Weekly Horoscopes Dec 30-Jan 5: Looking at the Brighter Side of Things

This week you may be dealing with legal issues pertaining to a lover. Some of you may be working on finalizing a divorce or if you are meeting someone new then you or the other person will feel some type of way about the other person being previously married. You may have a choice to make between two people. Some of you will have an ex who will be trying to make things right with you again. However, at one point this person said that they didn't love you, so now you are confused. Make sure that you are watching your step because you will be prone to injuries while walking or running. You may be feeling that an air sign person is keeping secrets from you that involve you meeting their mother or it involves the parent of their child. You may have to go for an appeal for those of you that may be coming out on the not so positive side when it comes to some sort of litigation. Don't press your luck this week and try to gamble because you will lose more than you gain. Think longer on getting a second job or starting a new source of income. You may be non emotional towards people that are crying in front of you this week. Try not to be so cold.

You will finally get some sleep or rest by the end of this week. Some of you have been working double shifts or getting in a lot of overtime due to the times. You may be nervous about an upcoming doctor's appointment or an upcoming surgery between January and the month of April. Try not to eat meals in your bed or you will be prone to go to sleep right after. You will be hanging up your heartbreak from a libra, taurus, capricorn, or aquarius person so that you can have a conversation with them. You may want to talk about how things ended between you guys. You won't get the answers that you're looking for, so don't get your hopes up. If you have family members that are in the hospital, you will be getting an update on their condition by the end of this week. Things will be pretty mellow, if things are chaotic, it's likely because you are trying to win a war that shouldn't be fought yet. Keep the bull in check. A mother or female friend/sibling may ask to crash at your place for the weekend because they are going through a separation or they are having issues with their roommates/neighbors. Or this may resonate for you if you are dealing with these particular issues.

You may catch some sort of sickness or it could be a slight cold by the weekend. Some of you need to slow down as you are tiring your body out from trying to take on so many tasks at once. Some of you may be wary on the whispers you could be hearing in your work environment when it comes to bankruptcy or even workers being furloughed. Don't get too caught up in the gossip that you forget to focus on your work. Because your mind may be too preoccupied with what's going on around you, some of you may make a mistake on some sort of paperwork that will cost you and you may be reprimanded for this. If you have too many tasks to complete at work make sure that you let a supervisor or coworker with the initial J know you need help. Those of you in long distance relationships are still waiting for travel bans and restrictions to be lifted so that you can travel to see this person. But it doesn't look like you'll have any luck until close to summer 2021. This week you may be tempted to let go of something or someone that you've invested a lot of time and energy into, but this situation just seems to not being working out for your highest good. A Sagittarius, Capricorn, or Aquarius person may be bringing you some sort of karma before the end of the week. It does have something to do with your career.

Commanding attention and setting stricter boundaries with your mother, daughter or fire sign women in your space. You will be quite jolly and joyful during this time, so try to let loose and have some fun. Successful business ventures will be thought of or launched during this week especially if you are in a career that is ruled by the planet jupiter (priests, law, IRS, writers, banking) or it caters to women. If someone isn't being appreciative of what you have to offer this week, then you will likely give this person the boot without any explanation. Make sure that you aren't getting too irritated or agitated with people just because they won't do what you ask of them when you ask them to do it. You also may be thinking about getting some sort of exotic animal or if cats keeping crossing your path, it may be time to think about getting one. The past lives of Egyptian pharaohs, goddesses and the culture in general is coming up quite heavily. So the cat may serve as some sort of protector for you and this animal helped you transcension when you passed away during the Egyptian Era. 1258 BC or 1513 BC are the time periods that you should research. If you are artists, it's a good week to start painting or if you eventually want to go into the field of the arts then you should start researching now.

Victory with the public or within your friend group will be coming towards you around the 2, 3rd or 4th of this week. Some of you may be letting your ego get in the way when it comes to another fire sign trying to work out this situation with you. You may be prone to constantly checking the clock or looking at your watch this week. You may be anticipating something that relates to your work, health, or public service. Some Leo's may be concealing a secret relationship with a virgo, taurus, or gemini person. This also applies to those of you that are already in a relationship. You may have to reach out to the other parent of your child this week because you may be having some behavioral issues with them. Not a good week to eat any foods that come from the sea because your gastrointestinal issues will be heightened. If you are single then you will have luck in getting someone's number or you may finally reach out to someone who gave you their number around the 17th or 24th of this month. Take a probiotic.

Money will be coming in to you. Some of you will be getting unexpected gifts from people that you work with or this could be clients for those of you that have a business. If you are looking to get approved for a loan or there were some issues with paperwork in the past, then this week it will get resolved. You may have enough money that you will be able to help a friend out that is a Taurus, Cancer, Capricorn, Virgo or Scorpio. Because you will be feeling quite charitable, you also should be cautious of giving too much money away because you never know when a rainy day will come. Some of you will be getting engaged to someone that you've been with for the last 6 years or those of you that are already engaged, will be finally setting a date. A good time to take a step back on consuming so much wheat. You could do some sort of self-care this week and it may involve some sort of new haircut, cosmetic surgery or some sort of beauty enhancements. Some of you may look totally different but it's a good thing. The colors purple, yellow, brown, burgundy or green will be of significance to you during this week. Put your boots on because it's going to rain. Some of you this rain represents abundance.

If you are dealing with a water sign then you could be catching some major feelings for this person over the next 10 weeks; starting on the 1st. It's a fertile period for you until January 17th and you could have success when it comes to conceiving. Some of you may be thinking about opening up a daycare or some sort of children's center in the future when you get to age 54. A sagittarius or pisces person could be apologizing to you and trying to make efforts to make this relationship work after humiliating/embarrassing you in the past. This week is a completion period for you when it comes to your career. And you will finally be making a choice to stick with a job or company that makes you feel at home with the work you do. This period you're heading into is more about what makes you happy instead of focusing so much on what's going to make the most money. Some of you within the next 10 months, will put your career aside and decide to focus on having a family. Work at a treatment center for some of you by february. Physical therapy or occupational therapy is the calling for those libras that have gemini in their big three or you are a life path number 3, 7, 4, or 9. Take better care of your skin as well.

Happiness, excitement and a wish fulfillment will be coming through. If you have been out of work then a phone call will be coming in on Thursday. A pisces or capricorn will be trying to put in more work to convince you to stay or to try to fix your relationship. A big part of you may feel that you just want to be to yourself right now until you are 100% ready to be committed without any excuses. You will be quite tempted this week when it comes to sweets and sugar, so make sure that you aren't overdoing it. Getting accepted into culinary school or starting a career in the arts, finance or law is coming up for you between now and the month of march. You will be able to treat yourself to something nice by the end of the week as there will be money coming in when you least expect. Or some sort of claim or back pay will be settled by the end of this week or it may not be until the 9th or 10th of January. Some of you may be thinking about getting some pictures taken either for your career or this is a family portrait. Not a bad time to clean out your closet and get a new wardrobe, especially if you've had a lot of the same stuff since 9th or 12th grade or for the last 10 years.

You may just want to be to yourself this week. If you are in a relationship, then you may be kind of distant towards your partner. Some of you may be thinking about taking some sort of trip on your own between now and July. You may be doing this because you are thinking of relocating to a warmer location or north of where you currently are. This week you should practice more on self-care and saying 'no.' Issues with your chest, breasts, or reproductive organs could be coming up. Your pet may need to go to veterinarian before the end of this week. A cancer or water sign person may be calculating making some sort of return in your life. This person could be checking you out on facebook or twitter. If you are trying to take a flight to go see someone, then you may be subject to an extensive lay over so make sure that you pack light and warm. A potential business partner or a proposal could be coming in by the end of this week. Or this potential opportunity will turn into some sort of trial period for 7 weeks or 7 months before you both make a decision to sign the deal or not. Someone will open up to you this week and it's been a long time coming but now you may be at a point where you got tired of waiting so you may decide to just move on.

Those of you that are single and just went through a breakup will spend this time focusing on yourself. No new love will be coming in for the time being and some of you may decide to fix the relationships with your friends if they survived while you were with someone. A judgement or court situation will be postponed for the next 11 weeks or some, this court situation could draw all the way until november of 2021. You will be focusing on how you can be of service and also what you are meant to do in this life. Some of you may have to separate from your mom or you've been separated from her due to quarantine. Some of you no longer have your mom here with you and you will be having a little bit of a breakdown before the week is over. Those of you that don't have children could be feeling down on yourself as if you've failed to give your parents a grandchild. Those of you that are in marriages that are trying to dissolve will be consulting with an attorney a week or two after the new year. This is a karmic week for you especially when it pertains to humanity, groups, friends, and awareness. Don't step on the little guy to make yourself feel better. Some of you dealing with a libra, taurus, aries or scorpio should be more mindful of how your coldness is making this person feel. Or vice versa. Some of you will be thinking of selling your house. Don't make any final decisions right now because likely you will change your mind.

A reality check will be happening in the next 6 days when it comes to changes and transformations. Some of you may be trying to convince someone to go to therapy but they will be fighting you on this. Your anger may get the best of you this week especially when you are driving in traffic. In the next 48 hours or 4 days, you will find out that someone that you are having sex with is not being honest about something and this situation will end in betrayal. Some of you this could be someone that you are just now getting to know and they are lying already. Some of you may be getting accused of doing something that you did not by a coworker who is also another air sign. Make sure that you are checking your email or mailbox because there will be important documents coming through that you have to sign or tend to. A younger air sign child may be getting sick during this week and you could be quite worried about them and the problem area is their lungs. If you are using your talent in a way that requires you to be out in the public eye, then be careful because someone may be mimicking you. Back issues coming up again and some of you should try to invest in getting a new mattress. You may cut someone really deep with your words to the point where you may never see them again. So make sure that you are thinking before you speak.

Fast moving messages coming in from a fire sign or these are messages dealing with travel. If you are preparing to go on some sort of date then this person may have to cancel or postpone it for now. Vegetables or foods that are red in color will be good for your digestive tract. You may be hearing whispering or some of you will be in the mood to whistle a lot during this week. You may be subconsciously communicating with your ancestors how you used to do in a past life where you were a native american. Do some more research on your background so that you can get a better idea of where you came from. This has something to do with your life purpose. Don't have tunnel vision when it comes to dealing with this fire sign person because the passion will die out in the next 2 months and this person may ghost you. Good news coming in when it comes to your career and someone who has been a spectator around you, will be bringing you some sort of offer. Some of you will get the opportunity to work at home in the next 8 weeks. Call up your friends or family and just hang out. This is a week where you have to try to have fun despite the madness that you've been dealing with since September or October of 2020. The color white, blue, orange and the numbers 11, 14, 22 and 54 will be of significance to you during this week.


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