Weekly Horoscopes Dec 23-29

Another fire sign is trying to get your attention during this week. You may feel that this person is trying to force their way back into your life. Some of you used to be married to this person or you used to live with them back in 2017 or up to 7 years ago. If you are thinking about signing a contract or getting into an agreement with someone then it's advised to not sign on the dotted line. You still need to see something in this situation first before you do this. You will be getting some sort of recognition from a coworker or a boss by Tuesday or Wednesday of next week. It seems like a thank you for doing a good job or for filling in for someone. Some of you in college may have to drop a class because the workload is too heavy. Make sure to choose your battles wisely this week as you may be too eager to say how you feel all the time. Save it for another day or another conversation. It's best to blend in with your environment and be the chameleon right now and don't try to do too much.

You will be working on your relationship this week and some of you may be having the talk with someone when it comes to marriage. If you have a parent or grandparent that has passed on then you may be feeling a bit emotional about them this week because it is either their birthday or you will be coming across some sort of picture of theirs. Things are fine right now and even though it may be tempting to want to make changes, it's best to not to this week. Pregnancy/fertility is highlighted during this time, so if you are wanting or trying to start a family right now, then now is a good time. Some of you may be thinking of going to cosmetology school or going into a career in beauty, finance, fitness or a career that caters to men or women specifically. Those of you that are single will be fine with just being by yourself for now because you just don't want to settle for any ole person. Music may be heavily on your mind and some of you could be thinking about learning a new instrument or maybe even writing music. A sibling may be telling you that they are getting married or they are pregnant again. Change up your hairstyle or just do something to your hair.

Communication will be coming in heavy from fire sign people. Someone could be coming back home or they are coming to visit you before this week is over. You may be in a rush quite a bit this week but make sure that you aren't moving too quickly or you will be easily prone to making mistakes. Don't chew on your pen caps or anything else that is not food. You are messing up your teeth. A message of change or death (not literally) is coming in by the 27th or 28th of this week. This news revolves around some sort of moving plans getting called off or some of you this message of change is coming from someone who is thinking about being more serious with you instead of just being friends with benefits. Those of you that are waiting on some sort of severance pay or some sort of back pay from a company may have to fill out another form to get this abundance. This may be like the 3rd or 4th form that you've had to fill out but it seems this is the last one before you get the money in. Some of you may have to deal with tax issues if you forget to file or you left out some important information. This will get resolved by June of next year so don't worry. Some of you will be researching properties or real estate in other areas because you are wanting to buy a house by 2023 or build one. Make sure that you get your oil changed or some of you may be dealing with transmission issues.

It's a light hearted week for you during this time and it's full of celebration and laughs. Some of you may be feeling pulled to get a pet or someone could be giving you some sort of animal for christmas. Some of you cancers may be getting proposed to or if you are a guy then you could be popping the question to someone who just had your baby. If you haven't spent time with your siblings in a while then you guys will be spending the holidays together at your mother's house or at your aunt's. It's a good week to work on your writing or to finish some sort of writing project that you started in the month of March or May. A promotion is likely or some of you may be getting moved to a different department before the year is over. Make sure that you aren't overindulging in alcohol or juice during this week as it will cause some stomach issues. Some of you should slow down on constantly being at your computer or on your phone because you could be experiencing carpal tunnel or arthritis in your wrists or specifically on your right hand. Those of you that are single could have someone in your family set you up with one of their friends. Just see how this goes before you decide immediately reject it.

You will be completing a cycle in your life this week either in your work sector, education area or if you are dealing with another fixed sign in a romantic connection. You may be researching new places in another state or some of you could be dealing with someone who lives in another country and you could be researching the visa process. There will be a lot of facetime or video chatting back and forth for those of you stuck in quarantine or someone lives far away from you. You do have a lot of love and care for someone but a part of you wants to pull away before this person could give a chance to hurt you. Some of you are pulling away from someone you've been together with for a while because their focus has turned to something else or they may be thinking about relocating for their career. You may struggle staying on topic or even listening this week. Opportunities for a new job or more money can be found through working at home between now and the 3rd week of february. Some of you should study up on your heritage or study the history of ancient egypt or the greco roman era. This will help to unlock your spiritual gifts more or this will help you to remember your past life. You may be thinking about getting a new watch or some sort of jewelry before this week is over. You also may feel really drawn to horses, rabbits or turtles. Look at the spiritual meaning to these animals because they may have something to do with your life purpose.

You're having a hard time moving forward when it comes to a commitment or someone is doing this with you. A part of you may feel stuck or trapped to someone who you feel keeps playing mind games with you. You may be having issues when it comes to your hands or feet. It's aches and pains and some of you this is because there's some sort of autoimmune disease or underlying medical condition you've been dealing with since 18 or since 2018. You will have a hard time focusing this week and some of you may be stuck in your own little world that you end up missing important deadlines at work. Some of you may end getting stabbed in the back when it comes to someone owing you money or if you are thinking about co-signing on a loan with someone then this will not work out well. If you are working on some sort of writing project then you may be having some sort of writer's block. If you are needing to get a letter of recommendation from someone then they may not be coming through for you this time around. You may end up losing something of value this week and it may be something that was given to you by someone that passed away. If you are worried about making the wrong decision this week, then it's best to not make one at all. Just wait until January 15 or February 2nd. A gemini or another virgo may be playing with your emotions right now because they'd rather commit to someone else but the other person isn't paying them any attention.

You will finally be able to get approved for a loan or a new line of credit. It's best to not go over $600 or $6000 when it comes to this. If you are needing any sort of financial help during this time then a partner or a friend that you've had since middle/high school will be coming through for you. For most of you, you will have the money to be able to help those around you who are less fortunate. Some of you may be thinking about starting some sort of charity or building some sort of organization that may be centered around children, spiritual healing center or some sort of app. Make sure that you do your research this week before you dive head first into investing into startups or other people's projects. Someone will be giving you a gift this week and it will be something small but something very sentimental to you. Speaking of writing, some of you may be thinking about starting your own blog or maybe even starting some sort of magazine. Those of you that are single could be meeting a new earth sign but you may blow it because you will be acting kind of shy. A new job will be coming in by the end of next week or some sort of assistance. Don't spend too much money this week when it comes to buying things for people. They will understand if you aren't able to give them exactly what they want.

This week you will be focusing on getting your health to a better space. Some of you may have to travel for work or you could be traveling for leisure to go spend time with a partner, your mother or other members of your family. You may be thinking about getting a new wardrobe or changing your style in some sort of way. If you are dealing with another water sign then you could see more growth in this connection if you have decided to not give up on it. News will be on its way to you by the 23rd or 27th of this week and it has victory attached to it. Some of you may still be waiting for your job to call you back in if you've been laid off. There will be news coming in from another company and you will be hired by then by the beginning or end of january. This job seems to be in the field of sales or telecommunications. If you're dealing with an air sign or you were dealing with one, then this person is still running away from you and they don't want to talk about this connection. You also may find out that someone is spying on you and it seems to be someone that you work with or this is someone that you used to be married to. It's time to put your sword away and give someone a chance to get to know you, especially if they are trying.

This week you will be feeling rather homey and you may not feel up to being around feeling or even being outside of the four walls to your home. It's a good week to focus on your health or establish a new workout routine or diet. Some of you could be thinking about going pescatarian and if you've been vegan you may be deciding to abandon it. This is a good week to focus on your craft if you enjoy sewing, drawing or painting. You may be cleaning out your closet or your space this week and you could be finding something that belonged to your grandma or great-grandma. I am picking up something revolving around a quilt or it could be some sort of sweater. Finances are fine this week and it may not be wise to try to start a new at home business. Don't take on too much when you don't have to. The color green, yellow or pink could be of significance to you and also the letter T, I, J or L. You could also decide to bring plants into your home. It's not a bad week to redecorate your space or to buy new furniture. Try to incorporate more earth tones into your space to help bring more balance and more abundance. Those of you that are single won't have any new prospects coming in, so don't expect to strike gold in this area yet.

You will be feeling very spontaneous and likely lucky this week. Some of you may decide to try this lucky streak at the casino or you may decide to buy a lottery ticket. Some of you will enter into some sort of contest by the end of this month or January and will actually win. Fire sign people are highlighted in your energy right now. Some of you may be dealing with someone who is already in a relationship with someone else or this person still isn't over their ex, so don't expect a lot out of them. Be careful of someone treating you like some sort of trophy instead of treating you like an equal partner. You may be feeling a bit dizzy or your eyes may even look like your looking through a kaleidoscope. Some of you are not resting and stress is messing with your eyesight. Make sure that you aren't tired while driving a not. Single will have a lot of prospects around you but these people will be quite demanding of your time or they may be a little insecure. May be time to get a bigger space if you are planning to get some sort of pet. You may find success or some sort of recognition via social media this week. A lot of people will be interested in hearing what you have to say or you may be having to give a lot of people advice. Some of you would be really good counselors or really good therapists and this is a career that you could make a lot of money with if you choose. You and a father may be distancing yourselves from one another because they are in a new relationship. Just let them live their life because they have on blinders right now.

New communication and you will be starting a new passion project before the end of the week. Some sort of review or you will be getting some sort of graded results back when it comes to your career. This may be an end of the year review that could determine if you will get a pay raise or not next year. It does seem that you have done fine. If you dealt with a fire sign or an earth sign, then this person may be trying to make things right with you this week by apologizing or writing you some sort of email or note. You may feel drawn to the fire element this month and this could be a good tool for you to use when it comes to manifesting in things you want/need. Sex is highlighted and some of you could be getting over someone by getting under someone else. Some of you will be taking a leap of faith into a new career that you don't have a lot of experience in but you will have temporary success in this direction, but you have to see if you will be here 10 years from now. Because about 85% of you will have changed to something new. Even when it comes to new love, there is a lot of temporary energy here and some of you haven't completely let go of the past which is holding you back from settling down with someone else. Or this could be vice versa. Some of you may have been ghosted by someone and you still may wait for the phone to ring and for them to take accountability, but that's not going to happen. You may think about deleting a social media account or you may decide to start over and create a new one. You will get a chance to move to a new place once June, August or September comes.

You will be focusing on your work during this week and that may be the only thing you have time for. More work will be coming in and it may keep you from spending time with your family or loved ones. Make sure to take breaks and cater to those that matter to you or they will leave you in the dust come August. Some of you may still be working hard to make things work with a virgo or other earth sign person, but it seems that you are ignoring the facts. Someone seems to only want to make a situation work when it's convenient for them or if you are the one putting in all the effort. Some of you may be wasting your time in a job or career that is just filled with busy work and it's time for you to take a step back and change to something else. It may not be a bad idea to go back to school or some of you pisces may be dealing with some sort of testing that is coming up in the next 8 days or 8 weeks. You are quite crafty with your hands and you may be able to turn this into something lucrative if you'd get more organized. Some of you Pisces will go to nursing or medical school in the next 3-4 years and that will be your life purpose. Those of you that have virgo in your chart should consider a career in the arts or entertainment and you will do really well there. The purpose that you're looking for will come to you when you learn how to quiet your mind instead of constantly changing to a different career every 4 months or 4 weeks. There may be some drama at work with a younger fire sign. Plastic surgery or some sort of cosmetic surgery will be put on hold for another 8 months or 4 years.


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