Weekly Horoscopes Jan 13-19: The Stripping of the Ego

Overall energy: unexpected changes. Showing strength during times of adversity. It’s gonna rain. The resistance of change brings about anger and health issues. The battle isn’t always yours to fight

Aries: you could be dealing with an Aquarius, Leo, or Sagittarius person. You may be having a hard time forgiving someone who sought you out to take something back from you that was a gift from them. Or you are having a hard time letting go of trauma attached to a baby or for some, a divorce. You miss someone that you feel used to be your guiding light. This person may have passed on physically or you may have had to separate yourself from them because of some sort of life change. If you’re in a relationship or interested in someone who is an air sign, you may be thinking about telling this person that things are over. Time may be feeling as if it’s slipping through your fingers between Wednesday and Sunday of this week. There still may be hope in a situation, but it seems that what needs to be repaired is your heart. If you can’t trust this person don’t force your heart to agree with you; it won’t work. Those of you that have been hiding in your dungeon since late last year will be feeling a little lighter on your feet before the week is over. You may be feeling that you won’t be able to forgive someone, but you will. Someone could be reaching a mile stone in AA (alcoholic anonymous) or you may be helping someone on a journey to heal from an addition. Feeling the puppy blues. If you’re up for the responsibility then get one. Or a turtle for some of you is your spirit animal, so it may be best to get that.

Signifiers this week:

Life path 5, 7, 2

Color Green, Yellow, Purple

Eggs, Toast, Breakfast

Turtle dove


Letters K, P, S, W

Taurus: you will be idealistic this week. You may be scolding someone because they aren’t on the same page as you or their values are much different than yours and you’re trying to figure out how you both can move forward. Things revolving around taxes, the public, entertainment, children and your hobbies will be significant this week. Some of you may feel like you want to go bowling. You may feel that you’ve found a treasure chest of some sort this week. You may find old photos or even clothes that remind you of a father or grandfather that you lost back in 2015 or all the way back to 2005. You won’t get much change from someone you’ve decided to love on. They are set in their ways and so are you. Counseling may be suggested this week for those of you dealing with marriage or relationship issues with a fixed sign (Taurus Leo Scorpio Aquarius), and this person will turn you down on this. Something about your lights will bother you during this time. You may find them flickering off and on or some of you are ignoring the light from your angels. You’re never stuck in the space that you’re in. The door is always open for you to leave but don’t use codependency as an excuse. Some of you this week want people to bow down to your will and accept the fact that you’re right while you completely disregard their feelings. This is what will keep you in the same place for the next 5-10 years. If you are blessed then bless others. Read a book, start a diy project or color. Remember when it used to be okay for you to color outside the lines in school. That’s when your imagination really soared. Find that inner child feeling again. Don’t be as stiff as a door knob.

Signifiers this week:

A lion, A heart, Towel

Dent, 35, 5, 57, Yellow, Canary

Letters M, V

Dresser, Funeral

Gemini: you will be demanding attention this week. This could be from a fire sign person who you feel has just wanted to stay as friends with benefits. You’re wanting to go after what you want and you want them, but do they want you in the same way. You may get caught daydreaming your magic wand this week and you may miss important things that you need to pay attention to. You will be easily triggered this week and some of you will get jealous because of someone that has their eyes on someone who you feel is yours. An aunt may be coming to you in your dreams if she has already passed on. Some of you may be taking some sort of test this week. I’m picking up the fields of engineering, mechanical engineering to be exact. Cats may be finding their way cross your path this week. Some of you may be feeling the want to indulge in spells so that you can bring your manifestations into reality quicker. Towards the end of the week you will lighten up a bit and be more focused on laughing and joking instead of trying to force something to work that is out of your control. Control the resting bitch face will yeah, people can tell. Some of you will work on a business plan by the end of the week. Your long term goal could be to be an entrepreneur, but first you have to learn how to take direction from other people.

Signifiers this week:

Orange, Green, Palm Trees

Ray Bans, Aviators, Florida

Caves, 1952, 1812,

2 dollar bill, Clementine

Cancer: your first week of transformation is here. In order for things to be different certain changes have to take place. If you’re dealing with a Scorpio or Taurus, you may be deciding to leave this relationship behind. Or for those of you that spent six months separated from this person and have reconciled, will be noticing that your connection is moving in a different direction. You may be being a bit cold towards people this week. A big part of this is because you’re not sure how to handle these changes that are taking place. Don’t get caught up trying to blame others for the things that aren’t going right in your life. Rest, accountability and recharge are the three words that I’m hearing for you this week. This ending that is happening shouldn’t be a shock to you as you may have had a dream about this during Scorpio or Virgo season last year. Some of you are leaving your old life behind that was nothing but solitude and tears. The changes in your life this week will be a reflection of how you truly see and value yourself. Nothing is for certain and you may be realizing that during this time. Your idea of a perfect family, will be shifting this week. Home renovations are likely during this time, even if you weren’t planning on this to happen. Fights with family members or friends who have scorpio or Aries placements in their sun, moon, rising or north node

Signifiers this week:

Retail, therapy, strong

Titanium, mercury, 2

Dust, crops, figure 8, money

Scottish, bagel, fresh toast, 3 lovers

Leo: you will be focusing on your education this week or finding a new job. A lot of spending time on the internet for you, especially late at night. You may be having difficulties sleeping due to stress about an unborn baby or a financial matter. News that you’ve been waiting to receive will be coming through around the 17th of this week. You may be eating a lot of cauliflower or this vegetable could be important to unblocking a chakra. It may be time to work on your speech or communication or you may have to seek out these services for a child. Some of you are dealing with a disabled child who may be going backwards after making some progress. A young child may have astigmatism that may require glasses earlier than expected. You’ve learned your lesson in regards to a Capricorn or Aquarius and you just want to accept what is so that you can move on. You may notice as soon as you lack belief, you will notice that numbers on the clock start to move backwards. A sibling could be coming to you for money or some of you may be trying to sort out the estate of someone that has passed on. Those of you that want to be a writer, have to be more organized. The way you communicate to others may have to change from being so harsh. People may be straying away from you because they feel you don’t understand or you lack empathy toward what they’re going through. If you feel like sewing, then sew. You may not be as optimistic about life this week as reality starts to set in. But it doesn’t mean it can’t be achieved, it just won’t be achieve in the way you’re used to do it. You also may decide to delete a social media account or all of them. You may see this as a distraction

Signifiers this week:

22, 25, 28, 35

Money on your mind, braces, chastity,

Willow tree, cauliflower, monkeys

Life path 1,8

Married too soon

Virgo: health for you this week will be your focus and it will be good. Be sure to not indulge into comfort food when you are feeling lonely. You may be preparing for a baby for those of you that are pregnant or you will be cleaning out the closets if your children or yours. You need time to think over some sort of offer that was given to you in early January or December. Some of you may be feeling that your mother is ignoring you because she’s found a new life or she is just busy. Competition between sisters could be happening. A child may be fighting for your affection but you may be taking this as this child is acting out. You may feel a bit lazy or nostalgic towards the end of the week. Only wanting to lay with the dogs or if you don’t have a pet, you could seriously be thinking of getting one. You may have a selfish allergy or you could find out you have one by the end of this week or by June 5th. You won’t want to be alone during this time and for those of you that are single, you could decide to sleep back with an ex you have a child with. Or some of you may give someone a chance that you’re not truly interested in but you just don’t want to be alone right now. An elder may need some sort of medical care and they could be coming to you for help on this. A Libra, Cancer, Sagittarius, Scorpio could be on your mind. Cranberry juice for the cramps or to help keep things regulated. Some of you could be getting into cannabis more heavily this week for a medical condition or this is for someone that is in your energy

Signifiers this week:

Backdoor, Ellis, Hughes

Barrels of Hay, Chocolate, Coffee

77, 54, 39, Ex, Scrubs, Tylenol, Puppy

Life path 4, earlobes

Libra: the answer you weren’t expecting to get will be a no this week. Rejections could be coming your way when it pertains to a Gemini or Sagittarius. You may cry because of the fear associated with the dark. Some of you have been afraid of the dark since you were a child. Insomnia for the past 5 weeks is now starting to cause pins in your back or stress is sitting in your shoulders. A cantaloupe needs to be incorporated into your diet at some point within the next 9 months. You may be hard of hearing this week or you are just pretending that no one is talking to you. The care-free attitude that you’ve had for some time could be dwindling away due to some sort of problem that needs to be addressed. Headaches and migraines are just due to stress. A rejection beee means an approval somewhere else. Not a good week to apply for any loans as it won’t go in your favor. You are being protected and watched over by friends around you. Turn to them to vent and they will have the right advice for you. Something about a relationship or your purpose isn’t working out for you. Go back and retrace your steps. There’s something you forgot to pay attention to. This clarity will lead you in the right direction by May. Everything isn’t what it seems on the surface, look past what your eyes can only see. You will have trouble getting your point across. You may have changed up the way you do things or you may be trying a different approach when it comes of dealing with people. Give it time, propel will come around and be more accepting. You made the right decision to change.

Signifiers this week:

Clams, Fingers, Aspirin

Roses, Poinsettia, Loft, Carriage

Black Horse, White Owl, Bat

Rosacea, Red, Pink, Green

3, 7, 10 Life Path 1,9

October, February, June

Scorpio: leaving behind what’s old and heading in a new direction. This week you could be really interested in technology. Could think about buying a camera or a new cellphone. It is time for an upgrade so you may not have to come off much money for this. This week you will be thinking about investments as you prepare for some sort of change by the end of the month. Don’t invest it all in one place. You have to see the type of returns you’re going to get first. You may be dealing with an Aquarius or Aries and this situation may be one that you’re not looking to be too serious with. There could be strife on the love front because someone is wanting you to change or some of you are in a pickle because someone wants you to relocate to be closer to them. Make sure the bridge is sturdy before you cross it. Something has been built on a faulty ground and you can expect it to become more shakier during this year. You are stepping into the unknown in a situation and using your faith to get you through. Once you jump it will be hard to change directions for a while so make sure you’re sure about this. Some of you may be about to jump into a Union and this could be very uncomfortable for you, especially if you’ve came from a family that was unstable in love. You could be donating some things to charity this week or you will just want to help out where you can. Even though changes are unexpected, it doesn’t always mean it’s a bad thing.

Signifiers this week:

Faith, gluttony, Tree, karma

Kangaroo, flowers, wedding, white

Life Path 3, 7, 9 Taurus, Libra

Gold, Petal, Lyrics, Rolling Stones

Sagittarius: peace be still. You are in waiting at the moment from an answer on if you’re intuition was correct when it came to accusing someone of doing something against you or behind your back. You have no problem waiting for the answer, as long as you get it. Don’t expect much movement this week. Things will continue on as they are. If someone is stressing you out, then this person will continue to do this. Some of you may have to isolate yourself because of the pandemic or you could be hearing from someone this week that informs you that you have to isolate. Some of you may be feeling that you are going crazy or that you are losing your mind for continuing to stay in a situation that everyone wants you to leave behind. You may be having issues growing things during this time such as your hair or nails. Those of you that work in healthcare could be thinking of changing your career to something else that is less stressful. A sibling may be keeping a secret from you or if you are living with family then make sure that they aren’t hanging on to some sort of mail of yours. A Pisces, Virgo, Or Taurus could be in your energy during this week. Things are on hold right now but it doesn’t mean that the universe has forgotten about you. Right now you are needing to appreciate where you’re at right now. An ex or someone that you were romantically involved with may be making you worry because of the way they are handling a breakup. Anxiety may be high on Wednesday. Don’t make any financial decisions this week unless you have to

Signifiers this week:

Escrow, Love, Lawyer, Tiny

Yellow vegetables, Tacos, Chamomile Tea

Taylor, Greg, E, P, J

Twins, Dictionary, 99, 00, 15

Devil Card, Chariot

Capricorn: Something won’t turn out the way you would have hoped. This could be something that you’ve been banking on or expecting since the month of March, July, or November of last year. An ex may not be answering your phone calls anymore. Especially if you dealt with a Scorpio, Virgo, Or Pisces person. You may be too focused this week on what you lost or how you were told no, that you’re not looking at the bigger picture. There still is hope in a situation, but it may be less money or less recognition attached to this outcome. You may be feeling that someone has let you down and you don’t know how to trust them again. Some of you may be dealing with court cases or court situations when it pertains to children and things will still be up in the air. You may have spent a period of time on top of your game, but now you have to see things in a different light in order to rise up again. By the end of the week you could be having a conversation with someone about how they haven’t changed and you are thinking about moving on. They will still be acting unbothered. Best course of action here is to just act instead of constantly speaking about what you’re going to do. A silver bracelet may be of significance to you. Some of you may feel regret over letting someone go without giving it a chance. But now you may be dealing with someone that you’ve given too many chances to. Luck won’t be on your side this week or there is a lack of luck in a career that you expect to bring great reward. Wait until the end of the month to make any sort of decisions.

Signifiers this week:

Goldfish, Turquoise, Lemon

Olive oil, cherry, canteen, Army reserve

Popsicle, honey, 777, 881, year 1152

Oracle cards, Star, Hanged Man

Aquarius: distancing yourself from the ground this week. You may not even want to be bothered with people at all. A Pisces may be having serious control issues with you. You may caught up in a web of lies or confusion by the end of the week. Which way is the right way or which path is the right path. You may be having issues with your eyesight while you are driving at night. Take a step back from your phone or computer screen. You may be having difficulty digesting certain foods or some of you won’t be hungry much at all. Your either dieting or some of you are going through a breakup and you don’t know how to cope. You want to find what makes you happy but at this point in life you’re not so sure. Some of you will take a break from social media for the next two months. Some of you may decide to use your silence as a way to see if someone is noticing you being more distant. You are heading toward a spiritual journey so you may distance yourself from mainstream and from money. Cravings for anything sweet and particularly ice cream by the end of the week. This hold you had on someone from your past is about to end, starting as early as this week. Journalism would be a good career for some of you. Your karma in this lifetime is dealing with other peoples money or spending your money wisely. Don’t give your money away to make friends.

Signifiers this week:

Captain, Whiskey, Telephone,

Blueberry, Cherry, Saxophone, running water

Ice, Glass, 4, 12, 13, Bread, Gluten

Initials R, November, Tuesday, jump

Pisces: finding balance in your communication during this week. Meetings could be taking place with your managers or people in HR. You will try again to have a conversation with a Virgo, Sagittarius or Capricorn person. Take things in moderation and try not to overwhelm yourself. You are blossoming during this week and you will be taking a more mature approach when it comes to your family. Specifically I’m picking up a mother or grandmother figure that you may be finding balance with. You will be thinking about higher education and some of you could be going back to school to finish your degree, to get your masters or doctorate. Some of you could be finding new employment in a medical company. You will have one foot in reality and one foot in the real world this week. You will be getting messages through your dream about a hobby, a child, or something that will happen in 5 years time. Write down everything that you see if you can remember it. Some of you need to address the issue with low iron and it may be best to take a fish oil vitamin. Some of you may be thinking about getting a tattoo. Others of you will be leaving behind an aspect of spirituality soon because your journey has almost come to an end. It’s okay to let go once you grow. Spend some time on self-care. You have the money to do so and you should stop putting it off. The universe only takes care of you if you take care of yourself

Signifiers this week:

Reiki, massage, tiger, acne

Tomatoes, ladybug, mirror

Cat, 11, 03, September, Seasonal

Steak, Children


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