Weekly Horoscopes February 3-9

Please Check your rising sign first and then check your sun/moon

An air sign friend or ex could be making you feel hopeful again about the future. This person could be texting or calling you around the 7th of this week. You will have a surge of energy to try again on a project that you may have decided to leave behind back in December or June of 2020. This project may have something to do with community service, animals, or being of service to children. This may even be something that will require some sort of donations or investors. You may get caught up in the dream world this week and some of you may be lusting after a friend of a friend. It's a good week to try and fix any broken relationships in your friendship group or to right your wrongs if you were a bit nasty with your words. You will find luck through a friend this week who may like strawberries or they may have a red undertone to their skin. This person will be able to forward your resume to someone who can assist with getting a job or some of you may be trying to get a bank loan. This connection with this person will help in this. The more you trust in your inner knowing this week, that's the lighter you will feel. You will be like the truth finder this week and you could be doing some sort of investigative work on a water sign (Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces). This person's mood may have changed over the last few months and you may be feeling that something is up. Don't be surprised if someone cancels on you at the last minute when it comes to dating or someone decides to go through with breaking apart your commitment. This person will likely change their mind again in the next 7 weeks, so it's best this week to not fight it because you'll be wasting your time.

Signifiers this week: Honey, Bi-focals, 8, 15

Capricorn, Sagittarius, Virgo, Dog

Combination Lock, Loading Zone, Mushrooms

You will be missing home this week, rather than be an actual place or this could be a person. It's an emotional week for you as you could come across old pictures of an ex that may push you to reach out to this person. Some of you will be trying again to get in contact with someone even though they still haven't answered you back the first time. You may feel more introverted this week and may decide to do a lot of cooking, baking or just redecorating your space. Re-decorating won't be a bad idea as it will change the energy. Some of you may get irritated with a water sign this week because you feel this person is just thinking about themselves, especially when the topic is about food. You may be at a bit of a crossroads because a partner may not be trying to make an effort to connect with your kids or this could be in reverse. This is a good week to get started on a health routine that you've been putting off for the last six weeks or six months. A pet may have to go to the doctor because they may have swallowed something left behind by a child or a friend. If you have Scorpio or Aries in your sun, moon, rising, or venus, then you may be nesting this week because a baby is coming sooner than you think. For some of you, this will be for a niece or a sibling. There won't be a lot of changes in your work sector this week, but it's also a good time to get back to the basics. Think back on the times where you found joy and passion in what you do. That feeling is still there, but you may have gotten too caught up in the material gains that you've forgotten why you've started.

Signifiers this week: Pacifier, 4, 19, 18,

balcony, puppies, veterinarian, globe

tickets, comic book, George, Greg

Letter H, P, T, O

This week you will find out what's been blocking you. If you've dealt with breathing issues or asthma in the past then it's advised to be extra careful this week in places you don't visit often. You may struggle to get your point across clearly and butt dialing a number is possible closer to the weekend. Make sure that you aren't saying something you may regret. There will be an ending in your career sector this month and that ending may involve promotions or interactions with people in leadership. Some of you may feel disrespected in a way by a leader/boss and this may cause you to walk away suddenly or to put in your two weeks for the end of the month. Issues with technology, power lines, or electricity are likely during this time so make sure that you have flashlights, candles, or a backup generator. If you've confided in someone at your job then you will realize that this person is the one that is telling your secrets to other coworkers. This is a week where it's better to just trust yourself instead of putting all your trust into other people. You may be missing an elder that is no longer here with you and you just long to have a conversation with them one more time. Issues revolving around conceiving or someone doesn't really want a family at this point. You may notice a popping noise when it comes to your joints, specifically your left knee, or this could extend to your lower back. A mountain that you're trying to climb right now is just way too high and it doesn't mean that you are a quitter if you decide to let this go so that you don't have to struggle. Some of you are still trying to recover your image from some sort of scrutiny based on your job or based on some sort of tumultuous relationship.

Signifiers this week: Cough, Nasal, Optometrist,

Life path 1, Virgo, Cancer, Aries

Broken Window, Pencil, Stitches

Hot water, 2/8

Gifts, money, or loans will be coming to you by the end of the week. This will be a very light week when it pertains to your pockets and your bank account. A friend will be interested in starting some sort of project with you or don't be afraid to tell people around you about some sort of business you want to start. They could be beneficial in helping you get the funding that you need to get this off the ground. Some of you may be seriously thinking about going to a culinary arts school or a school that deals with painting, drawing, or photography. A magazine is coming up, so this could be something new that you want to start or some of you could be getting some sort of feature for a magazine. A magazine may even have clues or hints in there on what your life purpose is. Unplug from your phone for a bit this week and it will help to clear some of the confusion that you have around what path you are supposed to take. If you want to take some time off or some time to yourself then the door is open for you to do that this week. If you are dealing with a Taurus or libra then this person could be gifting you something very sentimental. A friend that you've been flirting on and off with for the last three to six months or years may be trying to tell you how they feel about you. If you want to date this person then this universe isn't opposing this. Do something nice for a friend or a family member this week to help raise your vibration and some of you need to deep clean your kitchen. If you have been struggling to find a job then you will gain some ground around the 6th or 8th of this week, so keep submitting those applications or resumes. If you're already in a job, then there's no sense in looking for changes this week. You will still continue in this job for another 4 months or more. Likely, your life purpose is one where you are in public service, hospitality, teaching, healing, or jobs dealing with the earth.

Signifiers this week: $600, eraser, Daisies

Blue Jay, Piano, Builder, Real estate,

Eggs, Thomas, Letter R, V, B

Touch Screen, Contract

Feeling a bit lost on this path or on this journey. A friend that you thought was in your life for forever could be detaching themselves even more from you. Don't spend money that you don't have during this week because money may be a little low. It may be best to stop avoiding the phone calls of some sort of debt that you owe back and try to set up some sort of payment plan. If you are needing help during this time, it's best to not try to ask the public for it and maybe ask a friend or even a sister. Make sure that you aren't one-track-minded this week because you could lock your keys in your car or even leave your phone in your bathroom. Some of you are still trying to cope through a breakup with an earth sign or this week you are feeling that you are ready to go in a different direction because you don't feel this person supports you. You will have immense cravings this week and a lot of this has to do with you trying to eat your emotions or some may not eat much at all. Try to find a happy medium during this time. Someone could feel rejected during this week in the bedroom and it seems someone isn't turned on unless their money is in a good place. And because of this, someone may turn to the thought that the other person is sneaking off towards a third party. Don't assume when you can just communicate. Communication issues with the parent of your child if you both are separated from one another. There may be a decline letter coming for those of you that are trying to get into the field of law, art, or any Venusian career, but it doesn't mean you can't apply somewhere else. Don't let an ex confuse you this week and that could be why they are coming back around. However, some of you want to do the right thing and get your family back together, even if you aren't really in love with this person. You may have to hurt someone's feeling this week and let them know that this can't go past a friendship.

Signifiers this week: Whiskey, Brown, Yellow,

Cooking, Chef, Professor, Divorce, Legal Separation,

Letter O, K, One-word reply, Light Bulb

Snow, Aquarius, Capricorn, Virgo, Taurus

Your patience could be tested this week when it comes to school, writing, or siblings. It is a good week to perfect your skills, so you may decide to buy certain tools to help you in these areas. Some of you may feel ganged upon in your career this week and you will feel that no matter what you do it seems people forget that you're human as well. A good week to collaborate with a friend or even a colleague on a project that will do well for you. If you are wanting to have a short getaway, then things will go in your favor during this time. If you haven't had a vacation or time off in the last since summer of 2020, then take the opportunity to take a step back from work. Ex wants to get back in bed with you and they could be posing it as them wanting to cuddle; this decision is up to you. For those of you that have been postponing finding a new place to live, you could find the right house or apartment that you've been looking for by Thursday. If you've been postponing signing a lease, then a landlord could be pressuring you before this week is over. It's also a week where you will find yourself more interested in reading books and studying as opposed to watching tv. Your siblings may be calling you or a friend, to hang out this week. You should go instead of pushing this invitation off to the side. Another earth sign person may have a God-like complex about them this week and you may be seeing a side of this person that you are not liking. May be time to take a step back and make sure that you can accept this person for how they truly are. As the days go on, it seems you will slowly start to see the mask slip away off this person's face.

Signifiers this week: Jordan, Turkey, Visa/Passport

20, 24, 28, Daughter, red hair, brown eyes

khaki, gold, savings account

replay, basketball, needle, purple

Your focus will be on your family this week and your future. There is someone from work who you may have your eyes on or you are backtracking towards someone who you went to school with. This may have been your first love or this is someone that you've had a hard time getting over. Your motto may be that what has worked in the past can work in the future. That will only work for so long in this particular instance. Now things are different and you and this person both have your own baggage now that you didn't have before. You may not hear much from this person during this week but they may decide to wait until mid-February to have a conversation about what's next. In the end, it may be better for you both to stick with friends until you can know for sure that this is what you want. This may be a backstep into the past for someone because they are having a hard time emotionally letting go of a recent ending. So you both may be finding comfort in one another during this time. An offer of starting a business with a family member or taking over one will be on the table come to the end of March. If you are working in a company then benefits could be changing that will benefit you in the long run. Right now things are on the comfortable side when it comes to your career and looking for changes just wouldn't be the smartest idea. We will take a look next week and see if it makes more sense then. Now for those of you that are looking for employment, you may have to lean on a family member during this time or for another 4 weeks. Dealing with inheritances if you've had a spouse or parent pass away recently. Now is not the time to buy a new home, try to fix up your current one. You will be able to buy a house once 2023 hits.

Signifiers this week: Family Tree, Ancestry, Jokes

11, 10, 22, Saturn, Venus, College Sweetheart

Life Path 3, 4, 7, Crow, Squirrel

River, Apples

You may be dealing with migraines this week after having an argument with an air sign or another water sign. You may feel trapped in a relationship or in a job situation that you haven't been happy in for a long time. If you have decided to go your separate ways from someone, this person may be holding your things hostage or at least you think so. This week you may be dealing with taxes or with old debts tied to medical bills or tied to an ex partnership. Some of you may be having difficulties when it comes to your car or this may be happening for someone that you're dealing with. A partner may be being secretive about their financial situation and they may have more money than what they are leading you to believe. So some of you may feel that someone is just watching you struggle when they don't have to. You are ready for changes and something different to come into your life, but you're afraid to move from the position that you're in. An opportunity could present itself this week and it involves working in the field of finance, film, tv, research, or law. However, you may be assuming that you're not qualified enough for this position, but you actually are; so give it a chance. If you're dealing with a Gemini or were dealing with a heavy air sign person, then you will be feeling that they've left you out to dry with nothing and you are having a hard time not spewing hate from your ears because of this. It will all be fine once you realize that what has happened was outside of your control. Learn to let go this week and find the balance so that better things can come into your life. If someone is detrimental to your mental health, it may be time to give them the ax.

Signifiers this week: Lonely, Whispers, Willow Tree

Parents, Brother, Sluggish, Ear Ache

Acid Reflux, Food Allergies, Necklace

Jr., Weight, 88, 54, Student Loans

A plan or something new that you have committed to will bear great fruits in the future. A water sign will be wooing you back into your life this week if they haven't been the nicest person in the last 2 months. Some of you have been waiting to reconcile with a water sign person and this could be the week that you get this chance. You still are a bit skeptical about this relationship lasting because this person may be immature or they avoid the tough conversations. But you feel that these flaws aren't so bad that you can't look past them. If you are wanting to creatively write, paint, draw or sing then you will have success with that starting from this week into the first week of March. If you are wanting to buy someone something nice to let them know that you are thinking about them, this could work wonders in getting a connection back on the right track. You also may want to spend money on your appearance or do something different with your appearance by the weekend. Staying in and watching a movie could be good for you instead of trying to be so extroverted all the time. You will appreciate the value of home, family, and friends this week. Some of you could even get a proposal from this person who is coming back in from the past. It's a light-hearted week as long as you keep your overflowing emotions in check. A trip is highlighted for those of you that are trying to make things work with a water sign. If you're dealing with an air sign then you may feel this person has ulterior motives because they are being way too much, so in the end, you may reject this person because you will feel that you are unable to trust them. Watch out for someone stealing your work or someone coming to you saying that you've copyrighted theirs.

Signifiers this week: Classical Music, Paintbrush, singing

Moon, Proposal, Bigger Home, Camping

Flowers, pearls, earrings

Guitar, 55, 41, 40, tv

This week is all about asking yourself if you're willing to put 100% into this journey without quitting in the middle of it. You may be dealing with a Libra or Aquarius and you are trying to figure out how to balance this whole relationship out. One minute they want you and the next minute they are being silent or detached. It's becoming more confusing. Some of you are confused about if you should move forward with a divorce or continue to stay separated from someone who you left behind back in November 2020. The best thing to do is to just wait. Likely if you make a decision this week, you will end up changing your mind closer toward Valentine's Day or by February 21st. This week you are in the driver's seat if you are having to make a choice between two people. For now, these two individuals will wait on you to make the decision before they do something else. If you are waiting on court cases or court situations to be resolved then you will have to wait because this week things will be delayed because they are backed up or the offices will be closed. This will be an emotional week and even sad movies or sad music could make you feel more down than usual. So make sure that you listen to music or watch things that will keep your vibration raised. You can't use the excuse, "I didn't know,' or "I didn't see it," for forever. Eventually, you're going to have to remove the blindfold and accept things for what they are. Some of you are still spewing over an ending that happened with a friend or because you had to leave a career behind. It's time to start a new life and focus on a new chapter. If you are committed to this new beginning or this new opportunity then you have to be aware that you are building from the ground up. No shortcuts this time. Because this career or whatever this new dream of yours is achievable as long as your willing to work for at least the next 11 months straight, with no quitting in between.

Signifiers this week: Lawyer, Sun, Happy

Land, Violin, Sunglasses, Beach

00, 444, 777, Doctor

Child, Pregnancy (metaphysical, not physical)


You will be commanding the rooms that you walk in. Some of you will end up meeting a very charismatic fire sign person through a brother, father, or through your job. It will be hard for you to take your eyes off this person and they also may have dreamy eyes. If you have a business then it will be doing good this week as that positive energy will be shining through. Even though love will be in excess this week you also have to make sure this person isn't committed elsewhere. Some of you may find out that this is committed to someone but you may have an attitude that you don't care. You could be deciding to get some new tech gadgets this week and some of you could be cashing in on the stock market by the end of the week ($GME to the moon!). If you are already committed to someone this week you and your partner will be focusing on putting the fun back in the relationship. You may be in the building mood during this time as well and you may find yourself being very arts and crafts. For those of you that are single, even with new prospects, your hurt still seems to be locked down to someone you miss. This could be a Leo, Cancer, Pisces, Virgo, or Aquarius. The color red, grey, blue, or green will be of importance to you this week when it comes to your career or money. If you've been apart from your father, then you and he could be scheduling some time in the future to meet up or this could be your mother. Explore different cultures this week by studying them on the internet or watching documentaries. A lot of you could be really interested in the Egyptian culture or Roman Gods and Goddesses. Don't close yourself off all the time to people that are trying to get to know you. How will people see the great person you are if you are like a brick wall. The world wants to see the real you and you have to stop hiding behind your fake smile or your shield.

Signifiers this week: Ex, Gold, Accessories, 5

freedom, loans, treasure,

bees, turtles, black, purple,

tablet, phone, heart problems

You are still hanging on to some sort of secret or you are hanging on to someone that abandoned you a few months ago. You will be coming through your finances with a fine-tooth comb because you may feel that some money is missing. It's time to cut out unnecessary expenses so that you can save up some money to move or to buy a house. A contract or a new opportunity will be on your mind for the next four weeks. You want to go for something but you are afraid to be told no or what you want to go for may require you to pay out some money first. So you will be sitting down wondering if it's worth the investment right now. Some of you have been investing in something for the last four years and have yet to see any returns, so this week you may strongly consider letting it go or sell it. You're having a hard time fully opening up to someone because you're afraid they'll take off with your heart again as the last person did. The family will be wanting to spend time with you this week but you may decline this invitation because they may owe you money or you just don't want to be asked to borrow anything. Spending all your time to yourself is turning you into a hermit. You may think about returning back to someone from your past because you don't want to be alone and they are offering to do things better. If you are dealing with someone then you may feel this person is being too codependent on you to be the responsible one and you need more from them. Right now doesn't seem like a good time for love because you're not ready emotionally. Good news will be coming in on your work front and this could be being recognized or being considered for a new job in a new city. Some of you may decide to keep your place even though you may be moving in with a lover in the next 4 months. Something about this connection makes you unsure if this will even make it in the long run. Some of you are afraid that a partner hadn't fully moved on from their past before you guys got together and you may feel that's the reason why they are pulling away. Vacation or travel is highlighted by the end of this week. Learn to have fun and not be so serious all the time. Some of you will benefit greatly from a partnership where the other person is very light-hearted because you struggle to be free.

Signifiers this week: Car, Train, Bus, Tech Company

Eric, David, Letter J, C, I, L

999, 111, 5811, peaches, legos

cash, savings account, a medical doctor

chef, director

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