Weekly Horoscopes Nov 17-23

This week you could be concerned about your finances. Some sort of money that you were expecting or you have been expecting since the month of July still seems that it is on hold. You also may not know right now in terms of if you want to continue forward in a relationship. Some of you could be dealing with someone at a distance or you could be involved with an earth sign. I do see energy that someone that you’ve had a long history with in the love department is heavily on your mind during this time. But you don’t necessarily know where this situation is going to go. You may be going through some sort of break with this person who you’ve known for the last seven years or you’ve been dating this person for the last seven years. You also may be starting projects or a business right now that may not be making a lot of money but it seems that you still need to continue to move forward with this energy because you will end up reaping the benefits. There may be issues with technology, specifically your phone for the next five days or up to two weeks from now. Some of you are still struggling to put an end to something that you feel has just been a waste of time but yet you keep coming back to it like it’s going to change. Gardening, agriculture or just being outside in nature will do you good during this time. Now some of you may be worried about your job if you’ve been there for a long period of time because you may hear whispers about layoffs or about some sort of changes they could be affecting you directly. Some of you may actually be having a conversation with the boss during this time to ask for more money because you feel that you aren’t getting paid enough. Some of you have not gotten some sort of bonus that was promised to you from your company and you may be going to HR or talking to a higher up to figure out what’s going on with that.

You are going through an ending this week and I feel it's a transformation on the mental front. Some of you simply just aren’t interested anymore when it pertains to a connection with someone that you felt could go the distance. But now it seems that this person has changed up and they’re not caring, loving, or that sweet person that you met at first. Some of you may be getting taken advantage of by another fixed sign if you are dating one. Those of you in a friends with benefits situation may be trying to take the situation to a different step but the other person is wanting to halt on that. You also may be having difficulty saving money during this time due to past due medical bills or some sort of financial obligation that you are bound to for the next two years. Some of you may be having issues with your lungs or issues tied to your heart. I actually see that your health issues are tied to stress and some of you are completely letting people in your environment stress you out to the point where there may be some sort of medical attention that is needed before the end of December. There’s something that is happening on the homefront when it pertains to family. Some of you may actually have to cut off a family member during this time because they are taking advantage of you. Some of you may have a mom that could be going through health issues at this time. But it does seem that you miss somebody important to you that has passed on or you and this person have just distanced yourself from one another. So you may be having a hard time getting your life back on the right track without this person’s guidance. But I do feel someone new will be coming in to help you along your journey even if it’s just a friend. No new love this week.

You may feel pulled to learn something new over the next two weeks or two months. Some of you are very interested in going back to school to get a degree in teaching, sociology, psychology, or a degree in the medical field. Some of you may be fearful that a female that is close to you is hiding something from you because this person may be acting a little bit shady or just a little bit weird during this week. Some of you should take a step back when it comes to spirituality or even tarot because you may be Too stuck on getting the outcome that you want to have instead of dealing with the truth. It seems that Your emotions are more tied to your money situation during this time. Some of you may start some type of new venture or new business just simply based off of your emotions but it actually seems like you’ll give this up within the next two years. So this is not the week to go along with your emotions when it comes to trying to start something new because likely you’re not being practical. Some of you should try to reach out and meet new people, specifically new friends. There is a soul group out there for you that will support you along your journey in life but you have to step out there and find them. You will be rather open minded during this time so if you need to have a conversation with someone to see if you can get to a better place than you could have success with it. This week you will be focused on being the bigger person instead of trying to feed into your ego. It may not be a bad week to have a conversation with your mom if you and her have had a falling out or you've been detached from one another for some time because of a miscommunication. Some of you may be secretly sleeping with a friend or you may be back sleeping with an ex and you will be hiding this from now until January.

You are focusing on your hobbies during this time and some of you may actually take a hobby and turn into some sort of career. You’re juggling a lot of things right now and some of you are juggling making a decision between two different paths. Be mindful when it comes to straining some sort of muscle or be mindful when it comes to overthinking things. Some of you may be dealing with headaches or migraines for the next 2 to 5 days. Some of you are juggling between two people and you’re struggling to pick the one that is right for you. But right now it seems that you are meant to have fun and go with the flow instead of trying to pin down your husband or wife. Some of you will be having a conversation with someone and this person will be telling you that they just wanna have fun right now and they’re not trying to get into anything too serious. But this may be a connection that you’ve been on and off in for the last two years. Some of you may be dealing with a Capricorn or other earth sign person who seems to be quite busy when it pertains to their career so you may not be spending a lot of time with this person. And because of that you may feel that this person just doesn’t want to deal with you or they rather just string you along but that may not necessarily be the case. Some of you will actually jump to conclusions when it comes to a romantic connection and it looks like you will end up talking yourself out of a decent relationship. So even though this person may not want to be serious right now it doesn’t mean that that’s the way they feel overall. You also may be going out to dinner with your family or friends and those of you that are single may have your eyes on someone that you meet while you were out and about. Again this is another earth sign. It’s good for you during this time to change your diet or to eat more leafy greens because some of you are having stomach issues.

This week is a time of good communication. So if you are needing to sell something then you’ll have luc and you’ll be getting more money than you thought. You are on the right path you just have to continue forward and continue to be consistent. Some of you may be meeting an air sign person during this week who you feel just knows exactly what to say or you just feel that this person just gets you. This seems to be one of your soulmates so who knows what the future will bring but it’s not a bad time to go with the flow on this one. If someone has been lying to you then you’ll find out via text message, or the Internet during this week about what they have said. Some of you should be mindful when it comes to sharing your personal details with a selfish person that’s around you because this person may be blabbing out your business during an argument or just out of the middle of nowhere. Some of you could be running into someone who you have a lot of feelings for but you won’t necessarily know what to say. This actually may be an ex and some of you still love this person but you don’t you don't know what to do because they may be tied up in a different situation. So there’s no sense in putting any energy into this because it will likely just end up in a heartbreak. So accept what is so that you can move forward.Travel is highlighted by the end of the week and some of you may be making travel plans to go see someone that you are in a long-distance relationship with. Some of you will actually have two of your soulmate in your life during this time, and you don’t know which one to choose. They both may be of the same zodiac sign so that could complicate things. But again this person who is at a distance that you feel like is your soulmate, you’re not wrong, but this is a karmic relationship and it’s not meant to make it to the end. A relationship that you have with a friend could be changing, but it’s in a good way. There’s a friend that you had in high school or college that you will be reconnecting with during this time and things will go good for you. Some of you may be moving back home or you could be moving in with a family member during this time so you can get back on your feet. Even though you may have to go backwards a step it actually is a good decision so don’t worry too much about it.

There is good news coming through for you this week and it may be on the educational front or it may involve some sort of travel that you could be doing. Some of you will be getting some sort of peace offering or some type of gift from someone that you used to have a romantic connection with. This person is trying to apologize and ask for a second chance although you may decide in the end to just remain single. Some of you will have a Pisces coming back into your life and this is somebody that you’ve been dreaming of, thinking of, or you've just been trying to manifest back into your energy. This person actually may end up calling you and asking you out to dinner or to lunch. If you’ve been searching for your life purpose then this week you will run across it but it seems like you were already in the right direction, but you’ll be getting confirmation by the end of the week. It's a good week to publish something or to start some sort of blog. Or if you were thinking about starting some sort of import/export business then you can have success with this by the end of the week if you are trying to launch a website. It’s best to get this out between the 17th and the 19th. Some of you could be gaining a sister/brother and one of your parents could be getting married during this time or a sibling is getting married. Or you may be gaining a child because you could come together with someone with kids and you and this person will end up getting married. Your mind is in a good place right now and it's best not to cloud your judgment with negative people or negative things. Some of you definitely need to clean out your closet or clean out your space because it’s too cluttered and new energy cannot come in. You could be getting a new car this week or you if you are going house hunting you can find the one that you’re looking for. I actually feel like that you will be renting not buying yet.

You may be feeling pressured during this week when it comes to settling down, having a family or getting married. Some of you may be laser focused on the topic of marriage with a partner that you’ve been with for the last 3 to 5 years. Someone that you’re dealing with or you keeps changing your mind when it comes to commitment but yet you keep holding on. There will be some sort of paper, email, or some sort of letter that you will be getting in the mail and there will be some sort of confirmation to you about something that’s been weighing heavily on your mind. Some libras may be going through with a divorce during this time especially if you have kids with an earth sign and you just feel that you cannot do this anymore. Some of you will be making a decision to go back to school to finish your degree or to start working on your masters or doctorate. Someone around you is being quite stubborn and this person is not wanting to hear you out. Also you may be dealing with someone who keeps constantly cutting you off and you feel that this person is demeaning you in a way. You could be getting recognition during this time when it comes to a boss or some of you may be asked to step up to a new position. It does seem that someone could be retiring or someone may be taking a step back because they are having a baby and they will be asking you to fill-in for this person’s position. There's a great possibility this could turn into a permanent thing so make sure that you do your best. A better career opportunity will be coming up in the next two weeks and some of you this may require you to move to a new city. In the end if you are stuck between two people and you don't know who the right one is, it seems that it is the water sign with fire in their chart. Right now you have to make a choice on what path you want to walk on. Some of you are waiting for somebody else to tell you if they want to move forward with you in a commitment and then you'll make a decision in terms of what you want to do with your life. No, you have to go ahead and make the choice now, if they’re meant to be with you they will catch up.

You’ll be going through some sort of ending during this time and some of you it may have something to do with medical issues. Some of you could actually find out that someone has been betraying you behind your back and this will cause you to have to let this situation go. If you are dealing with an air sign and you have given this person another chance, it seems that this person will be letting you down again. There will be changes happening in your life over the rest of this month and through the middle of December and some of these changes will be quite uncomfortable. Some of you will be going through a change when it pertains to your career sector and during this time you may have to lean on someone for help. Others of you will be going through an ending when it pertains to your family. There’s nowhere else to go from this point but up and also some of you guys will find out that someone’s intentions aren't what you thought they were. You may be having communication issues with a lot of people during this time and that could be the reason for endings. So some of these endings happening could simply just be because of a miscommunication but someone’s ego/pride is too high to admit that they are wrong. Right now you really need to take special care of your body because some of you may be having a flare up when it pertains to asthma or an autoimmune disease. Some of you may have to make an unexpected move when it comes to your job and this could be because your job is phasing out or it could be that they are moving you to a new department. The reason why this is such a big uncomfortable change for you is because you’ve gotten settled and changes feel like nails on a chalkboard. This is the week for you to learn how to go with the flow and stop trying to figure out a way to control the outcome. Good news is, there will be some sort of new offer coming in after this ending and it involves finances. Some of you may be having to dip into your savings or your 401(k) during this week or coming up in the next 15 days or 15 weeks because of some sort of financial change. A break up with a Capricorn or earth sign could be coming between now and April. Some of you are breaking up with someone because you don’t feel that this person is stable and you feel that you can’t depend on this person, so you may decide to leave them behind for this reason.

You will be finding balance during this week if you are dealing with a water sign. Some of you may be meeting a new water sign and you may be getting to know this person better. A friend will be giving you advice during this week when it pertains to a father or mother situation. You really need to pay attention to your dreams or the synchronicities that you are seeing because your angels are trying to speak to you. Getting involved in the arts may bring a sense of joy to you during this time. Some of you could be drawing, painting, or even thinking about getting into the field of being a tattoo artist. Some of you will be getting out of the friend zone when it pertains to a water sign or air sign person by the end of the week. You may need to stop trying to force this person to move in the direction that you want them to and you could probably get further. Interviews could be coming up for some of you that may have gotten some sort of rejection letter from a company in the month of September. This company could be reaching out to you again to see if you are open to fill the position. You may think about it for about 48 hours but in the end you will tell them that you will decide to do it. This opportunity may actually require you to leave behind something that you’re already doing. Is it the right decision? Only you know that truth based off of what your gut says. An air sign person will be apologizing to you during this time and if you’re not committed you may be deciding to talk to two people at the same time. One water and one air. The air sign person seems to have crossed you or betrayed you in some type of manner when it came to talking to somebody else behind your back. So you may entertain this person just to turn them down at a later time but in the end I still see you heading towards the water sign.

This week is all about choices and the choices you make will determine what your future will be like for the next two, 10, or even 15 years. Some of you are going to give a fire sign another chance or a Scorpio but you’re not really sure if this person wants the same thing that you want. Right now you’re thinking about your self worth and your value and you’re trying to figure out if the people around you really value you for who you truly are. Some of you are being judged by somebody you’re in a connection with and you wish this person would just stop and just let you be yourself. Some of you are having difficulties when it comes to being removed out of the friend zone. Or there is a connection where one person sees the situation as just friends. Even though you guys may be trying to make this situation work there isn’t a real big sense of destiny tied to this person. So if you decide to move on you will still find love and get true love. The field of writing will be really good for you during this time, so if you were trying to publish something it’s best to get it out now. Some of you are still waiting on somebody to pick up the phone or to come back into your life because you may have expected that they would’ve returned by now. You may be distancing yourself from your mother or a fire sign simply because this person is acting quite jealous or insecure toward you. This week you have to make a decision for yourself in order for you to get more out of life. Also someone could be changing their mind on wanting to get married. Even though there is uncertainty in the air you will try to stick in this situation until March and if things are still the same then you decide to leave the situation behind.

Your feelings will be deepening for an air sign person that you are in communication with. Right now some of you may be feeling very fertile or you are feeling quite motherly. You may be wanting to have another child if you already have them. Or if you don’t have any kids you will be having baby fever. Be careful about being overly trusting or being gullible during this time because people will be pulling at your heartstrings but they may not follow through with what they’re saying. Towards the end of the week you may start to become more passive towards people especially your mother. Or a female going to try to reach out to you and talk to you but you may be ignoring this person. Some of you could be having bladder issues during this time if you have been consuming a lot of caffeine or juice. I’m getting kidney stones and some of you may be having an issue with that this week. Court cases when it pertains to separation or children will be coming up. You should be very mindful because an ex you still have an obligation to may be being shady towards you in some sort of away. You and a boss may not be seeing eye to eye at this time but give it a few days and things will go back to normal. If you were expecting a promotion this week or before the end of the year that will be put on hold for another four, 11, or 14 months. It’s a good week to work on manifesting something new and some of you can do this by journaling or you could do this by practicing meditation. This week is all about balance so if something is not coming through for you it's because it's not in line with your soul's purpose and it’s time to put it to the side. Those of you that are single could be meeting an older fire, air, or water sign person. This person seems to be quite demanding so you could be apprehensive about moving forward with this person at first. However, this person has a softer side that you will eventually get to see if you decide to hang in there with them. Some of you have to stop thinking that someone is always hiding something from you especially when it comes to trying to meet new people. Just try to go with the flow and give it a chance to get to know them first before you jump ship

You are feeling unappreciated by another water sign during this week. Some of you are struggling on your journey because you want more but you’re not appreciating where you’re at right now. Some of you may be fearful that somebody is replacing you when it comes to your family or when it comes to your career. Even though you are good at something, some of you have stopped learning in this career field so you could be doing better. New things will come in once you start appreciating where you’re already at. Some of you are trying to move too fast to the next thing that you’re forgetting about where you’re at right now. Some of you may be disappointed to find out that someone isn’t necessarily missing you as much as you miss them. Or it seems that someone is coming across like they don’t care about your emotions. You really want someone to offer you a cup of love but yet they’re not giving you the kind of offer that you’ve given them. So even though you want to walk away from this person a part of you keeps hanging on to see if maybe with your absence this person will change. But you’re focusing on the wrong things right now. If you just went through a defeat on the romantic front some of you guys may start to miss your ex that you dated back in 2015, 16, or 17. There is a soulmate connection to this person and because you feel that connection you will still maintain hope. Some of you may even decide to reach out at the end the week to this person and try again. However you’re still running into the issue of this person not giving you what you want. Some of you may be making the journey to a new place in the new year for work purposes or some of you could make a new journey to a new place next year for love. Think before you leap. You can have success with technology during this week if you have some type of online shop or you are trying to get into the field of communications. You’re calling may lie in the medical field, in the travel field, or in the field of entertainment. Look at something from a different angle to get a better result when it comes to your life purpose. Some of you may look at a friend in a different light and you may start to catch feelings for this person. But once January hits you may feel like what was I thinking. The only love I see coming in for you doing this week is with the person that you’ve already dealt with before. However, you question if this person has true feelings at all. But like I said you will still give this person another chance because you do care about them but this person has control in the relationship. So if they want it to work it will work if they don’t want it to work then it won’t work.

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