Weekly Horoscopes Oct. 27-Nov. 2: A Slow Crawl to the Top

This week you may be confused by the message that you could be receiving via social media email text message or phone call. Some of you guys could be ending a recent connection with a water sign person that you just met seven days ago or up to seven weeks ago. It seems that someone’s insecurity has gotten in the way but also seems that somebody is getting upset because the other person is not wanting to show them off to the world. Some of you may still be confused on what you want to do with your life or you may be confused on what is your life purpose is. At this time what you may have thought was your path or your purpose maybe crumbling down and now you are standing there with your hands in the air like “what to do.” If you are in a relationship with someone, emotionally, you may be feeling unfulfilled or you are feeling confused on if this person wants to be in this situation anymore. Some of you that are looking for someone to fulfill your needs temporarily will be running across someone via the Internet and you may possibly sleep with this person on the first night. Be careful if you are already committed to someone because likely before Scorpio season ends this person will find out or this could be vice versa. It’s best to be mindful of your anger during this time because a lot of you will be taking things very personally so make sure that you stop and think before you react. If some of you are moving towards the next step when it comes to marriage then this may be getting called off because of a heated argument, again, make sure that you take a step back and think before you speak. Because of this argument or disagreement some of you may even possibly decide to move to a new place, to move out of the place that you and this person are staying in, or you may decide to just pack up and move to a completely new city. Running away isn’t going to fix the problem and if you decide to sit in this you will be able to find a solution to this problem within the next 2 to 9 days from the start of the argument or breakdown. Also, you will be heading in a new direction when it pertains to your career before Pisces season approaches.

This week you will be questioning the authority figures in your life. Some of you guys could be working on having a better relationship with your father or the father of your kids. Some of you may be deciding to stay or go back to a situation/relationship that you were in that provided you with stability even though emotionally you felt empty. If you are looking to get to a better place career-wise or if you were trying to get on a bosses good side for a possible promotion in the future, then this is a good week to make that happen. Some of you may still be looking for someone to change who they are to make you feel more comfortable but this person will still remain who they are for the next 4 to 20 years. So now is the time for you to figure out if you can deal with this person shit or is it best you let this go. Some of you may be craving attention during this time and you may even run into somebody from your past. This person from your past may text you unexpectedly or this person may like your pictures on your social media and you may take that as this person trying to ask for a second chance. But make sure that you are not jumping to conclusions on this because you may end up disappointed by Sagittarius season. Some of you also may not know how to feel about wanting a family or starting a family and if you are dealing with someone who has a child you may be second-guessing the future of this connection. Or if you have a child you may be worried that you won’t be able to find someone who will accept you and your child. Some of you have an idea on your mind to start some sort of organization and you should hang onto this idea so that you can implement it within the next 2 to 3 years. This will be a good organization for you and I see long-term success. Not the time this week to try to get any plans off of the ground as this is the time for you to plan ahead. Also some of you may figure out that you have an autoimmune disease so it may be time for you to go to the doctor if there is an aching pain that just won’t go away.

You may be feeling a bit stuck in a rut right now especially if you are in a codependent relationship. Some of may be desperately wanting to find your independence but you may feel like that someone or something is getting in the way of that. There may have been a conversation or something that was said to you from someone from the past or this may be someone in your work environment. For some reason you may be afraid of something being taken away from you so some of you guys may be having issues sleeping at night. Or some of you may be afraid that someone who has came back from the past isn’t serious and they are wasting your time. This is heavy on your mind because you really care about this person and you actually manifested this person back into your energy but now you’re starting to second-guess this whole reconciliation. A coworker or a family member could be coming to you during this time to ask for help financially speaking. You don’t have the money but for some reason you feel like if you don’t help this person out they’re going to be mad at you, well, let their ass be mad. This week is the time for you to save not to spend and some of you may be dealing with court situations or legal battles that may involve divorce, child support, alimony or inheritances. If some of you didn’t take care of some sort of legal issue in the past then you will be getting some sort of correspondence by Friday or Wednesday of next week. If you are in business then now is not the time to sign any contracts, it’s more of a time to review over these agreements. Or if you are thinking about taking a promotion or moving to a different department in a company you should make sure that this department is where you want to be because you won’t be able to change for another four years. If you are making some sort of plans to help benefit your financial sector in the future, now is the time to keep things to yourself, as some of you may be too eager to share with people on the outside of what your plans are; bad decision. If you are in a legal separation with a spouse or ex then it does look like someone is not really looking forward to getting back together, so the waiting game continues.

You’re struggling to find your footing right now because your talents may be going to waste in this career field that you’re in. You may be feeling defeated, you may be feeling disappointed or some of you are just wanting to pack up everything and go elsewhere. Maybe a start in a new place will be what your heart needs. Right now you’re having a hard time making a decision when it pertains to a third-party situation. Some of you may have to make a choice between an air sign or a fire sign person and both of these individuals may be at a distance from you. You may not really know right now what would make you happy but you know you just are ready to be out of this funk. You are talented but some of you are wondering why is it so hard for your talents to be put on display right now. well it seems that your ancestors are trying to pull you in a different direction but you are fighting them tooth and nail. If you have been dealing with medical issues or if you are waiting on some type of medical report to come back then some of you guys may possibly be disappointed because you may have to go through some sort of treatment or you may have to be put on some sort of medication. Some of you may be having difficulties when it comes to relating with a younger libra or air sign child or right now the struggle is with your inner child. There may be a new beginning that has started in some of you guys’ life in the last three weeks however, now you are wondering if this is even worth the effort, the time, or the energy. Now is the time for you to make a choice, will you stay or will you go. If you’re not happy in this place or in this relationship don’t continue to tear away at your heart or emotions trying to prove a point. If you have an air sign child with someone then there may be a separation happening in this relationship or if you are at a distance from an air sign child then there may be an issue that you need to address coming up in the next three months. You can continue to be sad and disappointed or you can figure out a way to have better for your life. If you are still struggling to make a way with an air sign or a fire sign person then the struggle may finally come to an end during this week and someone could either be moving away to a different state or somebody is calling this situation quits. It’s OK if it ends because again your love is not wanted in this situation and it’s time for you to receive better. Some of you in connections with somebody who has a kid that lives in another state may be panicking because you are afraid that your partner will want to get back with her ex. That situation was toxic for them or for you and at this point it’s strictly business between the two of them. however, financially speaking this situation may be driving a wedge in your relationship. There may be a toxic relationship around you that is on his way out the door or it should be. Also Money 💸💳💶 will be coming in for those of you that have been waiting however you may spend it all in one place so be careful.

If you have been waiting on a new start whenever it pertains to your health, your career or when it pertains to an earth sign then you will be getting the answer that you’re looking for by the end of the week. It will be easy for you to sell your ideas or to sell things for your business during this time and for some of you guys that are looking for a new job you will finally have luck. Some of you may be searching for a new house or some of you may be reconnecting with a grandchild if you have one. There is heavy Virgo energy coming through for you during this week so it’s best that you use this time to get organized. Some of you Leo’s may actually be getting recognition for your appearance during this time or if you have had wishes of wanting to be a model than a company could be reaching out to you. This is a good week where things seem to be falling into place so there’s no need to try to micromanage others around you. If you are wanting to spend more time with your mother or your siblings then this will be a good week to do it and also some of you should take a vacation. Some Leo’s within the next three years actually may start some sort of fashion line or some type of design project. If you were having feelings for a Virgo or Taurus friend take this time for you guys to just be friends. Don’t try to take this situation to the next level or tell this person how you feel during this time. Let it flow naturally if you want this to work. Now if you are needing somebody that can help you or that you can rely on during this time then an Aquarius, Virgo, or Taurus around you could be of great help to you. Some of you may even be deciding to go back to some sort of school to get a trade when it comes to design, culinary, fashion, interior decorating, teaching, cosmetology or journalism. Be careful of someone from your past who used to live with impeding in your relationship during this time, especially if you have a kid with this person. Someone may be saying to you this week that you’ve abandoned them or some of you may find out that someone has decided to stop talking to you because they feel like you pushed them away. I do get the vibe that this is someone who is just starving or craving for your attention, so I wouldn’t pay them any mind if they are giving you issues. They’ll get over it eventually. Also some of you should really consider not sleeping with your ex even though they’ve already told you that this isn’t going to work. If you were having to work with a group of people and this is a new venture you just started, be very careful because there are a lot of jealous people around you. And they may try to sabotage what you are working towards. It may be best to carry black tourmaline with you while you are in this group of people or amethyst.

Truth will be coming in to you during this week on why someone blocked you or you could be having a conversation with this person oh why you blocked them. Now some of you may be having a conversation with yourself because this person may not reply, but you just want to get it off your chest. “The truth shall set you free” will be your motto for this week, even though some of you will have a hard time accepting things for what they are. If you are dealing with an air sign or a fire sign then you and this person could be bumping heads during this time, again. Some of you may have some type of restraining order or a protective order against someone who you feel was stalking you or this person was harmful towards you in some type of way. This person may be trying to break the order that is in place, so you should be careful. Some of you are struggling with trust issues during this time, due to a relationship from your past, however that could be what is stopping you from moving forward. Some of you are not wanting to move forward because you just don’t want to believe that someone wants to be somewhere else. So there is an energy in the air for some of you that you’d rather just wait for this person because you feel that this person will eventually come around. Be careful to not get caught in a lie, but also be careful when it comes to what you put out on the Internet during this week. Somebody around you may get frustrated with you because of your silence, but you are just trying to make sure you don’t say the wrong thing. But because this person is pushing you, you may snap and you may say something that you won’t be able to take back, so don’t take the bait. There may be a new beginning that some of you have started within the last nine days or nine weeks and you already want to give up on it because you are tired. What’s the point of starting a new beginning if you already want to give up before giving it a real chance. Some of you also may struggle this week because certain people may not be talking to you anymore or they are turning their back on you. I would say not to worry so much about this because we are in mercury retrograde and everybody is pissing in their diaper. Some of you may even start back smoking during this week because of stress, I would say to find an outlet that requires you to do some sort of physical exercise to help with this. The truth is, that whatever has ended, that’s the way it supposed to be, so it’s best to just go ahead and accept it so that you can move on to what’s next. Also, some of you have already found your life purpose and you just need to wait a little bit longer and you’ll finally reach your destination.

Money or the lack of money will be on your mind during this time. Some of you, if you’re not thinking about money, you could be thinking about a break up that you had with a air or earth sign person. Right now a part of you may feel alone even though there are people around you that support you. And you should look up and pay attention to the fact that there are still people here wanting you to win and to succeed. Because some of you may be in the energy right now where you feel like the world is against you or you feel that no one is in your corner and this is so not true. Some of you may be blaming yourself for a break up that happened but it happened the way it happened so what can you do. You may have issues this week with your ears, nose or throat. Chamomile tea or peppermint tea should be of help to you during this time if you are dealing with sickness. Some of you may have spent some money that you should’ve spent or you may have possibly lost something however there will be good news coming in about money before the week is out. Travel is also highlighted for some of you guys by the weekend and this will be a good time for you to refresh yourself. There is a strong presence around you, this is either your partner or this may be some sort of grandmother that is watching over you during this time. So even though times may seem a little bit rough or even a little bit cold there will be a guiding light that will come in to help you. Or your partner serves as some sort of protector for you. If you have been in separation with somebody who you are married to, then you and this person could be discussing counseling during this time. Or you and this person may decide to take a vacation to try to rekindle things. For those of you that are a entrepreneur then you may be setting one business aside and picking up another before the end of this week or this year. Now is not the time to hold onto things that are trying to move out of your life, you have to learn how to go with the flow. Also this is a time where some of you may feel that you are being tested or your strength is being tested and you’re not wrong. But you can’t fold under pressure because there are so many people that are looking for you to fail and you’re about to give them what they want. Meditate, clean out your closet, or spend some quiet time to yourself to find balance. It’s also a good time to catch up on some sleep. Some of you may have had expectations that you should’ve been more known by now to the world but it just isn’t your time or that dream just may not get fulfilled, but it doesn’t mean you still can’t be successful. You may find success in a field that you never thought you’d have interest in, so now is the time to be more open minded to changes that are trying to happen in your life

You may have some disappointment when it comes to starting some sort of second stream of income during this time. Some of you may get news during this time that someone from your past no longer wants to work things out or you may get this message indirectly by noticing that they are dating someone else. Even though you may try to put on a brave face like this doesn’t bother you it absolutely bothers your heart so no need to try to play like it doesn’t hurt. Also, if you’ve already reconciled with someone, things have took a turn and now you may be trying to find a way out. Some of you could be dealing with a Libra, another Scorpio or a Taurus. A new beginning in your life is about to happen but first you have to accept something moving out. Some of you may possibly go as far as trying to get someone’s attention from the past and you may do this by trying to manipulate them in a way. Those of you in a connection with a water sign may have to play counselor with this person during this time because they are going through something personal. It’s likely that this person feels defeated because of things not going the way they would have hoped, however now is the time for you to be more understanding. A cold front could be coming in when it pertains to the weather in most places that you guys are living in and because of this some of you may start to wonder about your love life. The past is over and done with, so if you haven’t reconciled with this person by now this has gone to the dogs and it’s over. You’ll end up meeting someone new in the next two weeks or could be as early as two days and it is a younger air sign or a younger fire sign. You will get a chance to rest this week but some of you may start to panic because you feel like if you’re not working then you will be broke. However things are already taken care of behind the scenes, so try not to worry so much. Relationships are ending and some of you may be walking away from a job, but it’s not the end of the world. It’s actually the beginning of the world. If you’re asking someone how they feel about you they won’t be able to tell you, and that means you have your answer on what to do with this connection. If you are dealing with legal cases then you will have success in this after a delay.

You have the power to change your life around by the way you think or the way you speak things into existence. Some of you are not believing in your own manifestation powers and you feel that something you want to accomplish is impossible. Well it’s only impossible if the universe says it’s impossible and you would’ve been found that out by now. You are heading on a new journey and some of you this new journey revolves around a new career. But it may require you to interact more with people or it may require you to work long hours or use your physicality in a way, but you can do it. Some of you have to stop trying to carry the weight of the world on your shoulders or you have to stop putting so much pressure on yourself to be successful so that others around you can be successful. You have to worry about yourself first and then everybody else second. Some of you have connected with someone new but there is a disappointment because this person just wants to be friends. A leap of faith is about to happen or if you are afraid to take this leap then the signs are there saying go right ahead. Some of you may distance yourself from a friend because this relationship has become too demanding. Don’t try to self heal this week if you are dealing with any sort of health issues, it’s best for you to make an appointment to go see the doctor. Some of you really should just be careful about pushing your body too hard, especially if you are trying lose weight. Some of you may sign a new contract or you may enter into some sort of agreement with someone that you possibly want to work with. Make sure that you are reviewing all documents during this week. If you have left behind a water sign you may try to reach out to this person during this time however this person will make you wait. They may finally decide to respond back to you in two days or could be up to two weeks. It seems like this person wants you to suffer because they feel like you made them suffer. Some of you should be mindful of getting too caught up in how people feel about you or if people like you. Especially if you have started a new job or if you are going into a new venture. You may not be everybody’s favorite but that’s too damn bad, it is what it is. Some of you have a purpose of inspiring people and this new beginning could be what you are meant to do for the long-haul. So even though it may seem like you run into defeats or you may want to give up or quit, you can’t, because somebody is watching. Money from the government or money from a business could finally be coming in by November 5.

A good week for you when it comes to your finances. Some of you may have some sort of breakthrough on the financial front or some of you may finally have some sort of breakthrough when it comes to getting a business off the ground. This may be a career or a business that you tried to do before in 2019 but it didn’t work. Some of you are learning how to be happily single right now and you have no complaints. There may be a fire, water or earth sign person that is trying to get your attention in your work area or if you are traveling you may meet this person. If you are wanting to go in the field of philosophy, research or if you are wanting to go back to school then you can have success with this during this time. For those of you that have been trying to regain or to gain your independence then you could be making strides during this week. Some of you may be going to some type of concert or you could be traveling to another country in the next 9 to 15 months. I am picking up a life on the road, so some of you Capricorns, your career may involve you having to travel quite a bit. If this is you then relationships may not be the best thing for you or you have to make sure you have a partner that understands this demanding career. A Leo may try to micromanage you during this time or a Leo may try to get you to change your mind about something that you are adamant about. Listen to what they have to say but at the end of the day it seems like you will stick with what you originally wanted to do. If you are in a relationship, then this week you and your partner will be spending much needed quality time together and you both may be falling back in love. Some of you may be getting moved to a temporary position in the company that you work for or there may be news about a promotion coming up. Speaking of news, some of you may do really good in radio, TV, broadcasting or your own news blog. Those of you that are questioning if you are with the right one or if you are with your life partner then that would be a yes, so try not to screw it up. Also some of you should be careful because I see a pregnancy with twins coming up between now and March 2021. If you’re thinking about getting any sort of plastic or cosmetic surgery then you don’t need it. Some of you need to stop hiding your figure or stop hiding your body. It’s almost like you’re trying to cover yourself up from the world noticing you. Don’t be afraid to put yourself out there.

Some of you could be getting a visitor in from your past before Thursday or Tuesday of next week. Some of you may be having some sort of final conversation with a Scorpio or Sagittarius that you used to date. One of you may have kept this relationship on the back burner just in case you wanted to get back together. But now it seems that someone is finally ready to move on. However, one of you won’t be very welcoming of this conversation because you will assume that it is time for you guys to get back together. If you haven’t talked to this person from the past in a while and you live in the same city, you’ll end up running into this person at a gas station or at a place that you guys went to whenever you were dating. It’s not a bad week to have some fun indoors, like having a movie night, doing some artwork, or finally washing those clothes. Some of you during this time may end up going backwards and having to live with your parents or you may have to get a roommate. Speaking of roommates, some of you guys may be scrambling to make ends meet because someone moved out unexpectedly. If your family stays in another state, then some of you may be taking a road trip to go see them. If you are in a long-distance relationship and planning to move in with one another soon, someone will be changing their mind at the last minute. It seems that someone feels that closing the gap is moving a little bit too fast so someone will want to backtrack and take things at a slower pace. Some of you guys may have to work with somebody that you don’t have the best relationship with, however your bosses are testing you. The energy coming up from the past this week could just be you being nostalgic or you having dreams about people you used to date. But a dream doesn't mean something is coming or someone is trying to ask for a second chance. Sometimes a dream is a sign that it’s time to close the door. If something doesn’t turn out the way you would’ve hoped during this week, be sure that you don’t take it out on others around you because you are frustrated. Or make sure that you don’t have a consistent resting bitch face because you’re annoyed. There aren’t any new beginnings happening during this time, stuff that is coming In is more so just clean up stuff. If you are planning for some sort of party or if you are planning to go to some sort of party then the party may be cancelled. Also some of you will actually end up meeting a compatible partner within the next nine weeks or by June 2021.

Moving in the name of love could be the theme for you this week. Some of you may be in a long-distance relationship, that may be quite disappointing. Or a third-party could be what is keeping a relationship from getting to where you want it to be. Some of you guys may be having trouble making a decision between two or three potential life partner’s or suitors. Some of you may be feeling a little bit sad if you just went through a break up but you should save your tears. Because a karmic cycle is finally about to end in your life whenever it pertains to love. And this is a cycle that has been going on for the last 6 to 9 years. Some of you may be separating again from someone who you decided to get back together with it in the month of June. If you have been having any issues when it comes to focusing on your studies or focusing at work you will finally be able to breathe easier again by the end of the week. Travel is highlighted by the end of the week and some of you may be traveling to see someone or someone is traveling to see you. This travel will put a lot of things into perspective that you didn’t want to pay attention to before. If you are deciding to break up with someone again for the third time, it’s time to wrap it up for good. Some of you guys will still try to be friends with this person but you may be doing this in hopes that one day you and this person will get back together. I do see energy that someone may be being influenced by a woman, or other females in their life. Even though someone has chosen you, does this choice come with a lot of baggage? Some of you guys may need to pay attention because a mother or sister may not want you to really be happy. So it may be time for you to distance yourself from this person. Or if you are dealing with somebody who has a daughter then this person‘s child may not want you and their parent to be together. Make sure that you are working hard this week because some of you may be under the impression that money is always going to come to you, so you may be being a little bit lazy. A new career change will be coming in for you in the next two weeks or if you’ve already started on this career change then you may have to wait until March or August of next year to see any progress. So if you were hoping for a quick turn of events or a quick change in results you ain’t gonna get it with this right now. Open your mind to the possibility, because some of you guys are supposed to be writers or the field of the arts. So if you haven't started on this it's best for you to get on it now or if you are holding a book/project hostage, then put it out there. However, you still have to wait or need to wait until next year because this year is not the time to publish anything. Some of you will be getting really lucky by the end of this week or in January there will be some type of unexpected promotion or unexpected new beginning in your career that comes out of the blue and that will be your answer to what is your purpose.

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