Weekly Horoscopes Feb 10-16. A Change of Heart

The focus this week is on learning how to make it stretch. Money may not be flowing through as easily as it was 5 days or 5 weeks ago. You may be turning your back to a Taurus or other earth sign person who you feel let jealousy, finances, or control issues get in the way. You're trying not to show the world or them that you are hurt by this recent ending. Some of you are looking for a new place of employment because you're current company is being unfair or you may have been recently let go off due to the pandemic. An investment that you've had for the last five years or something you took a risk on recently could be ending suddenly. So now it's back to the drawing board to see how can you recover from this. You may be worried about bills or paying a specific bill, but you can't give them what you don't have. Trying mediation or a hobby to help you relax and not freak out. A child or a parent that may be dealing with dementia will be experiencing health problems by Thursday or Tuesday. The financial help that you've been waiting on from an ex, friends, or an institution may not come through as promised. Down periods happen but it doesn't mean it will last forever. Help will come through for you in the next two weeks.

Signifiers this week: Jewelry, 13th, avocado, Alyssa,

Alice, Liquid diet, camping, documents

orange, Egypt, Letter C, T, Insomnia

If you have been dealing with a Leo then you will feel better about the direction this connection is going. Some of you may decide to enter into some sort of business agreement with this Leo, Virgo, or other earth sign person. Good news on the career front for those of you trying to apply for a promotion or a new position. Recognition will be coming in by way of flattery from the opposite sex. Don't try to hide behind baggy clothes or things of that nature that keeps you hidden from the world. You are stepping into a period where you will really get to know your true self on the inside. If you've been prone to hiding behind work, friendships, or family then you won't do that any longer. You may decide to delete your social media and start all the way over with a new one or you could just mass delete pictures. Speaking of pictures, it's not a bad idea to start scrapbooking or some of you have a fear of taking pictures. You'd be surprised how much the world sees you as beautiful. Once you get comfortable with who you are and stop hiding then you will get more opportunities. Gold the color or gold jewelry will be really favorable for you this week. If you decide to start something new this week in your career you will feel like an avalanche is approaching. It's not a bad thing, you will actually have a quick turn of success or recognition but it may overwhelm you. You can handle it.

Signifiers this week: necklace, cross, bike chain

river, lily pad, toad, heaven, ankle

Whistle, flute, tangerine, purple, 11:11, youtube

This week your attention will be on your work and how you can make more money. You may be going through file cabinets looking for some sort of paperwork or you may be preparing yourself for a seasonal job that you've been reporting to for the last 8 years. Taxes and inheritances may be on your to-do list or could be the highlight of your week. Kettlebells are coming up, but it's for working out. You could join a new gym or sign up for a spin class, kickboxing, or yoga. You don't have to pile so many things on your plate to keep yourself from being bored. Focus on one thing at a time. Some of you are using work as an excuse to not feel through your emotions if you just dealt with some sort of death of a friend or family member. It may not be a bad idea to close up shop this week and take a break so that you can be to yourself. The karmic energy coming through deals with how you handle money and how you make money. You may be thinking about starting a business or getting a second job so that you can have a secondary income. The universe wonders who you are without material possessions? Some of you have let that become your existence since you were younger and now it's time to look deeper. There is a problem that needs your attention and it will require you to face it head-on instead of ducking and hiding behind other people. Some of you were famous musicians and painters in a past life, but you struggle to awaken that creativity. Someone in the workplace is being a bully or there will be an unpleasant argument if you work with kids or in the medical field.

Signifiers this week: mailbox, tantric, eagle, crow

Yellow, snail, Taurus, Leo, Cancer

Life path 3, 11, 9, Cosmos

You just want to let out your anger and frustration that you've been holding in for the last week. Some of you have bitten your tongue and kept quiet on telling someone how you truly feel about them. If you are dealing with a Leo moon or rising, then you may be feeling extremely agitated by this person whose attention has turned elsewhere. This week it's best that you actually implement those boundaries that you've been working on. It's also time to clean your space because it's becoming piled up with clutter. You may decide to do something different with your hair and shoot for a longer length or some of you will be changing to a red, burgundy, or mahogany type color. It can be a productive week as long as you're using your intuition and not being impulsive. Your challenge this week is to learn how to be okay with speaking your truth even if they don't like it. You can't fight the world if it disapproves of what you're doing or who you are. Find the best parts of yourself and focus on that instead of letting people tell you who you need to be. A lover may complain about things you do that they don't like and you may let that bother you more than it should. An argument will lead to you questioning if you made the right decision on giving them a chance. Don't sign any contracts this week because they will be best on what's best for the company or the business partner instead of what's best for you. Your fear of being left with nothing could be why you're staying too long in this job or connection.

Signifiers this week: couch, a red drink, dinner

Fugees, caterpillar, shell

Coke, Root beer, Snow, Aquarius, Ego

Digestive, 444, 777

You may be struggling with a repeat injury by the end of the week or there may be some sort of injury to your foot. You're carrying a lot on your shoulders right now and you're irritated that no one has asked you if you need any help. Don't sit in silence and expect them to guess what's bothering you. You may have recently moved to a strange place in a different state or this could have been a move to a new job. Now your mind is starting to wonder if all this work or all these changes were even worth it. A big part of you wants to retreat and go back home. You're having a hard time being optimistic right now about the future because of some sort of roadblock that happened in January of this will happen around the 10th of this week. Your health needs attention and the biggest thing for you to do is try to rest. Learning how to say no is important. If you have Sagittarius or Capricorn in your chart then you will be downsizing to a smaller place by October of this year. It's time to scale it back some and live within your means instead of trying to go big or go home. There's a fire or earth sign person at a distance that you're having a hard time letting go of because of the last text message they sent you. It may have been filled with apologies or questions on if this can work again. Your soul is too tired to entertain this but yet in the physical, you feel this can work. It's time to move on. Don't give up on any creative projects that you've started or if you've applied to a company and got a denial letter, then apply again in the next 2 weeks or 2 months. You will get a better result. If God hasn't given up on you then you can't give up on yourself. You're almost to the finish line

Signifiers this week: Idaho, New Hampshire, Lotus, Clover

Packing, Delays, Spam Folder

Spina Bifida, blisters, weights, 15, 11, 19

July, September, Wednesday

Your feelings will be igniting for two people in your life by the end of the week. One water and one earth or this may be the same person. If this is the same person, then they are learning how to balance their masculine and feminine energies so some struggle times are still ahead for this person. The money will be flowing in nicely and some of you will be getting back news on a court case or legal decision. There is money attached to this and it will be in your favor. You may meet a lawyer around Friday or Monday but it may be for business, not pleasure. It's a good week to get serious about a secondary income or to get serious about committing yourself to a business idea. Playing around in the stock market or gambling is a good idea for this week if you are willing to take the risk. You will be finding your voice again and finding happiness if you went through a tumultuous time over the past two weeks. A father may be the one that is coming to your aide to help you sort through paperwork, finances or to just give you words of encouragement. You will be receiving gifts from someone that will be delivered to your job. You feel fulfilled financially and mentally by an earth sign with fire in their chart but you're unsure if this person is emotionally mature enough to make this a long-term thing. And then there's a water sign friend who you've had your eyes on for forever, or this may even be your ex, and you are considering this connection again. But make sure that you both are on the same page because this water sign may be flirting with you but they have no intentions of taking it there. So make sure that this person is choosing you before you automatically throw the earth/fire sign away.

Signifiers this week: Greg, Patrick, Letter R, M, P

Onion, Regal, Red Hair, Plump Stomach

Skinny, Short, Blocked Number, Scorpio,

Flowers, Bow, 717, 55

A job or career that you used to be interested in as a child or you used to be in this field at the age of 12, 18, 0r 24, will be coming back around to you this week. This is your chance to make things right and give this another go if you feel called to do so. Some of you will get nostalgic once a water or fire sign person texts you to see what you are up to. This person may be acting as if nothing happened between the two of you and even though it bothers you, it's hard for you to resist this person's advances. When it comes to this person all it takes is sorry for them to get back into your good graces. Those of you that have Scorpio, Sagittarius, or Virgo in your chart, may come down with some sort of cold or respiratory infection because I am hearing the word 'soup.' Some of you are ready to be from up under your parents or family members roof because you need your own space. Right now it may not be practical to move because you don't have the money or the place you get approved for is a place you really don't' want to stay. So, don't force it if you know it's not the right thing for you. A job may be requiring you to stay late or take over someone's else position because of a life change they've recently had. Make sure that you delegate these tasks out to other people if you need help, otherwise you could face some sort of performance punishment. Some of you will fight with someone on Thursday and they could be moving out by Friday, just to turn around in 6 weeks and move back in. There's a connection that has no balance right now and time apart will give you the answers you're struggling to get while together with this person. If you have a lot of planets in Aquarius, Capricorn, or tenth house, the truth is your success won't come for some time, but you're on the right path and success will happen in due time. Try to live more within the moment and not get so focused on what's going to happen in 5-10 years from now. Enjoy life while you still can.

Signifiers this week: Home, Cookies, Baking, Lavender

Candles, Fresh Air, Dog, Cough

G, O, K, S, Easel, Brush

Jeep, Blanket, Grandmother

Luck will be on your side this week if you've had a not-so-good last 4 weeks. The money will be coming from an unexpected source that may be tied to a sibling or this could be a bonus in your company. This is a good week for those of you that are single to meet the one for you. I'm getting a Leo, Aquarius, Scorpio, Taurus, Pisces, Sagittarius, Libra. This person can also have these placements in their moon or rising. Some of you may be scared about moving forward with this person but it's time to make room in your life because this person is the one. Acting, Entertainment, or the arts field is a good career for those of you that are looking for a change. If you are feeling extremely lucky then you could win some gambling or getting some scratch-off tickets. This week if you help at least one person, it will help to bring clarity to you on what your purpose is. Some of you guys' purpose is to be there for someone and help guide them and teach them and they will reward you in the end. Those of you in the field of teaching or wanting to go into teaching will be taking some sort of course soon or going back to school to finish your degree or to get another one. A test is coming up in the future.

Signifiers this week: ducks, turtles

Faith, Library, Letter, Time

Jungle Gym, P, Q, W, T

Echo, delivery, elope

Your personality will shine through this week and you will impress a boss. If you are looking for an investor or you are applying for some sort of loan or grant, then you will have good luck with this. Be careful about playing with fire because someone you will meet will already be committed elsewhere and they have a child. Your focus may be on the list in a way and you could be wondering what an ex is doing. You still wait for this person to change or to come back to you. You could be getting some new technology this week if you’ve needed a computer, camera or a phone. You have people’s respect, even if it seems they aren’t paying attention. Don’t get so caught up in what society deems as successful, when you’ve already found your lane, so you can stop second-guessing yourself now. Those of you that are committed will have a fun time this week and there will be a lot of passion. It’s a good week to get a massage as well so that you can balance out your chakras. Sports, outdoor activities, or anything that requires a great deal of passion will be beneficial for you. A fire sign father may be trying to fix their relationship with you if you’re willing to give them a chance. If you’ve been waiting on a water sign to come back, this week you will ditch them and get into a commitment with another fire sign. Have you thought about doing poetry? Well, if not then you should.

Signifiers this week: mountain, august

Field, ball, whiskey, country music

Cotton, Leo, Sun, garden

Jeff, Joe, H, G, C, D

Marry me

A total transformation is happening in your life this week. Your prayers are being answered if you’ve been wanting the universe to show you who’s genuine in your life. A Scorpio or Aries may be on their way out the door. You’re struggling to find reasons to stay or give someone a chance when they have shown you they aren’t stable or just aren’t serious. You may feel that every time you try to end things with this person they come back. And because they come back you may assume that they must be the one. This person has shown up to peel back your layers but also to push you to grow up. You’ve grown a lot in these last four years and now you’re at a point where it’s judgment day. Do they stay or do they go? Whatever gets left behind this week is done for good. And that’s fine because then you’ll finally be on the right path. If nothing leaves your life, then you know that you’ve made the right decisions based on what’s best for you and the universe is happy with that. A new home is coming up for April or an unexpected business idea turns into your career by August or September of this year. The idea may come through a dream or this is an idea that you already had during the last mercury retrograde but you left it behind. You will be willing to talk it out with anyone who has issues with you this week. There will be a calmness that will exude from you and it will be hard for anyone not to listen to what you’re saying. So if you’re not much of a salesman, this week you should be because you will be able to sell water to a fish. If you are separated from someone, as much as you’d like to make room for them in your heart again, the door has already closed. The right one for you is an earth or fire sign person that you met in January or this February. If you are in a relationship with someone you met in January or February, this is your life partner. Good for you

Signifiers this week: Chocolate, valentine, date

Bubbles, 666, 456, totem, inheritance,

Due Date, real estate, Virgo,

Endings and new beginnings

You can’t sit still this week because you’re full of excitement. You may be traveling to a new place or some of you will be having excitement about a new job. A fire or water sign from your past will be approaching you again this week to see if you’ve changed your mind about being together again. You may decide to entertain them for the time being because you’re bored or they are good to talk to but you may not have any intentions of getting back together. Some of you may have to move to a new place in a hurry this week because a landlord may have sold the property or this could be for job purposes. You will be making some sort of purchase this week and you will want to show it off. It could be a new car. Learning a new language or working on diction will help you gain more success in your career. Some of you may get too far ahead of yourself and will have a hard time communicating clearing. The excitement you have is good because something new will surface between now and March or June and it will allow you to travel consistently. Listening to music or if you used to play an instrument then this will be a good week to get back into that again. Re-do your wardrobe and get rid of your exes clothes because some of you are still hanging on to them. Those of you that are single will find love when you’re not looking for it, even if you just got out of a relationship.

Signifiers this week: coffee, Joe, Edward, Edmond

Took, beach, music, plastic

Ombré, emerald, green,

Bank account, dollars, lettuce, entrepreneur

Getting back to your old self this week. There is a fire sign person that is heavy on your mind or your heart, but this week you will be focused on yourself. You may be a bit OCD about your space or cleaning up so it may not be a good idea to have visitors over. If you haven’t been in the mood to work out, you will get back into it or some of you will be coloring your hair. If you went through a breakup you could be focusing on getting a revenge body. Yoga and meditation will be practices that you will be into by the end of the week. If you’ve been busy with work and haven’t spent much time with your children, you will be all about them during this period. A successful career change will happen this week and you will transition to beauty, athletics, nutrition, finance, acting, music, blogging, or publishing. Taking out the trash and leaving with the treasure could be the motto. Someone has been holding you back or you’ve been holding yourself back trying to put so much work into a connection and they haven't been doing the same. You will meet someone new for those of you that are single and it will be a fire sign person. Some of you should be careful about a fire sign from your past liking a bunch of your pictures or private messaging you. This person is married. Everything will start to fall into place this week if you allow yourself to have fun and not get so focused on having every little detail in place. Your biggest blessings come from you learning to let go. Health is improving. Joining an organization or a team will bring you unexpected success by August or September.

Signifiers this week: yogi, elephant, mandala,

Incense, $2 bill, forest, milk, honey,

Organization, teaching, mother

Pregnancy, pomegranates, Hera, career change

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