Weekly Horoscopes Oct. 13-19: Imagine That

To define your week you may go with the word “stuck” or “confused”. You have been waiting on something to reappear back in your life, rather that be a lover or career situation, and you still may feel that you aren’t making much progress with this this week. With the energy of illusions coming up for you this week, it could be rather easy for you to get involved with situations that are just a bunch of smoke and mirrors. You may be telling yourself during this time that you could care less about what people think, but in the back of your mind, their opinion of you could be keeping you up at night. Some of you may be digging at your shadow side during this time and old habits that you thought you left behind could be resurfacing. Not a good week to indulge in anything related to alcohol or toxicities as you will easily end up going overboard. Some of you may be dealing with mental health issues during this time or some of you may be having some sort of reaction to a medicine that you are taking. Be mindful of being outside and you may run across something that could cause a rash. You may feel that you want to keep someone just as a friend, but manipulation tactics could be used during this time to get you to stay. Someone that you’re dealing with could be making things confusing because they may want to just be your friend but their actions say more. You may feel the need to no longer seek out worldly success and just spend time to yourself to sort through your emotions. Don’t trust the pull-out-method with anyone during this time unless you don’t mind having a baby with them. You may be dealing with a pisces or sagittarius person who finds their luck when they are with you, but the relationship is emotionally draining. Superficial needs can be met but at the end of the day when the lights turn off, you can’t seem to fill that empty space in your bed even if someone is sleeping right next to you.

Some of you could be dealing with a cancer or pisces during this week. This person may be on your mind if you and them aren’t in communication during this time. Some of you are wondering what your mom wants from you and why does it seem as if you don’t have much of a relationship. Those of you that are in relationships or marriages could be confused or wondering if your partner’s mom likes you. Be mindful of the remarks made on the sly about your relationship because this week you may not be so nice. You may feel that you want to seclude yourself away and some of you could be oversleeping. Be careful to not fall into a state of depression during this time, especially when it comes to your love life. You’re trying to understand the actions of someone who says they love you or they care but they treat you in a different way. It’s a good week to communicate or get to the bottom of miscommunications that happened at the beginning of this month. Make sure to put away your paperwork, because some of you could be misplacing something important. There could be bickering back and forth or some of you could be feeling during this time that the world is just too loud. You want to retreat and some of you want to run away so that you can rewarm your heart after a failed connection. Don’t assume that someone you’re dealing with can read your mind. This may be a week where you may be trying to meet someone new just to have fun with but you are striking out. Disappointments could be coming from fire sign lovers during this time. But I do see that someone is trying to let their guard down with you, you just have to give them a chance and let them in. Some of you may be afraid to let people see you for who you are and there is someone around you who sees the real you, but you are fleeing from this person. Vulnerability may feel uncomfortable for you and you are fearful that if you let them in then they will let you down. Some of you still haven’t recovered from your first love with a Leo, Aquarius or Capricorn and you may be using that as a crutch to put everyone else in a box. Things must change or life will get pretty lonely.

You may have found out some information or some truth at the end of the last week or it will be coming at the end of this one. It’s information that you need to know so that you can complete this cycle that you are in. Some of you are working on self-love/self-care during this time and you may even feel pulled to take a hiatus from social media. There may be an illness that is coming in for you or someone around you. I sense something about a care package coming in or this could be that if you are worried about taking time off from work because of a sickness, then your company will understand. You may be dealing with issues related to siblings during this week and some of you may be getting a visitor in who is needing some sort of financial help. Those of you that are trying to finalize a divorce or separation could be coming to an agreement during this week or by the end of october. You may be thinking of going back to school or studying some sort of new skill so that you can move into another career field. If you are dealing with a fixed sign (Taurus, Aquarius, Leo, Scorpio) then this week your heart could be leaving the situation, even if you haven’t walked away yet. Now this doesn’t have to be a lover, it could be a family member or friend. You also may feel during this time that people just aren’t telling you the truth or you have to constantly probe someone to give you the full story. New contacts via friends could be coming your way before the week is out. You may be showing a softer side to someone who you feel you’ve been mean to long enough. Maybe you’ve been showing this side to test this person and see if they are really here for you and not something else. You may feel confused during this time on why certain things are happening, but a new environment is emerging in your life within the next 21 days or 21 weeks. So it may not make sense and you may have anxiety, but think of this time where you are just expected to figure things out. There’s no manual and there’s no right or wrong way to do things. The whole point is to create an environment that mirrors what you deserve and how you deserve to be treated.

You may be on edge during this week when it comes to your emotions. If you are dealing with a fire sign or scorpio then you and this person could be clashing and for some, allegations may be thrown out that someone is cheating or having sex with someone else. Do more research before you automatically accuse them of doing something. Some of you may be making some sort of move unexpectedly to a new place and some of you may be downsizing. If you are working on starting some sort of new business or working on something new in your home during this time, then there may be delays or just a change of plans. One-on-one partnerships, marriages or business agreements could see somewhat of an overhaul. Things have been trying to change in this area for the last 4 weeks or four months. You being on edge may just have to do with your own fears revolving around this connection and some of you may be easily falling back into defense mode out of your fear of abandonment. New people could be coming into your life right now, but it may just be for sex and someone could get it confused and start having feelings. The theme is to learn how to compromise and realize that arguments or blowups could be over very small things that can be worked out. Be careful of stubbornness or egos getting in the way, as someone may be unable to look outside their own understanding. And this could be what sends a relationship heading for the trash. During this week, your angels will be urging you to have more consistency to your commitments instead of abandoning them because things go wrong or you don’t know how to adjust. If you dealt with a libra, aquarius or gemini in your past then you may be running into this person while you are out or this person will be approaching you. It will be easy to think that the grass is greener on the other side but this could just stir up more issues. Don’t keep changing the expiration date on things that you know are no longer meant to be in your life. Sports or hobbies that require a great deal of energy will be good for you to help balance things out. Legalities or financial ties to someone's past could be why someone is halting making a deeper commitment

Traveling may be a bit difficult for you during this time or if you are in a long distance relationship then you may be experiencing some blockages. You are just trying to have fun during this week and some of you may not want to be serious with a particular connection but the other person wants more. Some of you may be sneaking off to see someone that you secretly communicate with. This could be an ex or this could be someone that you’ve always liked, but every time either you’re in a connection or they are. You may be dealing with health issues pertaining to the lungs, head or throat and some of you need to take some time off to rest. There may be swelling around the ankles or swelling on the knees if you’ve had any sort of surgery or injury there. You or someone that you’re dealing with could be playing the victim during this time and using excuses as to why you aren’t able to move forward. Some of you could get entangled with a very sexual person, but you may have a hard time cutting the cord. There may not be a lot of commitment with this person, but it’s like they are very enticing or intoxicating in some sort of way. You may be afraid to say how you feel to someone that has stopped returning your calls or replying to your text messages or this could be vice versa. Someone wants to try again when it comes to a connection, but this may be a connection that you saw as restrictive. There may be issues with inheritances and some of you will be having risque dreams about someone you used to be with; It’s just a dream. There is a lack of change happening with someone and you just keep repeating the same cycle or saying the same things over and over again. Some of you may have to reassure someone that you’re dealing with that you are no longer interested in someone from the past due to their insecurities/jealousy. You may want to do research or dig into certain conversations that you’re having with people during this time. You just feel that they aren’t being truthful or this could be you repeating old cycles that you swore you left behind in 2018. Some of you may be called up for a new job that requires travel or this could be a move to a new city in the next 8 weeks or 8 months.

You may be sacrificing what you really want for the betterment of a group or a relationship. You are trying to figure out what makes you happy, but you may be too afraid of the rapid changes that could happen in your life if you walk away. So there is an energy of settling for what you get during this time. Some of you may need to make an appointment to the dentist because you could be having issues with your gums or teeth on the left side. Also dehydration is coming up and some of you, this cause of dehydration may be because you started taking some sort of new medicine or you are consuming something new that is leaving your mouth dry. Issues with the lungs are highlighted as well and some of you may need to get a humidifier for your room. You may have someone on your mind that you feel guilty about thinking of. This may be someone who may have walked away from you with no problem and they haven’t looked back and you are still hung up on this person. Maybe it’s because they aren’t really showing that they care and they aren’t making things easy for you. This could be a week where some of you are too willing to give your time, space, or finances to someone who hasn’t really earned it. Some of you may be giving in too easily to people because you just want them to like or love you because you felt deprived of that since you were little or for the last eight years. This could also be a time where some of you are being possessive towards someone who you aren’t in a relationship with or someone is doing this with you. This could be why some of you are deciding to become uncomfortably comfortable in a connection or even a work situation, because this person may make you feel wanted. You may not feel you deserve better or some of you may just feel that you have to settle because who else is going to love or deal with you. If you are experiencing financial issues during this time it may be because of other people and you being too open to giving. You want a connection with someone but you can’t just be picking any old person. It’s too easy to become resentful or jealous this month, so don’t get caught up in looking at everyone’s else’s successes and getting mad at yourself because you haven’t gotten the success you’ve been looking for. It will come in time.

You could start back up communication with a younger water sign person you used to date or you and this person could have gone to the same school. You are looking at things with different eyes right now and some of you are seeing a friend in a different light. So you may be starting to have feelings for this person by the end of the week. You also may notice that you get antsy or maybe even a bit jealous if they aren’t communicating with you enough. If you are dealing with someone and you have a child with your past, then you could be introducing your child to this new person. Some of you may feel that right now you just want to be single and you don’t want anything super serious. So instead of investing your time into looking for new love you may decide to turn around and put this energy into starting a business or focusing on your career. Some of you may start a business or go into a career that deals with kids, fashion, agriculture, painting, drawing, research or writing. Those of you that used to write in the past could be getting back into the swing of things and this time you will be able to finish what you started. You want your life to have meaning and some of you have been experiencing a lot of unmeaningful connections with people. If you have kids then this week you may be being a bit hard on yourself for not giving them a stable childhood or for not giving them a two parent household; shit happens sometimes, so don’t blame yourself. For those of you that are in a long distance relationship, then you could be planning to travel by the end of this week to see this person or you are planning some sort of leisure trip for the end of this month. Going back to school may be on your mind and for some you could decide to major in a subject that you started in the past. This is a good week for higher education and learning so if you want to transition to something new, then you can get started on studying in this career now. You may even get lucky enough to get accepted back in a school that you had to withdraw from for personal reasons. By the end of the week, even though you’re not interested in love that much, there will be someone new that catches your eye. You may not talk to them and instead you may decide to do research on this person before you approach them. You have all the manifesting power you need during this time so don’t second guess yourself when you are asking the universe to deliver on certain things. Don’t lie to get yourself out of a situation because they will find out the truth 6 days afterwards. If you’re apprehensive about taking someone back from the past, you’re not wrong, they just haven’t found anyone new yet so they are sticking to you until that time comes.

You may be deciding to work things out with someone that you have a family with or this person has a child with an ex. So things may start to look upwards on the emotional front during this time. Some of you will be given some sort of secret project by a boss or some of you may feel pulled towards design, crystals or even the metaphysical. Most of you are already in the right spot when it comes to your soul’s purpose, you just have to follow through. Some of you may be thinking about planning some sort of party or you are getting an invite to some sort of party. Be careful about fantasizing on the idea of marriage with someone and they haven’t even asked you yet or thought about it. You do have a good emotional connection with someone in the metaphysical, but sometimes in the physical there’s a lot of running away, empty promises or just simply not wanting to be bothered. But this week it will be on the good foot when it pertains to you and this person. Those of you that used to be married to someone in the past could be thinking about reconciling with this person or this person contacts you and you start to think they want to get back together. Make sure that the communication is clear before you put your feelings out there. If you are needing to depend on family during this time then you may see them as being unreliable or if a family member promised they would help, then they could be backtracking. Make sure when it comes to your connections that you are being more practical than imaginative. Although you are having a good week with someone, you still need to make sure there’s consistency here. Because some of you don't want your idea of who this person is to be something else, so you may be too easily swayed by living in a fantasy world. A career in the arts or things dealing with the arts could be a hobby that you are pouring more effort into right now. Be careful around water during this time or some of you should be mindful when it comes to pipes or plumbing in your house or at work. Some of you also may find yourself taking responsibility for a relationship and letting the other person sit back and do nothing. Which could be why it’s a good week for love, because you are going towards this person with the initiative instead of it being a group effort. Don’t let this person off the hook easy, and it’s a good time to sit and talk about where you both see this connection going. If they don’t put in more effort then there will only be about 7-10 months left in this connection, before you both go your own separate ways.

You could be finalizing plans during this week to move to a new city by the year of 2022 or you could be job searching. Some of you are making a decision when it pertains to love. You may be stuck in between two people or you are stuck with either choosing the past or going with someone new. So you could be making the decision to stick it out with the past who could be a Taurus, Libra, Aries, Cancer or Scorpio. There is a sense of uncertainty when it comes to you and this person but you are willing to take the chance. Some of you may be craving chinese food or japanese food a lot during this time. Be careful to not overspend on food or if you are looking for a place, be practical about where you are at financially. Some of you could be redecorating your living room or some of you may need to focus on decluttering your closet space. If you are choosing someone, make sure that they are choosing you. Because I do see a sense of miscommunication happening and someone could be shocked in the next 2 days or 2 weeks when something folds. You are looking for peace right now and some of you may be going through a transition in your life and your partner doesn’t understand it. Some of you may be moving away from mainstream religion and going towards spirituality or another type of religion, but you could be dealing with judgment around this. You may be trying to act as if it’s no big deal or you don’t care if this person doesn’t support you, but it actually is a big deal. Because you could find yourself clashing with this person over this for the next 2 months or even 2 years. You may even want to start a second job or find a way to make more income right now, because this week you are more driven than ever. So you may be feeling during this time that the more money you have the more secure you are going to be and someone isn’t going to understand this either. So it could be an issue where someone is feeling that the other person is changing for the worst, but it seems that you are just coming into who you truly are. Investing in anything that requires a lot of money, won’t be a good idea for you during this time. You are wanting to keep things simple. Some of you may be dealing with someone who is materialistic and yet you just want a simple life, so you may be deciding to re-evaluate this connection before the month is over.

Someone could be trying to get your attention this week or you are trying to get their attention. I am getting a fire sign person and this could be someone that you dated when you were a child or in your younger adult years. It seems to be a fun relationship that you and this person had, but that’s the issue. It was more fun than seriousness and someone could be thinking about going back to this by the 19th of this week. Some of you may be thinking of going back to school to be a teacher or some of you may have to present some sort of presentation to your superiors within the next 7 days or 7 weeks. Someone’s wall may be up when it pertains to a connection because they are too afraid to get hurt. Or someone is not saying how they really feel because they are afraid to hurt the other person’s feelings. Some of you may be in connections now where it started off fun but you are having a hard time seeing a future. Spend time with your kids if you have any and some of you could be trying to get pregnant during this time. If you are pregnant then you could be having a back and forth with the parent of your child. It looks like it’s a boy if you don’t already know the gender and you may name the child with the initial D, M or P. For those of you that are wanting to move on from your current job you could be writing a letter of resignation that you plan to turn in by the end of the week, even if you don’t have another job lined up. Right now you just are focusing more on yourself, but people around you will want to battle you on this. You also may feel pulled towards changing your appearance when it comes to your hair or getting more shoes. You want attention and you want the attention to be only on you, so you may forget to show your partner or love interests attention during this time assuming that they will be okay with it. Some of you may be thinking about getting a new cellphone during this time or if you are into photography, you could be purchasing a new camera. Invest in yourself and you will have good results for the next 7 months. You want to be a leader or be your own boss, but there’s a time for that and it won’t be this week. You actually could achieve this by summer of next year.

You are focusing on your independence during this time. Some of you are focusing on doing better when it comes to how you communicate. Communication could be happening if you have been distant from a father or father figure in your life since 2019 or for the last 9 months. Some of you may be feeling pulled towards getting a pet or you may feel that you want to help humanity in some sort of a way. You may have been sad in the past about being alone or being single, but some of you are starting to accept this more for now. There’s an earth sign person that is around you or that you have your eye on but this person may not be totally single. So you may decide to keep your eye on this person, because they may have already told you they liked you or you both have been flirting back and forth. You may be a bit of a chatty cathy during this week and people may assume that you are flirting with them, but you just want to make conversation. You may even decide to dip into the field of literature and write a book because you feel that you have a story to tell. Some of you may be deciding to sell your old college books or you are selling things that you no longer need or wear. If you are thinking of going back to school to get your masters or to just finish your bachelors then this will be an easy time for you to get this done. You may also decide to change your major if you are going back to school. If you are wanting to learn a new language or some of you may find yourselves dating outside your race during this time and you may find someone very interesting. Travel is highlighted as well and if you have kids whose parent lives in another state, they may be calling you to let you know they are coming to visit. If you have a business then you may be furthering your education on how to make it better and this will turn out in your favor. Work at home jobs or careers would be favorable for you during this time if you are looking. Big ideas could be coming to you during this time and it will be good to find a way to turn those ideas into reality. Also try to have more fun and not be so serious.

Some of you are having to move or you are about to prepare for a move in the next 10 days. You may be moving to a new city or some of you are moving in with someone after deciding to get more serious. If you are dealing with a fire sign then you may be having difficulties with communicating with this person. Some of you may still be sleeping with someone who has already said that they aren’t interested in taking this further. You have this look of guilt when it pertains to this person because you are wondering why it’s so hard for you to let them go; seems like it’s because the sex is good. Some of you may have a visitor coming towards you this week and it could be someone who you thought you let go of all the way back in 2010 or 2015. You may be trying to hide from this person or some of you are trying to hide from your responsibilities during this week. Careful about picking up things that are too heavy as you will end up straining your back or some of you may need to make an appointment for the chiropractor. Luck will be on your side during this week when it comes to your career but the issue is that you have to stop changing your mind. You may already be on the path, but you keep asking if it’s going to succeed because you may not believe in yourself enough. Some of you may be feeling judged right now by people in the world for choosing the career that you chose. A father may be having health issues during this time and you could be receiving a call from him before the week is over. You may get recognition in your career or some of you could be getting in more clients or potential business partners. If you have to deal with the public in any sort of a way then you could have success with making a good impression or interviews could be successful over the next 2-10 weeks. This week you will be putting on a poker face and you will want to do everything by the book. Some of you may be going towards a career in law, finance, journalism, sports, or coaching, but you’re too consumed with waiting for the perfect timing. It’s a good time this week to head towards this if you really believe in yourself. Not the time to be lazy because if you do more then you will get more, but at the same time make sure that you aren’t overworking yourself. Some of you may be getting visits from your ancestors in your dreams or at night while you lay in the dark. Don’t be scared, because they are just trying to show you that they are there to protect you. And they are also trying to tell you that your idea isn’t wrong, you just have to push harder. Build and over time you will achieve the success that you are looking to get.

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