Weekly Horoscopes Dec 8-14

Balancing out your emotions this week when it comes to dealing with another fire sign. Communication when it comes to children, hobbies or contracts will be coming between the 10th and 12th of this week. A grandmother or a female figure will be visiting you in your dreams or visiting you in the physical realm. You may be full of gas this week so make sure to watch what you are eating and to incorporate more kale, spinach or lettuce into your meals. If you’re in school you may be changing your major to something in literature, history or the arts. A position in management needs to be filled and you may be deciding to apply for it. Issues with a boss or coworker that may require you to go to HR is coming up for you this week. Watch your feet or ankles if you are doing any sort of physical hobby or exercise . Write down your manifestations instead of speaking them and this will help to bring them quicker into fruition. A vision board for the new year is a good idea and you should focus on getting this done before Wednesday of next week.

Setting boundaries this week with air sign people in your life. You will finally be willing to face your abandonment issues at this time. Someone may be acting like they don’t care so that they can get a reaction out of you before the 15th or 17th of this month. If you are expecting a call back for something or there’s been a delay then you will be in luck this week. There may be an allergic reaction to a food or some sort of medicine that you’ve been prescribed. You will feel like reading or studying up on some sort of new career path that you will be embarking on in the next 17 weeks or 15 months. You may feel the need to ignore or look the other way when it comes to a relationship or sexual situation this week. You can’t always look the other way on this one and It’s time to figure out if this is the best you can do. There still is hope in some sort of situation that can change your life for the better even though things are going slow right now or they may be delayed. A breakthrough will eventually come.

A bully could resurface in your life this week and it’s another air sign. This person could be trying to force you to agree or to do something that your gut says no about. You may be too focused on public opinion right now and may feel the need to constantly prove your point. If you have older children then you may be having difficulties with discipline or respect during this time. Issues with the throat or sinuses coming up between now and Friday. You are having issues when it comes to just having fun. You will be all serious all the time this week and there may be jealousy and insecurities in your romantic relationships right now. Some of you may get irritated because you feel someone is trying to forget about you or leave you out of things. But it’s advised that you loosen up a bit or otherwise risk being called the Debbie downer. Some of you may be having issues with your transmission on your car or a friend may be calling you because they need a ride or a place to crash. Communication issues won’t be resolved this week, maybe next.

Fairness and balance are the theme for you this week. You may be dealing with court cases or court situations between now and the 21st of the month. Friendships that you’ve had for the last 10-11 years will be evaluated starting this week. You may not feel that you are in the right group anymore. Those of you in relationships or marriages that have been quite rocky all year may be seriously thinking about separation or a divorce. Finances may be the cause of this or someone is too detached all the time. Some of you that are dealing with air sign people may be fearful of wasting your time in this connection but there is still more for you to see in this before you make a decision. Those of you that are single will be meeting love through a group of friends. A relationship with a mother may be on the rocks for the next two months or it’s been a constant up and down with you and her since you were 11 years old. Don’t overthink this week, things are where they are for a reason. Group projects are likely until February. Learn how to work in a group to get to your next level of success

Forgiveness will be what you’re about this week. You are more willing than ever to hear someone out when it comes to their apology. Some of you are still hanging on to guilt from a father or some sort of male/female figure you were in a relationship with. Your karmic lesson in this lifetime is to learn how to let stuff go and not to hold a grudge. You may be grinding your teeth in your sleep and it’s causing headaches. There may be issues with wisdom teeth and lower back. Some of you are dealing with someone that is experiencing erectile dysfunction or dryness. Yoga or even tai chi may be something that you are interested in up until summer or 2021. Starting a garden or something dealing with farming will be therapeutic for you. Skin issues on the inner thigh, back of the leg, neck or left side of the face. An opportunity will be coming in that may be hard to refuse. Look over the paperwork first before you agree to anything. Success when it comes to dealing with another fire sign or Scorpio.

You may be feeling like you’ve found the one in a fire sign person this week. You may be redecorating or you are going around to find your new home. Instead of moving some of you will feel that you’ve found stability in the home you’re already in and may decide to resign the lease or if you are looking, you will find the perfect home for you. Brighten up your space with some lighter colors especially when it comes to curtains and your bedding. Blue, yellow, pink and Orange could be of significance to you this week. An at home project could turn into a profitable business in the next 4 months. Some of you will be getting married in the spring or fall of 2021. Some of you will be going back to school to complete your degree or you may be going to some sort of arts school. Painting, drawing and writing could be good ways to relieve stress. You may feel pulled towards coffee this week but don’t overdo it. Beets, strawberries, pomegranates or any healthy food red in color will be good for your aura. Clean out your closet. Be open to new possibilities right now instead of thinking it’s bad timing.

An unexpected ending will be coming during this time and it will be in your relationship sector. This ending may be because of a fight or something that you could find on social media. If you are in a business partnership then this person may be abandoning this project or they could be stealing your idea. Try not to throw things or throw around insults whenever you feel someone isn’t listening to what you’re saying. This breakdown could be with a Scorpio, Aries, Virgo or Sagittarius. Someone is just thinking about themselves right now and their cold shoulder could lead you to snooping around to see what they are up to. You may be waving the white flag finally and asking for help after sitting still for so long trying to figure it out on your own. Don’t let your stubbornness be the cause for your lack of peace. Some of you will leave behind a situation or project that you just started in November. Good thing you haven’t put so much money into it. Issues with travel tied to siblings or relatives on your father's side.

You are catching more feelings for someone during this time but you don’t want to show it. Some of you may be looking away or you are starting to back up because you’re afraid to admit that you are in love or getting there. You could be dealing with a Pisces, Cancer, Virgo, Libra or Capricorn person. At the same time you are fearful that this person in the end may decide to just be friends or just decide to never make things exclusive. Change your toothbrush, time for a new bed, and you may need to clean out your car. You may feel like you want to gamble this week. Poker, blackjack, scratch-offs or even roulette will bring you in some luck in during this time. You also may be feeling rather photogenic this week and may even struggle moving out from in front of the mirror. Success could come from moving to a new place or the communication field. You will be getting some sort of praise or recognition for your work efforts during this week. Try not to focus so much on the future of this connection you have and just learn to live in the moment. Someone’s children may be a factor in why this connection is or isn't moving forward.

Dealing with younger water signs or the past during this week. You may feel that someone is trying to pull at your heartstrings to get you to feel sorry for them so you’ll accept them back. Creativity will be at an all time high and you could create something for you to sell. Unleash your inner child and do something fun with the kids or do something you used to when you were younger. Someone around you may be avoiding taking responsibility for what they said to you. You will find a new way to approach your business or an idea that will be successful for you in the long run. Even though this water sign is fun, you may feel that you just want something different. And you could finally be seeing this person for who they are instead of who they promised they would be. New love will come in by the end of the week if you choose to leave someone behind. A new contract will be coming in the next two weeks and it may require you to move or to travel.

Right now you are just wanting to have fun and not trying to be too serious when it comes to a fire sign. You will be focusing on your business or some of you are focusing on a way to leave behind your current work situation. You may be thinking that someone is more of a friends with benefits situation or you are fearful that they may be feeling this way towards you. You will be quite popular this week so work will be plentiful and you may feel that your phone just won’t stop ringing. Make sure to control your emotions because you will be easily triggered during this week. A person may also be showing their true colors around you this week and you may start to lean more towards dropping them if they don’t show you some more appreciation. Focus on your independence this week instead of being attached to a relationship 24/7. An invitation to a party will be coming by way of a friend by Friday or Saturday. You may put a water sign person in the friend zone until you can figure out what to do with your past. You may crave seafood or barbecue this week. Don’t over indulge in a lot of sweets or stomach issues will happen for three weeks straight.

An ending on the home front. Some of you may be moving in with family or moving out. The hope that you had for a connection to reconcile could end up dwindling as the week goes on. You may be trying to act like you’re not bothered but someone’s family is getting in the way now or they were. If you’ve still been sleeping with your past then you will decide to put that to rest because you realize you don’t want to try again. Inheritances or things dealing with investments will be coming up until the end of this month. You may be putting to bed a relationship with a Scorpio, Aquarius, Taurus, Pisces or Leo person. A new success in real estate or finances could happen this week if you apply yourself. Training is highlighted for those of you going for a new position or dealing with a new company. You may be struggling this week creatively and should try to burn sage or do some sort of cleansing. A grandfather may be of concern to you this week when it comes to his lungs or he may be having issues walking. If you’ve been in a constant struggle with your mom then you may decide to just detach yourself completely. Issues with a mother-in-law if you are married.

A Scorpio is sending you confusing messages this week or this person may be sending you subliminals via social media. Some of you are having a struggle choosing between more than one person and it could be two water signs or two air signs. Confusion around partnerships, marriages, and business contracts. A cold shoulder could be coming your way by the end of the week because someone doesn’t know how to say how they feel and they still want to play the field for now. You may be turning to the Internet a lot to find answers when it comes to your relationship. Don’t get stuck in delusion this week when it pertains to keeping the door open for someone to return. You will have a vivid imagination this week and it would be good for you to write down all your ideas that you have. Someone around you does have a crush on you but they still aren’t ready to say anything. They will speak up by March of next year and this person is about 3,4,7 or 10 years older than you. Issues with co-parenting with a fire sign this week but just ignore it. They may be irritated about handling their responsibilities or obligations to your child. You may be dealing with constipation at the end of this week and some of you may find out that you’re lactose intolerant. An opportunity to lead or a boss talking about a leadership role will be coming via email or face-to-face in the next 14 days or 14 weeks.


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