Weekly Horoscopes Oct. 20-26: Connections Coming in for Your Success

This is a good week for redecorating or meeting someone new while you are out shopping for things. If you’ve been having issues when it pertains to your health or things dealing with your teeth then you could be having relief by the 24th of this week. Some of you will be having a reason to smile again because someone may surprise you in some sort of way. This could be a family member or for those of you that are meeting someone new it could be this person wanting to take you out on a date. I am picking up heavy fire sign energy, so this could be another fire sign person or this could be a cancer. If you’ve been estranged from your mother for the last 19 weeks or 19 months then she could be coming forward towards you to ask for help or if she lives at a distance then you could be traveling to go and see her. If you have an at home business then things will progress or it’s a good week to implement this new business idea that you’ve been thinking about since the beginning of summer. Happiness and success will be coming through on the home front and some of you will achieve some sort of milestone in your personal journey. Not a bad time to get started on a new workout routine or if you are wanting to build a house or buy one then you could see progress in this. Some of you may even be planning for a wedding during this week. You will have more self confidence during this week and you may even do something bold with your appearance. A good week to also focus on your independence when it comes to your career sector or if you are wanting to have another baby then you could get what you want during this time. Be mindful of unexpected arguments that may creep up in the family unit before the end of the week. Even if the beginning of the week starts off well you may quickly find yourself on the defense before it’s over because of someone’s anger, control issues or you just don’t like the way someone is speaking to you. If you’ve blocked someone then you could unblock them between Friday and Sunday.

This week you may be focused or interested in learning something new. Some of you are thinking about embarking on a new career that you may not have a lot of experience in. I am getting energy of training, so you could be working on a better diet or focusing on exercising more. If you used to be in school but had to drop out because you had a child or some sort of life change happened, then you could be deciding to enroll back in school. A female friend or sister around you could be involved in some sort of drama this week and you may find yourself right in the middle. Some of you may have to dig through your files or old paperwork this week as something in writing could be coming to you about something you didn’t take care of in the past. However, you will be able to resolve this issue because you will have the paperwork to back up that you did take care of it, so no need to freak out. You may also want to spend money on luxuries this week or some of you could be looking for new furniture if you are moving to a new place in the next 3 weeks or 3 months. Thinking about how to have multiple streams of income could be on your mind for the last 3-4 days of this week, but you have to make sure that you know enough about the industry that you are trying to make money in. So more training or studying is needed in order to make this work. Some of you may be deciding to go into a career that deals with women, beauty, cooking, psychology, or something to do with children. A person that you have a psychic connection with could be on your mind during this time, especially if you and this person have been separated for the last 8 months - 2 years. Now is the time to come to terms with whether you should wait for this person or not. This seems to be a karmic relationship that you are refusing to break away from because you still feel there’s room for this to work, but it seems this is something that has already exited out of your life in the metaphysical. So now it’s time to accept things for what they are in the physical. You don’t have to act like this person didn’t exist because the connection was/is strong, but you can let go now. If you aren’t comfortable with something, then don’t agree to do it. This is a week where you have to do what feels right and not step outside the box. If you are changing your career, go with something that you know a significant amount about or it won’t be as successful. You could go shopping because you are emotional about something.

There could be a new connection coming into your life to help you resolve some sort of issue on the homefront or some of you may be thinking about going to counseling. Right now let these new people in your life help you get to where you are trying to go instead of trying to take this connection to somewhere else; at least for this week. This could be a week where you are spending time with your friends if you haven’t hung out in a while. If you are in a relationship, then things should be calming down a bit. Some of you that have been talking about separation could have an amicable split during this time. This separation may not be permanent but during this time apart some of you may feel that you and this person have a better connection without titles or without trying to be something else other than friends. Try to do more cooking at home rather than eating out and some of you may be dealing with food allergies if you are ordering from a restaurant. If you are worried about having to have some sort of medical operation then you may be deciding to get a second opinion. Also may need to work on stretching or you may decide to start practicing yoga to help out with your back or knees. Some of you will be reconciling with your mother during this time and this may be due to health issues that she is having or it may be the health issue of a sister. You will feel more grounded during this time and some of you that have been broken up with someone since april or february, are now ready to accept that it’s okay that you and this person don’t get back together. Love on yourself right now or even if you’re in a relationship, still spend some time to yourself during this week. Some of you could be changing your mind about liking someone because you may feel they don’t align with your values or the path that you are heading down. A family member could be introducing you to someone who works in the medical field, construction or who is in the field of real estate. Since you may be thinking about changing your career to have more abundance you could be thinking about real estate, interior designing, caregiver, nursing, writing, traveling or going back to school. If you are in a relationship with a Libra or gemini, you may not feel the same way about them anymore but you are afraid to hurt their feelings by telling them the truth. Be careful of talking back with an ex who you claimed it’s over with while you’re still in a connection with someone else.

An unexpected promotion or some sort of advancement in your career sector could be happening before the end of this week. Some of you will have a person of authority that is coming into your life that will help you get to where you want to be, so try to form a platonic relationship with this person. A manager may be giving you more responsibilities during this time, so try to make sure that you are doing what they ask of you because this could lead to a raise or some sort of different position in the next 10-14 months. If this person has already come into your life then continue working with this person as they will be bringing some sort of offer to your doorstep within the next year and a half that could be life changing. If you are trying to find a new job and even if you aren’t qualified, then a manager or boss will like you during the interview and will give you the opportunity. Keep doing what has been working instead of trying to make drastic changes. More of the same thing will bring better results for you in the long run. It’s also a good time to stay consistent and not throw in the towel on any sort of projects or new beginnings that you’ve been working on since the beginning of this month or as far back as April of this year. Your kids or parents may want more attention from you or if you didn’t spend a lot of time with your parents during your childhood then they will be making more of an effort to be in your life. It's a good time to buy or sell your home or to sell home goods to the public. Some of you may end up moving unexpectedly due to a money situation, but no matter if you see it as good or bad, overall it’s a good thing. During this time you also may have issues seeing other people’s point of view so make sure that you aren’t being too stubborn. For the duration of the month, you have to make sure that you don’t get caught up being too lazy and continue to push forward towards what you want to achieve. Because you can get what you want and be what you want to be but you have to be willing to push all the way to the finish line for it. Easy on fast food or over-indulging in sweets as this week you could notice that it’s easy for you to gain weight. Some of you could be traveling for leisure or you could be traveling to some sort of training for your career.

You may be secretly avoiding someone in public or you are avoiding this person’s calls. This could be a fire sign person that you may have moved away from or this may have something to do with your mother. You have to be careful about your family or specifically your mother, getting in the middle of your relationship issues. Towards the end of the week some of you may make an impulsive decision about your living situation or you may decide to break up with someone again and go back towards someone from your past. Make sure that you sit back and think about this first, but some of you need to get away from a back and forth type of emotional connection. Especially if things are always being hidden by them. A person may still be having issues telling you about how they feel or if they see a future with you. Some of you are ready to move to a new place but you may be fearful about leaving your comfort zone behind. There may be tension in the current living situation that you are in right now but since you keep changing your mind on a decision, the universe will be sending some sort of wake up call your way by the end of the week or this month. News could be coming in when it pertains to the government, taxes, vehicles or news pertaining to love. If you are in a home that you don’t own, a landlord could be giving you news that they plan to sell the home or if you are living with a family member or a female roommate, one of you may have to move out because you’re having issues finding an emotional balance here. You want to be free and there may be people around you who you feel are getting in the way of that or just restricting you. Or some of you are dealing with a person who just wants to be free and you possibly keep trying to get them to settle down which may be too difficult for them to do. Or they just don’t care enough. You may have a tendency to argue with anyone who doesn’t agree or believe in what you believe in, but you should choose your battles. Try not to be overly emotional or clingy during this week in your relationships or this could spend the whole thing spiraling out of control. For those of you that are single, you may feel pulled to hop into a connection without thinking it through first because you have feelings of not wanting to be alone right now. Artistic ventures could do well right now or if you are looking to sell your art then you could make good progress with it. A choice has to be made between an air sign or a fire sign in terms of a long term partnership. You may be dealing with both of these individuals this week. Don’t let love get in the way of your career because something good is trying to manifest but some of you would rather be laid up under someone, so you may miss this opportunity coming up.

You can’t battle everyone. Some of you may be finding it hard this week to find the emotional balance with a particular person. This could be because you are going back and forth with someone who you feel is using you or keeping you emotionally stuck in a situation. It may be best to keep to yourself this week and also keep your plans close to your chest, because you may be running into a lot of jealous people during this time. There may be someone in your work environment who may be trying to provoke you or they are talking about you behind your back; ignore them. This person seems determined to get under your skin so you will quit or because they are trying to prove to people that you’re being fake. This is a test and your ancestors/angels are protecting you, but you have to do your job and not engage. Even if they try to get you in trouble or try to get people against you, this is a battle that they won’t win. Also be careful of sharing your secrets with people because they may blurt it out in front of a group of people this week. Some of you could be communicating with an earth or fire sign person before this week is over or some of you may be sneaking off with someone that you work with. This could be a week where you are just feeling irritated and because of this it may cause you to have a short temper with those around you. Your star is shining bright so some people (specifically fire signs) that are coming close to you now just want to bring you down because you are about to go through a transition and will be in a different place by may or october of 2021. Just have fun this week and don’t worry about who’s doing what or who’s saying what, the right people will find you. If you are having issues with a certain person, then there will be one-three people who will be backing you up if this person is trying to attack you. Live life to the fullest right now and for the most part this week you will be coming across as warm and funny. You could enjoy indulging in a hobby, hanging out with friends, watching movies or even playing games. People are going to do what they want to do, especially if they feel threatened by you. Don’t dull your light just because you don't want to draw attention to yourself or you don’t want people not to like you because you’re good at something. Who gives a damn, maybe if they were good, they’d actually have something going on in their life too. A new healthy lifestyle could be coming towards you and some of you may get called upon to act as some sort of leader in your professional life. You can do it. Don’t take out your frustrations on your partner or there will be a walking away by the end of the week. Also someone needs to stop playing the blame game in a connection if you want this to work.

You may be willing to try your luck with the past during this time. If you have been looking for a job or for a second income then you could have luck with this around the 22nd or 26th of this week. Some of you may be making the decision to move to another city or state by the end of this week or this month and it may be a spur of the moment thing. Someone may be challenging your opinion this week when it comes to something or some of you may feel that someone around you is trying to judge you for the choices that you are making. Some of you don’t want to be judged for wanting to give a second chance to someone who you used to be with, but because you may be letting other people’s opinions get to you, you may abandon this by the end of the week. So if you are making a decision then make sure you are prepared to stick with that decision regardless of what others are saying. There is someone coming into your life or they are already around you who is meant to help you move to the next phase in your life but that also means that this person may not be meant to stay in your life forever. Some of you may be worried about an elder or someone is worried about the age difference in a connection. Your life purpose will be finding you before the week is over and it may require going back to school or it may require you to go back to something you used to do back in 2013, 2015 or 2019. Pay attention to what you’re spending right now because some of you may blow your money quickly and may not realize how much you’ve spent until it gets closer to the beginning of November. More money doesn't mean you should get more bills. So don’t take any big risks during this time and just get your financial budget together. It’s a week where you shouldn’t try to cash in on your big ideas, but more like plan for them for the future. Some of you that are single may end up meeting someone of a different race or culture and try to form a relationship with them. Travel could be on your mind and some of may come across as too serious this week. Try to let your guard down and have fun this week.

This week you could be focusing on your talents or you are focusing on being creative. You may be seeing things with new eyes this week and that could be a water sign or some of you could be finding out about a baby is on the way. Or this is a very fertile week for you, so if you don’t want to be pregnant then be careful. Music or listening to music this week will help when it comes to manifesting what you want. Those of you looking for love could find it through younger water or fire sign people via the internet or if you are going out for some sort of self care before the week is over. Some of you could be changing your wardrobe or changing your hair this week. You could be going with lighter colors. For those of you that have been feeling a little bit depressed around children or connecting with family, you will be feeling better by spending time in nature. An ex from your past could resurface but this could be something that you were already expecting because you may have had a dream about this during Leo season. Some of you should be more mindful of the dream world, because you may have already dreamt of what you are meant to do or you already dreamt about the success you will be achieving in this lifetime. This dream is practical so don’t think that it can’t be done. You could be getting involved in a hobby during this time that you used to do as a child but you put it behind you for a while. Your inner child will just want to have fun and this also includes your relationships. You don’t want anything super serious right now for those of you that are single and you are fine with just having conversation or just dating. Those of you in a relationship, will be spending more time with your partner and reconnecting in a way you used to do in the past. Some of you will get back with someone you have kids with or this is someone who helped raise your kids in a way. You may struggle with your eyesight or a child is, so it may be time to make an appointment for the eye doctor. Not a good week to sign any business deals or enter into any sort of contracts as you will likely abandon this by scorpio season or within the next 4-7 months. Don’t try to abandon anything that you’ve already committed to or this will backfire sooner than you think.

You may not be having the best luck with the public during this time. Some of you should also be careful when it comes to working out, running, or doing any sort of exercise because you may have some sort of ankle injury this week. Some of you may feel that a water sign or fire sign person is avoiding your questions or this is someone that you miss talking to and they aren’t picking up the phone. There may be someone around you this week who is trying to get you to feel sorry for them when it comes to them losing a job or losing their home. But they may not be telling the full story to you, but they know that you have a soft spot in your heart for them and you will help them out. If you are trying to save up for a car or for a new place to live, then there may be some sort of expense that needs to be taken care of that may require you to dip into the money you’ve saved. If you were planning to move out of state or to travel then this plan may be put on hold due to someone changing their mind. If you have decided to move back in with someone then there could be some disappointment when it comes to this person and the emotions you have towards one another. Something isn’t working and someone may have wanted to try again and now someone has figured out what their final decision will be. There will be some sort of walking away at the end of this week or within the next 5 weeks. Even though it’s easy to run back to this connection out of convenience, the question is if this is the best that you can do? If you or a family member have been holding in how you feel towards one another, then expect true feelings to come out unexpectedly this week. It seems this is the week that things will boil over, but just remember to stay calm. Some of you may even feel that this person is trying to keep you from moving forward or even living your life because they want you to suffer because they are suffering right now. If you are single or even if you are connected then you may meet someone who gives you what you haven’t been getting from someone else. Then you will have a decision to make to either stay with the past or turn your interest towards this new person. They may be in the public eye, a public servant or they have a career that involves traveling, research, law, or science. Now isn’t the time to change your career as that time will come in March or April of 2021. Just because someone won’t leave you alone or they keep coming back doesn’t mean that this person is the one for you, especially if this is a scorpio or other water sign.

You don't know if you want to give someone a chance at love with you during this week. Someone may be dressing up their words to make it real nice and they may be trying to convince you that this relationship can be good. However a part of you is unsure if this person is ready or even if you are ready to move forward. Especially if sometimes you still think about your ex from the past. Some of you may be wondering if someone that you are interested in can step up to the plate financially or just to be a stable person in your life. You may be able to envision the type of success you want to have in the future but you still may be confused on how to get there. There may be a particular career field that you have been working in for the last 2-9 years or since the year of 2019, but you still question if this is it. Fairness and balance keeps things in your life and some of you may question something or someone that is being removed out of your energy within the next 2 weeks or 9 months from now. If it was fair or if it was meant to be in your life then why would it leave. Now is not the time to question why some things aren’t working out, but start thinking in terms of what do you need to see so you can continue to move forward. Reading or mathematics may be fields of interest for you during this time. Some of you that may be in separation from someone may be thinking about going back for the sake of still needing closure or the fact that you just aren’t ready to move on to something else. Not the best time for seeking out new streams of revenue, even though you may feel that you have a good idea. You just may not have the energy, time or money to invest into anything new. Some of you that are dealing with a libra, taurus, virgo, or gemini person may want to tell this person that maybe it’s best for you guys to be single because you haven’t seen balance in this connection since 2017. Some of you could be good in the field of beauty and a beauty brand could be rising within the next 2 years and there will be success here. Or this thing that you’re building may have to deal with education, crystals, spirituality, jewelry, higher education or design. Again, don’t start the business or new career this week, save it until next year or for 4 months from now. Some of you a friend or even an ex could be trying to take you to court for money owed or things relating to expenses you haven’t paid back will be coming up again before the week is over. For some this court situation has to deal with child support.

You feel comfortable with the way things are going in your life but yet you still question if this is it. Some of you may be juggling the idea of if you want to make things more serious with someone or there is a friend in your energy that you are wondering if they have feelings for you. Some of you could be moving forward on turning a hobby into a career by the end of the week. But you could be wondering when the day will come that you can let go of your 9-5 and put your full 100% into your craft. Some of you have distanced yourself from your family and they may be trying to play the victim right now and make it seem like you are the one in the wrong. During the next 2 years you will start to see your mindset change and your circle will likely change as well. So friends that you’ve had for some time may not be around for the long haul. This is just all a part of the process of you moving onto the next phase in your life. Some of you may be worried about your job or you are still trying to recover from some sort of job loss that you experienced within the last two months. But good news is coming in times two this week when it pertains to your career. This may be in the form of recognition on the career front or some of you may be getting in more clients by word of mouth by the end of the week. Your career or even hobby may require more dedication right now and although you are talented it's not going to be good enough if you are expecting this to last. So even though you are good, you could be great if you would study more, practice more and be open to learning from others who may have more experience than you. Don’t expect things to be perfect, even when it comes to your connection. Some of you may be sulking or getting irritated because someone is not wanting to make this connection official or just wanting to have fun. If you are single and are really done with someone, it's time to accept things for what they are so that you can put this behind you. Some of you aren’t moving forward because you still have hopes that this person is the man/woman of your dreams, but no, they are not. And the time that you are spending waiting around for them to be perfect or be how you want them to be, could be used elsewhere. Like putting that energy into your career or putting that energy into trying to meet someone new. Don’t wait for someone, let them catch up to you if they are meant to be next to you.

Money will be finally coming in to you by the end of this week or the news about money will be received via postage, email or could be phone call. If you have been waiting on someone to pay you back money that you loaned them, they will be coming through for you. It’s a good week to get approved for a loan or if you have been waiting for news on a loan that you applied for, you will be getting the positive result by the end of the week. Don’t spend it all in one place and this time try to be more responsible when it comes to managing this. Some of you may have a friend or this could be the friend of a friend who will be approaching you to try to work with you on some sort of project or some sort of business. If you are looking for a job then you should ask a friend who has the initial M or P in their name and they will be able to point you in the right direction. Raises could be coming through or some of you could be getting severance when it pertains to a career situation. But it will be enough for you to sit back and chill for the rest of the year. Some of you may even find money unexpectedly around the house or some of you could even get lucky and win some money somewhere. You may find an interest in the law or the field of entertainment during this week. If you are looking for a career change then consider going into one of these career fields and you will have a good amount of success here. Apologies and new beginnings could be happening with earth or air sign people around the 21st or 27th of this week. You may decide to start over as friends with this person to see how this goes for the next 6 weeks or 6 months before you decide to move into a relationship with them. If you are trying to sell something or if you need to advertise yourself in a way on the internet then you will have a good outcome. Write down your manifestations this week as they will end up coming into fruition starting in January of 2021 or August of 2021. There is someone that wants to be a family with you but you may feel that this relationship will be too boring or stale or you are avoiding this person because they have a child. But this is a long term commitment for you that will bring more abundance after you get married, so it’s up to you.


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