Weekly Horoscopes Nov 24-30: Finding Peace Outside of Love

You may be feeling dissatisfied with your family or your love life right now. Some sort of offer that you’ve been waiting to receive is still on pause or it has been delayed completely. You may not be feeling appreciated by your mom right now especially if she is having health issues and you are having to take care of her. Or this could be when it pertains to your kids if you are having to take care of them while they are sick. You may have a water sign person on your mind who you feel is still holding on making a decision about commitment. There is a chapter in your life that you were having difficulty closing because you still want to give it one more chance. But this week there’s no point in looking back over your shoulder to see if this person is coming back in because right now they are not interested. If you are dealing with somebody new then you may be feeling by the end of the week that you and this person just don’t click or you really just aren’t that attracted to them. You want to make changes right now but for this week it’s best to just focus on where you’re at currently and the future will come at a later time. You may be cutting off a jealous family member during this time who you feel is trying to bring you down every time you try to be positive.

You may be doing something different with your living area during this time. Some of you may be having issues when it pertains to your roof in your home or when it pertains to your car. You may be feeling quite festive during this time and some of you will be decorating your home for the holidays with friends or family. There may be some sort of event that you could be invited to attend in the next four days and this will help you to get your mind off of things. There’s some sort of project that you’ve been working on since April or you’ve been thinking about starting something new since that time and this week you will finally sit down and get serious about planning this out. Designing clothes or dealing with some type of design will be good for you during this week. A fire sign could be coming into you during this week and there is a strong sense of compatibility between you and this person. Some of you have to be mindful of still dealing with someone who lives with an ex because there’s no intention of leaving this behind anytime soon. The color red or blue could be of significance to you during this time. Some of you could be getting engaged during the holidays. A female coworker or boss could be giving you some sort of work project that will be perfect for you and it could lead to a promotion.

You could be going through a break up or dealing with some sort of financial difficulties by the end of this week. Some of you have no peace of mind when it pertains to a child situation or a love situation. This isn’t the best time when it comes to having your way with the public. So if you are trying to sell something you may not have much luck for the rest of this month. I know you’re looking for someone to support you because you may be dealing with a illness or you may be trying to go a different direction for your career but no one seems to believe in what you’re doing. Your ego may be keeping you holding onto the situation that has already ran it’s course. Some of you may be dealing with insomnia or you may be having bad dreams when it pertains to an ex or kids. An earth sign friend who is around you will be able to help you if you are having difficulties financially. Some of you have been putting off paying back some sort of debt or paying some sort of bill and this company or even landlord could be coming after you more before the month is over. Even in your relationships you feel that something is missing. And what’s missing could be the love, or even the care. This person may have had these things when you first started dealing with one another but now this relationship is as dry as the Sahara desert. Some of you may be stressing yourself out right now because you don’t know how you’re going to make your kids have a happy Christmas without any money. But something will come through the second week of December that will help to alleviate some of the stress.

You may be feeling overburdened when it pertains to your work this week. Some of you just don’t know how to stop worrying or to stop working so this may be leading to some sort of health issue within the next 10 days. Some of you will be having issues with your lungs or this could just be a sinus infection. You also may be feeling the need to let go of an earth sign or to let go of someone who you feel has gotten too complacent in your relationship. This week you are just wanting help and you feel that you are having to do all the heavy lifting and this person is watching you do it. And because you feel that this person is not being attentive to your needs there may be an argument that will start by Thursday or Sunday of this week. Some of you may be concerned that a boss does not like you or they are unhappy with your performance and you could be fearful that they are thinking about letting you go. Those of you that are looking for work will still have difficulties in this area but an older fire sign could be of help to you when it comes to. Some of you will have some sort of leadership role bestowed upon you unexpectedly and you will feel overwhelmed as if you won’t be able to handle this task. But you have to put your fears to the side because they wouldn’t give you this if you couldn’t do it. Also be careful about someone making up accusations about you they are not true. This person may be trying to damage your reputation just because no one is paying attention to them. Don’t let your anger speak for you during this time and find another way to deal with it.

There will be an apology coming in from an air sign during this week and this could be a romantic interest or this could even be a father figure. A new beginning is about to start and although it is difficult it is a new beginning. So it’s best right now to look at the brighter side of things. Some of you will be getting the truth that someone doesn’t want to move forward even though last week they may have said let’s give this another go. But the truth is they weren’t really convinced that this was going to work the second time around, so now the truth will be on the table so that you and this person can go your own separate ways. You may feel the need to chase after someone to get another explanation but don’t waste your time. If you’ve had communication issues since the beginning of this month, this is a good week to get down to the bottom of those issues. You may spend the weekend cleaning out your closet or you may spend the week changing something about your look. Issues with your eyesight or gastrointestinal issues could be happening between now and Friday this week. Someone around you has changed into a different person and you aren’t really liking it. So by December 15 you’ll be having a conversation with this person to let them know that you don’t like who they’re becoming and if they don’t change then you will walk away. Some of you may be feeling antsy about starting a new beginning just because you’re not a fan of your situation right now. But now isn’t the time to try to run for anything because it will likely fail. Your new beginnings will happen once January hits.

You will be getting confirmation this week that you are on the right path. Be careful when it comes to someone trying to convince you of a different answer when you know what’s right. There may be different people coming into your Life trying to throw you off your game but you have to keep your eye on the prize. You could feel a strong pull into public speaking or getting into the field of communications during this time. Some of you may even step in to the field of blogging, acting, filmmaking, or jewelry design. You do love someone and you could be pushing a little bit to get this person to tell you how they feel about you. But be very careful because some of you may push too much and this person will walk away in January. It’s a good week to sell stuff if you were thinking about opening up some type of online shop. Some of you will be getting a visit from your ancestors and I’m picking up a grandmother. So make sure you are paying extra attention to signs, symbols, and your dreams for the next 18 days. What you’re working on can be long lasting but you have to stay the course. Some of you may be deciding to get married at the justice of the peace instead of having a wedding if you are engaged or dealing with a strong air sign or another Virgo. If you are seeing lady bugs , 777, or 111 this is a sign that you are on the right path and some sort of work will be coming your way.

You will be having success during this time and some of you may feel extra victorious because you may be having control over a fire sign person that you are dealing with. It seems that this person is now more interested in what you need or what will make you happy so you will roll with this as long as you can. Victory will be happening when it pertains to your work sector and also some of you may be thinking about starting some sort of charity or organization. This idea still seems to be in the discovery phase and it seems to not be a bad thing to move forward on but you have to stop stopping and starting. You also could be focused on your health during this time and you could be starting a new workout routine or some of you could be deciding to start back playing some sort of sport that you used to do when you were little. You won’t have any issues finding anybody new for those of you that are single. A lot of fire sign people will be attracted to you during this week and these individuals just may be for fun. So try not to take it so seriously. There will be some sort of recognition award that you could be receiving during this time. Some of you have Books heavily on your mind so you could start some sort of book club, bookstore or you may move toward writing a book that you’ve been putting off for the last 4-6 years.

You’ll be focusing on heading in a new direction during this time. Some of you will find out that a baby is on the way either by you or by somebody else that is close to you. There may be some sort of drama coming into you from a sibling or a younger air sign associate. You are back to square one and trying to figure out what direction you are heading in your life. Your purpose has something to deal with kids, agents, food, or communication. Someone may be running away from you when you are trying to ask them what do they see in this connection. This person won’t have an answer for you so they will decide to make up an excuse to avoid the question or to just simply leave. This may be a karmic relationship right now especially if you and this person are constantly back-and-forth between together or not together and have a major communication issue. The whole point of this connection is to help you learn how to communicate better when it pertains to love but also learn how to say what you want. Even though this situation or relationship may not last you have to look at the bigger picture and see what you need to learn in this situation first before you move forward. Someone may not be giving you the attention that you were looking for at this time so you may go seek attention elsewhere. Be very careful about seeking attention with an ex because they may reach out to your current person and that won’t end well.

This week will be a transformative week for you especially when it pertains to your hopes and dreams. Awards, recognition or just general good vibes with the public will be happening over the next 17 weeks or it could last as long as 17 months. An air sign person that you were dealing with may be giving you hope when it pertains to a reconciliation but you are not necessarily sold on this. A small victory when it pertains to something that you’ve been manifesting will be coming through by the beginning of next week and you want to share this with people but be very mindful because not everyone will be happy for you. Some of you may be dealing with trauma from your past during this week when it comes to abandonment issues. Because of abandonment issues some of you guys may want to ghost a situation before you give it a chance because you just don’t want to be hurt. Your birthday month will be very good for you especially on the change front. Some of you will be changing for the better and it will show because more and more things will start to manifest quicker. If you dealt with a water sign is in your past you may be making a decision to wait for this person to come back because you feel that this person is the one. However, waiting on this person could mean that you could end up waiting for forever because they have no intentions of coming back at this time. Also writing or blogging will be really fruitful for you in the next 9 to 17 years. So you are free to put yourself out there when it pertains to this. A elder may need your help during this time and some of you could be welcoming in visitors for the holidays by the end of this week. Not a bad week to think about getting some plants or starting a garden.

You are walking away from something during this week. But while you are walking away you’re hoping that this will make this person realize that you are serious about not being around anymore. Your heart feels that this separation is temporary however this person is still doing the same old things. So this week you may be too stuck in the energy of trying to get someone to change to be better for you instead of realizing they’re going to change if they feel they need to change. You could be dealing with dehydration, or kidney issues during this time. Some of you have to take a step back when it comes to the amount of sugar that you are consuming. New friends could be coming into your life over the next eight weeks but in order to bring in something new, something old has to go. So if you left behind a long-term friendship don’t worry too much because their replacement will be coming in soon. In order to follow your dreams or get to where you want to go you may have to follow this journey on your own. Some of you are feeling sad because a partner who you thought was going to support you in a journey has decided not to do so. But just because that’s the case doesn’t mean that you can just give up on what you wanna do. Keep forging ahead. You may feel it’s best to keep your distance during this time when it comes to partnerships. Some of you will be going through your own transformation and once you get done you may not even be interested in this person anymore. Some of you that have broken up with someone could be turning back the hands of time and sleeping with an ex to help you feel better. An appointment to the dentist may be good for you because some of you guys are having issues with your teeth. You also may have to get a new phone before the year is over with. Some of you may be putting in your two weeks notice when it pertains to your career because you were just burned out and you can’t do it anymore at this toxic work environment. If you have a business you may be walking away for some time to figure out if this is really what you want to do. It may not be because it seems that your path is about to change

Some of you may be making some sort of cross country move during this time or you could be thinking about it. Some of you that are in school may be thinking about wanting to study abroad in a different country or if you have been wanting to go back to school you can take the steps towards filling out the application by the end of the week. If you’ve already moved to a different place, you are starting to miss home. But it seems you’ve already took the leap so you are trying to follow through with it however you don’t know how much longer you can stay in the place that you’re at. This week you also may be feeling pulled towards learning a new language or some of you will be changing your career to something completely different. The career that you may be going into may deal with education, psychology, or medicine. A chapter will be closing in your life during this week but it’s not a bad thing because you’ve already accepted it for what it is back in October. So this month you are just doing some last minute cleanup whenever it comes to this cycle. Be mindful when it comes to low blood sugar or some of you may be having issues pertaining to your heart. Don’t let people stress you out or it will lead to severe health issues. Photography is coming up and some of you guys may have to take pictures when it pertains to some sort of career shift or you may be thinking about getting into the field of photography. The Internet will bring you success if you have to deal with it when it pertains to your career this week. Some of you may be thinking about using an alias of some sort when it pertains to this new career field that you’re going and it isn’t a bad thing. It’s good to keep some things to yourself. Some of you may find love with someone from a different country or you will find love with someone who lives in a different state.

This week you are finally getting to a better place when it comes to your emotions. A water sign friend will help you during this time to talk you through your issues or talk through your situation. There is a soulmate person around you but you’re unsure if this person wants to be serious with you. Some of you may not really want to be serious at all but it seems someone is coming in to change your mind about that. If you’re not ready then make sure you let that be known. There will be someone who will be wooing you with gifts or trying to woo you back into their energy. I am picking up a heavy Scorpio or Capricorn person. Some of you guys could be taking some sort of a business trip or you could be getting a new car before the end of this week. There is some sort of business idea or you are thinking about applying to a different company and it does seem that this will go well. This is the time to focus on your achievements and focus on your future so love may have to take a backseat for now. If you are in a relationship with another water sign, then this person will understand where you are coming from and won’t bother you much while you take care of what you need to take care of. If you are dealing with a fire sign person this person may decide to take a step back from the relationship all together so that you can figure out what you want to do. If you are dealing with an earth sign, this person will be trying to help you along this journey by financially supporting you or just being emotionally supportive. If you’re dealing with an air sign they have secrets and they really don’t care if you leave or not. You could be buying yourself some sort of jewelry during this time or you are buying some sort of gift for self-care. Some of you have to stop waiting for somebody to come back into your life and make the decision to move on. You will be gaining new friends, true friends during these next six weeks and it’s just what you need to move forward into the next step of your life. Some of you may fall in love with a friend and it’s actually not a bad connection so you may even decide to move forward with marriage with this person. Court cases or court situations dealing with child support could resolve in your favor during this time or if you are afraid of moving on and afraid this person won’t help you, you will go to the courts for help and have success with that.


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