Weekly Horoscopes Oct. 6-12

You may not believe in someone’s apology during this time. A water or fire sign person could be approaching you before the week is over trying to talk things through. You may feel that this person’s efforts are futile because you’ve heard it all before. Some of you are wanting more from someone emotionally speaking and even though you may not get it this week, you will still try to be patient with this person until the end of the month. Some of you may be working on changing your diet during this time and deciding to cut back on caffeine or fruity drinks. This week you may have to compromise on a family situation that you would rather just be done with. You may have to be the bigger person when it comes to a situation by thursday of this week and this may involve you having to walk away from some sort of confrontation. Make sure you think before you speak during this time and even though you don’t want to believe that someone is genuinely sorry, they actually are. Those of you that have been dealing with an unappreciative partner could be surprised by the efforts they will be putting in during this time. Art or creative ventures could be a healthy outlet for you this week if you need to blow off some steam. Some of you may opt for a new hairstyle or you may decide to do some spring cleaning in your closet. It’s a good time to adopt a new workout regime and some of you may decide to start learning yoga. If you have let go of a marriage or a relationship, you will still have hopes that things will get better but it is time to find your happiness outside of this connection. Put down your shield and stop fighting to get this person to notice you, because they are focused on their own thing

Finances will be looking better during this time. You are also working on being patient with a younger water or earth sign person that you’ve been dealing with for the last 8 months or up to 8 years. You will be breathing a sigh of relief during this time and some of you could be getting called back in to work if you have been laid off during this time due to the coronavirus. You will be seeing things with new eyes this week and some of you that have been having a harsh demeanor towards people will be a bit softer. A good week for creating music or creating some sort of artwork if you are an artist. Some of you may need to make an appointment to the eye doctor because you could be dealing with blurred vision starting this weekend. There may be someone in your life who is giving you something or you feel this person is trying to bribe you to make things better. They could be giving you some sort of jewelry or this person could be taking you out on a date. This could be good that you and this person are going out on a date because you maybe haven’t experienced this in a while since you’ve had your child. Travel plans or short distance travel is planned for this weekend or some of you could be getting invited out with friends or siblings for some fun. Make some time in your schedule to go and this will be a good way to get a breather from life. If you are trying to move forward on business plans this week then you may have some disappointment when it comes to this. You may need to save this plan for the month of November or some of you may have to axe it completely because you still haven’t found your niche. Don’t assume that someone knows how you feel unless you open your mouth and say it. If you are waiting on a water sign person to contact you, this person’s back is still turned to the situation and you won’t have much progress during this time.

You could be feeling alone during this time or down on your luck when it comes to finances. Some of you are missing your best friend that you may be at odds with right now. Someone that you used to be in a relationship with could have been your best friend and you are wishing for a reuniting. You are trying to remain calm during this time even though you may feel that you want to scream to the top of your lungs and maybe then people will understand. The feelings that you tried to suppress for a water sign person could be resurfacing by Friday or Sunday of this week. You are now considering giving this a second chance, but unsure if this person will be open for a conversation. Some of you may feel judged in your career, by a brother, a boss or by a parent that’s in your life right now. You may feel that no matter what you do, these people are always nitpicking at every little thing. This week you could be prone to take everything personal, so try to see outside your ego during this time. There also may be someone around you right now that wants you to suppress or change how you are emotionally. It seems that you are doing a lot of changing while they are standing by and acting as if nothing they do is wrong. This week you should be open to forgiveness or at least hearing what people have to say. Some of you may still be hanging on to old things or old grudges that date back to two years ago and it’s preventing you from moving on. Work will start to pick up towards the middle of the week and some of you will be getting some sort of project or assignment that will require the majority of your attention. If you do well with this then a promotion will follow after eight months. Now is not the time to set your eyes on relocating to a different city or state. There may be some sort of legalities you could hear about that will require your immediate attention by the 11th or 12th of this month. There will be no reconciliation this week or for the next 4 weeks with this person that you miss, so find something else to do with your time.

This week is all about choices. And some of you may make the wrong decision when it pertains to your past. Some of you may have a difficult time making a decision and sticking to that decision. A change of plans will be happening if some of you were planning on relocating or making a move to a different place. You may be having difficulties with fire sign people when it comes to communication. Someone could be threatening to leave during this time because they feel that this relationship is going nowhere. There will be an ending during this time and some of you it deals with your financial sector. A business may close or money that you’ve invested in trying to start a business could be going down the drain. You may feel pressured to change who you are right now to make someone more comfortable, as some of you are starting to figure out that someone doesn’t accept you for who you are. You will feel this ending deeply and some of you may want to sleep or just lay around the majority of the week because you don’t know how to deal with this change that is happening. This change could be that you will be finding out that someone lied to you about wanting to be together or some of you could find out that someone has been entertaining someone on the side. Something is missing in a connection or some of you could see changes in your relationship sector this week due to a money situation. There will be a change in finances and you may need to lean on someone close to you for support during this time. Some of you may be dealing with difficulties pertaining to an air sign child this week and it may revolve around their health. A father or older fire sign friend will be there if you need them during this week. Some of you may miss your father or you were under the assumption that someone was going to be a replacement of what a father should have been in your life. What once was stable may not be as stable anymore. If you were expecting a promotion in a company then you will be getting news this week that it is going to someone else. Some of you may need to check on your father because he is dealing with health issues that he may be hiding from you. Some of you may have to deal with a break up that involves your parents and you may not know what to say or what to do. Things will be better in the next 6 weeks or starting at the beginning of November. For this month of October it’s best to save rather than to spend because finances will not be that plentiful during this month.

You could be finding a different way to handle a business or a project during this week. There could be a water sign or earth sign person that you’ve met or who will be coming in to you in the next 3 weeks who will help you get your career off the ground. Try to get along with your coworkers or peers during this time even though you are getting fed up with them. Some of you that are married could be working on your union during this time or a union will get a second chance due to a child. If you have a water sign child with someone then this person could be wanting to work things out with you. You are working on being more positive and with this new mindset, things will start to flow better in your life. Some of you may be dealing with health issues that you’ve had since you were a child and you will be taking a more holistic approach during this time. If you are dealing with diabetes then you will be cutting back on fried food and sugar and you will start to feel better by the end of the month. Some of you are apprehensive about moving forward with someone because there’s a new person who is grabbing your attention, so you don’t know who to choose. One of these individuals is just trying to have fun or keep you dangling in case their first option doesn’t work out. You may put more effort into a hobby during this time and over the next 2 months you could turn this into your career or a way to make extra money. By the end of the week you will still be confused on who will make you happy in a relationship and because you can’t decide you may choose to leave them both behind. If you are trying to remain single in hopes that someone from your past will come back to you, then you could be wasting your time at the moment. Focus on making yourself happy and moving forward. Whoever is meant to be in your life will catch up to you without you constantly checking over your shoulder. Be mindful of dealing with people with addictions because they could be getting out of control this week. Some of you should be careful of liquid courage because you may regret calling an ex or sleeping with your ex. Issues with bones or brittle nails could be affecting you.

You are having to look through a different lense this week when it comes to life. It’s best to take a step back and look at situations from a different perspective because the one you’ve got isn’t working. Some of you may feel that someone is trying to trap you or keep you stuck in a situation by giving you empty promises. Some of you may be dealing with issues pertaining to siblings or children. If you’ve dealt with mental health issues in the past some of you are having this resurface by Thursday or Friday. You may be trying to act like you don’t care towards someone even though your heart is singing a different tune. For you this week you are trying something new to see what works and to see if this person will notice. Some of you are struggling to figure out what you want to do in life because something that you’ve been trying/working on for the past year is just not having much progress. Some of you may be dealing with separations or a partner could be talking about separations/divorce by the weekend. If a legal case has been hung up or delayed for some time, expect more delays with this until the end of November or December. You may feel pulled towards some sort of humanitarian career during this time or trying to give back in a way but you don’t know in what way you can achieve this. If things are ending with a relationship or if you are still in separation with someone, it’s time to accept that this is a karmic lesson and you’ve finished up what you didn’t in a past life and for some this connection is not a part of your future. Even though you may be confused on why this is happening, things will start to become more clearer to you by the first week of November. Some of you need to start saving more and some of you have to do a better job with the way you handle your money. Someone is spending as soon as money touches their hands, and it’s hard to build towards a more stable future this way. If you are meeting someone new this week, then it’s best you do more research about this first. A new contract or new job opportunity will be coming in and it’s something that you overlooked in the past, but it may require you to sacrifice something before you can move forward. If you are trying to give your kids a sibling or trying to have a baby there are disappointments in this area this week.

An offer regarding your past is still being held up. Some of you may still be waiting to hear from someone from your past that you’ve given an offer back in september. But it still seems this person is delaying having the conversation with you. Some of you could be going back to an old style that you used to have back in 2019 or up to 9 years ago. So you could be going back to a previous hairstyle or wardrobe. Some of you will be spending time with your elders this week and you could be having a much needed conversation. For those of you that have a stubborn elder who is hard to get through to, then this week you could have some success when it comes to communicating with them. If you feel pulled to spend time to yourself then vocalize that to people around you so that they won’t take it personally. A new business idea or business opportunity that involves teaching, organizing, analyzing, financing, or research will be crossing your mind by the end of the week. Some of you may have already had this idea on your mind but you’ve been afraid to move forward with it because you may worry about how the world will accept it. By the end of the week some of you will still be leaving the light on for somebody to come back into your life because you still believe it could work or you selfishly don’t want this person to move on without you. If you need closure this week, then now is the time to get that or just accept that so that you can begin this new cycle. Some of you have come to the end of one of your journey’s, but you keep trying to restart the same things over and over again. Not a bad week to write, visit a bookstore or finish a book that you started reading 2 weeks ago. This week is all about knowledge and learning something new. If you want to go back to school to learn a new trade or to finish your degree, between now and the end of the year would be a good time for you to do that. In order for things to become more clearer, some of you have to find a place of peace within yourself. Some of you may wish that you could go back to how things were in the past with someone who you’ve left behind over two years ago, but there’s no more going back, just moving forward. If you are single then a fire or air sign person will be coming into your life in the next 4 months and you will end up settling down with this person for a long time. So if you are feeling ancy about new love, then just hold on a little bit longer.

Someone is trying to get your attention this week and it’s someone from your past. This is a person who you feel may have judged you from the beginning and didn’t give your connection a fair chance. Or this could be someone that was entertaining their ex and you at the same time. So now this person is back because they want you to hear them out on what they have to say. Some of you are forcing someone to change or you are doing things to get someone to like you, but it should happen naturally. This person could be coming back into your life to teach you a lesson that you should have already learned 20 weeks ago or back in 2017. Some of you may be wanting to change course when it comes to your career or your life purpose. Your purpose may involve teaching, the field of law, music, painting, artistry or careers that deal with the moon. Speaking of the moon, you may feel confused by someone’s mixed messages during this time. Someone is afraid of the idea of marriage or someone is running away from commitment because they feel there may be a better offer on the table elsewhere. Those of you that have someone trying to get your attention, you could be ignoring this person. Don’t be surprised if this person tries to communicate with you through someone else or tries to go to other avenues to try to get you to talk to them. Issues with groups or some of you could find yourself in the middle of friends fighting. Interviews could be scheduled by the end of this week. Some of you that don’t want to go back to working in an office or in a call center, unfortunately may have to do that until you can do something different. You may be coming off as cold or impatient during this time and some of you should be mindful of this. You may miss out on opportunities because people are afraid to approach you. Someone could make the choice to go with their career instead of their family. But also any secrets that are being hidden will be coming to the surface in the next 9 days. Those of you that are in a career that deals with the public may feel that people are judging or being quite harsh towards you. Try not to let it bother you.

You are trying to focus on a new beginning with an earth or fire sign person. You may have a child with this person or they may have a child already with someone else. So you and them may be having a sit down conversation or an over the phone convo to see where you go from here. Apologies and forgiveness could be offered for the 2nd or 3rd time this week. Some of you that are thinking about going back to school could be re-enrolling for the spring semester coming up. If you are dealing with a child that has learning disabilities then more resources could be coming available for you by the end of the week. You are looking at your finances right now and some of you may be deciding to move forward with a connection again so that you don’t have to handle things financially on your own. Some of you could be having issues with knees, ears or excess weight around your waist. So you could be deciding to adopt a new diet or some of you could even be thinking about getting some sort of cosmetic surgery; Drink more water this week. Giving someone another chance but the issue still remains that this person either rejects you or they easily fall back into the cycle of not taking this relationship seriously. Some of you that aren’t interested in forgiving this person again will be rejecting their calls or rejecting their apology. You just want to focus on work and focus on a new beginning when it comes to your finances. If you were laid off from a job in the month of september or earlier this year, you could be getting a call to come back in, but you may decide to go in a different direction. Those of you that are already with a company could be feeling that there is not room for advancement or they are dragging their feet on giving you a promotion, so you could be planning to look elsewhere. Good thing is there will be something new that will be coming in within 2 weeks from now. Money from the government could be coming in for those that have been waiting to be approved or there could be success when it comes to getting loans. It’s a good week to look for a house and to be approved for one. Or if you are wanting to look for a new place to move to, then you will have success.

Some of you could be getting a visitor by the end of the week, or you will be receiving news of an unexpected pregnancy. If you’ve taken someone back from the past then the unexpected pregnancy could be coming from this person’s side or it could be yours. So there could be questions revolving around paternity when it comes to a new baby. There will be news coming in to you via the internet and it may involve some sort of drama in a situation that you’ve tried to leave behind. You are looking for direction and some of you are looking to change course but you’re waiting on someone to tell you what to do or if this is a good idea or not. Issues with fire sign children could be coming up by the middle of this week. Those of you that are single could be meeting a younger fire sign and this situation will take off pretty fast. Make sure to get to know this person first before you immediately jump into something. Also some of you should be careful of making promises that you don’t intend to keep or someone is doing this with you. If you are older you could be thinking about your kids that are far from you and you are thinking on how to have a better relationship with them. Make sure that you are covering your tracks because some of you will be very absent minded during this time. If you are anemic then you could have to go back to the doctor before the month is over. Someone will want to have a conversation with you but they keep saying “nevermind” everytime you ask them what’s going on. If you are dealing with an air sign person they may be being a bit cold towards you, but once thursday hits then this person will start to open up more. So don’t take it personally if this person is being a certain type of way. There could be personal issues that they are dealing with that they don’t want you to know about. There may be someone who is asking to move in with you or someone is wanting to move in already without a solid foundation. It seems someone isn’t ready to be super serious at the moment and some of you may have to just give a connection more time to develop into something else. New romantic connections or new friendships could be coming in by way of your family or a family friend.

You are rushing forward in your endeavours during this time but you aren’t making sure that all your i’s are dotted and t’s are crossed. Some of you may be running into situations when it comes to your mortgage or something that has to do with your home. Some of you may be thinking about going to counseling when it comes to a relationship because it has been in a period of stagnation for too long. Others of you may be looking into counseling when it comes to your children if you and the other parent are going through a separation. During this time you also may be changing your mind quite a bit when it comes to what you want to do with your life. It seems you have lost your direction and some of you are about to head down the wrong path. Pay attention to signs, symbols and your dreams because they are guiding you in the direction you should go. Some of you may be dealing with people who are in the military or you are dealing with someone who is being like a dictator when it comes to how they approach you. Finally, by the end of the week a prayer will be answered for you and some of you could have a very lucky new beginning that you didn’t see coming. A mentor or someone could be coming through for you in a big way. New opportunities or a new offer for a current business could be falling in your lap. You may feel once this happens that it’s too good to be true, but you’ve asked for this so don’t blow it thinking that it’s something you don't’ deserve. If you are single then there will be a water or earth sign person that you will be meeting via the internet. A move is highlighted in the upcoming 2-7 months or an opportunity for you to travel with your career could be happening. Some of you may be writing a book or starting a book club that will be quite successful regardless if you feel this project isn’t good enough. You’re not believing in your talent enough and if you don’t change your mindset then this will fail. If you are in a long distance relationship, in 2021 one of you will be moving closer towards the other person. Some of you could be getting a new car this week or in the next 8 weeks.

Money will be coming in for those of you that have been waiting. Some of you will be getting engaged this week or someone is planning to do this by May of 2021. This applies for those of you that have been together for 3, 5 or 6 years. This will be a peaceful week for you during this time as money will start to flow in if it’s been held up since the month of May or June. Some of you may be turning towards spirituality more or your religion. This week it will benefit you to do the right thing instead of following your ego. If you’ve been waiting on some sort of raise or promotion then there could be correspondence coming in at the end of the week or around the 16th of this month. You will be in the advantage position during this time and you should give back to those that are less fortunate. You could donate old clothes that don’t fit anymore or some of you may even feel pulled to start some sort of non-profit. Meditate on this idea some more first before you launch it. If you’ve been on the outs with a friend then you and this person could be having a reunion during this time. You both will realize that your differences aren’t worth giving up this long term friendship. The wheel of fortune will be shining down on a lot of you during this time and if you don’t use it then you will lose it. Not a bad week to focus on spending more time with your family. Some of you that have been having issues in your connections will find a silver lining through it all and you will be right back in a good place, especially if you are dealing with a water sign. No need to rush anything this week and opportunities will find you. If you are dealing with a fire sign then you and this person could be clashing or bumping heads when it comes to starting a family or something to do with someone’s kids. Someone may need to distance themselves away from an ex who they are still friends with, because there are feelings there. It may cause issues in a current relationship or cause issues if someone is trying to move on to someone else.


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