Weekly Horoscopes Dec 15-21: Slow Down

It’s the calm before the storm. This week you will be planning things out to make your move in the next 5 weeks or by March of 2021. You may feel that your feelings are not being taken into consideration when it comes to commitment or marriage. You and this person do have some of the same morals and values in common but what good is that if they aren’t trying to move forward. You may be trying to communicate with someone that has turned off their listening ears to you. This week you want a more solid foundation and you may be considering moving to a new city, enrolling in a course, or stepping outside your comfort zone in love and dating someone completely different. Parents, friends or even your own kids could be questioning you about your relationship over the next few weeks. An elder may ask you about an ex that you haven’t dated in a while and you will start to think about this person again. Some of you may be thinking of buying a house, dog or getting some sort of asset together with your partner and maybe that will convince them to deepen this connection. You may be thinking of moving to a different school district for your child’s education.

This week you are focusing on working and working some more. You may be donating some things or packing some things up. Speaking of packing, some of you could be gathering things from an ex and giving it back to them if you guys have decided to part ways. This is a time where you are going through a transformation and some of you may be going through a shy period. If you are meeting a new person you will be shy towards them and hold off from sleeping with them for almost half a year. You want to do things right this time because in the past, you may have moved too quickly. You also will want to work on your figure this week by changing your diet, getting a bike or getting some sort of workout equipment to use at home. Don’t avoid the facts this week when it comes to someone wanting to work something out with you, but they’ve been talking about changing since late last year or August. You will find comfort in a friend at work. You and this person have more in common than you think.

You may be feeling quite popular this week. A lot of people will be coming to you for advice or they are coming to you to just have a good time. Be careful of married or already committed people coming towards you this week because you may meet up to two people like this. You may have issues with your technology this week so you may need to get a new phone or a new computer. A fire sign that you used to be with or this is a friend will want to share some good news with you this week. This person could be getting married or they have already took that step. Some of you will be spending time with your father this week. I’m getting the taste of fish so you may be craving seafood this week or fish could be showing up in your dreams. If you’re an older Gemini, then a daughter of yours is pregnant, or one of you is about to come across some extra money. Some of you will be going back to an old career you used to do by April of 2021. If you’re in a relationship already, then things are good this week just as long as you have fun this week. You may feel pulled to start a garden or to go vegan.

This week you may feel confused. Do they like you, do they want to work it out or would they rather explore their options? At one point you were confident in this connection but now you are second guessing making the decision to stay. You may be having a difficult time getting in new opportunities or finding new opportunities. Don’t get so caught up in your phone this week that you forget the most important thing is to not be lazy. The internet has answers but they don’t always have the right answers. Learn how to trust in your own intuition and use discernment. Some of you may have a fear of spiders or spiders could be showing up in your environment. The spiders are there to tell you to be more flexible and don’t get discouraged about the web you get caught up in. For most of the time this week you will want to escape reality because life just seems a bit hard right now. But things will start to get better but it’s just a waiting game at this point. Things are on hold to get you to see a different side of a situation.

An engagement or a party invite will be coming your way by Thursday or Sunday of this week. Some of you are ready to get back out there and start dating again. A water sign will be coming into your energy in the next 3 days or 3 weeks. You will start dating this person, but don’t get caught up so quickly in seeing if they are the one. Feel this person out first and get to know them before you start planning your future. An ex will try to maintain a friendship with you this week. Those of you in relationships may be thinking of taking a trip or taking a date night to try to get your relationship back on track. A reconciliation with a sibling or a family member will be coming up. You may need to play mediator or be a listening ear for someone that is having marriage or relationship issues right now. Some Leo’s will be enlisting or re-enlisting in the military. Be careful of gossip this week when it pertains to your mother or the parent of your child. Some of you have parents that don’t like your partner and this could be what’s getting in the way of this connection actually thriving.

You will be getting a chance at new love this week for those of you that are single. A new water sign will be coming in and the initials M, T or N will be of significance in this connection. A blessed change or opportunity will be coming through that allows you to express your creative or artistic side. Some of you will be deciding to finish a book that you've been working on since February or 2017. You may be having issues with your teeth or back this week. Get a journal and write down any dreams that you are having because there are messages in their from your ancestors. If you've been seeing 333, 444 or 222 then you are on the right path or looking in the right direction. You may be hearing buzzing in your ears and that's just your grandmother or female angel on the other side that is trying to show you that they are protecting you. You may be thinking about giving someone a second chance that may be sending you some risque text messages over the next few days. May need to slow down on consuming the beef or the sugar during this time and watch out for the stress eating. If you feel the need to make peace with someone this week then you can have a really good conversation with this person at this time. Doesn't mean that you and this person will get back together but you will finally get the closure that you need so that you can breathe a sigh of relief on this one. If you are wanting to get pregnant then this is a really fertile week for you. New projects started are based on your passion and what you truly enjoy and you could reach success with these over the next 2 years.

You may be easily triggered this week with people and the way that they are communicating with you. If you work in an office or a call center environment then you may be reaching your breaking point and are thinking about walking out. Interviews will be set up during this time on the 17, 19 or 21st of this week. You may find yourself arguing over the pettiest things with a fire sign person especially if they go missing and they won't take your calls. Some of you may feel threatened by this person's friends or they may feel threatened by people that you associate with. By the end of the week you may be thinking why do you even bother continuing forward with this person when all they do is talk over you or act like they don't hear you. Those of you that have children with someone that you are no longer with, could be getting an angry call or text message in this week when it pertains to spending time with the children or something to do with finances. Make sure that you are checking your children's phones or social media because some of them may be dealing with bullying. You will be clashing personalities with a boss or older male figure in your life. Someone feels threatened by you and your success and they could be the ones that could be making up issues or lies about you to coworkers. Not a bad time to try your luck when it comes to applying for a new job or entering your name into some sort of drawing for a prize.

You're trying to get someone to talk to you and tell you what's wrong. A fire sign or water sign person that you are dealing with has stopped communicating and they are now starting to isolate themselves again. This person may have just went through a death in their family or there is something that they did that they are embarrassed about. You will continue to try to get this person's attention throughout the rest of the week so that you can know what to do moving forward. For now this person just doesn't want to talk so it's best to just occupy your time with work or some sort of hobby. Be careful of someone hitting below the belt with you this week and it may be a mother or a sibling of yours. You will be feeling pretty artistic and creative during this time and some of you may even be thinking about getting a tattoo or another one. You will be drawing attention to yourself this week because of your talents or your success at work. You want to hide away because you don't want to be noticed, but you finally are getting recognized for the good work that you do. It may be a good idea to write what you want to release on a piece of paper and burn it so that you can put this chapter behind you. You will be defensive of your feelings at this time because you feel that you opened up to someone and they are now shutting you out or they have just stopped trying to work on this connection. You may get lucky this week and find money on the ground or even in your pockets when you are washing your clothes. There will be news coming in via mail or a phone call when it pertains to a potential new opportunity but you should do your research first.

There will be an ending coming in your work sector during this week especially if you are in the communication field, research field or finance field. This may not be a complete letting go of your job, but it could be that a way you used to approach your work has to die or else you will continue to be stuck. If you are dealing with a Gemini or Virgo then you may be experiencing some sort of betrayal from them when it pertains to them spending too much time at work or there is a work relationship they have that is questionable. You will feel quite charitable this week and you may want to start up your own organization or you will be volunteering somewhere. Make sure that you are paying attention to the road because you may over correct yourself and it could lead to some sort of accident. It seems to be something minor like a fender bender, but you should still pay attention. You may be having issues with your eyesight and it has to do with you spending too much time on your phone or in front of a computer. Some of you may be dealing with tingling feeling in your legs and it's advised that you try to stretch in the morning or before you go to bed. Someone that you thought cared or loved you will be turning their back on you to find themselves, but they may not fully tell you the truth at the beginning. This is not the week for you to get comfortable or wait for something to happen or otherwise you may lose out on more in the end. I know you may feel tired of the same routine and you may feel redundant in your career but now isn't the time to let it go for something else if you can help it.

You will be traveling during this week to a place from your past or you may be traveling to an ex. If someone has been reluctant to go to counseling then this week they will be deciding to agree to it or agreeing to getting a mediator. You will find balance in your endeavours this week especially when it comes to your work. If you've been experiencing delays for the last 6-9 weeks or months, then this week things will start to slowly move forward. Those of you that are single will be meeting an older air or earth sign person that is a teacher or they will be some sort of teacher in your life. Some of you may be filing some papers with your hr department and it could be you doing a background check for a new job or you may be trying to transfer to a different city but stick with the same company. If you've already graduated then you could finally be receiving your degree or diploma during this time. There may be some issues when it comes to food that are yellow or purple in color. They may be recalled or you may get some sort of food poisoning during this week if you are having to buy these. Wait until tuesday of next week if you can to buy these things. Repairs may need to be made on a car or it's best to make sure you are caught up on repairs if you are deciding to travel this week. Communication issues will resolve during this time and for some, your purpose lies in another country or another state that you will move to by 2022.

You will be feeling more passionate this week towards an air sign person that you have been dealing with for the last 6 years, 6 months or 6 weeks. You may be changing your mind quite a bit during this time when it comes to who you want to settle down with or what job you want to do. You are passionate about more than one thing but you don't know which one will make you happier in the long run. It may be best to just go with the flow instead of trying to make a concrete decision right now because you will change your mind in the next 4-5 weeks. Some of you will be deciding to go into the field of beauty, mass media, public relations or graphic design. Any of these careers can be a good place for you to plant your feet. There is a soulmate around you but you don't want to choose this person if they aren't going to choose you. If you can't make up a decision on to either choose the earth or air sign person then just stay single and date them for now until you are ready to make a choice. Not a good week to try to start a second job or to try to start a business for passive income as you likely won't stay committed to this. Dairy or eggs specifically could be giving you issues with your digestive tract by the end of the week. Reading or doing more research will be good for you when it comes to career and love. If you're in a relationship learn how to not be so serious and laugh a little. You're like watching paint dry sometimes.

You are still hanging on to a capricorn or aries person that you had to leave behind earlier this year. Some of you may miss this person because of how they made you feel comfortable or some of you are thinking back on a relationship with a previous person because your current partner isn't pulling their weight. You may be too codependent on someone's emotions to determine if you have a good or bad day or a good or bad week. It's time to detach for now and have your own identity outside of being just a wife, mom or a girlfriend. Your family may need you the most right now, especially if there has been some sort of death. Those of you that have a family with someone and there are up to 4 kids involved or one of you lives with your family, then you are stuck trying to figure out how to fix this relationship. It seems this person has stopped trying to make this work in the month of April, June or July and they may be acting like they don't care if you walk away or not. Money will be coming in this week for those of you that have been looking for it but as soon as you get it in, it will be going out just as fast. Hold the space that you are in and just because you have had bad weeks doesn't mean to sink the whole entire ship. Try not to be so stubborn during this time and accept help and criticism, especially if you are running your own business. Luck will be on your side by the end of the week, you just have to make it through these first four days. A new career is approaching and you will have luck in this area. Some of you are entering a period where whatever you touch will turn to gold so make sure that you take full advantage of it. Meeting an air or fire sign while you are traveling in January is likely. You will decide not to give someone a second chance.


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