Weekly Horoscopes Nov. 10-16: Worry About Yourself for Once

This week you could be returning back to work for those of you that had to take some time off or were furloughed. Some of you will be having dreams about your past and a conversation with someone from your past may happen around the 13th or 16th of this week. You’re quite nostalgic about where you came from up to this point and some of you may even be missing the place where you grew up. A friend from high school or a friend from college could be reaching out to you before the end of this week. Some of you may be thinking about getting a pet, I’m getting a cat in particular, or you may just feel pulled to spend more time with nature. Some of you are still wanting to make a situation work with a water sign person from your past even though there are issues with maturity in this connection. Some of you may be feeling that if this person was just more mature than maybe you and them could have worked it out. You may feel pulled towards dieting during this time and you actually will be doing a diet that you did up to six years ago. Make sure to keep your emotions under control during this time because some of you may be triggered by someone bringing up something from your past. Now is the time to focus on being more sentimental and open. Some of you guys in relationships, the connection is not working because of you both being distant while sitting on the same couch or the fact you keep letting the past play a part in this connection. If you decide to forgive someone during this time and give them another chance don’t in the same breath start cursing them for things that you said you were going to move past. Also be careful around fire during this time or be careful when it comes to other fire signs. If you have an older child then they may be coming home or if you have been at odds with this older child then you and them will be going out to lunch or dinner to make things better. It’s a good week to re-organize your closet because some of you desperately need to give away your old clothes. Also some of you have to stop giving your time away to someone who proves each time they’re just going to waste it. I’m getting the energy of a mouse, so a lot of you could be dealing with anxiety or just worried during this time. You may be worried about your love life, finances, or some of you may be having issues with thyroids. So this is the time to make sure that you are focusing on being healthy and not letting little things stress you out.

A Libra or other air sign person may be bringing you disappointment during this time. Some of you are dealing with issues when it comes to your heart, blood pressure or something to do with your lungs. Some of you may have said that you weren’t going back to a situation and by the end of this week you may be singing a different tune. If you are at odds with a sibling then you and this person will continue to be at each other‘s throat‘s for the next three months. If you are not at odds then be aware there will be some sort of situation coming up in the upcoming three weeks. This week you may be wondering who you can trust when it pertains to love. You may have thought that the person that you were with was worthy of your trust but this person’s actions will be proving otherwise before the end of this year. Don’t pretend that things will change by you turning a blind eye to the situation. Some of you have been turning a blind eye in a situation for the last 16 months or up to six years. Others of you may be feeling that someone is trying to embarrass you or damage your reputation in a way. Those of you that are single or even if you’re in a relationship, you may have felt in the beginning that you found the one for you but now you’re not so sure. If you’re dealing with someone new then you actually may be seeing the true side of them during this time. This week your pride may be getting in the way because it seems that you need help with something. However you’re afraid to ask because you don’t want it to be thrown back into your face months later. Some of you are just wanting help whenever it comes to responsibilities in your relationship but it seems someone would rather focus on themselves or just sit on the couch. Some of you actually may be feeling a bit lazy during this week so make sure that you don’t get overrun with work. It’s OK to take a break but some of you may be taking advantage of this break and things may get out-of-control. So be mindful.

This week it’s all about fairness and balance. Some of you were trying to move forward on some type of project or a friend may be coming to you with an idea but the energy here is saying make sure that you have all your ducks in a row and you have all the information you need before you move forward. Some of you are still in separation with another air sign or a separation could be on the table. Some sort of sit down talk or meeting will be happening towards the middle of this week or the end of the month. You’re trying to figure out in what direction you want to move in whenever it pertains to this connection. Some of you feel stuck between a rock and a hard place because your mind is telling you to stay but your heart is just somewhere else. And even though you are ready for a change it still seems that you are not ready to move on. You still have questions and you still want answers. So the idea of unfinished business could be holding you back right now. You may feel that there is still something to finish off or something more to be explained but it seems what has already been said is what was meant. This week you may be dealing with migraines or you may be dealing with issues pertaining to wisdom teeth or teeth in general. You also may be dealing with court cases, divorces or anything tied to the legal field during this week. Some of you may be holding back when it comes to saying how you feel to someone because you’re tired of the drama or the back-and-forth. However, this is not the time to just sit back and let them say or do whatever. If you are trying to go to court for child support you will have success during this time. If you went and appealed a decision when it pertains to school then you could be having success with that decision before the week is up. Also if you’re already in school you may have had a little bit of a breakdown if you want to finish but this week you’ll be determined to get it done.

This week is a week of new beginnings. New love could be coming in for those of you whose birthdays are on the seventh, 11th, 23rd, 25th, or 15th of cancer season. Some of you will be working on compromising during this time and you will have success with this. If you are feeling pulled to start some sort of art project or to get into the field of photography/art you could have success with this by spring of 2021. You are working on loving yourself more. A new person may not be attached to this new energy that is coming in, but it does seem that you are on the right path. Some of you that used to date a water sign in the past may be trying to reconcile with this person during this week. Some of you guys this week may find out that you are pregnant or you may be seeing pregnancy in your dreams. This may refer to some type of new project that you’ve been working on that will bare fruit sooner than you think or you may legitimately be pregnant. Some of you may feel that you are repeating yourself over and over again during this week for someone that you’re dealing with. Make sure that you are checking the mailbox or paying attention to the postage because someone who could be getting a package or it could be a surprise. Issues with the eyes could be coming up before the end of the week and some of you the reason for the blurred vision is lack of nutrients. Some of you have moving on your mind and it pertains to moving to another city or moving to another house. But you have to be careful that you are doing this in order because some of you may be trying to break your lease. Follow your gut during this week and if your gut is telling you that someone isn’t being faithful then you may be correct. Especially if you’re dealing with someone that has an issue when it pertains to social media or dating websites.

You could be traveling back to your past towards the end of this week. Some of you are looking for comfort so you may be hitting up someone from your past for a one night stand. Right now you may feel that no one is listening to you or paying attention to what you have to say so some of you may do something in retaliation to get somebody else’s attention. Or someone is doing this to you. You may have felt ready to embark on this new journey but now this week you are going back-and-forth and it may pertain to you deciding if you want to abandon this or stick with it. You just want to have fun and enjoy yourself during this time. Some of you have been going through a heartbreak rather it be with a connection or with a father figure. You just don’t want to think about all the things going wrong in your life right now and you just want to forget for a second. Some of you may be going back-and-forth when it comes to choosing between two homes or some of you are quickly trying to move to your own place. Where you’re at right now may feel very congested or you may be in a place where there’s a lot of rules. But all these rules that I’m referring to may also pertain to your work environment. Some of you really want to be free and you have more freedom whenever it comes to your career. Your emotions will be all over the place during this time so it’s best to not make any permanent decisions based off of temporary feelings. Some of you may have a weak moment of temporary feelings for someone you used to deal with and you may make a decision that you will regret. The person who means a lot to you may stay in a different state or in a different country so this week you’ll be trying to make a decision if you move towards them or if this situation is too difficult to continue with. Some of you will definitely decide to make that move but others of you are not willing to make that sacrifice to make this work. So a long distance relationship could be ending before the end of this week or this year. Also you should be careful of coffee being too hot or spilling something.

You are completing a cycle in your life during this week and it may have something to do with a career change or education. Some of you may be taking things too seriously via the Internet or there may be a message that will be coming to you around the 13th, 15th, or 17th of this month and you may take it really personally. Reading and writing will be good outlets for you this week when it comes to finding balance and letting off steam. Speaking of writing some of you need to spend more time on this writing project or pay more attention to getting some sort of book done. You care a lot about someone but your fear is that this person doesn’t care a lot about you. Some of you may be dealing with someone who has a different love language than you and there seems to be constant tension because of this. It’s not a bad week to sit down and figure out how you and this person can work things out. Some of you may even be feeling that the situation is too far gone and you may be thinking about moving across the country or moving to your own place. You may be visiting a relative or a sister in the upcoming three days or three weeks. If you are dealing with a fixed sign then this week you may just be fed up with this persons shenanigans or attitude that you may just walk away without explanation. Issues with diabetes, colon, or issues when it pertains to your bladder will be affecting you for the next five weeks or two months. If you have been in separation with someone since January, March, April, or June of this year then you may be fed up or tired of waiting on this person to tell you if they want to be together again. Just because you love someone doesn’t mean you have to be with them, especially if things just seem too difficult to work out for you guys or your minds just are not in the same place. You may be having issues with co parenting this week if you have a child with a fixed sign or a Libra. There may be issues pertaining to drop off or some of you guys will be surprised to know that an ex will be telling you they still love you. And this is somebody that you haven’t been together with for over three years.

Things may not be turning out the way you would’ve hoped when it pertains to a water sign person. This is someone that you may have regret over accepting them back into your life. It seems that this person is playing the victim in some type of way or this person is bringing back up the past even though they said they were moving on from it. Some of you are dealing with some sort of illness when it pertains to the stomach, lungs, or reproductive organs. Even if this disappointment isn’t tied to love, something that you wanted to begin or something that you were hoping to get will be a no this week. But it’s not the end of the world and all is not lost because you will have another chance at this in the next 11 months. Some of you may be sad to hear that someone will tell you that their feelings just aren’t the same anymore. Some of you may miss someone from your past that you had a friends with benefits relationship with but now this person isn’t answering your calls or it just seems like they’re moving on like they don’t care. Issues with the public or issues when it comes to just having fun will be coming up during this time. It seems that something that used to be fun isn’t fun anymore and now you’re trying to figure out how to move on from this. Some of you may be dealing with health issues whenever it pertains to a child and you just want to take the pain away. But things will start to get better over the next five years. Especially if this child has autism or this child has some sort of autoimmune disease. You have issues focusing during this week and some of you will be dealing with creativity blocks. So don’t try to force it but don’t try to come up with something and you know it doesn’t make any sense. Put your thoughts in writing and revisit this next week. You may also be feeling claustrophobic during this time especially whenever it comes to elevators. So some of you may just need to take the stairs. You also may be dealing with someone whose ego is just too big and they’re having an issue apologizing. This person may even be trying to make it out to be like it was your fault. Don’t let them get in your head and if you know you did nothing wrong then that’s that. You also may feel that someone lied to you or they sold you a dream to get back together with you and you may not be wrong. So even if you haven’t reconciled with this person it's best for you to think this over first before you agree to getting back together with them. Or if you’re in a relationship it just seems that you’ve reached the end of the road.

Your star will be shining bright during this time and hope will be restored back into your life if you’ve had a rough four months. Some of you are still hanging onto hope that things will turn around and get better when it pertains to a romantic situation. Some of you have a friends with benefits situation with someone and you’re hoping that this person will see you in a different light because now you have caught feelings. This week there will be good karma being brought into you and this good karma may come in from an Aquarius, cancer, virgo, or Aries person. Your perspective could be changing during this week as well and some of you will find yourself starting to open up more to someone that is around you. Some of you may have feelings for a friend and you don’t know exactly how to let this person know how you feel. Even though you have hope that this can get somewhere it’s probably not a good idea to let them know how you feel this week. Some of you may have anxiety or you may be worrying about a consequence for a mistake that you made from the past, but it does seem that someone will be coming forward to help you with this and all will be clear. You will be giving someone a second chance to explain themselves or you’ll be giving someone a second chance to prove that they really are sorry for what they put you through. So even though you will try to come off with this tough exterior that’s not really the case because you really want this person to fix it so you guys can move forward. Those of you that are single will be having this newfound energy of hope that the right one is still out there for you. And you’re right because you may end up meeting this person through a friend or if you met this particular person already during Aquarius season then this is definitely the right one for you. And you shouldn’t lose hope in this relationship if you are together right now. Also you may be getting some sort of recognition with the public or you are getting some sort of secret recognition by way of a raise, bonus, or some sort of promotion that will be coming through in the month of March. Don’t hang your head too low because this week it seems that one of your prayers or manifestations will be answered. It’s also a good idea to not overindulge in chocolates or sweets this week because some of you guys are having issues when it comes to your teeth.

A wish fulfillment will be coming through for you by Wednesday or Friday of this week. Some of you will be getting in some extra money and you may decide to spend it on some sort of luxury item or just something nice for yourself. Some of you will actually end up running across your spouse during this time but you may not even pay attention to them. This person seems like a little bit of a nerd or this person seems like a mismatch to you. But don’t get caught up in listening to other people because they may talk you out of being with your life partner. It’s a good week to study or read especially if you feel more pulled towards turning off the TV. Some of you that are stuck when it comes to a genre you want to write about should look into the one of fitness, fiction or fantasy. A phone call or text message could be coming to you by Thursday of this week and within that call or text message will be some type of hint or some sort of clue when it pertains to your life purpose. Some of you may think about reconciling with a Pisces before this week is over and this could be the person that is contacting you. Or you may be moving towards a career in the field of the arts, philosophy, drama, teaching, or the travel industry. Overall it’s a good week for you and you can breathe a little easier because there’s not a lot of things you have to worry about. And if you’re wondering if something is a yes when it pertains to your career direction then yes you are on the right path. Some of you Sagittarius' are about to get married or if you are engaged and wondering if this marriage will be successful then that will be a yes. Also some of you will have success in this new career within the next two years. Your dream is actually quite practical so don’t let someone convince you otherwise. This path that you have chosen is something that you can totally do and make the most out of it. Also health will be getting better slowly over the next eight months so keep at it.

You just want peace during this time. And some of you could be worried about the health of your mom or there may be some sort of surgery that you may be worried about. This week you are just trying to relax and some of you shouldn’t shy away from taking a vacation. It seems that you’ve been overworking yourself for the last 14 weeks or 14 months and some of you should be mindful when it comes to a sickness this week. This sickness could be coming toward you because you’re not resting so the universe will have to find another way to slow you down. It seems this is a sinus infection or some sort of cold. No I don’t see that it is Covid. If you’ve been at odds with your family at this point you just want to put it behind you and move on to something else. Also make sure that you have a back up alarm because some of you may be oversleeping during this time. Also be mindful to not make excuses when it comes to your work. If you can’t get it done then ask someone to help you or try to reschedule in some sort of way. A massage or getting some sort of Reiki may actually be good for you during this time. Issues with the back, shoulders, or fingers will be affecting you towards the end of the week. Take your time this week and don’t try to rush things or even overdo it if you are working out. An air sign may be trying to catch up with you or to try to smooth things over but you may be interested or you just may not show up if you guys schedule to go sit down somewhere. Some of you will be finally hanging up your pain from a third-party situation that’s been haunting you since 2017 or 15. You now are ready to move on and put this behind you so that you can love again. Someone in your life has gotten too comfortable and there’s not a lot of growth left in this connection. So within the next four months or by 2022, you and this person will finally move on from one another. If you’re dealing with a Libra things may not be too difficult between the two of you but someone is being a little bit of a drama queen or a king. Try not to pay this person any mind because their temper tantrum will be over soon. Also be careful when it comes to rusty nails or things that have rusted.

This week you just want the truth and that’s all you have time for. Someone may be accusing you of changing but at this point you are just tired of the same old things and same old excuses from this person. A new beginning will be starting this week rather you like it or not some of you won’t be so happy with this new beginning because it’s not taking you in the direction that you expected. But the whole point of this week is starting over based off of what’s real and what’s factual. You also will be moving towards the direction that is for the betterment of self instead of worrying about everyone else. Some of you will be saying to yourself that you tried but yet you feel that the other person doesn’t see it that way. So don’t be surprised if someone started blaming you and saying you didn’t even try to make it work. When you know in your heart of hearts that you did your best however, you just can’t hang on any longer. Some of you will be trying to get back in contact with a fire sign person that used to be with but you will learn that this person is in a relationship, even though it may not have been that long since you guys broke up. Some of you will have to take a step back from a business idea or a project that you have been trying to bring into fruition. This particular idea may not really have much of a direction so it’s better to be done with it early then to invest all your time and money into it. A lot of your friends may also be coming to you during this week to ask you for advice. A friend of the opposite sex will be coming toward you to ask you for help with something but in reality this person has a crush on you. I am picking up that this is a fire sign. If you used to deal with a fire sign then you may be trying to come up with an excuse to see this person again or to talk to them. But this person has you blocked so this is a dead end. If you have already been in a company or a business since 2019, this week you will feel defeated and depleted. However you can’t give up just yet. There is another way for you to do things when it comes to this and you have to try something new to get a different result. Some of you may want more kids but it seems having more kids will be more of a burden or too much on your plate, plus some of you are dealing with somebody who is done having kids. You may be having issues with a mother or father figure in your life when it comes to them being reliable. If you are depending on someone to watch your kids this week then you should get a back up plan because the first person may flake on you. Also a boss may be putting more work on you than you can handle during this time but it seems this person is just wanting you to do their work because they want to be lazy. So make sure if you can’t finish it you ask somebody around you to help.

You may be feeling pressured by distant relatives, or people in your family on when are you going to settle down and be serious with someone; this seems to be coming from a father or a brother. Some of you may be having a hard time being open minded during this time especially whenever it comes to friends or the public. You may be too consumed with being right that you’re not listening to other what other people have to say. Some of you that are married could be thinking about going to marriage counseling during this time or you may be seeking out the help of some sort of religious leader. Others of you may be thinking about going to counseling whenever it pertains to trauma from a parents divorce or trauma that dates back to five years ago. This week you are really trying to get on the right path when it comes to your life and find balance in healing. But at times you feel that this is difficult because you feel that no one has your back or supports you. You also may be questioning yourself whenever it pertains to your life purpose. Your life purpose may include you being a teacher of some sort but you keep ignoring this sign from the universe and your angels. You may feel that this purpose is too much to bare but no you’re the right person for the job. Arguments could be happening this week when it pertains to marriage and some of you could be getting disappointed again because you thought someone was going to change their mind. But it seems that someone’s mind has been made up for a while when it pertains to the future of this connection. Some of you may want to distance yourself away from everybody and maybe then people will stop asking you questions. Some of you may be at an organization or working on a team where you feel that you are be out casted or you feel that you are being pushed out the door. There will be an air sign that will come to your aid this week when it pertains to this group of people that you have to deal with. Some of you may be getting inside your own head and letting people get the best of you. Of course they want to see you quit because you have something that they don’t have. So now it’s not the time to give up, you have to keep pushing through. There may be issues on the school front for those of you that have kids and I am getting something pertaining to discipline or attitude. Change your focus to change the outcome. Some of you are being really negative and have been being really negative for the past 3 to 5 months. Balance will be restored to you soon. If you have any issues with the boss or coworkers then going to HR actually is a good idea and you will finally have peace. Some of you are not using your creativity to the best of your ability and it’s almost like you're just wasting talent by sitting on it and not doing nothing. Don’t be afraid to be different and don’t be afraid to stand out from the crowd. If you’re dealing with a fire or earth sign person, this person may be hanging on because of codependency or they are just too afraid to open up to you all the way. If you’re dealing with another water sign then you will take a step back and focus more on yourself during this week and this person will come forward to you trying to be better. So if you are just waiting on somebody to return, I don’t see that happening. Money will be good throughout the remainder of the year, just make sure that you are not overspending on frivolous things.

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