Weekly Horoscope - Aug 23-30, 2020


There will be truth coming to your table during this week when it comes to a romantic situation. Some of you have been trying to figure out why someone is holding back or why someone is taking their sweet time to apologize to you. You will finally get answers this week on why someone left and some of you will get answers that this person saw you as more of a friend but didn't know how to tell you. Those of you that have left an earth or air sign person behind may still be looking for closure from this situation during this week. Those of you that are dealing with businesses or thinking about heading towards new business ventures will have to step into reality during this time to really see if your skills are really being appreciated in this career field. Plus you may be in a career or involved in a business right now that just really isn't paying the bills like it should, so it may be time to re-evaluate this.  You will finally during this time be ready to accept the truth when it comes to career and to love. For some of you this may require you to start completely over from scratch on something but you will get a better result in the end. If you are heading in a new direction to start something new then you have to realize that you can't keep giving up or throwing in the towel because it's not happening fast enough. If this is what you really want then you have to be prepared for hard work over the next year. Spend time in nature during this week to help you balance out things and it's not the best week to invest money into anything new. If what you're starting doesn't cost more than $100 to get it started then this will be a good venture. Otherwise it's best to hold off until October to invest in amounts more than $100. In this new direction that you're headed in there won't be a lot of support from people around you, but your angels will still be there for you so don't give up.


Money will be coming in for you during this week and it could be by way of social media or this could be money that is owed to you by someone that borrowed it around 6 weeks or 6 months ago. Some of you may be getting money back from institutions with the initial "F" in their name. Some of you could be catching feelings for a friend during this time who could be a Taurus or this is someone who's birthday is in the month of june, so they could be a gemini or a cancer. Donating or giving back in some sort of manner will be good for you during this time. Some of you may have someone coming to you during this time asking for your help in a financial situation. You will decide to help this person and the amount could range from $60-$600. This will be a good week for you on the workfront as some of you could be being considered for some sort of promotion or you could be considered for a new position in a new company with higher pay. Some of you could very likely meet your true soulmate at work. This person could already be around you right now but you haven't paid attention until now. Those of you in the field of art or interested in the art field could be starting new projects during this week. This is also a good week to adjust your diet to things that are more organic or could even be going the pescatarian or gluten free route. Some of you have sacrificed something over the last 6 weeks, rather that be a relationship or that be a career and now you are about to be rewarded for your sacrifice. Don't be nervous about telling this friend how you feel about them. I see you getting butterflies over this person as soon as you see them or some of you will feel this way when you meet someone new. But the confusion comes into play because some of you are in a relationship or you are talking to someone different but this new person feels like a better option to you. So you may spend virgo season going back and forth between who's the right one and who's not. Choose wisely!


Fears and the subconscious will be weighing down on you during this time. Some of you are having very vivid dreams, especially after this latest full moon. It just seems the dream world just won't stop, but what does it mean? Some of you may be dreaming about being betrayed and this may just be your subconscious talking. You may have let your guard down and opened your heart up to someone and this person may have betrayed you in the past or you're just afraid that this person will end up being like everyone else. You may want to be alone quite a bit during this time because you don't trust anyone's intentions during this time. You may be dealing with a different water sign person in your life. Issues with blood pressure, blood sugar or even low iron could be becoming more of an issue during this time. Some of you are wanting to go back to school but you fear being a failure. Some of you want to venture into a field where you can achieve passive income and it may have something to do with writing, nursing, health, education, or careers that require you to deal with the public,  but it seems that more research or more studying is required. You fear being told no or you fear moving forward on something just for it to be a waste of time in the long run. This is the week though that you are stepping into your power and some of you are meant to be a muse. You are meant to be more and do more; you know this, but your phobias are getting in the way. Some of you may be really skilled at music or the arts. There's a life for you outside of your current city or current house and more success awaits. If you're birthday is on the 2, 9, 18, 20, or 22, then you are up to do something amazing sooner than you thought. But you have to believe in yourself. Those of you with these birthdays, life path numbers 2 or 9, or you have a scorpio, pisces, or aries moon, and you are starting something this week, then I see a big success for you in this in the next 2 years. A successful career change is happening. 222 or 888 can be very prominent in your life during this week.


You feel at the top of your game during this week. Some of you may be dealing with some sort of injustice during this time. Someone may be trying to take your kindness for weakness and tell a lie about you, but have no fear, this will be dealt with. Your angels are protecting you right now, so don't be surprised if there are people popping up around you trying to lie on your name or trying to blame you for doing things you didn't do. The tides are changing and things will start to slowly fall back into place by the end of the week. Some of you may be allowing someone to lie about you to the public and you've decided not to engage because you know the truth. And you are right. The truth will eventually come out and then you will say, "I told you so." This is also a good week for you to go back to your roots and perfect a skill that you used to do as a child. Whatever you start during this week that requires the element of fire, dealing with kids, music, management, herbs/medicines, communication, or sales will be in your favor. Spread your wings and fly to the new possibilities that are around you. Let people talk because they have nothing else better to do and they see your success before you even realize what's going on. So keep fighting the good fight and don't worry about looking at who's behind you. They are back there for a reason. Justice will be served on anyone trying to make up assumptions or stories about you by the end of virgo season. Those of you that are single will meet a younger fire sign and this relationship will take off face. Manage your time wisely, but also manage your emotions. Don't try to move too fast with this person, because we all know you love to love. But let this one marinate for a little bit before you try to fully commit to this. Also a younger air sign or fire sign friend will be of help to you in a situation during this week.


You will be very analytical this week. And this could be a good thing or a bad thing because you may have a tendency to overanalyze things. You may over analyze conversations, finances, feelings, etc. Make sure that you stop and think to make sure that it all makes sense. Some of you may be cutting off a gemini or other air sign person during this time because they won't tell you the truth about how they feel or this person has a problem with telling the truth in general. Careful with your communication during this week because you may say something you don't mean or you may come off a bit too stern or disconnected from other's emotions. You will be telling and saying your truth during this week, but prepared for a lot of people not to like it. This week your karmic lesson would be involving your communication. So make sure that you think before you speak or this could easily land you into some hot water. Some of you may be going to a a relative or friend for relationship advice. You don't want to cut this person off or walk away but things are slipping back into old ways or it's the fact that someone has become more detached from their emotions. Now you are starting to wonder if this person cares as much as they said in the beginning. The field of communication, writing, accounting, analytics or using your voice is the perfect career field for you. Be careful of people telling you what you want to hear or you doing this to them. Because during your season, you will start to realize people's true intentions more. And this includes people that you are in relationships with. It's best for you during this week to take people at their actions instead of their words. Being selfish right now won't really help your case. Be open to accept criticism and people's help during this time because it will help you get to where you want to be.


You could be traveling this week or thinking about moving to a new place that's far from you. Some of you are trying to expand your horizons when it comes to your career and you may even be deciding to put in your two weeks notice so that you can take a chance in another company or place. You are moving from rougher waters to calmer waters but subconsciously you can't help but to think if things would have turned out differently with someone from your past. You may feel that someone is hiding something from you or that someone is avoiding answering your calls. Some of you are in long distance relationships or there is someone that you like at a distance and you may be making plans to go see them in the next 6 weeks to 6 months. Your equilibrium may be off and some of you may be dealing with food allergies during this time. Don't ignore your body, especially when it comes to resting. If you need to take some time out and sleep or recuperate, then do just that. Your work will still be there when you get back. You may be still waiting for someone to offer you a cup of love and this person is still making you wait or this person is still coming up with excuses on why they can't commit. There could be an earth sign person coming into your energy during this week and you aren't even paying attention to this person trying to give you love. Some of you may have to be more realistic and try to find love in the area that you're already in. Someone's long distance relationship just may not make it because it requires too much sacrifice on just one person's part. Some of you may just want to get away from a family situation because they have been the cause of your depression or they have just been sticking their nose in business that has nothing to do with them. Don't try to break the bank to try to impress someone that isn't doing the same thing for you. The parent of a child may be causing issues in a relationship or a child who is a teenager is not taking kindly to someone's partner. Some of you may also feel judged by someone when it comes to your romantic situation. This may be a partner who is expecting you to be perfect and be who they want you to be and until you do that for them then they won't commit. Be mindful of this connection, because if they would do this to you now, imagine what they might do when you're actually in union. Don't compromise who you are to make someone else's ego happy. You deserve better than that.


You may feel confused about your path during this week. You have a lot of things on your mind and you have a lot of things that you want to try, but are all these things realistic. Some are and some aren't. Some of you may have a crush on someone that you met on social media and you are still waiting on this person to express their emotions to you. This person may be someone where they can only tell you that they like you, but when it comes to go deeper than that, they have issues. Your emotions may be a little up and down during this time because some of you may feel that you are failing because you haven't figured out your path. Don't try to force it or push yourself too hard that you lose sight of what you truly want to do. Some of you are still worried about deepening a commitment. You may be in stagnation when it comes to a relationship. Either you're still just dating or you and this person are in a relationship, but still no talks of marriage or settling down. So you may be too quick to think that something is wrong with you and that's why this person won't commit. This person may not be ready or this may be a connection that this person just chooses not to take seriously enough. The answers that you've been searching for are already inside of you, but you're not listening to your intuition. Some of you may be turning to social media or the opinions of others to help you make a decision. Only you know what's best for you and you have the final say so. Don't get caught up in the outside appearance of a job, business or a relationship, because it's what's underneath that should be paid attention to the most. If someone can't tell you how they feel about you, detach yourself from this person and see if they notice. If they don't notice, then you have your answer. This may have already happened for some of you and you are still hanging on and making excuses for this person on why they aren't doing this or that. A new younger fire sign will come into your life in the next month and you will vibe better with this person. Those of you in relationships may feel that a baby will help bring this situation closer. Or someone wants a baby because it's their way of hanging on without having to fully commit. A baby will be coming for some of you in the next 3 years or 3 months with an earth or fire sign that you're not sure you see a life with this person, but they are actually your life partner.


You are feeling stuck or feeling delayed during this week. Your mind is on matters of the past or it may even be on someone that you left behind. You may be trying to connect with your ancestors or angels during this week to see what they need from you, but you feel blocked. You are still leaving the light on for someone to find their way back to you or you are dropping clues to someone you're in a relationship with to see if they will try to work on changing things. You want to learn something new to advance your career but you're not sure exactly what you should learn. Some of you may be feeling resentful towards someone because they want you to sacrifice a lot to make them happy and you feel forgotten about. Some of you may have let go of a job or even let go of your education to start a family with someone and right now you feel that you've sacrificed a lot of that just to have nothing to show for it. You're tired of putting what you want to do on the backburner. But some of you are just tired of the delays that you've been experiencing since 2019 or for the last 9 months. Some of you could be dealing with an older earth sign person and you may feel that this relationship has become a little stale and too routine. You want this person to be proud of you or you want someone close to you to be proud of you. Because you feel like a failure right now, it's hard for you to look ahead towards the positivity. Some of you are wondering if someone from your past will answer you back if you reach out via text message. This could be a cancer and one of you may have told the other person that you don't want to hear from them ever again. But now someone is having regrets about saying things they didn't mean. Even if this person doesn't respond back, say your peace so you can move on. Doesn't matter if this is a relationship, a friendship or even a family situation. Make peace with the situation so that you can move forward. No more wallowing in what could have been or what should have been. What happened and happened and accept the fact that it's time to move forward.


A transitional week for you especially when it pertains to parenting or when it pertains to your own parents. Some of you still have the need to know why your parents did what they did or even why a partner has put you through certain things. Some of you may be missing the presence of a parent in your life or just simply someone there to help guide you along your way. Some of the changes that are happening may be some that you aren't ready for and you may have to depend on friends or even family during this time to help you through this transition. Some of you are going through a transition when it comes to your stability. This stability could mean a change in a relationship that you've been in for the last 4-13 years. Some of you may be moving towards a more committed connection and you are afraid that it will fail and you will be left alone like you were in the past. This ending that is happening is an ending that you've been expecting so it may not come as a surprise but the difficulty for you could be learning how to adjust to this new way of life. Endings could be happening in the family unit during this time. Some marriages will be happening and some will be ending. If you've been working well with someone through your issues, then you can be on the upper side of things during this time. Inheritances could be coming into question during this time and some of you may be having to go head to head with siblings or other family members on what's rightfully yours. This will be a drawn out process that could take the next 13 months- 4 years. So don't expect a quick turnaround. Those of you that have been wanting to find your family, could end up meeting an elder during this week. Those of you that thought a connection from your past was completely dead will hear from this person during this week. This may be communication that involves checking up on you, but nothing too serious right now. Some of you will have someone cut communication with you because something you did hurt their feelings. They still aren't ready to tell you what it is so you will try to figure it out on your own. An earth sign person is the right one for you. An aries may be someone who brings a sense of defeat or disappointment.


It's a week where you should take it easy on your health. You may be dealing with stomach issues, chest issues, or even breathing issues. So make sure that you take it easy and some of you that used to take allergy medicine, may have to start taking it again. Unresolved issues from the past will be resurfacing again. Talking through the issues and don't yell. If you are feeling delayed right now it's because things won't start moving forward until the end of Virgo season. Some of you may be worried about the health of a parent or you may be worried about the health of a grandparent. Don't pay too much attention to the news this week. Your vibration is changing so you won't be able to eat certain foods anymore or watch certain things. You haven't been protecting your energy and some of you have become too vulnerable to people trying to make you feel sorry for them. Everyone is not your friend and everyone doesn't have your best interest at heart; family included. Some of you that have been having issues sleeping, lower back pain, migraines or waking up around 2-3am are ignoring your ancestors and they are about to get louder. You don't want them to start speaking through other ways. So take a second, sit in one spot and just listen. Life may feel a bit unsteady because you just want to ignore your path. You're making it more difficult on yourself because you want to do things your way, while your ancestors are like, no do it this way because you'll have more success and it'll be easier. Those of you being on edge when it comes to an emotional situation may end up having a good cry during this week because you're just overwhelmed. Someone isn't giving as much as you give them. This battle that you want to partake is a battle not worth fighting. You may be expending too much of your energy on people that don't matter or things outside of your control. An unexpected opportunity will show up in the next 2 weeks or this showed up in the past and you abandoned it or you ignored it because you didn't see how it would be successful. So it will come around again and this time you should really consider this. Ask for help if you need it.


A person from your past could be contacting you during this week and it's a pisces or other water sign. You want to go back in time to when you were a kid and things were a lot easier. Some of you may be feeling a bit defeated during this week because a romantic partner is acting like a child or they are constantly throwing temper tantrums. Some of you could be spending time with your family or sisters during this week. Artistry will be really good to start as a venture during this week. You also could be seeing something with news eyes, rather that be a relationship or a job situation. You are wanting to put the past behind you and try again when it comes to your romantic life. You may even decide to take a trip with this person to see if this will help to rekindle your connection. Some of you when it comes to your career, may be leaving behind a child with a parent until your able to get things set up in your new place. I see a career on the road or a career that requires you to move to a new place and you may be worried about how you will adjust to this new way of life. You just want people around you to understand that what you're doing is for the best when it comes to your career for the future. And your inner child may want to retreat or even get emotional when someone has something negative to say about you taking some sort of risk. A new contract will be coming to you if you take this risk by the end of this week or by the end of october. This is a good change in the right direction and you need a partner who you will respect and support you on this. This person may understand at first but then there the complaints will start rolling in. So to avoid this, make sure you try to include this person. You will get the end result that you are looking for when it comes to finances and career, but make sure all the sacrifices are worth it. Because there will be more risks than you think.


You are doing good at balancing out your emotions. Recognition is coming your way and this could be in your relationship or by your superiors. Your soulmate is already around you and it could be a scorpio or someone's who's birthday is in the winter months. Emotionally you and this person work well together and they bring a good sense of balance whenever you are going too overboard. Money will be coming in during this week from stocks, bonds, or things dealing with legalities. Some of you may decide to work with your soulmate on some sort of project. Now this soulmate could even be a good friend that you need by your side to help you through life. Success will happen when it comes to things dealing with the media, hobbies, entertainment, the service industry, and banking. Be careful to not push people away during this time, especially if their opinion is different than yours. But also, some of you are getting too caught up in other's opinions that they keep detering you from your path of success. Be careful about pushing away someone in the romantic situation just because they aren't ideal to who everyone thinks you should date. Because you may end up regretting it in the end. If you aren't talking to someone, you may try to find a silver lining when it comes to this and try to offer a solution but this person will not try to hear it. Your guard is up high because not a lot of people have earned your trust but you may be judging this person before fully giving them a chance. There is someone who is trying to love you but you want this to be wrong so bad. But it's actually the right connection. Fire signs, especially Leo's, may not turn out to be someone who you weren't expecting. Some of you are about to get married or in a long term partnership in the next 2 years or starting in 2021. Some of you may end up opening up your doors to a family or friend that's in need due to a job loss or the loss of a home. Don't try to do everything right now. Focus on one thing at a time. But don't ignore your path just because you're afraid to finally achieve success

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