Weekly Horoscopes Sept. 14-20: New Opportunities and it's Time for a Talk.


You may be dealing with issues in the love department during this time. Some of you are holding back your words or feelings when it comes to an earth sign person that you’ve been in an up and down situation with for the last 4 months or up to 4 years. It would be beneficial during this time for you to save more than you are spending and you also may need to take some more time to think about investing your money into this project. Some of you may feel guilty about catching feelings for a friend, especially if they are in a relationship or some of you may be catching feelings for someone that is the friend of a friend. So because of this and because of you feeling a bit guilty about your feelings, you will still hold out on telling them how you feel until the month of April or starting as early as 4 months from now. If you have a fire sign sister or a fire sign friend then this person will be reaching out to you during this time to ask you for assistance when it comes to finances. Some of you may also be worried about accepting an offer to go into business with a family member during this time and it may be beneficial to just do it on your own because if you don’t this plan will sink by four years from now. Those of you that are married and are over the situation will be making a plan to protect your assets starting now, so that when it’s time to walk away you won’t be left with nothing. If you are dealing with court cases or court situations during this time that require some sort of review, then you may be coming out on the negative side. So make sure that you have saved because some of you will have to pay back some sort of money. Some of you are stuck between making a choice when it comes to two different lovers. One fire sign and one air or earth sign person. One of these connections is a karmic relationship that will be dissolved by the year 2024. A relationship may also be dissolving due to finances as someone's money is tied up into too many things which is making it hard to create a solid foundation for the future. A new career change will be happening starting in October.


Things will be coming to a sense of peace on the homefront. Some of you have been concerned about your own health or the health of a family member for the last 4 months or up to 14 months. You may feel pulled towards expanding your living situation as some of you will be expecting a baby as early as april of 2021 (Or you are conceiving around this time). Some of you may just decide to redecorate your current space instead of trying to look for a different one because it may make more sense financially speaking. You will be having a conversation with someone in your family or someone that you have started a family with by the end of this week. Someone is ready to put the pettiness behind them and move on from what has happened in the past. Are you ready to accept this? Some of you may take this conversation as a reconciliation, but I am getting that this is more of a closure. You may have issues with your hearing during this time or you may just get really good at tuning people out when they aren’t telling you what you want to hear. Some of you may be preparing yourself for an engagement or you think that someone that you are with is ready to take it to the next level. But from what I pick up, it seems that this person is comfortable with where things are at and they don’t want to complicate it. It’s best to sit back this week and enjoy the ride of life instead of trying to get too far ahead of yourself. Some of you may be in separation from a fire sign or from an air sign person and you still wonder if this person is thinking about you. Not the best week to try to have a conversation with this person. Some of you have actually left your true soulmate behind because you were too impatient for them to take things to the next level or you were making your decisions based on emotions. There will be another connection coming in for those of you that are single and it's from an older earth sign person who may live in another state or country. This person is financially stable but you will be kind of bored and you will miss the bond you had with this other person from the past. But it seems this person is at the point where they feel it’s best you guys move forward in your own directions. Even though they know what they are sacrificing and giving up with this situation not working out, they don’t really see how this situation could work again. Things could change in 5-9 years from now, but it’s best for the moment to accept closure so you can move forward. Those of you in connections with someone since 2014, then this is the right person for you and try to work it out. I don’t see any changes on the workfront this week so you will still be doing what you’re doing.


You don't know what direction you are headed in. Some of you may feel that you are headed back to the drawing board when it comes to your life purpose because you thought you were on the right track. So this week you may be exploring your talents more or you may be studying more about a certain career to see if this will be a better fit. Some of you may be receiving mixed signals from a water or fire sign person. You were under the impression that this is what this person wanted and now it seems that this person is up to their old tricks again with the indecisiveness. A text message may be coming to you during this time and it’s from someone who meant to send the message to someone else. So some of you may go through some sort of argument or battle during this time based on this message. Contain your emotions and if it’s not that big of a deal, don’t make it into one. Some of you will be having a hard time focusing at work or if you are going on a job interview you may have a hard time explaining yourself. Some of you aren’t sleeping. If you have moved into a period where things are starting to get better, it’s as if you are just waiting for the rug to be pulled from underneath you. Those of you that are in commitments or dating someone, will be asking questions regarding the future. This person may not have any answers for you or they will be changing the subject. If you are already married, it seems the fights are still continuing between you and this person and this time the fight may be over hanging out too much with friends or not wanting to have kids. You should focus on having a life outside of your relationship. This person is not going to break or cheat on you if you don’t put all the attention on them. Because some of you struggle with this, then you have created a codependent habit in a connection that needs to be broken or you’re going to find yourself going from relationship to relationship. Not the best week to have one-on-one conversations with a boss when it comes to a promotion because this isn’t the time and they are considering someone else. If you feel a blockage when it comes to creativity then it may be best for you to spend more time outside and some of you are listening or watching too many depressing things that are affecting your energy. Stop feeling sorry for yourself and keep moving; you can do this. Interviews won’t go well during this week and if you can put it off until the very beginning of next week then it will be better. Don’t argue with anyone during this time because you are wasting your breath and they don’t respect your opinion anyway. If you are getting into online dating there will be rejection with this during this week or the month of Aquarius season will actually bring in your soulmate. Some cancers are actually about to be famous or known in your community if you already have an online presence somewhere (if you’ve stayed true to yourself). Those of you just going after the money in a career may need to rethink if this is where your passion or heart lies because it doesn’t seem like you’ve found your niche yet. But delayed doesn’t mean denied. The art world or the arts will be really good for you.


There may be two people in your life or two strong male presences that are being cold towards you during this time. One of these individuals is someone that you are in a relationship with and some of you may be having regrets that you didn’t give someone else a chance. You are trying to be happy and give this person a chance but why do they have to treat you like everyone else. Some of you may be feeling that you really don’t matter to this person or you feel like this person just likes being cruel to you for the fun of it. It may be time to redo your budget when it comes to your finances or some of you may benefit from getting some sort of financial advisor. Because life may not be going how you planned, some of you are turning over a leaf to this cut off and dry attitude. So during this week you won’t have a lot of time for emotions, empathy or even listening to anyone’s sob story because you are a little over it. Setting boundaries will be to your favor during this time, especially if you are in a relationship with a fire sign. Some of you may start to develop feelings for a friend during this week but they are already in a relationship. If you need help then ask for it as some of you are being way too prideful during this time. If you are meeting someone new or you are meeting two people during this week then one of these individuals are in a relationship already even though they are telling you how much they care and adore you. The one that is being overly expressive with their emotions, may be hiding something that will come to the surface in the month of scorpio. Those of you that felt you had unfinished business with someone from your past could be getting news about this person this week or they are contacting you out of the blue to apologize. But due to your anger and lack of forgiveness with them, you will likely blow your top at them. Some of you may have some sort of argument or disagreement with a boss or with a parent by the end of the week. A family member does not like your partner and they are ready to tell it like it is to your face about how they feel. Don’t engage and don’t become combative about this. Accept it and let them know that your life is yours not theirs. If you just started a business during gemini season then there may be some issues with this or if you started this venture in 2019. An earth sign woman will be of help to you financially if you are needing it. I see that someone is having to give money to their ex for child support or something is having to be paid out to the past and it’s affecting a connection. If you are worried that someone has a baby with someone else then it will come back negative on this one. A relationship may work better as friends instead of lovers.


Getting your wish during this week as some of you will be getting back together with someone that you love. This is either an air sign or another fire sign person. I also see communication is going better for those of you that have bickering back and forth about nothing since the beginning of this month. You will start to realize during this week that you or the other person have made a big deal about nothing because of them being insecure. If you have a business that you have been up in the air about since January, then you will be receiving confirmation during this time that you are on the right path. You’re on the right path in general even if you don’t have a business and you work for a corporation. Some of you may be considered for some sort of management position during sagittarius season, so make sure that you are being on your best behavior. Those of you that are single will be getting a surprise message during this time that someone has a crush or has serious feelings for you. Take your time with this because one of you just got out of a relationship and just two weeks ago you wanted to get back with the person from the past. Feelings don’t die that quickly, so make sure you get to know this person some more first. Some of you will be getting some sort of invite to an event that you should probably attend because you may meet new friends or new suitors while you are there. If you haven’t gone on a date in a while then some of you will be getting asked out by this new person or you are going out with someone that you’re already in a relationship with. Don’t start with the long paragraphs worth of text messages if this person is only giving you one sentence. You don’t have to keep reiterating yourself because they heard you the first time. Some of you have a spiritual connection with someone that is a water sign and it’s quite strong to let this go, but someone’s heart is facing towards someone else. So this may be a connection that is good to teach you about yourself, not destroy you and then you both agree to go your own separate ways. It seems for those of you that have unfinished business with someone that you aren’t on good terms with, someone doesn’t want to talk or hear the other person’s apology, so try again another day or just not at all. You will have a choice to make between two people who are good partners for you in the long haul. One is at a distance from you and the other person is closer to home. You will likely go with the one that is closer to home and you are more familiar with this person and where they come from. Relationships at a distance will go through struggles right now because of insecurities and jealousies until someone gets pushed out the door and then that will be it. Some of you may be making the decision this week that you don’t want to get married or the other person will be deciding this. So can you live with a union that is solidified or are you not willing to compromise on this?


You may be sharing some good news with someone from your past or you may be receiving this good news from a child, sibling or best friend. Some of you are focusing on your inner child during this week so you will be up for a lot of fun, fun, fun. Those around you that are taking life too seriously, you may decide to distance yourself away from them. If you used to be some sort of artist when you were younger then you could be pulling out your old tools to get back into this again. If you haven’t spent a lot of time with your children during this time because you’ve been preoccupied with work, then this is a good week for a mini vacation or to just do something that they want to do. Be careful of being over emotional or wearing your heart on your sleeve because everyone won’t appreciate this. Some of you are writers and you may be starting on a new children’s book, poetry or some sort of motivational writing that you want to present to the world. I do feel that some of you will be getting some sort of award or recognition from a boss during this week. If you have your own business then you could see good returns during this time and you will finally be able to pay yourself back. A water sign you used to be with in the past may come across your mind or this is someone who is trying to see if you want to try to work things out. Your soul has moved past this person as you’ve had a hard time seeing past this person’s childness and emotionally manipulative tactics. Bid this person farewell so that you can get on with your own life. Some of you may be having trouble sleeping or this will be happening towards the middle of the week. An illness may be coming on because some of you are not resting and you feel that if you don’t work then that’s it. Take some days to yourself to rest and some of you desperately need a vacation. A new money making opportunity will be coming in by the end of the week and it’s something you got denied for in the past. If you recently started this opportunity then you made the right decision by accepting it this time around because you will be able to continue moving up the financial ladder with this. If you are single then an earth sign person is coming in to you to offer a new beginning. This is someone you’ve rejected in the past because you felt they didn’t understand you or you felt they were still dealing with their ex. A week of happiness for you so make sure that you enjoy it.


Someone or you isn’t wanting to let go of a situation that has reached its end. The arguing hasn’t stopped and someone keeps letting third parties interfere in a situation. You are still trying to remain optimistic and for those of you that have given someone a second chance, this person is letting you down again. You are shedding old skin and going through a transition on your own personal journey and you may not even feel the same way about this person anymore. Some of you are dealing with a Scorpio, Aquarius, Gemini, Taurus or Pisces person. This person may be being a bully towards you or this person isn’t not being kind towards you when it comes to your body image. Not saying they are body shaming but this person may be hinting at you needing to do something different with your body so that it will please them. Now if this person isn’t doing this, then some of you are starting to become more self conscious about your image. I am picking up energy around the stomach area that some of you may be unhappy with, so it may be time to rethink your diet and lay off the salty/sugary foods. If you are dealing with things revolving around inheritances, then some of you may have to battle it out with someone who feels they deserve more than you even though they were never there. Some of you may be getting news at the end of this week that a Leo or someone that has been struggling with health issues has passed away. It does seem that this person is older and around the age of 58, 65, or 72. The saying, “Nothing Lasts Forever,” may be really hitting home for you during this time as some of you feel that a relationship is just falling apart and you may realize that this person isn’t too interested in trying to put it back together. If you recently ended things with someone else and have already moved on, then during this week you may be facing scrutiny that you’ve moved on too fast or that you didn’t love this person at all. Don’t let your relationship problems make it outside the walls of your relationship. This could be why some of you are struggling in connections because you are trying to involve too many people in your love life when it comes to getting advice. If you are afraid to start over on your own, then don’t worry about this because your angels have your back. Time to make decisions that will be better for you in the long run instead of always worrying about everyone else first. Some of you will finally get the truth from someone this week that they had some sort of affair with someone. This happened in the past but you still never got the truth from them, but now they are coming forward. A promotion could be off the table at this time.


Success on the career front will start to take place around the 16th or 18th of this week. Some of you will be celebrating because a new life is about to be born either from you or this could be a sibling. You feel that you have made the right decision when it comes to your love relationship and you may have some new found confidence during this time. If you have been waiting on a promotion or some sort of correspondence from your company about a position, then you will finally be receiving this email or phone call before the week is out. Be careful about office drama or office politics that you may get easily caught up into during this time. If you get in the middle of this then your new opportunity will be heading towards someone else. Don’t let your ego get in the way this week when it comes to admitting your mistakes or apologizing if you need to apologize. Have fun this week and try not to take life so seriously as some of you have been on this streak of trying to have everything perfect. Some of you should be careful about arguing with your partner out in public or some of you may have an ex coming to see you at your job. Be careful about this ex because there may be some sort of argument that you may have and it could ruin things for you. You just got on the right track so don’t let people start to ruin this for you as you’ve waited a long time for this. It also may be time to go to the doctor or to visit some sort of specialist because some of you are dealing with skin problems or you are dealing with issues when it comes to your teeth. If you are looking for new love, then you won’t find what you’re looking for by taking someone back from the past. Turn your head in the other direction and move forward towards something new. Be careful of air signs during this week because they could be the ones that bring you some sort of betrayal. There may be someone who is crying to you to try and make you feel sorry for them and I feel this is someone that you used to date. Don’t fall for this because I don’t see that this person is actually serious, they just don’t want you to move on to someone else. An earth sign person in this lifetime will bring you stability, love, finances and you will find your purpose with them. It could be a virgo or a taurus and I do see that some of you will be getting married in May of next year or within the next 10-14 months, but there’s one more thing that you have to go through before that happens. Your person is someone from your past, went to middle school with this person, or a fire sign ex of theirs gave you guys issues at the beginning of your connection up to 4 or 14 years ago. Those of you that are looking to start a business may need to wait until the month of October or April of 2021. You can let your guard down now if you are dealing with this person because they are the right one for you. If you just had a water sign baby with someone or this is a June Cancer or Gemini then this situation may not make it for the long term.


You may be still dealing with legalities tied to someone from your past or some of you still feel that you have one last thing to say to someone that you have ended things with. It’s time to accept what is so that you can move forward to something different. This week you may feel blocked or held back in some sort of way but this could just be your mindset. There’s not always more to the story and some of you may be getting caught up in that mindframe this week. You think that what someone says isn't’ really what it is and this is keeping you stuck. If you have been dealing with court cases tied to children then you will be getting success with this during this week. So this could be alimony, child support or some sort of back pay that has been withheld for the last 11 days, 11 weeks or 11 months. You should hear news about this on Tuesday. Some of you may be thinking about prenuptial agreements or the other person that you are dealing with could be bringing this to the table. If you are getting any sort of money in, then it’s best to save this instead of immediately going out to spend it because come november you will need the extra cash. If you are with a scorpio, libra, or capricorn then it seems that you’re in the right place and things will start to slowly get better. Especially if you and this person have been having issues for the last 4 years or 4 months. Quit running away or wanting to run away during this week and make the decision and stick to it. Some of you are still on the fence when it comes to going back and forth on if you should stay or go. Make the decision this week so that balance can start to happen more in your life. If you are still looking for the truth as to why someone ghosted you then this person will finally be confronting you about this. They will apologize but you will still be cold towards this person because their reason isn’t good enough. If you have separated from someone and you wonder if this person is coming back, this is the final curtain call for this connection. You guys being apart actually brings more balance because when you’re together it seems things just go haywire. Try to understand and accept what’s best for the both of you guys, not just about what’s best for you. Even if you have a child with this person, it seems from this child’s aura that they have already accepted this. They actually accepted this when they were around two years old that this situation just wouldn’t make it. Just because we love someone and we think they are the one for us doesn’t mean they are operating on the same vibration. New ventures coming in for you to explore your talents more will be coming forth around the 17th of this week and make sure that you take these opportunities. If you think that someone you’re with is lying about loving you, then you can rest assured that they are actually telling you the truth. Again, if you are with this person that I mentioned before then this is your highest most compatible soulmate, so you should cherish this.


You may be acting cold towards a connection or this person is acting cold towards you. Someone is putting off the idea when it comes to having a family or some of you may be nervous that someone’s family will continue not to accept you. I get a vibe where someone’s family has the energy that no matter who someone is with it still won’t be good enough. Some things are out of your control and that includes people’s opinion of you. People are going to think what they like to think. If you haven’t been spending a lot of time with your family then you will set time aside to do that this week. Some of you will be getting a visit from an air or water sign person that will help you with your career for the next 10 months. You also may be worried about the health of an air sign person that you feel is like family to you. This could be an ex or this may just be a friend that you grew really close to. Some of you will be experiencing issues with your breathing and something dealing with your throat will pop up around the 18th of this week. You also may be a bit harsh with your communication during this time, so make sure that you are being mindful of your words towards others. If you are dealing with personal issues then make sure that you aren’t taking out that energy on those around you. In terms of love, things will start to get better with this air or water sign person by the end of this week and you will have a rekindling of your love. Start with forgiveness and work forward from that for those of you that have been struggling in this connection. If you still have hope that a water sign person will come back to you then you could be getting your wish during January or February of 2021. If you have a business then things will be stable for you this week or even if you are in a company, then there will still be stability here for the next 2 years. Don’t lie or hide your feelings during this time if someone is trying to work towards a better future. Tell this person how you really feel even if you know they don’t want to hear it so that you both can figure out where you go from here. Be careful of a manipulating pisces or someone who’s birthday is in the winter time because this person may be the cause of your disappointment during this week. Some of you may feel this week that you are more comfortable just being to yourself and you really don’t care about love and there’s nothing wrong with that.


You may be feeling rejected during this time or some of you are feeling trapped by secrets in your life. Some of you may have been rejected by another water sign or other air sign person and you are hiding your pain or emotions. This may be a bit of an emotional time for you right now because you are just trying to figure out what your purpose is and why you’re having to go through this cycle in your life right now. Some of you may be so fearful of what’s next, that you are keeping yourself stuck in the same spot when you should be trying to find a way forward. Some of you have rejected your destiny or you have ignored that gut feeling and now you’re in a situation that you are unhappy in. It may be a situation where some of you pisces are having to learn the hard way because you have been making emotionally charged decisions. Priorities is the theme for you this week. And don’t let love or your heart get in the way of handling your responsibilities and being logical. Some of you may be fearful about opening up to your mom or some sort of female figure in your life about some sort of change you’ve just experienced. For some it’s like you’re still in the energy of a child where you are still seeking others approval or you are afraid to carve out your own path because you don’t want people to be mad at you. Some of you don’t want a partner to be mad at you because you are starting to change your mind about wanting to be in this connection. You gave it a chance but after taking some time to yourself, you may be feeling that you are starving yourself of happiness by continuing to be in this. Pay attention to your children this week because they may be acting out emotionally. If you are working on a book or some sort of writing project then you may be getting rejected if you are trying to pitch it to a company so that they can buy it or so that they will become your publisher. If this is something you still believe in then don’t give up on it just because someone said it’s a no. If you are trying to be in the field of entertainment then this may not be your destiny like you think. It seems your destiny revolves around helping children, teaching, finance, engineering, sex or athletics. Once you accept yourself then others around you will do the same. A Leo or fire sign person could be apologizing to you around the 19th of this week, but you may take this conversation as them wanting to give this another go. They are still on the fence about this connection so go into the conversation with the expectation that it is closure so that you don’t get your feelings hurt. New opportunities will be coming in during the last week of september or within the next 12 weeks. It’s time to leave your old life or even old job behind and start with something new. Some of you will be going into the field of finance and you will do really good when this new opportunity presents itself. Don’t be the only person giving up everything to make a relationship work because it won’t last past 4 years. An earth sign person is on their way into you starting in January-April of 2021


This week you could finally start to gain more ground on turning your hobby into your career. Some of you this is actually your destiny where you are able to take a skill or talent you learned at the age of 12 or 22 and turn it into something lucrative. This week you will be more focused on yourself and what you want to do and some of you will be buying some sort of luxury item. Luck will be on your side this week and it seems that things will just be falling into place or opportunities will find you over the next 18 days or 18 weeks. Some of you that are just dating should stick with this and try to not commit yourself to one person during this time. Feel both of these individuals out and then make a decision later on. Just have fun this week instead of worrying about what’s coming next or when this bill is due or how your family feels. Some of you that are in a relationship are starting to feel butterflies and you are starting to catch more feelings for this person than you’re willing to admit. Again you do have a choice to make between your heart and your mind. I do pick up the energy of a decision that has to be made between a water or air sign person. You already know what decision you need to make, but you have to be confident in that and stick with whatever path you choose. But i'm sure within the next 2 months you will make the right choice and move closer towards happiness. Some of you may be thinking about starting a business based on your passion this week or if you’ve already created this then there will be some sort of wish fulfillment coming true for you. This is a fulfillment that will put some extra cash in your bank account or you will be able to get approved for that loan you’ve been trying for since up to 9 months ago. Some of you could finally take the leap and launch your social media career and you will have good results with this if you stay consistent with it. Some of you are heading into a period of popularity with the public. You will just feel like anything you come across turns to gold and you may be right. Don’t get carried away with this as you still need to be practical, but now is the time to give things a chance that you’ve been putting off for the last 6 months or 6 years. If you are dealing with another air sign then this person’s coldness is making you feel that something is missing or that this person’s attention is being pulled elsewhere. You guys aren’t communicating or you have lost the reason why you decided to come together. Start over with the basics. Those of you that have feelings for a friend will come to the realization this week that you and this person just can’t be in a romantic situation because it just won’t work and you don't’ want to risk losing a friend. Don’t get caught up in this period of wanting to get so much public attention that you lose sight of what matters most. Some of you are letting work or business get in the way of your relationship and if something doesn’t change then someone will be walking away in 7-10 months. It’s not time to move or relocate yet so sit on this plan a little bit longer.

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