Weekly Horoscopes Aug 31-Sep 6


You are questioning if you are happy anymore when it comes to a relationship with a water or fire sign person. A part of you this week wants to over analyze every situation or every connection that you are tied to. You are wondering if they like you, love you or is this just a connection to help the time go by. Some of you are questioning what direction you should be heading in when it comes to your career or what you want out of life. Those of you that are single could be meeting someone new that you least expect via the internet and you feel a sudden burst of energy. But you are fearful that this person won’t feel the same way that you do. Some of you may even be stalking this person’s social media to see how they are because you may feel that this is too good to be true. Those of you in connections are having issues when it comes to someone’s mixed signals. One minute they may want to focus on this connection and then the next they are leaving you emotionally confused and second guessing yourself. You may be wondering right now if it was the right decision to leave your other options behind to make this work. Some of you may be having issues when it comes to dealing with the public or getting people to understand your point. You feel like you have to explain yourself a thousand times to get some understanding but also some of you may be feeling right now that society is making it seem as if something is wrong with you if you don’t have love in your life. It’s your life to leave and if you feel more comfortable without love then put it to the side. Don’t get discouraged because you aren’t married or even settled down with someone. Some of you are actually questioning if you even want to be married to this person you’re dealing with because you both are having issues getting along with one another. Not best to gamble or try your luck when it comes to court cases or legal situations. If things are still in a rut in the next 7-19 weeks some of you will walk away from this job or love situation.


Time to focus more on your health as some of you may be dealing with health concerns before this week is over or within the next 4 weeks. You are ready to give your mind a break as some of you have been constantly thinking about a situation with an air sign or you have been worried that this person will want a separation now. Some of you may still be grieving some sort of loss that you experienced on the family front. There is an energy where a part of you wants to distance yourself away from someone or certain people in your family because you can’t deal with their victim mentalities anymore. Be mindful of headaches, migraines or issues with your spine during this time. Some of you may be overdoing it in the gym, especially if you are doing any sort of heavy lifting. There is an offer coming in to you around the 4th of this week and this could be an offer to move to a new place or to experience a new position in a different company. Some of you are packing your bags for some sort of trip that you will be taking and I see some of you are about to venture out on your own if you live with family members right now. So you may have to enlist the help of a moving company or friends to help you during this time. I see some of you feeling really drawn towards your past or your family tree. Some may have to do this because you need to get down to the bottom of where health issues have come from. Right now subconsciously some of you may be assuming one thing when really something else is happening. Like assuming someone likes you but they only see you as a friend or assuming that someone is cheating when in reality they are just a talkative and friendly person. Some of you may be wanting to move closer to someone to make a relationship work, but right now there are issues with third parties or you are slowly starting to learn of this information. So definitely something that needs to be thought about more.


You may be dealing with breakups or financial issues right now. Some of you are having issues receiving some sort of money that has been hung up or stuck somewhere since the month of May or for the last 5 weeks. You may feel at a crossroads right now because you are wondering if you should stay or should you go. Someone may be pushing you away with their constant nagging or pushing of needing everything to be perfect or in alignment. Some of you may be dealing with a pisces, taurus, libra or leo person. You feel that something is missing or you feel that you always have to be the one to correct things to make this person happy. This person’s expectations may be making you feel like you aren’t good enough. Those of you that are married may be going through divorce but first someone may want to sit down and put everything on the table. And maybe this way if all the truth comes out, you and this person can completely move forward but this person is not budging. There may be secrets coming out during this time and they may be going all the way back to the year 2012 or 2015. Some of you may be battling with depression or you just got to a place where you can find a peace of mind and then it seems pressures from society or from a relationship are causing you to slip back into your corner. Be careful of getting side tracked during this week because you may misplace something important. Most of your week will be spent retreating away because you are tired of being labeled by everyone who doesn’t even know you. So now you want to hide away. Some of you will benefit from finding someone who understands that when you need time alone that’s what you need. Not someone asking you every five minutes what’s wrong and how can they fix it. May not be the best time to push forward on a business idea because you would end up investing too much and won’t notice until 5 months or so later.


You are wondering if you want to accept this person’s offer or not or you are wondering how serious is this person about your connection. There may be an offer coming in from someone during this week but you may be pushing it away because you aren’t interested. The thing is that your sadness could be coming from the fact that the person you want the offer from is just not giving it even though you have options. Some of you may even feel a little foolish because you may have changed quite a bit about yourself or even your life to accommodate this person and they still are confused about your connection or they have decided to end things. You are going through a transformation through your fourth house right now and families may be dissolving or families are giving you more issues than you are willing to admit to. Some of you may be dealing with things revolving around inheritances. You also may be questioning your looks right now, but some of you may be dealing with someone that is wanting to try new things in the bedroom and now you are side eyeing this person wondering where all this came from. You also right now may want to put your hands in a bunch of different pots but some of these plans or ideas are going to have to be put to rest because to the ancestors they just don’t align with what you’re meant to do. If you are dealing with a scorpio, cancer or other water sign person then you may be bored with this connection or you are wanting this person to be more appreciative of the efforts that you are putting in. Some of you may need to put family members behind you that don’t want to be happy for you and your connection. A pattern keeps repeating in your life and now is the week to notice it so that you can put death to it. There’s energy of change around you but it will continue being delayed if you keep going in the same circle over and over again. Those of you in connections with this water sign person are actually with the right person, but you guys may need to spend a weekend together or you may just need to spend some time to yourself and then come back and talk about it. Finances will also get better during your birthday month or by the end of virgo season. So don’t spend too frivolously.


You are putting too much pressure on yourself to do everything under the sun when you don’t have to. There are people around you that want to help you, they are just waiting for you to let them know you need some assistance. It’s like they can tell something is wrong or they can see the look on your face is saying something different besides, “I’m good”. Some of you may be moving to a place that is foreign to you and you may be missing people from your past. Some of you may be in a situation where someone is expecting you to apologize like you are the only one that made a mistake in this situation. And because of this you are not trying to budge until this person can admit that they messed up too. Some of you actually may be quite emotional during this time due to a mom, parent of your child or something to do with a female water sign. You are feeling rejected by someone or is it just that you’re afraid to pick up the phone and ring this person’s line. Be careful when it comes to your ankle, back or knees because someone may push themselves too hard doing outdoor activities. There also may be instances during this week where you may lack understanding or even empathy for someone’s situation. But try to be there for this person like they were there for you around 10 weeks or 10 months ago. Someone is trying to be a better person to get back in someone else’s good graces and they may even be doing this to work their way towards a reconciliation. But this still is a situation that will continue to be hot and cold or on and off. A reconciliation may not be the best decision when it comes to this person especially if you still haven’t forgiven this person for abandoning you or embarrassing you in some sort of way. A new career opportunity will be coming in by the end of the week and it may involve teaching the public something you’re good at or it could be an opportunity to get in a connection that will lead to marriage. However, you may decline this offer as well. You’re just declining everything this week but this new opportunity isn’t something you should overlook. Some of you have moved to a new place to be with a partner and now you are questioning if you did the right thing, especially if you left kids behind. Or if you want to move to a new place, be mindful because a water sign child will not adjust well to this.


You are afraid to take this chance or this leap into new territory. It’s something that you’ve been thinking about doing for the last 8 months or since 2018. Some of you are afraid to leave behind a picky partner who still won’t commit to something more solid. So you may be fearful that you take the leap and then this person finally wants to give you what you ask for. Social media may be of a big help to you during this time if you are looking for new opportunities when it comes to your career. You are starting over with yourself in some sort of way and you are wondering how will the world perceive you knowing that you are changing. Change is a good thing and it’s something that you shouldn’t shy away from. If you’ve been having anxiety or even nightmares during this time then you should try sleeping without the tv on, but the nightmares are just your fears of people telling you that you can’t do something that you feel really strongly about. Those of you that just got out of a connection will be getting into another one or you will be meeting someone new pretty fast by Thursday of this week. Be careful of losing paperwork this week or if you are getting new opportunities, make sure that you are reading through all the paperwork. Some of you may be making an unexpected move for this new opportunity. Others of you, I see an energy where someone is coming back home with an offer but you question this person’s seriousness. If you just started this new thing during the month of august then there is a promise of unexpected wealth or unexpected offers on this journey starting as early as october or January of 2021. But you have to stop abandoning this because you feel it’s wrong or that people will judge you because of it. An earth sign person is coming into your energy for those of you that are looking and it could be someone that you already know that may have had issues with a fire or earth sign parent of their child. You’re apprehensive about giving this connection another chance because they weren’t serious the first time, but you will still try again. Others of you this will be the complete opposite and you will finally make the decision to stop waiting on the past and you will move on towards someone new. You’re seeing people for who they really are so that you can now make the final decision to keep them or discard them.


Your health will be getting better this week if you’ve had issues with it during the month of august. Some of you may be going to the doctor and getting some sort of alternative healing method so that you don’t have to take any medication. Some of you may be in medical school, the medical field or this is a career that you are wanting to be in. So you could be making more moves towards making this happen before the week is up or you will be doing this over the next 8 weeks or 8 months. For those of you asking what your purpose is it may be to be a healer either traditionally or non-traditionally speaking. It’s time to embrace things in your life that are wanting to move out and also time to accept what you’ve been denying. Some of you may be taking some sort of offer or starting a new beginning by accepting a position to work from home. If you are dealing with an earth sign or water sign you will try to find ways to bring more balance in between your connection and you may do this by asking for advice from a friend or even thinking about going to counseling with this person. There needs to be more consistency between you and this person because there’s still energy here of someone wanting to run away or someone wanting to just be free. There will be a new change coming up in your near future when it pertains to your career. Now is the time to make a decision and go for it. Arguments could start to happen by the end of the week if you feel your efforts towards trying to bring a connection closer together becomes futile. Some of you have a fire sign person giving you difficulties and excuses and it seems that your loyalty to this person is causing you to accept a lot of bullshit you shouldn’t. If this fire sign person is from the past and you guys broke up this person is blocking you out and still not wanting to talk about things. Don’t ignore what you don’t want to accept. There are better options around you. You also may be wanting to change your look again, you look fine the way you are. If you miss a water sign, you may find out this week that this person has a family.


If you are an avid coffee or tea drinker then it may be time to take a step back for a while. Some of you may be dealing with kidney stones or issues revolving around the kidney before the week is over. Time to flush your system and it may be best to try to find a detox. Some of you may lose your cool during this week when it comes to matters dealing with human resources or when it comes to dealing with a romantic connection. You are losing your patience with this situation and this person is either not talking to you or this person is not trying to compromise. Some of you may be avoiding someone or conversations are being avoided during this time. Those of you that have younger children may be nervous about their health issues during this time. Good communication will seem hard to come by during these times because you may be on constant defense mode or people are always trying to pick apart your words and make it out to be what they want. Some of you in marriages may have thought that counseling or getting a mediator would help get this back on the right track but this person is still not cooperating with you. So this could be the fed up energy that you are having towards someone during this week. You’re wondering if the love is still there with a connection that you’ve had. Some of you are having issues with consistency or even with secrets when it comes to someone. The love is there but is there loyalty included in this love. Some may still be waiting for someone to come back from the past who said they needed to take a step back to see what they really want. Those of you in connections may still be secretly in love with someone from your past and you may even think about reaching out to this person to see how they are doing and if they feel the same way. An opportunity coming in for you to be of service to people could fall into your lap close to the 12th of september or this will happen closer to December. A sacrifice may have to be made and it’s something that will make you happy but some of you have spent the last 12 years letting opportunities pass you by because you don’t want people to be mad at you. Take the chance.


You are working on your patience during this week and it may involve a fire sign person. Some of you may be thinking about letting go of someone because you don’t want to be patient and wait for a deeper commitment from them. You may feel that you’ve waited long enough so even though a big part of you wants to let this go, that small part of you is what keeps you hanging on. Some of you may need letters of recommendations during this week so you may go back to someone from your past to ask them for help with this. This could be if you are wanting to move to a new place or you are applying for some sort of loan. Writing, travel, management, accounting or education will be successful for you during this time. Speaking of writing, some of you may be sending a breakup text or you are writing a goodbye letter to someone this week because you want/need more but they seem to be stuck or making excuses on why they can’t give this to you. There are a lot of differences between you and someone and you may be afraid that because of this it won’t work out. Some of you should be careful of assuming that someone wants what you want. If you are fresh out of a relationship and have moved on to another then you may still need to give this situation time to grow before you decide to throw it in the trash. Some of you may be dealing with money issues tied to a child or you are feeling that someone you’re dealing with is being childish and not taking your words seriously. Just because you have history with someone doesn’t always mean the relationship is meant to work. If you can take a break during this week you should try to rest because some of you have been working non stop for the last several months and an illness may be coming because you are overworking yourself. More projects or more ideas doesn’t equal more money and some of you may need to keep things simplified instead of having 50 million ideas at once. If you are trying to move to a different place then things may not turn out the way you would have hoped and you may have to postpone this until february 2021 or 2022. Things may start to slow down a bit over these next few weeks and because of that, you may start to panic. But no, things are slowing down so they can pick up when it’s your time to shine. Not a good week to start anything new as it will be a waste of an investment and a waste of time. Stick to doing what you’ve already started. Those of you in school may have to drop out or you may decide to take a step back because you’ve gotten a little bit too ahead of yourself and your grades may be suffering because of this. Some of you may hear news of a baby coming.


You may be taking a trip or traveling during this time towards a water sign person at a distance. Or some of you may be contemplating getting into a long distance relationship with this person. I do see energy in some of you just being happy to be free from being attached to someone romantically and you don’t want to put pressure on yourself to make something work that you’re not completely sure about. You could get what you want this week or this is a week to just take a gamble because you will likely come out on the right side if you are up for a game of chance. Some of you may think about playing the lottery or getting a scratch ticket which could turn out in your favor. Even if the amount is small, it’s still better than nothing. Some of you may feel pulled towards nature or spending more time outside,especially if you’ve been cooped up in the house since the month of april or for the last nine weeks. Again, I see the energy of someone not wanting to be serious when it comes to a connection. As for right now it’s fun for them because once commitment comes into play then someone feels that all the fun will go out the window. So try not to be too serious during this week as that won’t help you here. Some of you may be working on turning a hobby into a career but you still don’t know what hobby you should focus on. You may be multi talented in a bunch of different areas and you may be struggling to find your niche. For those of you that are fine with being single, there is someone from your past still looking your way to see if you will change your mind and come back to them. You’re not really into this person like you thought you would be so a part of you may be stalling so you don’t have to be honest or this person is doing that to you. Be careful of someone giving you a hard time because this person is trying to push you away so they don’t have to tell you that they aren’t really interested. Some of you may be dealing with issues revolving around dairy and some of you it may be time for you to stop smoking. I see the energy of possessiveness coming from your side or coming from the other person’s side. It may be time to have a real conversation with someone about where they see this going or how you feel about them. Issues with shipping could be coming on Wednesday or Thursday of this week so make sure that you have a backup plan if you are waiting for something really important. There may be issues with a sister or some of you are parting ways with a water sign sister because the damage has been done. Something is being left behind this week for good and it’s either this water sign, air sign or something relating to money.


You may be dealing with things revolving around the past or specifically something tied to your parents. This is a good week for you on the financial front because there’s not any big issues when it comes to your bank account. Some of you may decide to reinvest into something from the past. It could be working towards fixing your credit or working towards saving money so that you can buy a house. Some of you may be concerned about the health of your father or grandfather during this time. Those of you that are single right now may be okay with that but somewhere deep down inside you wonder why do you have to keep going through the same lessons when it comes to love. You just want some relief in this department and you also may be tired of this same person from the past trying to make things right with you. For some, a new financial opportunity may be coming that will give you the option to work for yourself or for you to partner up with someone on a business venture that deals with traveling, beauty, finance or its related to the arts. Some of you may be dealing with a mother figure in your life who you feel is just hanging on to you for financial reasons and it seems that this person isn't’ really interested in fixing the relationship between the two of you. If you have an idea that you want to implement then it’s best to hang on to this until after virgo season or for the next 3-4 months. It’s a good week to learn something new about yourself or even about your roots. Some of you during this time may be thinking about going back to school to get your graduate degree or you are going back to school to finish your degree. You may be worried or you have been worried about if you will have the money to do this, but the money will be coming to you for this in the spring of 2021. So you may not be able to do this right now but you will in the future, so don’t give up on this, if it’s what you really want to do. Some of you are meant to be teachers, mothers, artists, beauticians, historians or working in finance.


You’re still holding on to something that you tried to let go of 2 years ago or around 2 months ago. This week is not the week to gamble when it comes to anything. Some of you may have some sort of unexpected expense sneak up on you at the last minute and you will have to dip into your savings to deal with this. Some of you may be having a breakdown because you may feel that someone used you just for sex or you may feel that someone that you’re dealing with is only there because you are successful. You will be back and forth and up and down with your emotions during this week and some of you may have to bite your tongue a bit when it comes to saying how you really feel. You having to bite your tongue may be due to a situation with a friend and it involves money. Or this may be someone who you’re in a connection with that you thought had your back. Some of you may get news from institutions or from the government when it comes to something needing to be reviewed or something that continues to be on hold. Some of you may be fearful when it comes to deportation or you are worried about someone close to you who may be dealing with this. Those of you that had someone pass away recently could be dealing with issues revolving around insurance or inheritances. If you are leaving someone behind this week, then they will try to return in the next 2 weeks with an offer or an apology but it seems this may be a situation that could be unable to be saved. Make sure that you get anything in writing during this week because this may come back around during scorpio season and someone could say that they didn’t say they were going to do this or that. Karma is clearing out during this week and some of you may feel down on your luck, but this is what needs to be addressed so that you can move forward towards new beginnings. If you are dealing with an earth or air sign person then this is someone who could be changing their mind about this connection towards the end of the week. Some of you may have a falling out with a mother or a female figure that’s in your life and this is something that really hits too close to home. This won’t last forever, because after this storm passes some of you will enter into a new period where you could even end up getting fame or being well known in this position or this could be a partner for those of you dealing with a younger water or fire sign person. So keep fighting.


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