Weekly Horoscopes Jan 6-12 : Observations

You will be spending a lot of time on social media over the next two weeks. You aren't crazy about this new person that just came into your life at the beginning of this year or towards the end of December. You may leave this person without notice because you don't want to tell them that you're just not that interested. Issues with chest or issues dealing with asthma. Thinking about upgrading your technology will be on the top of your list for the next 10 days. Some of you will have to get a new phone because it may take a tumble on the pavement or some of you may lose your phone as it falls out of your pocket. Someone is trying to get your attention either by phone or this person has been trying to talk to you face to face but you are avoiding them. On your journey of avoidance, you may miss some important information that will keep you from falling flat on your face. Although this risk seems tempting, make sure that you are doing your homework first.

You may have to travel during this week to go and help out a friend or a coworker. Some of you could be getting moved to a different department for the time being or you may be making a transition to an at-home position. Someone still isn't catering to your needs after you both had a conversation about changing things to make this connection better. This person seems to be more interested in spending time with their friends or work friends so that they can avoid coming home or even communicating with you. Some of you may be dealing with pre-menopausal symptoms and a trip to the doctor could be coming within the next 6 months. Movement to a different city or state could be happening for some of you in the next 7 months and you could be making this move just because you want a change or you are doing this for your career. The love that you are looking for is at a distance. And some of you will finally accept that it's time for you to move on from another Taurus or Libra who seems to be more interested in building themselves up instead of working on this relationship. Someone also may be giving you the cold shoulder and it could be someone that you have kids with. Those of you that have broken up with someone may be having some difficulty giving your stuff back. This person is still upset so it's best to wait to get what's yours back in the next 2 weeks.

Moving forward with a plan that you started back in July of 2019. Some of you may have changed your mind about moving states or even moving to a new house and now you want to finally give this a chance. You may be dealing with a water sign person and talks about separation could be on the table for the next 7 weeks or 7 months. You may be wondering why this relationship has to be so complicated or emotionally draining. Truth is that you may be dealing with someone who just refuses to grow up or see the error of their ways when it comes to relationships. News will be coming in when it pertains to lease agreements, cars, friendships, business partners, or legal matters. It might be time to go to the doctor because some of you have been putting off some sort of health issues for the last 15 months and you can't hold out any longer. You may feel that people around you are testing your inner strength right now and some of you are having your patience tested as well. It's time for you to be your own hero and save yourself instead of waiting for someone else to come and fix the situation or make the decision for you. Some of you will be enhancing your beauty in a way either by cosmetic surgery or you are changing your diet.

You are having a hard time sleeping since the beginning of this month started or since the last week of december. You may be trying to figure out how are you going to get out of a certain situation. Some of you are uncertain on what path you want to take when it comes to your career. All you know is that you are ready to do something different and less stressful. Issues with pipes could be popping up closer to Thursday or Tuesday of the following week. Some of you will be letting go of a gemini, sagittarius or other air sign person because you're tired of being rejected or you're tired of this person being lazy. Something is weighing down heavily on you and keeping you stuck. Those that want to change their career may be in a difficult position because you may not have the education or experience that a particular job or occupation is looking for. If you are receiving some sort of negative letter this week, then an air or earth sign woman will be coming to your aid with a solution and a different offer. Those of you that are single will still have to wait for the right one to come in for you. If you are trying to reconcile and start over with someone from your past, you or them will reject this situation and decide to move forward. Learn to go with the flow this week. Some of you are your own dark cloud because you can't get out of your negative mindframe. Allow things to be okay instead of looking for the rug to be pulled from underneath when you get something good.

You're not happy about your living situation at the moment. Some of you could be living with a partner that is a water or fire sign person. You are waiting for things to get better between the two of you but you will be realizing that the differences are just so great. Because you may be feeling bored and dissatisfied with a current person you will think about reaching out to your past. Some of you actually will and others of you will type the message or dial the number but you won't press send. You are fearful that the other person will not respond or they will turn you away. A father or mother may be making you feel inadequate or that you're not good enough. Some of you miss your home or miss that feeling of being at home. Children may be going to spend time at the other parent's house. You still want an offer from someone from your past but this person may be married or they have a family. But why do you still feel connected to them? There's unfinished business here and unanswered questions, but they've made their choice and so should you. If you are waiting for some sort of correspondence from a company or messages dealing with a family situation, then you will still have to wait another 3 weeks. This outcome may not be the one that you were looking for. It seems there will be no change in this situation. So if you were looking for a new beginning here, then you'd likely have to look elsewhere.

It's better for you to rest this week instead of trying to catch up for lost time. Some of you may be having some sort of outbreak or a health issue will be coming back around again by the end of the week. Allow your body to recover instead of pushing it pasts it's limit. If you've been in the middle of a family situation then it will be calming down by the end of this week. Some of you will be craving ice cream or very sugary things and it's best to resist these cravings as best you can. Don't eat in your bed or don't eat past 9:00 pm. If you've been in a tough spot with your mother, you and her will be sitting down this week to have a much needed conversation. Some of you will learn through this conversation that your mother has been battling some sort of health complication. If you are in separation from a capricorn, libra, aquarius, or cancer person then you will be tempted to check this person's social media this week. They may have opened the door of communication in the past week or two and now this person has gone silent. So you will be trying to figure out if this person is playing with your emotions or not. Some of you are still obsessing over getting back together with an ex and if you are still sleeping with this person, you are wanting to get pregnant to keep them around. A new opportunity will be coming in to you but there is deception written all over this and it seems to good to be true; it is. It's best to stay out the way and not draw attention to yourself this week.

Finding balance with a best friend or water sign person that is around you this week. You may be craving fish or some of you could be dreaming about this by the end of this week. I don't pregnancy, but a niece or sister could be pregnant. But it also seems that there will be money coming in to you in the future from some sort of idea that you will have. Or a friend will be coming through for you with a new career opportunity that will be lucrative. If you've been experiencing communication issues or delays, then this week things should start to level themselves out. Some of you are refusing to get your feelings involved with someone new you just met because you can't be sure they don't have secrets. You will be noticing a few of your talents by the end of the week. Some of you have a hidden talent in sewing, mediumship, nursing, hospitality or this week will be the start of you getting recognition for something that you've done since you were a child. Those of you that are single will have a choice to make between a younger air sign and a younger fire sign. The air sign/water sign can read you like a book and you guys have a telepathic connection. The fire sign is a lot of fun, a bit of a attention seeker and they always know what to say. You may avoid the water sign because they will be triggering you to help you grow and change. Some of you aren't ready for that so in the end you may go with the fire sign. Be open to criticism this week if you plan on being successful when it comes to this talent.

Someone may be avoiding having a conversation with you around the 8th, 9th or 15th of this week. It is someone from your past who you felt ran away from you after you opened up your emotions to them. Some of you that are in the field of education could be looking to move to a new district or looking to get accepted into a new school. You will be changing your mind about a career that you've been wanting to pursue since september or august of 2020. Delays are still happening right now when it comes to schooling, traveling and inheritances. For those of you that are single, you will be meeting someone via the internet who is older than you and they are an earth sign. Problem is that they live in a different place that requires travel and you may not be able to see them for 8-9 months. And this could end up being the reason that you both decide to go in separate directions because of the circumstances. This week you may be emotionally all over the place. Especially when it comes to what you want to do with your life. One day you are sure and the next you are feeling that you are wasting your time. Don't make any concrete decisions this week as you won't see them through. If you have an earth or fire sign ex, then you and this person could be clashing by the end of this week. You are still looking for an apology from this person in hopes that maybe you both can fix this, but they just aren't willing to give you one. If you're dealing with a water sign then you may be feeling rejected by them this week, but don't take it personal as they are dealing with health issues or they are stressing about school/work.

Not the best idea to make any decisions this week or to sign any agreements. You're wondering if you are wasting your time in this partnership or in this company. There will be a conversation that you will have this week that will put a lot on your mind. It's a conversation that has to do with your relationship. Someone is unsure if the amount of time you've been together and the love is good enough. There may be too many up and downs in someone's career when it comes to this connection and you are over the uncertainty. Some of you are still waiting for some sort of money to come and because it's still not showing up it's causing delays and setbacks. The money that you are looking for will finally come in between Thursday and Tuesday. A questionable housing situation will be weighing heavy on your mind by the end of the week. And this has to deal with if you're going to stay in the same house you're in now or move elsewhere. Some of you may be on a time limit when it comes to resigning or vacating a lease. You will need to think about this for at least another three weeks if you can. You are also wanting more satisfaction in your job or some of you are wanting recognition for the hard work that you've put in for the last 3, 4, or 7 years. Because this hasn't came in yet, you will start to feel as if you're not good enough. Best thing to do this week is make the best of it and learn how to go with the flow. You are fulfilling your destiny even though it doesn't feel like it right now. You won't reconcile with the ex that keeps chasing you and apologizing. You don't feel secure in this connection and you don't feel the love is there anymore.

Feeling stuck this week. It's all in your head. It's the illusion of being trapped or the feeling of being without that is keeping you overthinking everything. A gemini or scorpio may be acting like a child this week or you may be confused on how to deal with someone and their addiction. You will be trying to put your foot down and create boundaries with someone, but they just keep pulling at your heart strings. Watch out for sharp objects. You are stopping yourself from moving forward toward something else because someone important to you isn't supporting you in this. Your fear of failure will keep you in the same spot for the next 5 years. Some of you will be ending a relationship with someone who you feel just can not be honest. You don't know if you are truly ready to leave or move on from this person because there's been more downs than ups in the last eight months to five years. You feel that your talents or gifts are not being appreciated by the public. But you are looking to far out in the crowd. The people that support you are right in the front row if you'd just pay attention to them. The career or path that you have chosen is an enduring one and the success you're looking for won't be coming in until a few years from now. But you have the skills and you have the stamina to see this through. Don't throw in the towel on this just yet. Anything worth having takes time. If you are breaking up with someone, you will choose to stay single for a while. Your heart can't take another disappointment right now. Some of you are great storytellers and should consider being an author.

More work will be coming in within the next two days or two weeks from now. If you are looking for a job then you will be having success towards the middle or end of this week. Right now you may be trying to make up for lost time when it comes to your career because you may have let a relationship get in the way. This is a rebuilding phase for most of you, so you may spend the next few months being all career all the time. Make sure to look up from time to time from your work and pay attention to those that love you. A virgo that put you through a great transformation will be trying to get your attention and will want to work things out with you. This person will continue to try over the eight weeks. Some of you will be making plans to start a business, and your plan will end up working out in your favor. News will be coming in from a fire sign by the end of the week and this person will be asking you out on a date or they will be asking for a commitment. Leave the past where it's at and don't look back. Even though someone is working hard to win your heart back and your affection, your soul is already past this relationship. Let it go and give this new person a fair chance.

You will be focusing on your foundation during this time. You will be working on redecorating your home or you are working on some sort of project. An earth sign person around you could be acting quite greedy when it comes to you spending time with them. They aren't taking into consideration that you too have things and responsibilities. If you have an at home business then you could be really worried about money coming in. Money is actually fine and in a stable spot but you are afraid of it running out that you may be trying to take more than what you need to. There will be a jealous person around you this week who may be trying to paint a certain picture of you to the public or to your peers. Don't play into this and just focus on what you're supposed to do. Those of you that are trying to get divorced may not have the money to do so right now, but you will after May. If you are waiting for someone to propose or offer you a deeper commitment this person will make a decision to go in a different direction. Even though you are sad about this, you are actually relieved because you feel a bit lighter because you were feeling indifferent about being committed to them anyway. Now is not the time to make any plans to move to a different city or a different state. Actually, hold off on any decision making until the 15th or 25th of this month. Don't overindulge in sweets or alcohol this week either. If someone can only tell you how they feel when they are intoxicated, then that's a problem. A mother that owes you money or an air sign friend will not be able to pay you back during this week.


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