Weekly Horoscopes Jan 19-25

There will be a lot of messages and phone calls coming through this week. Most of these may be from family members or friends and you may find yourself in some sort of mediator role. You are looking for direction in your life right now. You are wanting to head toward a different path, one that you’ve been thinking about since June of 2020 or since November. There may be an overflow of emotions for someone new that could be entering your life late at night close to Wednesday or Thursday of this week. You may find yourself looking for more attention this week because you’re feeling ignored or someone just doesn’t have as much time for your connection as they used to. If you choose a different path this week, it’s likely you’ll change your mind within the next 3-4 weeks. The energy here is more so just for fun instead of trying to make concrete decisions. Look for direction but don’t fully commit to anything. Right now you may just be chasing after the thrill or fantasy of a situation.

Signifiers this week: Sagittarius Virgo, 12, tacos, chandelier, lights, November

June, august

Life path 7, 12/17, 1212, climate

Some of you could be calling in sick during this week when it pertains to your job. You will be likely focusing on new things that you want to manifest into your life. You could decide to go the route of writing down your manifestations. Your dreams may seem a little weird, but pay attention to them anyway because your ancestors will let you know which career path to take. You may be catching more feelings for an air sign person or some of you have decided to wait it out for someone to come back in because you realize you love them. This is the week for crazy ideas, but these crazy ideas can turn into something lucrative in the future. You’re already on the right path, but you keep second guessing yourself at every turn. You may feel drawn to the subject of Indians, native Americans, the god of war, or philosophy. Don’t chow down on so much cake because some of you will have a craving for it majority of the week. Make sure you pay attention to your molars. Use the element of fire to help increase your manifesting power if you have Venus in your third house or if you have a fire sign Venus or mercury. Not a bad week to buy new technology if you need to. You don’t have to hover or be so protective over this romantic connection. If they’re interested they’ll meet you halfway. Don’t treat them like a child because some of you are doing this subconsciously.

Signifiers this week: dominatrix, Apple products, tablet, bread, butter,

stain glass window, outcast

Jungle, 54, 711, camera,

shy, bear, finances, sage

Victory on the work front. You may have been worried about finishing some sort of project or assignment that was given to you last week or over the last 6 weeks. You will be able to get this done. You will be getting some sort of appreciation or recognition via your front office or from a peer in the company you work for. Some of you will be feeling quite ambitious about entrepreneurship this week and you may decide to throw all the chips in and give it a chance. Make sure that you’re not letting your ego speak for you because if you are this is just a false start. If you’ve been dealing with a Leo or Virgo and you’ve been having issues since spring last year or may, then you and this person will have a conversation. You will give in to this person because you realize that they’re ego just won’t let them accept defeat, So another chance is on the table with this fire sign person. This may even be someone that you work with and you’ve had a crush on them for a while. The color red will bring balance In to you this week or you may need to use this color to help with your stomach issues. You will be crushing your career goals or career this week. Some of you will be coming in Union with someone and they will be asking you out on a date or they are offering you a commitment. There may be someone around you who you feel has a voice that sounds like nails on a chalkboard. So be careful because you may say something quite mean out of irritation. If you are looking for new love, this is the week to put in more effort. All eyes could be on you

Signifiers this week: Netflix, movies, fruit

Purple, Green, Black, Red, ankles

Bracelet, smoke, fairies, cancer

1982, 1954, 1, pizza


This week you will be digging more into your creativity. Some of you may find out that you need to get glasses because your vision is beginning to get more blurrier. You may decide to offer forgiveness to another water sign person that you used to date or you tried to be committed to. Try not to repeatedly apologize if you are making a mistake this week. They aren’t holding it against you so there’s no sense in constantly saying it over and over again. Those of you that are artists or painters specifically, then you will be finding new inspiration from nature or the water. Your emotions will be a lot more balanced this week than they have been in the last 5 months. Some of you should be careful dealing with a razor because you may get some sort of cut. You are strong and getting stronger as time passes. Stop looking around to get confirmation if you’re doing the right thing because you are. You may over do it a bit on telling someone how you feel out of hopes that they will feel the same. Those of you that are still feeling a little empty since you broke up with someone will be changing your hairstyle, clothes or something about your physical appearance. It will be good for you because you will end up meeting someone new who is also another water sign or this is an earth sign. An increase in abundance between the 15th-18th and a new project that you start this week is a good idea.

Signifiers this week: Initials J, M, C, D, Q

Quinoa, apples, Taylor, plums,

Socks, Eggs, Burgundy

9, 10, 12, bills, credit card

You will be looked upon to be the leader in a situation this week. You may be interested in the field of technology or cryptocurrency this week. Finances will be looking good as some sort of returns on an investment could be coming in. Speaking of investments, you may be applying for a loan or someone could be coming to you to borrow some money. You will agree to do this. This week someone may be bribing you with gifts to get you back in their good graces and it could be an earth sign (Taurus Virgo Capricorn). Be mindful of your control issues or trying to take over because you feel someone isn’t doing the job how you would do it. You may be having cramps on the left side or there could be issues with the back of your throat. Some of you may be dealing with a cold air sign person that has detached themselves from you, so you will decide to just mind your business for now. The symbol of a cockatoo or some sort of exotic bird could be of importance to you this week. Apply for that leadership role if you feel drawn to and some of you may even be thinking about buying a house. Mortgage officer, broker, financial analyst could be careers that some of you will go into by the year 2024. An earth sign brings stability even though emotionally you or them may not be all into the other person. But for you, at least it’s safe

Signifiers this week: jump rope, hula-hoop, carriage, white, yellow

Owl, Turtle, 1592, Ohio, Orange County,

Winter, Left Foot, Torn Paper

Camomile, Cypress tree

The same old argument, just a different day. An Aquarius or Libra could be giving you some sort of headache this week because they want to talk about an issue you thought was resolved. You may be pushing people away this week that you feel can’t be trusted or some of you are so consumed with being right that you’re having issues accepting others opinions. Don’t bite your nails out of frustration or do some other bad habit because you’re having anxiety. You may be on the defense this week when it comes to the Internet. It may be best that you stay out of Internet beef or don’t comment on a situation that has nothing to do with you or be prepared to face extreme backlash. By the end of the week you may feel that someone is playing mind games with you on taking this relationship public. This week your attitude may be more of a kill or be killed one and you have no plans of backing down, but sometimes the battle is worth losing. There may be a message of defeat coming through, and you may feel a father or another fire sign person is adding fuel to the fire by trying to rub something in your face. This week the lesson is to learn how to have your own back. Use your intellect, not your anger to resolve a situation. You may be afraid to fail or afraid that people just don’t like you anymore. It’s all in your head

Signifiers this week: totem, waste basket, cloak,

Night light, tennis, train

Stopwatch, Barbara, Joel, Initial H or T

Challenge, envelope

You will be quite passionate about business or a new beginning this week. You’re interested in a fire sign friend of yours that may have just recently became single. However, this person is either moving slow like a turtle or they are just interested in a friends with benefits situation. You are feeling antsy when it comes to your career and you are ready to be your own boss or work in a company that gives you more freedom. You could be focusing a lot on your smile this week and you may be making an appointment to the dentist. Don’t jump to conclusions this week without getting the facts first. You may overhear a conversation that mentions your name but it’s not what you think. Some of you could be having a lot of sex this week and be careful because fertility is quite high. Careful of broken glass or stepping on anything that is broken. Some of you need to do a deep clean of your house or you may need to sage. Your nose will be quite sensitive to smells and for those of you that have allergies, you could be having an episode before the week is over. You maybe haven’t did any sort of self care in a well and you will have the money to do so this week so don’t make an excuse to not to.

Signifiers this week: Sagittarius, Libra, entrepreneur, ghost

Wind chill, Toxic masculinity

Rabbit, stone, Initial J, R, M, I, E

20, 25, Mars, helium

Fast moving messages and a lot of communication. Important documents need to be signed or they are coming in through the mail and need to be reviewed. There could be some sort of celebration or an invitation to one that will be taking place by April. You will want to be more open with another Scorpio, Taurus, or Sagittarius person. A message brings change and this message is something that you can smile about. You may find that people just want to help or even want to give you money this week. You may start to wonder what have you done to get these things but don’t start questioning it before it gets taken away. Recovering from some sort of illness or this may have something to do with a family member that possibly has been in ICU. Your feet may be hurting by the end of the week and it may have something to do with your arch. Getting new clothes or some of you are going as far as wanting to design your own clothing. There may be fights in the family unit over inheritances or property. Some of you could be going to look at some properties if you are interested in buying a house. Counseling or seeking out a counselor could be happening around the 20th or 22nd. Don’t overdo it with the caffeine or the coffee. And it would be beneficial for some of you with Taurus, Aries, Gemini or Aquarius placements to start on some sort of controlled diet.

Signifiers this week: sticks, arrow, cheese,

Child care, child support, gymnasium

Initial V, G, H, S

Numbers 11, 333, 808,


An offer from a water sign person will be taken back or this person still hasn’t came forward with the initial offer. You’re having a hard time letting go of some sort of chapter that has closed in your life. It could have been with a water sign, Capricorn, Virgo or Taurus. You may be feeling a bit drained or tired of the work that you do because you feel it’s the same old thing every single day. You want to leave this behind and do something more exciting but it’s hard to leave your comfort zone. You also may feel that people are not giving you enough credit or showing you enough appreciation. The feelings that you had for someone are starting to dwindle away. Your posture needs work as your doing too much slouching. Be careful when it comes to you walking around barefoot and some of you may be really cold this week even though it could be warm in your house or outside. You could be better at your job but you’re having a hard time getting out of lala land when it comes to looking for more. As the week winds down you may start to feel even more dissatisfied with life and how life has turned out. But it’s not over. There will be opportunities to start a new chapter once you learn to accept the journey you’re already on. Your mom may be disappointed you in some way or this could be the parent of your child

Signifiers this week: Cancer, Elite, Pickles,

Ridges, Rocky Road, Romance Movies,

Chocolate, pantry, pancreas

Initial O, N, B, T

Numbers 444, 1717, 3535, balloons

Falling back in love with your partner or finding a way to work things out after some sort of adversity. You will be digging more into what you’re passionate about before the week is over. Twins are very prominent in your energy over the next 6 months, so some of you could get lucky when it comes to conceiving. The beauty industry could be something that you could be interested in during this time. Some of you may be trying to use love as a way to get someone to change. If single and not committed, this air sign person has a choice to make between two lovers. Temptation could be coming through by way of food, alcohol or a new exciting love interest. You may be feeling pulled to go on some sort of adventure and you may even find yourself daydreaming or looking at pictures on camping, fishing, or skydiving. Some of you could be getting vaccinated this week. There’s a bond that you have with someone that you feel is hard to walk away from but you keep asking yourself if this is the right person for you. You won’t get the answer you seek this week but time will tell. You also may need to find a better way to communicate your feelings and not get so easily shutdown. Don’t get caught up watching so much tv or movies that you forget to tend to your work. A humidifier could be good for those of you having issues breathing at night. If you are divorced or just recently broken up with someone, you will find love again soon.

Signifiers this week: goats milk, tantric, ruler, discussion, focus

Ego, gold, coast, stencil,

Numbers 2, 3, 8, present

Curly hair, 5’7-6’1

A sibling or best friend could be disappointing you this week because they are cancelling or not following through on some sort of promise. If you’re dealing with another air sign then there could be a walking away again. Some of you have given someone a second chance but your feelings are still hurt from when they hurt you the last time. A third party situation could be coming to light by the 23rd or 28th. Issues with the heart of you may be having issues with some sort of skin condition that you’ve had since you were a child. You want companionship this week and some of you may not be getting that from a partner because they are always busy or you’re always working. Some of you are wanting to move to a new city, state or house and you may be breaking your lease or some sort of contract so that you can do this. Everything that glitters isn’t gold. Don’t ignore the red flags when it comes to someone that you may have met through your family. No need to be jealous because of someone else’s successes if you have been experiencing delays. Things will start to pick up after going through some sort of defeat. You may have to cut off a friend or a sibling because they just can’t do what they said they were going to do and you can’t handle being put down over and over again. If a check of yours was lost in the mail or got returned, you will be getting it by the end of this week. Make sure that you are paying attention to the road while you’re driving because you may run over some sort of nail. The interstate could be backed up on Tuesday or Thursday so it may be wise to take the back way if you’re having to go to work.

Signifiers this week: jumper cables, ostrich, red hair, yoga, bleeding gums,

Marches, manifesting, crystals. Metal

Numbers 45, 071, 1994, 1987

Letters W, A, L, T

You will be focusing more on your work this week instead of worrying about your relationships. If you’re dealing with a Virgo, Aries, Sagittarius, then you and this person may be having a conversation about working things out. This is a week where you will be trying to use your skills to create a new beginning when it comes to your career or passive income. You may be thinking about crafts, diy, or mixing products to create some sort of business. Give this person a chance to speak their truth before you completely cut them off. Some of you may be setting up some sort of payment arrangement when it comes to student loans or something else that needs to be paid back. A new offer in a new company or some of you could be getting an offer back on something that you’re trying to sell. Some of you could be having a change of heart when it comes to an earth sign person that you turned down because you weren’t ready to date them or you weren’t sure if they were serious. This person will be approaching you again to see if you’ve changed your mind about the commitment. A new friend could be coming into your life via your job. Finalizing the details when it comes to a divorce. You have very inspirational energy on your side this week to create something that can last for the long term. The same applies for relationships. The energy is there for you to find a different way to make this situation work if you want to. Either way the choice is yours.

Signifiers this week: George, Saint, East, South

Pajamas, Gold coin, Aquarius, Virgo, Taurus

Architect, DIY, Etsy, Shopify,

Turtle, Fish, 88, 55,

G, C, F, D, K

Russia, Germany, Match.com

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