Weekly Horoscopes Aug 9-15


This week you may be reconnecting or reuniting with a fire or earth sign family member. This may be something that you want to roll your eyes about because you remember how this person let you down or what this person said to you in the middle of a fight. But the good thing is, that once you allow forgiveness in your heart from this situation a business will have a sudden turn around when it comes to luck. Don't just forgive because you will get something out of the deal, do it because you really want to get to a better place. Especially if you've been trying to manifest better luck into your life, this is the path that you have to take to get there; forgive. This week is more so about family and strengthening your foundations. Some of you may be looking into moving to a different place or thinking about buying a house for your family. If you're in a fairly new connection then you and this person could be having communication about moving in together in the month of October. Some of you need to do some spring cleaning because your space is too cluttered. Or if you find yourself being quite obsessed over stuff being cleaned is because a shift is coming. If you've been seeing 1010, 111 or 333 then you are moving in the right direction. So that means if you've broken up with someone or left a job then the powers that be say don't worry about this because it's behind you. There will be no reconciliations this week or maybe even for the next 10 weeks. Why go back to a situation that you know you've grown past. Just doesn't make any sense. Adjust your diet as well for those of you that have been having stomach issues or digestive problems. Too much cheese and not enough leafy greens. Those of you that are single will meet someone new through a family or friend in the month of October. And they will be a fire or earth sign person.


You may be sitting with your arms folded a lot during this week because people just are not following through with what you ask of them. Some of you may be dealing with a water sign that is at a distance from your or this could be any sign really. You aren't feeling emotionally satisfied during this time with this person. Because they won't tell you where you guys stand whenever it comes to moving forward. Some of you may be feeling a bit sad or disappointed this week because you really want to find somewhere else to live or you want to travel but there are delays happening for the next 4 weeks. Some of you may be feeling sad because you feel if you don't go see this person at a distance then they will find comfort in someone else. Things aren't happening or moving in your life because you're not appreciating the spot that you're at now. Or you are simply staying in a situation because you don't believe in yourself that you can do better. You may be putting on your best poker face during this week to prevent from having to tell people that something is bothering you. To get away from everything you may decide to spend a lot of time outside during this week. Some of you may end up meeting a new fire or water sign while you are out and about. I wouldn't suggest going to any amusement parks during this week if you are planning to go. Some of you are also in need of a new car but having a hard time getting a loan or you are having a hard time coming up with the down payment. You may be starting to realize more than ever that people who you thought had your back really don't. Time to start being on your own program. Those of you in connections should try to spend more time together because this connection seems kind of stale or someone is just ready to be done with it. Those of you that are single may have hard time finding someone to be interested in you consistently. Or if you are trying to get a water sign person to pay attention to you, they may just want to keep talking for now and not worry about the titles. Once the 17th or 19th of this month hits, things will start to pick up for you if you start to be more appreciative for what you have now. Also a Cancer or Leo friend will be the support you need right now if you just open up and ask for help. No one can read your mind.


You may be rushing to answer your phone this week as an important phone call is coming in around the 15th. But this could also be that some of you may be rushing to answer your phone because you think it's that particular person on the other end. May be time to change your ringtone if you have it set to something that reminds you of a person who you used to be in a connection with. Some of you are looking for a new company to join or you are looking for a new place to move to. You may have your mind set on a place that is 3 hours from you or there are 3 cities in between where you live now and the new place. You are starting over during this week and some of you may be deciding to be more frugal or to be more realistic when it comes to something that you want to achieve. Some of you have an idea or you are wanting to continue an idea that you had back in 2017 or 2018. This will be a good week to start completely over from scratch with this and find a new way to approach this. Some of you may be getting some sort of message or even package pertaining to severance or it could be retirement. The fear of the unknown may be what has been keeping you trapped in the same spot for the last 3 years. Living in constant fear will keep you constantly stuck in the same place. Some of you are starting over when it comes to love as you may have realized that you and someone just can't find common ground. Don't change your entire life to impress someone else because where will that lead you besides to disappointment. This week you will find the right path but you must stick to this path instead of quitting right in the middle of it. Singles could meet a capricorn or an earth sign will be coming to your aide. This person who you left behind a while ago is still popping up in your energy. This person has moved on and they aren't stopping life to think about what could of been or what should have been and it's time you do the same. Break the cycle


You may feel dissatisfied when it comes to your career or when it comes to getting a business venture off the ground. Some of you are tired of being single or you are tired of being in a talking phase when it comes to someone you have feelings for. Still waiting for this person to offer you what they promised when you guys reconciled. You may be realizing this week that someone is still the same person they were in the past and now you will be sitting down to think about if moving forward is worth it. You may go to a water or fire sign friend for advice this week on how to handle this situation. Those of you that are thinking about giving someone a second chance could hear from this person this week that someone just wants to be friends. It seems this person was singing a different time 2 weeks or 2 months ago. Some of you may have feelings for a friend but you're having a hard time telling this person how you feel because you don't want to get stuck in the friendzone. Some of you may be looking for a particular result in a career venture but it's still not coming through or working out in your favor. So you may be inclined to look for something different or to even focus your time onto a different business venture if you are already a business owner. Someone around you may also be trying to play hard to get and this will frustrate you by the end of the week because you're not up for the games. It may be this person from your past that is doing this. You also may be questioning your path or life purpose during this time. Don't invest into anything new. Build off what you already have. It's likely this week that you are just having a moment and you have to fight through the urges of giving up on something when it comes to your money sector. Those of you in relationships have this look of boredom or sadness on your face. Maybe you are looking like this because you are tired of being someone's girlfriend/boyfriend and you are ready to be someone's spouse but they aren't budging. Wait for another two weeks to make a decision on if you will leave this behind or stay


A major opportunity could be coming in to you during this week or by the end of the month and it may be something that is hard to refuse. It does seem it is on the work front and you may be speechless once this comes across your desk. There will be someone at your job who you are friends with that you will talk to about this. Or this may just be a really good friend that you will go to and talk to this about. If it's not on the job front then it's on the emotional front and someone will step forward and tell you how they feel about you. You will be taken aback because you didn't even know this person liked you. This may be someone that you liked a year ago or up to 3 years ago and they are just now coming towards you. You may be a bit tongue tied or you won't be able to control your facial expressions because you thought this person was the one in the beginning but then something happen to move you guys away from one another. This may be someone in your job or this may be someone that you met in 12th grade. It doesn't seem that you and this person have much of a friendship right now and that's probably because someone wanted more back then but the other didn't. I am picking up a heavy earth sign person and this person actually is the one for you. But the thing is that someone may be stuck in between two people and now a choice has to be made. Will you give it a chance with this new person or continue with the current person you're dealing with. Again, this is a week where this decision you make can be life changing depending on which direction you choose to go in. Some of you also may be thinking about going to counseling or this counseling could be you talking to advisors when it comes to going back to school. You can do this if you stick with it. Some of you have been contemplating divorce from someone for the last 11 months or 2 years and it does seem someone will go through with this on the basis that they've found someone new.


You may be too stuck on what you missed on in the past that you are having a hard time looking forward to what's ahead. Some of you may be feeling disappointed when it comes to another water sign or even aries person who you feel is changing up on you in some way. You are still trying to figure out if this person is your soulmate or is this just a fling for them. You will be in your head a lot during this time and most of it is dealing with an emotional connection that has just become so confusing to you. A water sign friend or person that's around you will be a good person to listen to during this time because they will help you to see both sides of the situation. This sadness that you feel could simply be that you and this person are having a hard time communicating how you truly feel about this connection. Seems to be more animosity or even shouting that's going on instead of trying to find balance. If you missed out on an opportunity in the past to be recognized in a way when it comes to your career then you will make a breakthrough during this time. Don't get too caught up in your head and overthinking because there will be good moments coming your way in terms of recognition and appreciation but the person you need these things from just isn't coming through like you need them too. Those of you that are still healing from a breakup may have thoughts of regret. You may be regretful that you didn't try hard enough to save this connection and you may be wondering if this person misses you like you miss them. If you are dealing with someone at a distance you are waiting for things to get better between you two or you feel that you have to make a move towards them to make the relationship better. But for you, this is not ideal because you need more from this person before you make a big change or decision such as relocating. Some of you that were engaged to someone from the past may be giving the ring back during this week after some deep soul searching. Some of you will be going back to someone from your past because you know they want to be with you and you don't want to deal with the emotions of being alone right now. Make sure that you are thinking this through. The right one for you may be an earth sign person with a water sign child.


If you are older and have a fire sign child that you've been on the outs with then this person will be communicating with you at the end of this week. Money will be coming in as well from sources that you started in the past 6 months. Some of you may be interested in the news quite a bit during this time or some of you are on the path of trying to be some sort of reporter or blogger when it comes to news, children, love or entertainment. A soulmate that you haven't seen in a long while will be communicating with you again. This may be someone who is very flighty with their communication. So they are in one week and out the next. If this person isn't communicating with you then you are being very nostalgic about an ending that happened between you and this person. You may be reaching out to try to find closure or even just to see why this person did what they did, but no response. Don't chase and don't beat yourself up just because someone wants to act like a child. You can only control you and your emotions. Some of you that just have to have an answer from this person now may even drive by this person's house or you may try to see how this person is doing through their siblings. Some of you may be turning someone down during this week because this person has a child. If you are dealing with a fire sign then this person may be getting some sort of gift and it's something that you pointed out to this person in the past. Those of you in connections will see changes in your connection during this time and these are good changes. Some of you may end up getting introduced to someone's family during this time. Those of you that broke up with someone should be mindful of thinking that this person's family is going to have your back. At the end of the day that's this person's family and not yours, so there's a certain level of loyalty they will always have to them. Don't try to change your path or go in a new direction because you are already in the right spot.


You may be falling in love with an earth or air sign during this week. Don't be afraid or run away from this because some of you haven't felt these feelings in a long time so you don't know what to do with these emotions. The fact that this person is willing to be patient and understanding with you when it comes to your heart should be all the confirmation that you need. Some of you this relationship may turn into marriage within the next 3 years or you could get married next year between march and june. Those of you that are dating someone feel that things are getting off to a good start and you don't want to ruin it by being insecure if they have someone else. Those of you that aren't interested in love right now will reconnect with old friends or you will meet a new friend through your job by the 3rd week of this month. Happiness could be restored back in your career. You maybe have been wondering if what you're doing is really something that your passionate about and it is. Some of you this is a business that maybe you've had for 3 years or you started this back in 2019. Stop changing your mind on this though, stay the course when it comes to finding your niche. You can't have a hand in every pot because that's just not smart. Businesses that are ruled by Saturn or Venus will be really good for you. If you don't know saturn or venusian careers then google is free. If you've been seeing 333, 666, or 999 then you know what you need to do and what it takes to get there so at this point there's no more excuses. But you've also found someone that is vibrating on the same level as you, you're just afraid it's going to go wrong. A new relationship will be starting in the month of September.


There may be some difficulties around an air sign woman or this could be your mother. You may be in the mood to just cut people off this week if they aren't trying to meet you halfway. Some of you may jump to conclusions about cutting someone off who just may be really busy with their career. Have a conversation first then make a decision. The answer for you this week is to not be cold. Open up and let people in every once in a while because everyone isn't trying to abandon you. Some of you may be dealing with old feelings of resentment towards a mother and this could be why it's hard for you to open up to the opposite sex. You may be in the mindset that if she can abandon me, who's to say that you won't. This mindframe isn't going to carry you very far. There is a younger air sign aquarius or gemini person who is trying to be there for you and find balance but you'd rather fight them on this. And if you continue to do this then this person will cut you off by November of this year. Some of you may be dealing with issues pertaining to human resources and time off during this week. You may not get approved for the time that you want to request off but there will be a solution for you where you can take off the week after. So try to bend a little bit because even though it may not be exactly what you want, you still get what you want. If you've been questioning if someone has been lying to you then you will find out by friday that this person is actually telling the truth. Some of you also may be wanting someone to give you another chance because you realize that you didn't give that connection a fair shot. If you reach out this week then it's likely you won't get a response. This younger air sign person who doesn't take any shit, kind of tall, may be an athlete, has a child, a good teacher and they always try to do the right thing is your true soulmate/life partner. Please don't screw this up because if you do you'll be spending a lifetime trying to replace this person. Appreciate them while they are here.


You may be being too impulsive about things during this week. Slow down and make sure that your plans or what you want to do makes sense. Some of you are wanting to take off to a new place but you have no plan when you get there. Or some of you are wanting to leave behind a connection because it's not hot and heavy or fun like it used to be. Some of you are waiting for restrictions to be lifted so that you can travel and just get away. Some of you may be in a place that is too cramped or you are having these feelings of just wanting to get rid of a lot of stuff this week. Don't start throwing in the towel on things just because something isn't going the way you want it to go. We all go through this and you're going to have to toughen up during this time. You may be waiting on news or packages from a distance and for the majority of this week you will still be waiting. Those of you that want to expand your living situation should not try to do it during this time. The place you may have your mind set on may have some issues with the roof or plumbing. So it seems that if you can hold on about another 7 weeks then you will be able to move to a better place or location. Your manifestations have already been heard so you don't have to keep repeating yourself to the universe. Things will start to flow better in the next 3 weeks or 3 months. Those of you dealing with a fire sign person may be waiting on this person to come visit you or you are waiting on this person to put in more effort. Not a good week to sign any contracts or start anything new because you are making starts based on your emotions and not logic. Now if you still want to do this idea in the next 3 months then continue forward with it. Some of you may feel that you have to let someone go because their more concerned about themselves instead of this partnership. It's hard for you to do this but you need more effort from them and they are just acting nonchalant. Those of you that are trying to make things work with a water sign again could reconcile and find yourself back in another betrayal. Maybe this person is a better friend than they are a partner and that's okay if that's the case. Don't spend unless if for necessities if you can during this time. You need to save for the upcoming five weeks.


Who are you trying to avoid or trying to run away from? Seems that you are trying to sneak out the backdoor on some sort of connection or some sort of work situation that you are growing tired of. Some of you may be afraid to tell someone that you don't like them in the way that they may like you, but you don't want to hurt this person's feelings. So I see you being a ball of excuses a bit during this week. Just say how you feel. It's possible that you may be so used to being to yourself that it has become too easy to push people away, even if they just want to be there for you with no strings attached. Some of you may meet a younger earth sign during this time. Those of you that have a younger child, specifically earth, may be feeling bad during this week because you are wanting to take a break and get away but you may feel some type of way leaving them with a relative. If you need to take a break, then do that. I'm sure whoever has agreed to watch them is perfectly fine with this. They will be fine. Some of you may be dealing with someone who is a bit of a flirt or you are dealing with someone who avoids the question of if you and this person are exclusive. If they are hiding you in public, then your antennas should be shooting up to the moon. You need exclusivity, not a connection that is convenient for them. Now some of you may be with someone who is just a naturally private person and that's fine. You may not be one for criticism during this time, but it may be best that you listen up because someone is actually trying to help you. Those of you that may be dealing with reviews whenever it comes to work, may feel a way because of what someone says. Their opinion is going to be their opinion and there's not much you can do about it. If you know that you are defined by what they say then why are you getting mad. If you are trying to rush to start something this week then this may not be something that will be long lasting. Especially if it's a business. It may not make it during this pandemic which another shockwave will be coming through at the end of September or during scorpio. So right now or for the next 4 months, you should be focusing on SAVING SAVING SAVING. Try to get some reading in during this time and find your corner and sit down. This is not the time to fight battles. You want to win the war so be methodical in your approach.  If you are having trouble in a relationship with a scorpio, give it time. Things will settle down. This is actually not a bad connection.


A good week for love as things are getting better between you and a water sign that you are dating or about to start talking to. There's a deep love between the two of you and this is someone that just makes you feel safe. Some of you this may be someone who lives in another state or another place. If you used to date this person then you may decide to reach out to this person by Wednesday or Thursday. I do see them answering your message. Don't expect things to go back to the way they were in the past because if this is going to work then you have to rebuild from the ground up. Those of you already with this person will be falling more in love with this person because you realize this person lets you be who you want to be. And that's all you've ever wanted in a connection was to be able to be your true self. Some of you may start to get those butterflies again when it comes to this connection and it will be hard for you to keep your hands off of them. If you are worried about your career then news will come in that you will be moved to a different apartment or that your transfer has been accepted. If you are having issues with your car or electronics, then just giving it two days because it may be a tiny problem that can be resolve on its own. A new contract could be coming in for some of if you are in the medical field or you have a business that involves medical or healing. Someone will be needing your services during this time and you will be side eyeing this person because you don't know if they can be trusted. But they seem to be a genuine person. Don't catch feelings for this person because they seem to be someone who is just coming in to help you. If you are dealing with another fire or earth sign you are pondering if this connection is stable enough or if you even like them like you used to. It could be for you that this person just doesn't have your back or support you like you support them and if that's the case then in the next 7-12 weeks or 5 months you will decide to go your separate ways from this person.

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