Weekly Horoscopes Nov. 3-9: Communication is a Must

Fast communication will be coming in by Wednesday or Friday of this week. Some of you will be going to visit a new love interest before the end of this month or if you are not planning to meet somebody new then you could meet this person by Thursday or Sunday of this week. An ex or someone that you ran away from due to non-commitment could be hitting you up, but it seems like it’s a one night stand. You are ready to take a leap of faith in a new direction and this may require you to move, travel, or some of you it could be heading into a career where it requires you to write more. Some of you may be playing phone tag with an air sign or this is a cat and mouse game that’s been going since 2018. It seems that someone can’t make up their mind in terms of what is important to them or who they want to commit to so the cycle continues. You don’t have to hang on anymore and some of you guys are waiting for someone to respond back to your text messages or you’re simply just waiting for somebody to give you a reason to leave. If you want to leave don’t use somebody else as an excuse to stay. If you are working on starting a new beginning that deals with eighth house things, which would include sex, spirituality, research, psychology, esthetician or plastic surgery industry, then you could have unexpected success in these areas. Some of you should be very mindful of your clumsiness this week especially when it pertains to stairs or working out. But overall you will be very bubbly and goofy during this time, so this week should be fairly easy. Also be careful about someone around you hitting below the belt when it comes to them insulting you. Mind over matter at this point, and it is best that you just don’t respond. It actually may be time for you to reevaluate if you want this person in your life anymore because it seems that they should’ve gotten left behind at the beginning of this year.

This week you’ll be finding balance in areas pertaining to your partnerships. Especially if you are dealing with a water or air sign person that is two years younger or two years older than you. For those of you wondering if this connection can go the distance, the energy is saying that it is likely this is a connection that can last for the next 11 years. Some of you may be dealing with court cases or court situations when it pertains to a friend or this may be some sort of financial obligation you didn’t fulfill. There will be truth and a new beginning to this situation. Some of you will not get the result that you were looking for and others of you will have to appeal in the future. Some of you are still on the hunt for this fire sign person that keeps running from you or this fire sign person will be coming toward you before the end of the week. Some of you are feeling pulled to distance yourself from someone who you feel has had you on a merry go round of emotions for the last year. Some of you Virgos may make the decision to move back in with someone you used to date for financial reasons or you are moving in with a friend until you can get back on your feet. Or some of you may be extending this hand to a friend or a family member. Even whenever it pertains to your career, it seems that where you’re at is the best way for you to speak your truth and live your truth, so no need to expect much changes in your career sector for the next two years. Most importantly some of you need to stop changing your mind when it comes to the past and just get to a point where you are happy about the decision you made in This situation. Some of you should be careful because you or a partner seems to be visiting with their past even though you’re in a connection with someone else. So I would say make sure that you don’t get caught out with your pants down. Someone may be afraid to let go or move on because they’re afraid of making the wrong decision, but again it seems where you are at, this brings the most balance in your life. It’s time to face facts and it’s time to face reality. What you were expecting to do when you were 17 is behind you now. It’s time to accept things for what they are and make the best out of your situation. If you are dealing with a fire sign you are close to finally walking away from this person.

You may be having issues with your lower half during this week. Some of you may be having issues when it pertains to lower back, ankles, feet, or specifically the arch in your foot. There will be a quick change of events in your work sector during this time, and this includes getting more responsibility or there will be a wave of more work that needs to be done. Some of you should be very mindful of losing paperwork or forgetting to file paperwork as this could come back and bite you around the 18th of this month. Some of you are trying hard to work out a situation with someone who came in pretty fast or this relationship moved pretty fast, but now it’s losing its steam. You may not be in the mood for love during this week as you may feel that it’s a distraction. Someone is trying to get your attention, but you may feel that this person is all out of chances. Don’t get caught up in conspiracy theories during this week as some of you will be avoiding the facts to an important situation. Someone who you know that is in the military will be returning home during this time or some of you could meet someone in the military. A person that you are connected to romantically may try to boss you around during this time. Also be mindful that you don’t oversleep, because some of you will and you may already be on a warning at work for attendance. The idea of marriage or there will be a conversation about marriage that will come up during this week and it may not go too well. Some of you Tauruses feelings have changed for somebody that you are in a relationship with but you’re afraid to tell them. So you will likely sit in silence for the next three years. If you’re with another earth sign or air sign this situation will be coming to an end soon. Within the next 10 to 12 months for some of you. Also, if you break up with someone then they may try to take you to court and sue you or they will become a problem in a way, so be prepared. Or you may move on from this person quicker than they were expecting and they may try to retaliate against you in some type of a way when it pertains to gifts or things that they gave during your relationship.

If you were looking for a new beginning this week then you may have to wait a little bit longer. Especially if you were looking to reap the rewards of some type of investment that you made two years ago or within the last year and a half. A cycle in your life will be ending during this week, but you’re not sure how you feel about that. It may deal with your career or it actually may be the end to a partnership or marriage. Some of you may not know if this connection is worth salvaging anymore, or some of you are manifesting in somebody that you used to communicate with. This may be someone that lives in another country or they just live at a distance from you. They never really told you why they didn’t want to commit. But you may feel there’s something else to the story. Some of you may be dealing with some type of loss in your life whether it's financially speaking or it may deal with siblings, extended family of some sort. The loss doesn’t have to be physically speaking, it could be mentally or emotionally speaking. This week you are just wishing for someone to talk to that will understand where you’re coming from. Some of you are wanting to go back to school to further your education but I don’t see you accomplishing this this week. Contrary to popular belief, 70% of you guys are already on the right path, you just feel that there’s more to this path that you’re on. You’re not wrong, but now is not the time to get lost in your head or to get lost in speculating about a bunch of things that you know nothing about. Those of you that are trying to get pregnant may get news from the doctor this week that you have some sort of fertility issue. Or if you are dealing with someone and you want to have a child then they will let you know that they are all dried up. Those of you in a connection may just be looking for a reason to fight, even though you and this person have strong communication. Don’t be a bully or make sure that this person isn’t being a bully during this time. Also stop taking other people's opinion into consideration so much about your relationship. Either you want it to work or you don’t. Now on the other hand those of you that are dissolving your partnership, it seems that you have much better communication outside of you living under the same roof. Especially if you are dealing with a fire sign with air in their chart. If you or this person decide to move away from this relationship, just know that this is the end and there will be no more reconciliations in this connection. If you already have a water sign child with somebody and you’re still hoping for a reconciliation, you might as well hang it up because not gonna happen. Those of you that are single, there will be another water sign that will be coming in, but there is illusion attached to this person because of their child’s parent or they are still married. A relocation to a warmer place or nearby city will happen by the year 2022

You may be getting a visit from your ancestors between the seventh and the ninth of this week. They will be visiting you in a dream so you better listen up or make sure that you write it down whenever you wake up. If you are looking to get some sort of help when it pertains to the government or something dealing with taxes or loans, then you could have some success with this during this time. However the funds may not come until the week after next. Some of you may be thinking about getting married or some of you that are already in the process of getting married, may decide to go smaller. Meaning you may decide to go to the justice of the peace or have a very very small ceremony. Those of you that are already in marriages or even long-term connections, you could be thinking about seeking counsel during this time. There may be issues pertaining to the back or neck at the beginning or middle of next week. Some of you may be getting some things Back from somebody who you were in a relationship with 5 to 11 years or months ago. It seems someone was still keeping some of your stuff, but now they will be giving it back to you or they will inform you that they will be throwing it away. So they may have been holding your energy hostage in a way and now you are free. You may be getting questioned during this time from friends or from a father on when will you get married or when will you settle down for those of you not in a connection. If you don’t have an answer then you don’t have an answer. But also don’t get in your feelings about this question. Those of you that are dealing with another air sign or Leo, Pisces, or Taurus, this person is your divine protection. So your life will do a 180 with this person and this union looks like it’s supposed to last based off of what is best for you via your angels. However the issue comes from a place of unappreciative energy. Or there is an issue when it pertains to someone’s ex wife or ex that keeps dragging them to court. Someone is letting things that are outside of their control dictate the outcome or the energy of this current connection. And this is where this is going to fail if someone doesn’t get it together. Someone also needs to stop entertaining their ex from the past or thinking about entertaining their ex from the past. Some of you libras that have been single for the last three years or since 2015, you may make a decision this week that you’re not even gonna worry about a long-term partnership. You may change your mind on this in the next 11 months but for now you may feel that love is a blur. If you are trying to get a business off of the ground by seeking partnerships or seeking an investor then you will get a rejection from the first person, however by the end of Scorpio season you will find someone that is interested. If you are dealing with someone that has to pay child support, you might as well get over it because this is their obligation now. So either you’re going to accept it or you going to reject it. But either way you can’t have it both ways. If you need any financial help an uncle or best friend will be of help to you, as long as you pay them back

Even though you ended a situation with someone, you still may be waiting on this person to change. Some of you may be dealing with a Capricorn or Aquarius person and now you don’t know what to do with this situation. If you have moved away to a different state from where you were originally at, you may be having second thoughts. You are trying to find a way to make extra money during this time, and some of you will be going back to a career or business that you used to do back in 2017 or 2018. However this business or this new career may not make it because you are trying to do it the same way that failed in the past. So now is the time to sit back and come up with a better plan based off of how times have changed. Some of you may be juggling between two people. Or you are being juggled between. There may be a very selfish or self-centered person around you who doesn't have a good balance when it comes to work and family life. You may have already had a conversation with this person about it before, but it seems they’re going back to their old ways. So you have to ask yourself is this person really paying attention to you and do they really care about your feelings. You will be getting messages from your angels or ancestors through the music that you listen to during this time. Some of you may need to stick to listening to a softer kind of genre because anything harder or too fast paced may mess with your vibration. Even if you’re working out, a softer approach to your music will work wonders. Some of you also may be frustrated because you still have ties to your past but it seems this is a situation outside of your control . This is a very karmic week for you and you have to make a decision if it’s going to be money or if it’s going to be love. Because some of you will struggle when it comes to trying to have both. A partnership may end because someone is working too much or someone is about to end a partnership to go work things out with their past. If you’re dealing with a Virgo then there will be a walking away between you and this person over the next eight weeks or by March 2021. If you’ve already walked away from this person in your heart of hearts you feel that this is temporary but you’ll be shocked to know that this person has already moved on. So it’s time for you to do that. If you are making plans to travel during this week then these plans could get cancelled.

There will be an offer coming to you about reconciling with the past. This could be another water sign or it could be an air sign person. But when it comes to this person in the past you felt that you were not strong enough or you felt that your self-esteem was really low. So you have a decision to make when it pertains to this person and some of you this seems to be a blended family situation. Due to it being a blended family situation, that could be where the difficulty lies. Some of you are wondering if someone can make you happy for the long term. No matter how many times you ask yourself that question you still don’t have an answer. Others of you are questioning your purpose and also the path that you are currently on. But it seems that you’re not even paying attention to what's in front of you because your soul is aligned with whatever career your in. Even if the company isn’t that great the career field is your match. So instead of trying to find a different career path, just find a different company. Also over the next two weeks or two months you should mind the company that you keep. There will be a temptation that will pop up whenever it pertains to your connection and someone is going to have to practice restraint. Marriage also seems to be off of the table in a connection however it's not saying that they don’t want to stick it out for the long haul. However if you feel that you don’t want to compromise on that then just say that. A new offer will be coming in on the work front but it may not be until spring of 2021. However the energy is already here. Those of you that are single, there will be a new love interest that you could meet through your business or through a fire sign coworker or sibling. You should also be mindful of your temper during this week, because some of you may take something too far and you will feel bad about it later on. Some of you, there already may be a love interest around you that is trying to date you or get to know you, but you keep rejecting this person. There may be a disagreement or some type of ending to a friendship during this time. Some of you also need to go for a check up because you are having issues when it pertains to your lungs, stomach or sinuses. Also a sibling of yours that is a water sign or air sign is telling your business behind your back. For the most part you are already in touch with your destiny, even though you want to reject it because it’s not what you thought it was gonna be.

You may get caught in a fantasy world during this time. Some of you guys dreams may be very interesting over the next six weeks. So I advise that you keep some sort of a dream journal or you go and seek the help of some sort of dream interpreter. Try to refrain from traveling at night, especially if it’s cold or there is rain in the forecast. Some of you are feeling wary or unsure whenever it pertains to some type of long-distance travel and I would say to trust your gut. Some of you may be making some sort of long-distance move whenever it pertains to love but you have this fear that you may end up coming back home. Some of you are wanting a career change, and you could make that happen but it won’t be until your birthday month of next year. You are moving away from fear during this time for some of you whenever it pertains to your emotions, but be careful because you may go back-and-forth back-and-forth between fear and strength for the next 18 weeks. Yes changes are scary, but it’s not a bad thing. If you are dealing with a cancer you may be making a decision to move forward with this person because of the patience that they have towards you. Some of you may be dealing with legal issues whenever it pertains to breaking the lease or something to deal with cars. From now until February is the time for you not to cut corners. And some of you will be wanting to take the easy way out. Also be mindful of being lazy and others of you will be feeling lethargic. An air sign X will be coming in to you by the end of the week or the month to issue an apology. This seems to be old news however you will still listen to what they have to say. If you were trying to learn something new or if you were trying to deal with things pertaining to education then you can have defeat or struggles in this area over the next 5 to 9 days. Some of you there will be some news coming pertaining to an elder, I am picking up a grandfather. Some of you may not have that big of an appetite this week, so make sure that you try to eat something. Disappointment could be happening when it pertains to the public or dealing with the public. So I would say it’s best for you to mind your words for the next few weeks. Some of you may need a makeover or you need a new wardrobe. If you were trying to bring back to life a business from the past, you have moved past this so let it go. Or if you were trying to go back to a certain career from your past it's saying that they are not willing to open the doors to you again. It’s best to wait for a different week to sell your assets because you won’t get what you are asking for during this time

You will be gaining progress when it pertains to your bank account during this week. If you are looking to apply for any sort of loans when it pertains to school or whenever it pertains to vehicles then you could have success. Some of you may be trying to take things to the next step with a friend by revealing your feelings. However a part of you may be scarred because of your last relationship. Now if you just got out of a relationship it may be best for you this week to work on a friendship first. If you've been helping out a friend or a friend has been staying with you, then you could get relief during this time as they will be moving to their own place. Even though this is a good week for getting approved for things, some of you may easily overdo it and you may not pay back what you’re borrowing. If you were looking for a promotion during this time then there may be some disappointment in the area, however finances will still be doing well. Some of you may have to let go of a friend because they did not pay back the money you loaned them. Those of you that want to move to a new place could be doing so between now and the month of March. This is a move to a place where you may not have much family or many friends. But, If you are looking to make more money this is the place to go. Some of you may be dealing with codependency when it comes to your work sector. And your soul may be ready for you to do something else. Even though you make good money you feel it's time for a change. Again, this change or your destiny likely resides in a different place from where you’re at now. It doesn’t have to be a completely different state it could be a different city two hours away. Now if you've moved back-and-forth between states or cities over the last four years, before the year is up you will make a final decision of where you want to settle down at. If you are dealing with a Libra or a fixed sign, then you and this person will decide to settle down with one another before November or April of next year.

Right now you are pushing and fighting for change to happen in your life. Some of you may be pushing for changes in another person that you are trying to be in a commitment with. There will be arguments on the emotional front with a Leo or Scorpio person that you are dealing with. Some of you keep trying to get this person to change but it’s evident they are who they are. Someone may be bothering you during this time for help on something, but it seems that this person takes advantage of the help that you give them. If you aren’t dealing with a Leo or a Scorpio, then you and your partner could be arguing about a Leo or a Scorpio. I see some of you may feel that there is a red flag being waved when it pertains to your sex life. Because someone may be wanting to experiment or try something new and that makes the other person feel that there is a secret being hidden. You may feel defeated quite a bit during this week when it pertains to conversations. You may also get caught up in trying to force your opinion on others. But I would say to be careful with this because you may drive people away that are important to you. Some of you will be getting frustrated because of someone being defensive and not wanting to let their guard down. However, there are a few of you that will become a little petty and you will put your guard up because they’re putting their guard up. If you were trying to change somebody’s mind during this time after they said that they don’t see this going anywhere you will only frustrate yourself even more. Just because you do show them love or loyalty doesn’t mean they’re going to turn around and love you like you want them to. So save all of this energy and effort for someone else. If you are in a business and you have partners, you could be walking away from one of them before the end of the week. Or if you were on track to get some sort of contract then that may be retracted. An argument with somebody from your past will be coming up in the next three days or 15 days. There will be some sort of change on the homefront for some of you and it may require you to move back to your hometown or for you to relocate to a new state. If you have an air or earth sign boss than you and this person may be butting heads again. It seems that you and this person have had issues in the past. A mother may be being cold towards you right now because she doesn’t agree with your lifestyle. But she will learn to accept it by March or it could take three years but eventually she will get there

You may not get to spend a lot of time with your friends or family during this time because you may be consumed with your career. This week you will be having a talk with a sibling or with a friend in terms of where this friendship or connection is going. Be mindful because this week will be the week of miscommunications for you. Some of you that are looking for a new job could be getting victory when it comes to an interview. You could be reuniting with a friend that you had a falling out with back in the month of May or August of this year. Others of you this friend could be someone that you left behind after you finished school. If you are an artist or you like to draw, then this is a good week to put your work out there or for you to gain new inspiration. Some of you will have a small victory with the public when it comes to your career. If you’ve been in a good place when it pertains to your relationship, you and this person could be going backwards during this time due to arguments. The arguments seem like very small things to be arguing about however it seems that someone is a bit on edge during this time. Someone that you like may decide that you guys need to be friends but it’s because this person is threatened by you in some sort of away. Others of you have to stop throwing out empty threats in a relationship if you don’t plan to leave. Because eventually this person will take it seriously and they will leave. For some this may have already happened, so I see a sense of regret. Some of you will be asking someone via text messages or social media if they still have feelings for you, and it will be a no, and then you will finally move on. Some of you will be entertaining multiple people during this time but by the end of the week you may meet an interesting air sign and you may decide to stick with that person for a while. Some of you that are in a long-distance relationship may have a surprise visitor. Others of you if you are wanting to move to a bigger house when it comes to you and your family then you will have success with that. If you are with a water sign with earth or an earth sign with water, then this is a good match for you. Some of you during this week may be going back to feelings of the past and you may feel that you need to seek acceptance from your family. Stop looking for their approval and just live your life. If you are trying to have a baby or conceive a child, unfortunately for some of you I don’t see any more babies coming. There may be news of some sort of closure or for some of you there may be a disappointment when it comes to you trying to transfer or move to a different career. It seems you’re already in the right spot. Some of you will have a lot of abundance coming in through this relationship that you’re in so you can relax a little. Because things will eventually work themselves out. Even if you aren’t with someone there will be a friend or a mentor that will be coming into your life over the next 6 to 8 weeks and they will be of great help to you in this lifetime.

This week you’ll feel like nothing is going the way you wanted it to go. There will be some sort of disappointment tied to a home situation. Some of you may be trying to move to a bigger home or you were trying to purchase a home however financially speaking you don’t have the capital that you need. Some of you also during this time will feel that you don’t have a lot of support at home when it pertains to taking care of children. Some of you guys may get disappointed because of a false positive pregnancy test, but I don’t see any children coming. Some of you may be going through a break up with an Aries, Aquarius, or Scorpio. If you are not going through a physical break up then it seems that the situation or relationship is starting to have more and more distance in between you guys. Some of you will find out that somebody you’re dealing with is still married and living with that person. Some of you also should be careful when it pertains to your health or whenever it pertains to injuries. There may be electrical problems or plumbing issues in the home that you’re in now. I do see that someone may decide to go stay with a friend or family member for some time so that things can cool down when it comes to a connection. Some of you just are not pleased or happy anymore whenever it pertains to a relationship. But also some of you, if you are trying to deal with the public in a way, you may have disappointment in this area for the next 15 days or five weeks. If you’ve been having a heavy sweet tooth lately some of you guys need to take a step back. Also dehydration is coming up if you have to spend a lot of time in the sun. Some of you may be acting nonchalant towards somebody or someone is doing this towards you. There is a heavy energy in the air for you this week of someone just coming across like they don’t care. Those of you looking for more income may decide to pick up a second job or you may decide to work longer shifts. If you’re thinking about taking a leap of faith during this week without thinking it through first day, you will be met with defeat by Friday. Some of you may get ghosted if you are thinking about meeting someone for the first time or going on a date. Now is not the time for you to spend more than you have saved. Some of you may be having some difficulties when it pertains to paying your bills or making ends meet. Some of you may have issues when it pertains to rent so this could be what causes you to move to a new location. Or some of you may be dealing with a job loss due to the pandemic. Or you are still trying to recover from a loss that you may have experienced five months ago. Some of you this energy revolving around loss of money may have to do with a partner and them having issues with their job. Some of you are dealing with somebody who lacks financial stability and it may be coming back to bite you this week or it will be by April. So now you need to make a choice if this is the kind of life you wanna live. A new beginning will be met by you once you move or you will be met by one when you go to a new company. Those of you that are single will meet the right one for you while you are traveling or participating in an activity with your child. This is a water with fire in their chart.

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