Weekly Horoscopes Jan 27-Feb 2. Waiting For Someone to Give You the Answer

Keep in mind this week that Mercury retrograde will begin on January 30 and will go direct on February 20. So if it seems that things have moved backwards a bit, then this is why. Mercury will be retrograding in Aquarius at 26 degrees. So if you have any planets in fixed signs (Taurus, Aquarius, Leo, Scorpio) between 26-29 degrees then this could affect you more. Make sure to check the house that Aquarius is transiting  to see how it will affect you.

House Meanings:

1st House- Physical appearance, Self Expression, Identity

2nd House- Money, Possessions, self esteem

3rd House- Communication, Siblings, Writing, Mind set

4th House- Family, Home, Private Life, Subconscious, Mother

5th House- Entertainment, Sports, Fame, Children

6th House- Work Environment, Self Improvement, Duty, Health

7th House- Partnerships, Business Partners, Marriage, Relationships

8th House- Inheritance, Sex, Death (Metaphysical) Taxes, Change

9th House- Education, Religion, Travel

10th House- Career, Public Life, Recognition, Authorities, Father

11th House- Humanity, Charities, Clubs, Friendships, Global Awareness

12th House- Secrets, Sacrifice, Service to Humanity, Retreat from World, Repressed feelings

You may be worried about your finances or specifically your bank account this week. An unexpected bill dealing with your kids may sneak up on you by Thursday or Sunday of this week. Some of you may have just went through a breakup or there will be a breakdown in communication and the result will feel like a breakup. You feel that something is missing in your life. Some of you have been trying for a child forever and because you haven't achieved that goal, you may be feeling that God is punishing you. This is a week to sit down and try to figure out how you can get back on track. Some of you may still be trying to recover from a divorce that may have happened up to 5 years ago or some of you could be strongly considering a legal separation or a divorce because of financial reasons. Watch out for potholes while you are driving so it doesn't mess up your front-end alignment. You may be reaching out to a parent for help but they may not be able to lend a helping hand to you at this time. Don't try to cut corners on medication or don't try to find an alternative. Miscommunications with financial institutions are likely. Someone may transpose a number on accident so make sure you're checking your paperwork.

Signifers this week: Avalanche, Kia, IRA

12, 18, Life Path 3, Life Path 4

Tacos, Fog, Hydrocodone, Diabetes

Short check

You will be biting your tongue this week when it comes to telling a mother, father, or sister how you are feeling about their attitude or the way they've been treating you. You may find yourself dipping into your savings if you've been spending too much money over the last 4 days or 4 weeks. You may feel caught up in a karmic relationship with another earth sign, specifically a Capricorn. A new business idea or a business contract could be coming to you by the end of the week, but once you look over the paperwork you will feel that it's ultimately not worth it. If you haven't had much money in a while, some of you will be adopting a more frugal lifestyle and people around you may be calling you selfish or stingy. For those of you that live in the city, it may be time to find your place out in the country. Some of you are feeling overcrowded by your living situation but you may be settling because you don't want to give up more money to be more comfortable. Even though I do see someone complaining about lack of space. No new love this week because you're afraid to open up to anyone new out of fear they'll use you or take everything from you. Make sure you are careful because a glass may break

Signifiers this week: Stitch, clothing, sewing

Globe, Travel, Mother, Saturn

$1000, $400, arch, Dna Test

Red, Blue, Orange

You will be feeling a bit lonely this week or you'd rather just spend time to yourself. You may be having issues when it comes to training for a new position or when it comes to history, English, math, or a physics class. Get a tutor if you need to or if this is for a child then the same thing applies. You are still waiting on an answer from a higher institution when it comes to loans, payouts, or backpay. I don't see the letter coming this week but make sure that they don't have your old address on the envelope because it's a great possibility they sent it to the wrong place. You may be worried about the health of a Taurus, Virgo, or Capricorn parent as issues with their well-being haven't gotten much better since September of last year. This is a perfect time this week to get organized or to clean since things have slowed down. Don't get caught being too lazy or lounging around. Some of you may get angry at an elder or if you are dating someone older, then you and this person may be disagreeing about your living situation or someone's family. Still leaving the light on for someone from the past to return home. They won't be coming back this week, so turn the light off.

Signifiers this week: Life path 9, 4, 1, 7

Cancer, Bodybuilding, Old documents

Tantra, Throat Chakra, Gold Ring,

License Plate, DMV, Writing, Unknown Number

Past tied to social media

Well, if you blow it this week Cancer it's on you. There may be opportunities that come out of nowhere, but you will be side-eyeing every one of them. Your talent will shine this week, or if you've been working since the beginning of winter, then things will start to pick up. You have the energy to succeed in this field or area of study and you will surpass your peers. However, you have to stop getting in your way because you're afraid to piss someone off if you outshine them. Go back to those times when you were a child and you did an activity just because it was fun, not because people were going to like you. That's your destiny for some of you. Like the saying goes "If you don't use it then you'll lose it." Those of you that are single can meet a younger air sign person around you through your job or you may meet them via social media. If someone lies to you this week you will decide that you can't forgive them and you will cut your losses. Be careful of someone trying to use your child as a weapon because they are still upset over how things ended between you, especially if this child has libra placements in their chart. If you have strong Libra, Aquarius, Capricorn, or Taurus energy in your chart, then I predict you will have a lot of recognition in the next three years, starting in February. Communication may also be the field for you to go into for those of you that are animated.

Signifiers this week: Life Path 1, 3, 11, 8

Moneygram, Shipping, Beach

Field, Goat, Laughter, Yellow

Spying, Long black/brown hair, pixie cut

royal past life

You will be leaving a situation behind without notice and it does seem it has to do with a business partner or some sort of one-to-one connection. If you are trying to reach out to your mom then you may feel that she is ignoring you. Some of you could be watching an ex's social media to see if this person is happy without you. I'm getting a heavy Aquarius or Gemini vibe. Some of you that aren't in law enforcement may be thinking about taking a chance and applying for some sort of new position that just opened up. Someone may be trying to get you on their side this week even though this person is guilty of whatever people are accusing them of. You won't be in the mood for many conversations with other people this week because it's likely you will be in your world. Something about a seminar or training is coming up for some of you that are dealing with real estate, taxes, finances, cooking, or a legal career. Some of you may be in love or you may have feelings for two different people even though you may be in a committed relationship. It's time for you to decide if you want to be in your current situation or you want to go back to your past. You may be changing your hairstyle this week and deciding to go with something shorter. Those of you that are single are too focused on getting back with your past that you are passing up on other people that have tried to be serious with you. If you have reconciled with someone over the last 7 weeks, expect a separation. If you are trying to accomplish starting something of your own then you will have success this week.

Signifiers this week: Cheetah, Dog, New Pet

Lactose Intolerant, Lost & Found, Facebook,

Private Message, Scissors, Bald Tire, Private School

Ian, Las Vegas, Initials R, P, Q, V, Virgo, Sagittarius

You are working too much and not allowing your body to rest. If your body says you can't, then don't push yourself. You should heal instead of causing further damage to yourself trying to prove a point. But also when you get an opportunity to rest, completely detach from work so that your mind can catch a break. Some of you are on the break of letting go of a Sagittarius or Pisces person who you feel acts as if nothing is ever good enough. Some of you may have just recently moved or you could be getting news about needing to make some sort of move. You may be in panic mode when it comes to your career because the signs may be saying that it's time to switch things up. A person with a fire sign Jupiter or a fire sign venus could be guilt-tripping you this week if you are wanting to let them go. This person needs a place to stay so they may be trying to make you feel sorry for them. In relationships, you are feeling overwhelmed and feeling that you have to do everything by yourself. There's a lack of communication between the two of you and a sit-down conversation may help to alleviate some of the tension in the air. Long-distance relationships are having a hard time surviving right now because you may not know when you'll see each other again. The biggest thing for you this week is to make sure that you take care of your health. If you're afraid to start over or move to a new place, don't be, it's a good idea. Issues with authority this week if you work in healthcare, legal, hospitality, manufacturing.

Signifiers this week: Wood, fireplace, Truck

Flickering lights, Back issues, Flowers

Agriculture, crystals, gardening, 222, 777

Initials M, C, L

You will have good luck and blessings in spirituality, religion, marriage, or applying for something through the government. If you grew up in a religious household, you may be going back to your roots this week and it's not a bad thing. It actually will help to balance out chakras that are blocked and help you find yourself again. Some of you that have a fixed sign in your fifth house, are meant to be preachers, teachers, or priests. You will have a lot of success here if this is a path that you want to travel. Some of you are afraid to get married again if you went through a nasty divorce. If you're in a relationship, you could be talking about buying a house together over the next 3-5 years or months. This is the right person for you even though you keep changing your mind on this connection. The universe would have ended it last year if it wasn't supposed to make it. If you are separated from someone, this is over and it's time to move on. Your balance doesn't lie with them and that's okay. Try not to control your environment this week because you may be too consumed with trying to get people to agree with you. Instead, realize that they are entitled to their own opinion. If you are going through a divorce right now then you will have success when it comes to dividing up the assets. Some of you have a strong interest in law and your angels are pushing you to go back to law school or even get involved in politics. Leaders of some sort of community or institution are coming for some of you who just started your Saturn return or if you have Virgo, cancer, Taurus in your chart then this will happen in the next 5-11 years.

Signifiers this week: Government, loan, realtor,

Texas, San Diego, North, manila folder

Christianity, buddhism, hinduism,

Red Light, Purple, Robe

6, 9, 0, Arthur, Eagle

If you have been waiting on a payout or inheritances, then you will be gaining ground this week. You may be reuniting with a family or some of you may be catching up with old coworkers from ten years ago. Not a bad week to redecorate and some of you could be getting a new bed or mattress. You will have to use a pen a lot this week so you could be editing documents or you could be signing a new deal. If you don't know much about your family tree or lineage, you will be doing more research about that this week. You may feel pulled to start scrapbooking or gathering up all your old pictures and doing some sort of project. Some of you are very skilled in woodwork or crafting things with your hands. Don't forget to pay attention to your kids during this week. If the weather is nice try to go out for a day at the park or to have some sort of picnic. If there has been tension with a boss then this week you and this person will move on as nothing happened, but it's not a bad thing. Those of you in relationships will make a decision this week to stop running and try to give this a fair chance. Or if you have been in separation and have been thinking about ending things, you will decide to go towards something or someone else. Victory will come in the summer or for those of you that are single, you will be meeting an earth/fire or earth/air sign by June.

Signifiers this week: Leo, Cancer, Talkative, Mercury

Family, Letter J, O, P, W, Money on the ground

Health, Energy Drinks, Bird, Pigeon

Military, Athlete, Legacy, Relocation

Famous Partner

The money will be coming in by the 3rd of February or by the 30th of January. Some of you will step out on a limb and tell an earth sign person how you feel. Make sure that you aren't getting all googly-eyed just because of what they look like. If you are trying to sell something this week, then you will end up getting more money than you thought. A new opportunity will be coming into you by the end of the week and this new job or company has unlimited earning potential, so make sure that you give it 100%. Even if you are starting a business, there will be a lot of building from the ground up, but there's a lot of security in this business even though it's hard to see right now. If you have been halting on starting a new workout regime, then this is the week that you could have success with it. A lot of energy coming through over the next 15 months is the energy of unfinished projects or going back to things that had a lot of potential but you gave up on them too quickly. You may decide to be with a fire sign because they are attractive and they bring stability, but that may be the only basis of this connection. It seems there's someone else that you wanted to be with however they only want to be friends or they don't have as much to offer as the other person but the love you need is there. What to do? Ask yourself who you can see yourself still dealing with in 4 or 5 years despite their flaws. No pregnancy this week.

Signifiers this week: Charlotte, plane, airport, smoothies

vegan, chef, checks and balances, makeup

Plastic surgery, gardening,

Letter K, Q, B, F, Y

18, 21, 53, 00

You have leaped into new territory. You could be making a move to a new city, state or even thinking about moving countries. Some of you don't know what to expect out of a new beginning that you may have started at the beginning of January or September 2020. You could have luck with technology this week and if you are looking for a new job then you could have luck working from home. You may be thinking of a new app idea or a new way to make technology better. It's a good idea. I'm picking up something revolving around patents so you may need to get started on that now. If you are close to 30, 40, 52, or 65 and just embarked on a new journey, you will have good luck with the public. Starting over isn't a bad thing and you just started a new 10-year cycle. This will be a humanitarian period for you and it will be a good way to help raise global awareness. What a great decision to make because it will pay off big time. If you are making this period about helping others, then you'll be surprised how the universe will help. Now don't be fake about it if you naturally don't care about the wellbeing of others, the universe can see right through you if you try that one. Some of you will be leaving behind an Aquarius or Aries who you feel is being too wishy-washy and it's been two years of no movement. Travel is highlighted between now and the month of May. It may start as soon as Aries season begins.

Signifiers this week: Uranus, Egypt, Mythology,

Aries, Libra, Finance, 11th House

Sun, Saturn, Alaskan shepherd

Teacup, 444, 111, 555, A

3, Totem, Lady Bug

Even though Mercury will be retrograding in your sign, which it's comfortable there, you still may have a look of confusion on your face. It may not be because of anything bad, but it could be you are anticipating something bad to happen or things to be taken away from you. Accept good things when they happen to you instead of expecting some bullshit to follow behind it. Don't try to take on too many ideas this week because you likely won't see them through. Start small and then work your way forward. If you are dealing with a Scorpio, this person is becoming more confusing and because of this, you may start trying to beat them at their own game. You may have a crush on a water sign or someone that is already married, but you're having a hard time seeing clearly in this situation. Love things may not be on your side during this week so it's probably best to just focus on things that don't require so much emotion. Don't gamble with your money or savings this week, even if you have the money to do so. Big losses are to be expected if you decide to go that route. If you used to draw, paint or sculpt, then it's a good idea to get back to this during this week. Take it easy on the internet or social media this week. Some of you are too caught up in your phone or the tv that you're not being as productive as you could be

Signifiers this week: Snake, Weed, Wheat, Barley

Beer, Alcohol, Calendar, Letter C, G, E

Vision Board, Journal, Oranges, Strawberries

999, World Tarot Card

Things will be picking up speed in your career sector this week. If you have a question on your mind about a career or business working out, then it will be a yes. You can make swift progress, but make sure that you stay on top of things so you don't leave this new beginning behind. You may be arguing with an air sign or someone who's in the military or the law field. This person is having a hard time staying around through the bad times and only wants to come through when things are good or when you are doing good for yourself. So this week the focus is on being more assertive with your boundaries when it comes to this person. You also may be dealing with a migraine or headache during this week. And it may happen specifically when you are looking at someone's social media page or feed. Don't deny that feeling you get when it comes to someone. By the end of the week, you will be blocking someone who is either that air sign or it could be a fire sign. If you have already blocked this person, then they may be trying to reach out to you via an unknown number. It will be easy to get sidetracked during this week as well, so make sure you remember where you left off. Don't try to convince or force someone to communicate with you, it seems they're not interested in making things right or changing so don't waste your breath.

Signifiers this week: Aries, Sagittarius,

Lovers Tarot Card, 15, 11, 9, 2009, 2019

Army, Navy, Changing Numbers

Brick, Red, Building, Cut on finger

Barefoot, Past haunting you

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