Weekly Horoscopes Mar 3-9: Priorities

You are turning your back on someone by Friday of this week. For some of you, this may have already happened after you were victim to a lover gaslighting or you may have realized that you haven’t completely healed from some sort of abuse you endured with a water sign. You may struggle hi week trying to catch your breath, but it seems that you are feeling overwhelmed because you are stressed out. You don’t plan for this to be a permanent ending but at this point, you feel they’ve left you with no other choice. If you are trying to handle things dealing with taxes, mortgages, inheritances, or any government paperwork, things may get lost in the mail or you just may misplace something. You may be dealing with issues tied to dehydration and specifically, your pancreas could be giving you some issues. Some of you may need to lay off the cannabis because now it’s causing you to lag. Right now you wish that your life made sense and you wish you could figure out what your purpose is. The best thing for you to do at this point is open yourself up to trying something new. Be careful to not start something off impulse this week because it will just end up being your karma. Some of you may decide to experiment with psychedelics to help open up your third eye and you should proceed with caution if you do.

Signifiers this week: 2012, hurricane sandy, 38,

19, talent, boss, agent, doorknob, cantaloupe,

The jury, hyaluronic acid, Gatorade, iv drip

A good week to start a family business or plan a get-together for the family for your birthday month. You will be feeling more grounded or balanced during this week. A financial windfall could be coming through and it will come from a family member. Someone does have a gift to give you and it may even be from the holidays that you missed due to the pandemic. If you are needing to file any sort of paperwork or if you are wanting to apply for promotion this would be the week to put in those applications. Those of you dealing with other earth signs could be discussing having a baby or expanding the family you already have. Those of you that are single will be building something with a child this week or you are just doing something fun with them. You will be gaining more knowledge and wisdom in the field of business, mining, jewelry making, horticulture, or finance. You may even be studying for a test that has something to do with real estate. If you want to venture out and start a new project this is a good week to do it because you will have the financial backing you need. Your purpose may involve helping others find their path in life or opening up others' eyes to the truths of the world. Some of you may even make a complete turn and go into the field of nursing even if you’ve never had a desire to be in the field of medicine.

Signifiers this week: horse, carriage, ego, parliament, school, road rage, 11, Edgar Allen Poe,

Fixed Sign, Construction, butterfly

Thomas, M, K, C, L, I, Libra

You’re ready to try something new, even if that means leaving behind something that is bringing you stability right now. This can apply to your love sector or your career. You will be being very business-minded this week and some of you may be going back to a seasonal job. So likely an extra source of income will be coming in between now and the month of August. Be sure to not overwhelm yourself with all of these things that are on your to-do list. You will also be craving attention this week but the attention you will receive may not be from the person you want. A friend may even try to get out of the friend zone with you by the end of this week or by the end of the month. You will be embracing someone who you had no sympathy for however you may hear that this person lost their mother or their stuff may have been destroyed in some sort of accident. So you will put your differences to the side to try and be there for this person. If your birthday is close to the 10th, 5th, 28th, or 19th, you may be thinking about getting a short haircut. The stone emerald may be of significance or may help you in some way during this week.

Signifiers this week: clear quartz, album, music, red, beets, dates, flirty boss, new friends,

Dragon, antelope, elephant, keychain

Desk job, fire, Taurus, Libra, Scorpio

June, July, August, 1, 7, 12, 20

Things are starting to settle down on the mental plane for you this week. If you were worried about some sort of hospital visit or needing to go to the doctor, this ache will be getting better by Thursday. Your biggest thing is that you need to rest and allow your body to recuperate. If you’ve been dealing with someone who you feel has been playing mind games with you, you will stop responding to them or you will give them harsh truth. Someone whom you’ve been separated from since 2014 could be trying to reach out to you via friends, family, or social media. Give yourself more time to think it over before you allow them back into your life. But big picture, you will decide not to give this another chance. This week you have to focus more on setting stricter boundaries with your family, but also you have to be more open to asking for help if you need it. Some of you are deciding to struggle for the sake of struggling because you want to prove a point. Some of you also may be feeling bored in a relationship and you may decide to use that as a way to exit. Careful not to get complacent because some of you have been for the last four months or up to four years. ‘I didn’t know,’ can no longer be used as an excuse for things. Take responsibility for the choices you make, learn from them and move on to better things. It’s the calm before the storm, but this storm is good if you start putting in the work now. Oh and boring doesn’t mean you should start doing 50 million other things, sometimes no news is good news

Signifiers this week: seasoning, fall, Abigail, Vincent, flashlight, skating, R, D, C, kiwi, back pain, acupuncture, whistle, yoga, bottled water

Glasses, timer, Vision board

It’s not your battle to fight. Some of you may be getting accused of doing something you were by a cancer or this may involve a work situation. This week you may be a little bit more on edge when it comes to defending your beliefs or just defending yourself. Take a softer approach instead of letting the lion roar. Some of you may be doing something different with your hair or your appearance in the next 7 days or by June. If you are ordering something that needs to be put together then you may get irritated because the instructions won’t be in there and the company will be giving you a hard time about it. Also if you end up returning something that you will purchase in the next two weeks, make sure between now and then you’re keeping all your receipts. It’s okay to speak your truth but also make sure that you have facts. Some of you will be getting mad or arguing over something true but you just don’t want to admit it or accept it. If you are looking for business partners or doing something related to business this week then you will be getting in more clients but be careful that they don’t try to lowball you or leave without paying. Some of you need to clean out your car or clean out all the paper you have strolled around your house. Some of you should be careful of using anger as a defense mechanism because you’re afraid to be vulnerable. A fire sign will be giving you attention this week because they’re interested in a relationship

Signifiers this week: wisdom teeth, firewood, 7, 17, 25, April, Letter C, P, Q, S

Microscopic, chest pain,

Hair loss, necklace, garage sale,

Trade-in, contract negotiation

You will be starting a new chapter this week and it’s in the love department. You could be meeting a Cancer, Scorpio, or Pisces by Wednesday or Tuesday of next week. You and this person may have a love for aquariums or fish. On the other hand, others of you will be starting a new cycle with someone that you’ve been with since 2016. The art world may be calling out to you and some of you may decide to pick up a paintbrush or pencil before this week is over. Some of you may even be thinking about getting a tattoo, piercing or you could be thinking about becoming a tattoo artist. Whatever you start this week is coming from a place of passion and genuineness and it can go the distance if you decide to stick with it. The biggest thing for you this week is that you will feel more at peace with life than you have been since 2019. You’re okay with whatever happens at This point because you’re thinking about all the things that you are grateful for. Some of you who had a baby with someone and split up will try to reconcile for the kids, or if the parent has been absent completely, you will hear from them between now and April. You may dream about fish this week and if you’re not pregnant then some sort of investment will see returns by the end of the week or the 17th of this month. You may be going on a vacation with someone by Labor Day. Also, a boss may allow you and your peers to go home early or to work from home.

Signifiers this week: sushi, branding, computer, headphones, Dolphin, Egypt, baby boy,

Freedom, west-coast, immigrant, plant-based diet,

Hawaii, Palm Trees, Frisco Texas, 33, 44, 55, adoption

A new beginning is starting for you this week based on the truth that you will receive midnight on Thursday or Friday. This may be the end of the road for a connection that you thought could be salvaged, but someone is turning their back. You may be thinking about getting new teeth or getting something similar to braces. Those of you that have darker colored curtains made need to take them down and discard them so that you can let natural light into your space. Blues, yellows, and greens may be colors that you are attracted to between now and May. If you are looking for closure from someone then don’t expect to get the answers you’re looking for. You see the truth in a situation and this week you can no longer ignore what’s always been right in front of you. Make sure that you are eating properly as some of you may feel dizzy or faint, but it seems that you aren’t getting the proper nutrients you need. Don’t be afraid to ask for help either because your ego/pride is not that important. If you are starting something new this week that revolves around the communication field, sales, or social media, you will have to pick a side. Either speak the truth and get backlash or tell people what they want to hear to make them sleep better at night, but you can’t do both. And if you choose truth then don't expect quick gains in this area for at least three years however, the result will be so much bigger than you imagine.

Signifiers this week: ladder, vision, scales, packing, plane, JetBlue, Verizon, tree stump, the electric bill,

Typewriter, blogging, garden, crystal shop

Letter K, M, Z, Dosage, 91, 81, 1995,

Riots, Phoenix

This week you are getting back to work so you may not have a lot of time for sex, drugs, and rock n roll (it’s a joke). But seriously, you may be working late nights this week between Wednesday and Sunday. Some of you are staying up late because you are studying for some sort of test or you may be waiting till the last minute to finish a homework assignment. You will be getting an invitation to a wedding or someone’s graduation. Some of you may even be thinking about your wedding or if the person you’re with will want to go into that next step. There’s good karma coming through especially when it comes to money and some of you need to stop procrastinating and get a new bank account or a better financial budget. Don’t get caught up in waiting for the perfect time or expecting someone to be perfect because you could very much end up alone. There may be drama going on at work and someone may try to pull you into the middle of it. It’s best to just keep your head down and not pay attention to it because it’s none of your business. Repairs may need to be done on a car in the next 8 weeks so make sure that if you need an oil change then don’t wait until things start to get bad to get one. There will be mail coming through about some sort of tax bill or taxes that need to be paid. The money you need will be coming through. Also for those of you looking for a new job, someone is looking at your application, but they are needing to verify more information so they will be emailing you by Tuesday. So make sure you check your email this week.

Signifiers this week: castle, mini golf, $5,000 check, elope, Jamaica, October, November, July,

Scentsy, cinnamon, peppermint, yoga,

Library, encyclopedia, ancestry, lost & found,

New ID, scholarship, 15-18th, 21st-29th

You will be in good company this week and there will be a project that you will be receiving from higher-ups. You will have to work with at least two people on this new beginning or some of you may be thinking about starting a podcast. Being a life coach or some sort of advisor is coming up as well for those of you that are Sagittarius, Aquarius, Pisces, Scorpio, or Libra moons. It’s a very creative week for you if you are wanting to do something different or if you are looking to get promoted. Evaluations will be coming through, and a raise will be coming in the next 3-9 months. Over these next few months, you will want to be more involved in your community or you want to start something that benefits the community you belong to. Your angels say this is a good idea but this idea is also attached to Saturn, so be prepared for a long road ahead but by the age of 35 or 40, this idea will be paying the bills. If you are dealing with a Capricorn, Aquarius, Gemini, or Pisces then this week you both will be working on your partnership. You may also be redecorating or looking for a new home this month and you will find one that’s more in the countryside. Whatever job or company that you are working for, for now, does seem to satisfy you and there’s more to gain here. So these ideas can simply be used as side hustles or just hobbies for now. Don’t try to make any drastic changes this week. The field of writing, e-commerce, sewing, crocheting, or design may draw your attention this week

Signifiers this week: grass, green, pink, yellow, ginger, gifts, sister and two brothers, Letter V, G, H, J, T, life path 9, 4, 2, Virgo, office, quality assurance, car insurance, olives, rabbit

You are finally making the right moves towards a better life and a better path. Some of you that are close to Aquarius could be thinking about going to counseling for yourself or if you’re in a relationship. There will be news that will come in that will make you breathe a sigh of relief. This may have something to do with a friend or some sort of financial situation. If you’ve been through a bumpy 17 weeks or 17 months then this week you will feel your karma starting to lift. Some of you may have an air sign, Scorpio, or Leo who is trying to apologize and come back into your life but you may feel this person messed up too many times and they are past the point of forgiveness. You will hear what they have to say but at the end of the day, you will bid them ado. One of your talents may be getting some much-needed shine this week and I’m hearing some of you saying ‘YES!’ So it looks like good news is on its way and also over the next 8 months, something tied to journalism, apps, technology or social media will be of significance to you. Some of you will be signing a contract with an agency for those of you that are into modeling, design, or even acting. This will be one of your happiest weeks since the start of the year so make sure that you accept it with open arms. Those of you whose birthday is on the 4th, 8th, 9th, 12th, 13th, 18th will meet a strong soulmate soon or if not love, then your star will be shining bright in mid-summer.

Signifiers this week: unicorn, vibrato, piano, violin, white roses, Jeep, excursion, ocean, windmill, track, shooting star, 1111, 555, 222, angel number 519, initials L, Y, A, C, X, Alaskan Husky, forest, Lawyer

You could be buying a new home this week or you are resigning your lease. Things will be good on the home front and some of you may even be starting an at-home business. Those of you that are trying to get into delivery service will be having success with your applications. Some of you may be trying to get into medical school, law school, or even trying to get your Ph.D. or Master's. This will go through as long as you apply by March 8. Those of you dealing with an Aries, Leo, or Sagittarius rising will be happy to hear that this person does want to get married or they will be asking you to marry them this week. The wedding will be small if you have one because about 40% of you will be eloping or going to the justice of the peace. Those of you that are in the process of getting a divorce will be happy to hear that the other party is not objecting to anything and this will be smooth sailing. A family function or family event could be taking place this weekend and you should go instead of making up an excuse to stay home. It will be good for you to get your mind off things. This is unrelated but maybe not. An Aquarius or Saturnian person in congress or the government will file articles of impeachment. Incorporate red into your bedroom for those of you that are coupled. It will make a huge difference. Promotion is coming for those of you that are in a Cancerian type career such as therapy, nursing, cooking, real estate, interior decorating, blogging, or even being a CEO of your own company.

Signifiers this week: gospel music, daises, red jasper, gold necklace, wear gold, wedding, bridesmaid, Aruba, Sagittarius, 5’7, Filipino, Dark skin, green eyes, grey hair, babyface,

Magic, 444, 717, bonus, movies, ice cream

Spending too much money this week on frivolous things and you may be panicking a bit because of the number of bills that are coming up. For those of you that are covered when it comes to finances, you’re still carrying around a feeling of lack. Afraid to spend money because you don’t want to lose it or some of you want to hoard it. If you need help from others then ask or if someone is offering you help or even complimenting you be open to receiving it. There may be something creative that you are starting this week but you feel you aren’t being supported by your father, boyfriend, husband, or brother. Some of you may have broken up with an Aries, Leo, or Sagittarius sun and you will be missing them more this week. This person may have jumped in your inbox recently but now they’ve disappeared. You may be struggling with communication or getting your point across to your peers this week. Some of you may have to do a presentation in front of your boss and you may get anxious or just forget the words altogether. Carry black obsidian, amethyst, or carnelian. If you have your own business then this week you may feel more worried than ever because the business may have come to a halt or you may be on the verge of shutting it down due to lack of finances. As I said in your monthly reading, it very well may be time to move on to the next phase in life. It seems at this point the time has come to stop waiting and now it’s time for more action. For now, the business will hold a little while longer until you move on to the next thing which will happen in the next two years, but this won’t hold forever so it’s time to start planning. An earth sign Capricorn or Aquarius will be coming through to help you financially if you need it.

Signifiers this week: Wednesday, check clears, doctor of optometry, vehicle, hobby, fibroid, pinto beans, clams, Taurus, Libra, food drive,

Coins, law school, sales, commission, professor,

Rent, angel, 12, 19, 808, 75, divorce,

Virgo, Capricorn, no more kids.

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