Weekly Horoscopes Dec 1-6

Overall energy: negative thoughts that you can’t seem to shake. Dealing with addictions to the material realm and trying to conquer the world because maybe you’re success will prove to people that you are enough. Jealousy from coworkers is likely, just keep quiet.

Letting it go and letting It flow. You could be ending things with a Scorpio, Taurus, or Libra person over the next 4 weeks. Plans may be cancelled or if you were planning to go on a date then there could be changes. You will be missing the way things used to be back in 2017 or 2018. You wish you could go back to that time or a time where things were much simpler. Issues with the lungs and ears are likely until Dec 3rd or 30th. You may also cave in when it comes to accepting something back in your life that you swore you were done with. You are shedding old skin and will be born again over the next 2 years. And you are bidding your final farewell to this cycle or this person. You are burning out the candle on this and some of you are moving and not looking back. You may wish that you didn’t care about what people said so much and maybe you could stop second guessing this new journey. Talk is cheap, action is everything. An end to a money or work situation but a letter coming in from HR or a new company about a new position.

Victory on the work front for you this week. Some of you may be receiving some sort of check that you’ve been looking for since June. You may have a heavy sweet tooth this week or you will be gulping down a lot of juice. May be time to go to the dentist to get those cavities taken care of. A person that you are dealing with could finally be telling their family about you or they are doing public work your relationship. Issues when it comes to your bladder and going to the bathroom. You also may have to deal with irritating neighbors if you stay on the bottom floor or your houses are just too close together. A Leo could be making you feel whole or successful during this time. And you may be going into business or working with someone that you will start a relationship with for those of you that are single. Communication issues are likely due to someone’s ego. Some sort of presentation or project will be given to you at work between now and March. The field of public speaking or communicating with the public is good for you. Don’t let your ego kiss the important details or keep you from accepting constructive criticism.

A new partner or friend will be coming into your life by Thursday or Tuesday of next week. Someone is finally telling you how they are really feeling about you. You may be surprised to know that you and this person have the same feelings towards one another. Again, this is someone new even though some of you keep trying to start over with a water sign from your past. You may settle on being friends with this person in case they change their mind in the future about your connection. A new source of income could be coming in or if you’ve already had this idea then you will decide to put the plan in motion in 2 weeks time. This idea or career may be related to the sign of cancer. So it could be nursing, real estate, cooking, sewing, fashion design, weddings, interior decoration or even party planning. It’s okay this week to share some good news with someone close to you because you’re struggling to hold water anyway. So might as well tell someone. This person coming in does have a karmic tie to you from your past life. And it could be a good or not so good thing but you’d just have to see first. If you’ve been in a troublesome relationship with a child, things will get better this week.

You’re focus may be turning towards this fire sign that you are dealing with. Things may be moving rather quickly with this person if you just met them. Those of you in relationships could be having a playful this week. Be mindful of drama coming in from a father because someone has went back and told this person something you said. A business may finally be ready to move forward but you may need the help of a brother, husband or just a male friend. Some of you are playing with fire with a new person and you are aware they are married or in limbo between you and a younger earth sign. Different kinds of people will be drawn towards your energy this week because it’s very childlike. Friends you haven’t spoke to I’m a while may be coming to you about advice on relationships. A leadership role may be thrust upon you expectedly but a male in your life right now. Never too late to start a new workout plan for those of you picking up weight around your hips or midsection. Stay humble, don’t act all high and mighty or this blessings will be pulled away from you. Some of you may feel the only way to deal with someone is through sex or being childish towards them. Don’t be surprised if someone you like changes their mind by the end of the week or this person shares that they aren’t trying to be serious. Well it looks like this person is already facing towards someone else if you aren’t committed.

Health issues, dealing with your back specifically. You may be trying to get back home but having issues securing transportation. You are worried about someone finding out about you and a new lover. You may fear this person may end up sabotaging your relationship. You may have made a move to a different place or even a different city to have a new beginning but it’s a lot harder and lonelier than you thought. However you’re trying to hang in there and not give up since you’ve already committed to it. You may be feeling overburdened or overwhelmed with responsibilities right now and someone that you are dealing with is only thinking about themselves. You just want some help, but your ego/pride could be getting in the way. Speaking of ego/pride, some of you miss someone but you are afraid to reach out and let them know how you still feel about them. You also may be ready to quit your job because your hours have been cut in half or you are doing a lot of work for little pay. Your plate is too full and you’re trying to take care of everyone but struggling to take care of yourself sometimes. You are stressed out about a family situation and it’s affecting your health. You also may be hiding how you really feel about a situation because you don’t want to be alone, so some of you are settling. Especially if you’re with a Sagittarius, Pisces or Virgo

Dealing with abandonment issues during this week when it comes to your mother or you have been left to fend for yourself and to raise a child by yourself. You don’t know how to let it go because at one point this person or situation was all you had. Now you’re in a period where you’re faith has to be stronger than your doubt. You may be doubting your skills or even doubting if you deserve to be successful. Some of you have what it takes to be all you can be but you’d rather his behind the Internet, fake profiles or fake pictures. Afraid to put yourself out there because people may notice your crooked teeth, or that zit that’s been bothering you. And because of these fears you may not make it to your final destination. You may be holding out hope that a Capricorn or Aquarius person is going to change but there’s so much struggle attached to this connection. Hopefully you didn’t fall in love with your nurse because some of you have. Or you were the nurse and you put someone back together just for them to leave you, abandon you or become cold to you like a father or grandfather did. Because you may be so consumed on not being like your parents, you are turning exactly into what you’ve been trying to avoid. Start over from scratch. Someone will be giving hope for a second chance in January or February, but is it enough. Be careful of oversleeping and eating your emotions. You can hope all you want until you're blue in the face but don’t let hope get in the way of you actually taking action. No one is coming to tell you what to do or what path to take. Choose your own path.

Second chance fire sign on the way in. But on the other hand you may feel judged by this person because you aren’t more like them. Someone could be comparing you to their past and expecting you to live up to those people expectations. Correspondence coming in secretly. Watch your mailbox or email because this is something that you can easily miss. A business that you closed or a job that you had to leave will be coming back into your life on the 2nd, 4th or 5th of this week. You may have to get a new phone because suddenly you will have technology issues or you may crack your screen. You still may be undecided on your major if you are in school or you are still undecided on what path to take when it comes to your life purpose. Some of you will take the path towards research, literature, blogging, history, mystery, sex or communication. Luck may not be on your side this second time around if you are considering taking a fire sign back. News flash this person seems to be playing you for a fool. They don’t see to think highly of you and there’s a lack of respect. Just because someone comes back doesn’t mean it’s meant to work out. Call your parents or grandparents as they have some news for you. Don’t check your ex’s social media because you’ll find out a baby is on the way.

Balance will be coming to you this week through another water sign. You may feel very talkative during this week and someone will be there to listen to you rant and rave. This could be a friend or you and a love may have a best friend type of chemistry. A cup will be offered to you but it’s not time to play your hand. Wait a little bit longer to start this new opportunity or to accept it. It will be better to get started on this around the 8th or 11th of this month. Some of you may be deciding to get into an open relationship with someone that give known for years unless you’re already in one. Love for you doesn’t need to be traditional or it won’t last. So some of you will be letting go of boring potential partners by the end of this year. It seems that they just aren’t flexible enough. Times my be hard and seas may be rocky right now when it comes to finances or even your love life. But you will find a way to get it back on the right track. An invitation to a party or event with a friend is coming. An old flame may be trying to get close to you again. Careful because things may go too far. Recognition or appreciation coming from a female coworker or boss

This week you are focusing on your finances and your financial future. You may be dealing with an earth sign or you are trying to figure out what you can invest in so that you can get some more money. You may be going shopping during this week or some of you could be making plans with your dad. A person is either satisfying you emotionally or financially, but not both. You feel that something is missing in this connection and you may even be questioning if someone’s intentions are pure. A person isn’t listening to what you’re saying. It’s going in one ear and out the other. You may be asking for changes or for them to do better but they won’t because they are used to you doing everything. The expression time is money may be ringing loudly in your ear or brain during this week. A invite to a dinner will be coming in before Christmas. Some of you may be quite interested in classical music or you may need to use music before the week is over to help balance out your chakras. Your base chakra may be out of balance because you’re just constantly thinking about money. Happiness comes from accepting what you have at the moment instead of worrying about what you don’t. Money is good this week so no need to make changes. Some of you may decide to go to medical school to become a doctor. Thinking of plastic surgery or you’re trying to fix your appearance because you may not feel pretty enough. Some of you could meet a lawyer. Could be an entertainment lawyer.

An air sign is being petty toward you this week. You will be trying to fight back the urge of retaliation. If you’re dealing with the public and you are in a customer service field you may be having difficulties here during this week or up to the next 5 weeks. Someone crosses you and you will cross them. You’re not leaving any stone unturned this time around with someone that you didn’t end on good terms with. Someone doesn’t want the public or others to find out about their secret. Careful of someone ghosting your for a few days and they don’t have a good excuse for it. You may also be dealing with issues when it comes to children talking back or being disrespectful. You have a win or lose attitude no matter who gets hurt but this won’t turn out good in the long run. Don’t fight fire with fire. There may be struggles conceiving or issues dealing with custody. If you lose the battle you can still win the war. Pick which fights are worth fighting for and leave the others alone. Someone may be dismissing your emotions or they just don’t want to talk. Defeat when it comes to dealing with a Leo is likely. They may care more about what their family or kids think rather than what you think. Be careful of burning your hand on something. Some of you may feel rejected by a father because the may be choosing a relationship over you. Or the father of your child has chose to live their life despite them having a responsibility. Ringing in your ears. Check the clock when this happens and google the angel number.

A disappointment when it pertains to your siblings or a best friend. Those of you in the field of writing could be seeing a disappointment this week. A third party situation or the thought of one could be keeping you up at night. Bile sand phlegm issues could be keeping you at home or off work this week. Make sure that you bundle up, it’s cold outside. Or the coldness is coming from another air sign that you’re dealing with. You want them to tell you what they are thinking or how they are feeling but they will choose to remain quiet. A heartbreak from your past that you suffered in 2013 is still bothering you and you are struggling to separate real love from fake love. A separation could be happening this week or if you are already in separation there still is no progress here. Issues with heart coming up. Time to lay off the pork for those of you experiencing fatigue or an unexplained breakout. Travel plans will be canceled or changed. There won’t be any changes to your work situation this week. Some of you do need to take time off to tend to your health. Disability or trying to get some sort of external help from a lover, parent or the government. Love may be a bit sad this week so we’ll have to see what it looks like next week

Stuck between two people of the same sign or you could be stuck between an air and an earth sign person. You are very passionate this week and you are ready to dive more into what you’re passionate about. You may have a talent for beauty, technology, counseling, math or even writing. By the end of the week you may be feeling that you are heading in the wrong direction when it pertains to love. No go back, no stay here, no go back; make up your mind. You may be waiting on someone to prove to you that they want to be in your life but they may be failing miserably. Hanging with friends is likely to help you get your mind off things. You may have an interest in music or social media during this time. You may try to turn this into something. Some of you may have to take some sort of test for a job find week. Plans to move to a different city have been delayed. You may have been moving for the wrong reasons. Let your inner child out this week and learn to play instead of worrying. You may be catching feelings again for a Virgo or Scorpio ex. Twins are likely for those of trying to conceive. You may decide to get more organized in your home this week. Donate old clothes.


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