you will have success getting in. If you are dealing with a Pisces, Sagittarius, Cancer, or other Scorpio then you and this person will have a lot of laughs this week and this will restore your faith back into this connection. Unexpected gains will be coming into your bank account or for those of you that are dealing with someone who financially supports the relationship, then make sure you try to ask if this person needs help. If you have been drinking juice or energy drinks in excess since the beginning of this month, then you should be careful because a bladder issue is right around the corner. Those of you that are single could be meeting someone new or you and this person went to the same school together. They will be contacting you or adding you as a friend on Facebook on Tuesday or Friday of this week. Go ahead and reply back to them because this connection seems like fun. Don't try to take it too seriously straight away and just enjoy getting to know one another. The color red may be of significance to you this week and you can also wear this for protection if need be. Some sort of bill could be delayed or postponed until the beginning of March which will be good news for you and your pockets.

Signifiers this week: Tulip, Turquoise, Ladder

Jewelry, Flowers, Saw, Envy

Overalls, Pink, Red, Yellow, Life Path 3

Life Partner who's birthday is on 27, 18, 12, 22, 9, 15

Breathing a sigh of relief to be free from bondage when it comes to a fire sign partner or a fire sign parent. You just want to enjoy this time to yourself so that you can focus on a new business idea or some sort of creative project that you started back in March of 2020. You may not be breaking up with this person or completely letting go but you are stepping away to focus on things that you've been neglecting. Those of you that are single will be meeting someone new or you could start to have a crush on a coworker/boss. But be careful with this one because it looks like they are already in a relationship or in the middle of becoming serious with someone. You will be in the mood for a lot of chatter so you may have a small get-together over at your house or you could be getting invited over to a friend's. Some of you will find out that a brother or your father is getting married. Leadership is the word for you this week and some of you will have to fill in for a boss who may end up having to quarantine starting on Friday. Private enterprises or careers in the field of finance will interest you and they could be a good transition for those of you that are wanting something new and something with a higher salary. Push through on this business idea of yours, the money looks good.

Signifiers this week: Temper Tantrum, Columbia, Space

Eagle, Leo, Easel, Paint Brush, Flute

Caricature, Envelope, Wedding, Message

Life Path 8, 7, 9, Ovaries, $50,000+

Letter S, K, V, T, I

This week you will discard the advice or criticism of others and push through with the plan or marriage anyway. You may be feeling that it's time for you to look into therapy because the same issues just seem to never get resolved and it's been five years. You may be heavily into documentaries and storytelling this week and you may even decide to turn it into a career. Some of you could be getting into a competitive hobby or a sport to be specific however, you may not have the support of a family member or partner. You don't want your identity to revolve around being a parent or doing things you did in the past, you just want to find your own lane and be good at it. Some of you may be feeling pulled back to the religion that you grew up on as a child but you're fighting between doing what's best for you or doing what's acceptable based on your upbringing. If you are trying to fix a relationship with another earth sign then it seems that this person is being selfish and acting as if there isn't anything to fix in the connection. If you are trying to get approved for something for the government then you will have success with this by Thursday. Some of you could be getting news about receiving a grant or scholarship to go back to school and lucky you that you don't have to pay it back. Even for those that are looking to get loans for their business or looking for investors for your startup then you will have success with this. The tech industry may look very interesting to you during this time and if you feel pulled to do it then don't let anyone convince you not to. Some of you may end up getting secretly married to a fixed sign in Taurus, Virgo, or Capricorn season if you haven't done this already. Don't be afraid to say what you need from people this week. Don't give up on your talents because you feel that you aren't good enough, you never know who's watching.

Signifiers this week: Lilac, Lily, Revenge,

Black cloth, Robe, Diesel, Backdrop,

Photos, Modeling, blizzard

January 12, 2017, Lawyer

Rose, 3 tattoos

You will start to miss someone again from your past. I'm picking up a water sign, Scorpio or Leo, but this can be any sign. Mostly you miss the long talks or the emotions that you felt from them whenever you guys were together. You've turned your back on the situation but you've done that in hopes that it will get this person to wake up and realize that you're almost gone forever. Some of you may miss a parent who is no longer with you or if a parent is still here, you may have had to cut them off as if it were a death. What you were hoping to start or gain this week may not come through in the exact amount or the exact way that you were expecting it to. However, when there is a will there is a way and you can't get stuck on the 'no,' that you forget that there will be a 'yes' eventually. Make sure that you are getting enough sleep and drinking enough fluids because some of you may be coming down with the flu or there could be some sort of stomach bug that could be going around at your child's daycare or at your job. Some of you may be feeling defeated when it comes to having kids or there is an autoimmune disease that may be getting in the way of this. Someone has stopped chasing you and now that they are no longer there you're starting to feel their absence more. You may be mourning the loss of a friendship that got you through some hard times however, this person may have crossed the line and aired out your business to the public or they just stopped showing up when you needed them. A new life is about to start and there's no going back now. So if you are walking into this week single, even if you broke up with someone, it's time to let this go because it's not apart of your journey anymore. It's life and you will find your way, you always do.

Signifiers this week: Cloak, Black, Harry Potter, Pug

Egypt, Flask, Georgia, Albuquerque, Tums

Hill, Sunset, Orange, Green

999, 0, 33, June, January, Jacob,

Letter T, H

You will be putting your foot down with a fire sign this week who keeps pushing your buttons or you feel this person is trying to trap you in the friends with benefits zone. You will be focusing on your future and some of you are focusing on working for yourself because you are tired of being told what to do. So this week you may have a lot of papers scattered all over the place because of your constant brainstorming. You are just looking for an idea that works and some of you may find yourself getting involved in the fields that cater to women. A mother or sibling could be being quite generous with you this week and could be gifting you something of great value. You may even be thinking about getting a pet, specifically a cat. If you've been on the rocks with a child then you will be repairing this relationship this week. Don't overload yourself with ice cream, chocolate, or anything with a lot of sugar because it could be giving you anxiety or making your heart race. Make sure that you watch your temper this week as well because you will get easily irritated, especially with people of the opposite sex. Whatever this is that you are heading toward in terms of career, then it will be a long road ahead but well worth it. You just have to get out of your own thoughts and realize that success takes a risk. An earth sign or fire sign person is on their way in to you but they first need to finalize a divorce or this person would rather be to themselves right now before they start looking for love. Leave this ex fire or earth sign person in the past because they still can't make up their mind about the connection.

Signifiers this week: Taurus, Geometry, Steve

Sunflower, Snake, Tarantula, Horses, Gates

Gemini, Virgo, Libra, Licorice, New Offer/business

Health/Fitness, Medicine, Cardiology, Anesthesiology

Letter G, B, M, A, C, X

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