Weekly Horoscopes Feb 23-Mar 1. Use Discernment

You are stepping more into your power this week and it may be with some help from another fire sign or if you have Leo in your moon or rising. Projects that you’ve been putting on hold since the beginning of December or January will finally be completed. You may be submitting some sort of proposal for a mortgage or something to do with a boss by Thursday of this week. The color red or orange may be of significance for you so try to incorporate those colors into your wardrobe. If you have a fire sign sister or friend then you and her will have a hard time seeing eye to eye on a relationship issue or something to do with material possessions. In all honesty, she doesn’t care what you’re talking about so don’t waste time when she’s just going to turn around and do the opposite. Fresh flowers incorporated in your work environment or your home can help to cleanse your energy. If you find a sunflower or even a daisy then pick it up. Some of you will be experiencing some nice weather over this next week so get outside and enjoy it. You also may have a hard time getting out the mirror this week or the recognition that you are receiving may go to your head. Stay humble. This week the universe is encouraging you to fight your own battles and find your way through if you’re dealing with some difficulties. A new group of people, specifically more women than men will be coming towards you between now and June. Just be yourself and don’t try to blend in so much that you begin to wear a mask. This group of people seems to be tied to your job.

Signifiers this week: Sunflower, gospel, reggaeton, rock,

Jeep, Elle, Lisa, V, Vanderbilt, Jokes, Cat

Steep Hill, Jogging, Sprint, Runaway grocery cart

Insect, Frog, Gavel, 52, Age 38, 24, 17, 19,

friends with benefits, manila envelope

You are going back and forth on getting a second job or you are trying to find out how to achieve passive income. Money is coming in but it’s also going out just as fast. There may be some expenses tied to your kids or your home that needs to get taken care of. If you are dealing with a Capricorn, Aquarius, Taurus, or Libra then you will be repeating yourself when it comes to spending time with one another. Those of you that have been getting back into a hobby over the past two years, could be using this week’s energy to put more effort into this. If you have a Capricorn, Taurus, or Virgo rising, Saturn or mars then you may be juggling between two people or someone that you are interested in is doing this. This is the week to have fun and to not take things so seriously or otherwise you’ll be disappointed in the next two weeks. Travel plans may get canceled or if you are planning to travel to see someone then this person is becoming a bit shaky or shady at the last minute, so you may end up staying home. If you are getting back into working out then be careful lifting the dumbbells that are 20 pounds or more, you’ll likely strain your back. If you can be near the water this week then do so because you will need it to find your balance again. Time to throw away those old cosmetics or grooming products and get some new ones. If you are thinking of secondary income then you could invest in dropshipping beauty products or a shop dealing with fashion. The smell of roses rather fresh or in a perfume/cologne will be good for manifesting.

Signifiers this week: juggling, comedy, hobby, freelance

pack your lunch, gas leak, burnt popcorn

fence, chickens, 222, wrist, possessive,

2 more kids, adoption, mansion

vision board, Wednesday, Friday

The call that you’ve been waiting to receive will be coming through on Wednesday or the 1st of March. This could be a start date for a new job for those of you that have applied and have been waiting for them to get back to you. Warehouse work or work that deals with a delivery service could end up being the job. A sibling that you haven’t spoken to in a while will be checking on you. This sibling already has health issues or there was a recent diagnosis that has changed their perspective in a way. If you are trying to apply for nursing school or some sort of medical position then an interview is coming. Using the element of fire or writing will help with your manifestations for the next year. Make sure that you think before you speak this week because also the planet of Saturn is showing up so you have to make sure that you filter yourself in a way on the internet. It’s just for this week and it’s not to say be fake, but more like don’t say anything at all because a lot of people will be offended. Those of you that are in separation from someone will be trying to wish this person back into your life or you just may reach out to them via text message or email. A person may be pointing at you or being abrasive and this will be someone from your job. Again, if you have to say something make sure you think it through first and then say it. You are heading in the right direction in life so continue forward on this path. Careers in math or careers using your hands will be lucrative for you this year if you are looking for a career change.

Signifiers this week: talkative, gossip blogger, cellphone

infinity necklace, gold chain, boat, tulip,

wooden table, credit card, librarian

White, Yellow, Red, Vines, 45, Help from an old colleague

Feeling overwhelmed this week if you are trying to catch up on the work you missed because you were sick or you just got a little lazy. There is a new opportunity that you recently just accepted or it is coming in the next 10 days or 10 weeks and you may feel that you won’t have time to give it your all or you are worried about the people you have to work with. Some people will be from your past and you may have had issues with them before so you are giving a big eye roll because you’re not in the mood. For those of you that are looking for work, you won’t be hearing anything this week and because of that, you may want to throw your hands up and say forget it. However, the energy is saying things will start to pick up around the 8th of March. If you are dealing with a Libra, Sagittarius, or Capricorn you may be worried about this person’s financial situation or job status. They may have been let go of because of the pandemic, and this week you may be wondering what’s the point in staying. You may see this person as irresponsible or you just don’t have any faith that this person will pull through. You will be stressing out about things this week and most of them are outside of your control. Some of you will feel defeated to the point where you may be questioning your life purpose now that it seems things are becoming a little bit unstable. Also, try to be more understanding with someone who is having a hard time because things have happened that wasn’t their fault. At one point you wanted this person to be understanding towards you so it’s time to reciprocate. Just because things get uncomfortable doesn’t mean that you just throw away everything in the snap of a finger. Not a bad week to learn something new or get re-enrolled in school. Also if you let go of someone don’t keep going back and forth on if they are coming back or if there’s a future, the future is you and what you want to do with your life.

Signifiers this week: Back, tire, mud (don't park in the grass),

Travel delayed, Interview canceled, 17, angle,

bookmark, 9th grade, closet

too many ideas, second job, not pregnant, delayed period

55, Letter R, D, Z, P

Money will be good, great this week with the help of a Taurus, Capricorn, or Aquarius. Learn from this person or pick their brain because this person’s mission is to come to help you accomplish something you gave up on back in 2005-2010. Your left palm will be itching, so there’s money coming in and it may even be from an unknown source. If you are needing an investor or wanting to get a home loan then an unexpected amount will find you by the 27th or 28th of this week. Those of you that have had money put on hold due to the government will have success with getting this resolved. Some of you may be thinking about going into the field of law or politics and it’s a good week to get mentored by someone. A change in diet is coming this week and it may even be something that you didn’t plan. You’ll be eating healthier without you even realizing it but it’s because you are craving leafy greens, kale, tomatoes, grapes, water, etc. So this would be the week to lose some pounds and some of you could even lose up to five to seven. Your confidence will be high this week and don’t be surprised if random people want to work with you or random people just want to help you out. You may not even need the help however they will be giving you something anyway. Those of you that are single could meet an earth sign person, specifically a Virgo. With money coming in, make sure that you don’t get greedy and start spending it all in one place or not putting some money away for a rainy day. A Capricorn or someone with heavy earth in their chart may end up being the person you marry or this person will bring more abundance into your life.

Signifiers this week: Big money, government check, installment

Truck, Suv, Closed account, Supervisor, Transfer

Sports, Fitness, Health Enthusiast

Chef, Lawyer, Judge, Law School at 35

Fish, staples, Silver dollar

Listen to your inner voice or some of you should listen to your mother if she is a water sign. She’s not telling you wrong when it comes to someone that you are dealing with that has become more secretive over the last two months or up to two years. The number 15 may be of significance to you this week or the number 24. You may need to research those angel numbers via google if you aren’t familiar with them. Study or go to the library if you feel drawn to it. Some of you will be interested in researching Greek mythology, the Roman era, or the city of Atlantis. This may be significant to you because you had a past life there so it’s not surprising you’re growing interest in this. You may also find yourself wanting to say something but then you end up changing your mind and deciding to keep your mouth closed. This isn’t going to help your situation if you aren’t getting what you need to say off your chest. Your shadow side could be coming through more once Tuesday hits and it’s not a bad thing, it’s more of a time of self-reflection. Some of you are holding on to a secret or there may even be a secret partner floating around in a committed relationship. The truth will be coming out in the next 2 months or by august 12th, 15th, or 17th. If you are trying to get pregnant this would be an opportune time because you will be fertile this week or even if you don’t want to get pregnant then you should be careful. Those of you that are in the field of spirituality are meant to share your gift of truth but also this path is meant to help you learn how to be more considerate and relate to people who are different. Also, don’t get so defensive when the truth is spoken back to you because this is a two-way street. Have fun, enjoy life, and open yourself up to what life has to offer.

Signifiers this week: Cancer, Psychic, Nun, High Priestess

Jupiter, Pomegranates, Pregnancy test

anemic, vitamin B, D, C

Alley, Amazon, Apple, Indeed

Tuesday Morning, Wednesday evening

This week you will need to spend more time with your inner child. You’ve been all seriousness and no smiles for the last three months and now it’s time to let your guard down a bit. A water sign person from your past could be coming back into your life or if you are reaching out to this person then they will respond to you. This may even be someone who was a high school sweetheart or you dated them in your late teens. They haven’t changed much and their mind is still the same, there’s not much interest here from them. Their heart may already belong to another water sign or to someone with who they have a child. Some of you may feel that maybe if you and this person would have had a child together then things could have been different however, the chips fell the way they were supposed to. You may have an interest in music again starting on Thursday and if you used to play an instrument in school then you will feel pulled towards this. Your dreams will be important to your life’s purpose for the next 2 months, so make sure that you write them down as soon as you wake up. Some of you were lucky enough to know exactly what you wanted to do as a kid and although it may be taking a little bit longer than you’d like to admit, your time is almost here. Those of you that are stuck may be too stuck in the mind frame of wanting to go back to a time when you were a child and things were easier. That’s the past and now it’s time to figure out your way forward and make the best out of life right now. Try to get to bed earlier if you can and make sure to turn the tv off because your body isn’t resting as it should be. Almonds will be good for you this week. Those of you that took a fire sign over a water sign and decided to get married may end up having two marriages because in your late 30’s or 40’s a water sign you used to date in 2013 or 2015 will return and this is your life partner. Seems there are two water signs from your past, but it’s the second one that you dated that is the one and they have a water sign girl. If you are back with this person it’s worth sticking it out.

Signifiers this week: Music, dreams, shrooms

bacon, blue, turtle, smoking,

black belt, tan skin, yellow shoes

pacific ocean, California, 777, 444

Fighting over things you thought were resolved back in 2017. Some of you may have an ex that is bothering you again or is it that this person is starting to have feelings for you. You will struggle to get your point across and some of you may even feel there’s a lack of support from your current partner. Your insecurities or your partner’s insecurities may be showing this week because of the attention someone is getting and the other person is feeling left out. Talks about marriage may lead to an argument because someone isn’t ready to make that big commitment. Some of you that may already be married or together could get the harsh truth that someone wasn’t ready to take this step. So now you will be wondering what to do and if this situation can be salvaged. If you are in the middle of getting a divorce, your ex may be having ridiculous demands. This should be a productive week for you if you can fight through the lazy periods. Because your guard may be down or this week may be a bit more emotional, you may be taking a lot of things personally and in the end, they may not be that big of a deal. It seems your fears, for those of you in connections, is that this person will decide to leave or go elsewhere. Well some of you may be pushing this person out the door because of your lack of emotions and now that you feel the end may be near now your emotions may be coming through, but is it too late. It’s okay to be vulnerable if you’re dealing with a Cancer because I see that this person is trying. Try not to act like you don’t care when you really do. Not a good week to collaborate, start a business, or commit to anything because you won’t see it through. Even for those of you that are single, it’s best to not try to get into a relationship this week otherwise, it’ll just be a fling.

Signifiers this week: Leo, teacher, education

spoiled food, sushi, clover, incense

crystals, pole vault, cowboy

ladder, firefighter, ending, 33, 88

Tall, 5'7

The emotions that you have for a water sign will be put to the side starting on Friday. If you are dealing with a Pisces then you may feel that this emotional rollercoaster with this person at this point isn’t worth it. An opportunity that you’ve been waiting to come will reach you by Thursday or Monday however, you will be having a change of heart. What was promised initially isn’t a part of the deal anymore so you will have to go back to the drawing board with the negotiations. The color pink and blue may help you this week so try to incorporate it into your surroundings or in the clothes you wear. You want to care about this person and you want to love them but you can’t understand why they are making it so difficult. So this week you will turn more towards self-care. Some of you haven’t been able to spend a lot of time with your children, so you will be doing that by the weekend, especially if you have girls. A grandmother that has passed on will be visiting you in your dreams or you may see shadows outside the corner of your eye, it’s not a bad thing. Don’t ignore the angels or ancestors that are visiting you during this time. It’s a pretty calm week besides you being inside your thoughts the majority of the time. It’s best to just put these love woes to the side and just focus your time on your career and new projects. If you are wanting to get into the field of writing then your soul is aligned with this, you just have to take your time. Don’t be impulsive this week and allow yourself to feel through your emotions. A sacrifice may have to be made in the next 6 months to move forward toward your dream career. Some of you this sacrifice may be leaving behind a water sign person that won’t stop complaining or they are just too clingy and wouldn’t understand the changes that will be happening to you. You may feel defeated dealing with women during this week, especially if you have to deal with them in business or in your work environment.

Signifiers this week: Robe, Gold, Green, seashells,

cold feet, a thorn in foot, pescatarian

university, lab results, 12th house, 3rd house

stitches, baby

If you have Gemini or Virgo in your chart then there will be an ending coming to your career sector. For some, this ending may have already happened over the last 3-4 weeks. You may be blamed for doing something that you didn’t do or some of you guys may be subjected to gossip that has nothing to do with you, but somehow your name ended up on your boss's desk. If you’ve already experienced this ending you may be having a hard time wrapping your mind around why it happened. You may even feel embarrassed or some of you simply feel pushed out by people that are higher up than you. Migraines or headaches may be blurring your vision this week and some of you should take more breaks from looking at your computer screen or your phone. Others of you should be cautious of some sort of injury that you may have at work however, the company is moving their feet on the workman’s compensation claim that you may have to file. Those of you working in the corporate world will hear news about benefits changing or there is something being dropped by your company because they weren’t able to reach negotiations. If you need to take a break this week then do so and don’t go if you don’t feel right. Injuries to the lower extremity, particularly the ankle, could have you feeling a bit down, but the sun will come out. There are some things that are just out of our control and no matter how organized or particular we are about things, sometimes shit just happens. A Scorpio or water sign friend will be there to help you this week. Some of you should watch your temper if you are confronting someone that betrayed you in the past. Some of you also may find out that the betrayal is from a friend who talked about you behind your back and now people know your business. It’s safe to say that after this week, this person is out of your life because of what they did to you and you’re not wrong. Do not invest this week it will be a bad idea.

Signifiers this week: yellow, purple, Tom, Aubrey

L, C, K, O, China, time, licorice

22, 10, 8, 9, soil

plants, bell peppers, needle, osteoporosis, scoliosis

You are struggling to move on from an ending or you are having difficulty making a decision on if you want to move forward with this situation. Some of you may be having issues with acid reflux or your stomach during this week. It’s probably time to lay off the spicy food. There may be news coming in that may worry you when it comes to inheritances or job security. This news has nothing to do with you but it may be about someone who you’ve grown close to over the last 8 months. Those of you in the medical field may have to deal with an influx of patients or there will be issues with power outages or electricity at the facility. If you have a Scorpio, Gemini, or Virgo mercury, you may be worried about taking the vaccine or some of you are worrying about the health of an elder. You may see a lot of 8’s this week but you will be having a hard time deciphering the messages. The eight's are about new opportunities that you aren't paying attention to. It’s a karmic week for you so make sure that you are not abusing your power or abusing your words or you’ll have to pay for it on the backend. Get involved with an organization if you can or some of you will be invited to join an organization but you may feel there are too many hidden things with the people you have to deal with. It’s likely these are people you’ve dealt with before and you are just worried about being betrayed again. This organization has good leadership and you are protected by someone who is higher up, so don’t skip out on this new opportunity. This period in your life is a test of your inner strength that you didn’t have when you were 18 or 19. And now that you are getting a second chance at something, you are able to do things right this time around. You got this even if you feel like failure and success are too close.

Signifiers this week: Ears, tongue piercing, throat, cough drops

mustard, boxing, earth signs, black and white tv

1952, lights, storm

Your mind isn’t changing even though someone may be trying to reach back out to you for a second chance. This could be a Taurus, Libra, Virgo, Aries or Leo sun, moon or rising. Some of you may already be married or committed and this ex from the past may be trying to convince you to leave your current partner for them. Also, this ex may be married. If you've been waiting on documents to come in so that you can file your taxes then you will get them by Thursday or Saturday of this week. Those of you that haven't filed your taxes and you have what you need should go ahead and get it done before March 5. I'm sensing something about a system malfunction that could be coming soon, so get it done now. If you are in a commitment and not married you will be putting to the side wanting to get married because you will realize that this person's mind isn't changing. Now, for those of you that are single you may feel this week that you are tired of trying to find the one or tired of thinking about marriage and you may decide to just be by yourself for now. Why are you afraid to follow your dreams or why are you telling people what they want to hear right now? If you don't want to do it then you don't want to do it. If you know you're the man or woman for the job then don't change that attitude. Also, don't let anyone rope you into doing something that you already said no to. You can help them out this one time but after that, they need to find someone else. Make a decision to either leave this ex alone forever or to take them back, no more straddling the fence. Your heart isn't with this person but right now you may feel lonely or a partner isn't giving you what you need. You know the right thing to do, but sometimes the right thing can hurt other's feelings.

Signifiers this week: Alimony, tribal, pet, horse

detergent, eagle, 11, 23, 99

arise, taurus, libra, cotton, swab

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