Weekly Horoscopes Sept. 22-28


You may be distancing yourself from an earth sign person this week or you are distancing yourself from a mother or woman figure around you. Some of you are newly single and you are feeling the weight of the world being lifted off your shoulders. There is someone who is pushing or asking for a second chance with you, but right now you want to enjoy your freedom. Some of you may be studying for some sort of exam or some of you may be getting prepared for some sort of interview that you will be going to or hearing about around Thursday or Friday of this week. You may feel the need to defend your decisions during this time with those around you. An aunt or a distant relative may be reaching out to you or you and this person could be bumping heads. Especially if you are living with this person right now until you can regain your independence. If you have a business then this week you may be rearranging your home office space if you work at home. Some of you that are thinking of business ideas may have one on your mind that deals with interior design or that deals with cleaning. It’s time to get rid of clothes that don’t fit anymore and some of you need to sort through your laundry. You may end up finding something that you lost at the beginning of this month. A good week to come up with a different budget or some of you may need to be mindful of getting too happy with your debit or credit cards. Now is the time to store up like a bear before hibernation because you may need your savings at the end of this month or in the middle of october. Some of you may want to get a breast reduction or to get new breasts. Heavy foods that you will eat this week will start showing in your hips at the end of october. Don’t over eat. Some of you may have to play peacekeeper between two friends or between a mother and a sister. It may be time to relocate to a different state or different city.


Conflict could be arising in your relationships or communications with air sign people this week. Some of you are feeling pushed away by someone when you are trying to figure out what you did wrong. It is likely that someone could be playing mind games with you this week to get you to chase them or to get some sort of reaction out of you. Don’t engage in the pettiness this week as someone will try to be petty towards you. It feels this is an ex from your past who may be trying to shove their new relationship in your face by the weekend. If this person has already been doing this then it will still continue. Some of you may be at odds with a family member in your life who only comes around when they need something. This could be a father or a strong masculine energy. If your mother is quite masculine then this is likely her. There may be disappointment on the public front during this week because some of you are too concerned with protecting your ego or too concerned with defending yourself that your mouth is getting you into trouble. If you have kids then this would be a good week for you to spend more time with them as some of you have detached yourself due to personal issues from the last 4-5 months. Some of you are in separation from someone and you are feeling this person’s coldness more as the days go by. You just want to know if this person cares or if your connection mattered at all. You feel written off and some of you even feel abandoned. If someone from the past is communicating with you during this time they may be playing phone tag with you or some of you will wonder if this person doesn’t want to work things out then why are they even talking to you. Sometimes silence speaks more volumes. You are moving in the right direction and some of you are making the right decision by trying to make things work. Now is the time to come up with a different way to communicate with this person instead of taking an eye for an eye. If things don’t change there will be a separation in the next 4, 5 or 20 weeks from now. Abandoning projects either by you or someone that you have a contract with will be happening during this week. Some of you are running scared from a person that you work with that you have feelings for. Every relationship won’t be perfect and some of you are wanting to run away because your idea of perfection of this person has blown up in your face and you’ve seen them for who they are. But it still doesn’t mean it’s a bad thing.


Some of you may be worrying about a promotion that you feel slipped through your fingers or you are waiting on this promotion to be confirmed by your superiors. Right now if you are financially fulfilled then emotionally you feel misguided or confused by an earth sign person in your life. This week you may even feel a little bit down on your luck as money may not be flowing in as much as it used to in the past. Some of you are trying to impress someone but it seems no matter what you do it’s never good enough. There is a partnership in your life and right now you may be feeling that it is good enough for your pockets but at night you turn over to the other side and wonder where the love is. Some of you may not know who you love or who you want to be with because there are two people in your life that you have to choose from. To you they both have the same attributes and one doesn’t seem to be better than the other. So you are wondering or trying to figure out who you would rather deal with. A big part of you still is unable to answer this question. A person in your life may also be trying to bribe you with gifts and material things and your face is showing that you’re not really interested. Some of you could be moving in with a water sign as early as spring time of next year, so this could be the first person that you will try a relationship out with to see if it’s going to last. This is a water sign person from your past who you feel in a way is emotionally immature or this person is using you. And even though you have these feelings about this person, you still will continue forward because you may be at a point where you are just tired of going home to an empty house. There is a cycle in your life when it comes to love that will last for two more years so that you can finally put your questions to rest. Some of you may be dealing with someone who is constantly having a wandering eye or this person has a high sex drive that could cause issues. There is someone in your energy when it pertains to love who has an unhealthy obsession with this connection or did some sort of spell work to pull you back in. Be careful.


Moving towards a new relationship by the end of this week. Even if you are in a relationship some of you will be meeting someone new and there will be a whirlwind of emotions. You are ready to put the past behind and start over with happiness. If you aren’t ready to move forward with a new connection then this new found relationship is the relationship that you will be having with yourself. Some of you may meet someone new that is only coming into your life to help you with some sort of financial venture or to just be a good friend to you. You may be over-analyzing this week the different relationships in your life. A friend or someone that you confide in may be telling you to build a bridge and get over it. There is a lack of sympathy that someone is showing towards you during this time. It’s time for you to re-evaluate this connection and see if it has already served its purpose in your life. Those of you that are starting new projects will have a favorable outcome with this but you may need the help of a friend or the help of a new mentor that will be coming into your life. If you are wondering if someone has the same feelings towards you that you have towards them then they do. You will feel wooed by someone or by more than one person during this time. There are people trying to fight for your love or affection and they are all water sign people. You may be going out on a date with someone new that you just met or some of you may put on your rose colored glasses for someone that you just met at the bank, out on the town or you met them via the internet on tinder, match or meet me. If you are some sort of artist or even a writer then you will be putting more focus on this during this time and it’s a good thing because your creativity will just flow. Don’t stress yourself out right now if you still are unsure about the path that you are going on. It’s not going to be easy but this may still be a good direction for you. Some of you will also end up getting married to this new person in the next 3, 4 or 9 years if you continue to move forward with this connection. They do have a child already. Detach from social media this week because you will be too tempted to be confrontational towards people.


You are more concerned about saying the wrong thing instead of just speaking your mind when it comes to a water or earth sign person in your energy right now. Some of you may be codependent on someone that keeps this connection going back and forth between hot and cold with a lack of consistency. Money may not be flowing in a lot during this week and some of you may be double checking and triple checking your finances because you are fearful of your bank account balance depleting. Right now you want to be more focused on yourself and some of you want to be selfish when it comes to love and even though there may be a good suitor in front of you, right now you’d rather not be bothered. A new beginning will be coming up for you this week and some of you it’s opening up a new bank account or some of you this new beginning is you starting on some sort of creative project. Scrapbooking or even photography could bring you joy during this time or some of you could be trying to turn these things into your career. If you have been on the outs with someone in your family for the last four years then there will be a conversation of forgiveness between you and them within the next four days. Travel is highlighted for some of you by the weekend or if you aren’t interested in love, that’s because it’s far from where you’re at now. Some of you may do good in the travel industry if you are looking for a different career. Some of you will be moving to a new place south of where you are by summer of 2021. If you are trying to start a business your head isn’t in it or you have way too many ideas for you to just pick one. So if you start a new business this week, don’t expect great results on this one. May need to go back to the drawing board to make sure you are really passionate about this. Some of you won’t own a business in this lifetime because it’s too much for your soul to carry. A career in finance may not be the best path for some of you. A new person will be coming into your life before the month is over, but this person doesn’t satisfy you emotionally. If you are trying to reconcile with someone from your past then they still aren’t ready to move forward for almost another two years. If you’re not interested in this person, don’t lie, say it like it is.


This week you are going through a transformation and it includes something to do with your family, inheritances or it may be with a connection. The hope that you had for a situation is starting to dwindle away. This could be that you are now getting to see this person for who they are or getting to see this person in their own element and you don’t know if you really like this person anymore. Some of you may have cut off friends or even family members to make this situation work. Some of you are having an aha moment this week and realizing that what once was with an air or water sign person in your past has now reached the end of the road. Some of you also may be feeling that someone is trying to change you to be someone else that better suits their expectations or you are doing this to them. No need to be angry or frustrated if you feel people aren’t understanding where you are coming from. If you dated an Aquarius in the past this person may be approaching you this week to apologize or try to make things right with you. You had a lot of feelings for this Aquarius or air sign person in the past and once you finally set your heart on moving forward they keep trying to force their way back into your energy. Either by communicating with you or throwing subliminals your way. The idea of the grass being greener on the other side is now starting to look less promising if you chose someone new over the past. Because you are at a bump in the road with this person that you’re in a connection with or they still are confused how they feel about you, you may start to explore other options. Via the internet or some of you may even hit up an old flame from your past. Someone may be threatened by your success, which could be why this person is acting the way they are towards you. Some of you may reach a different level of success by the end of this week and because of this it may start to cause some issues in your connection. Be mindful of jealousy or competition in your romantic connections. Court cases will be in your favor if you are dealing with legalities between now and october. Some of you are meant to be healers, doctors, lawyers, sex workers, politicians or artists and pretty successful ones at that. Now is the time for you to accept your purpose so that you can ascend to a higher level. Your dreams have already confirmed this, so follow them. Some of you wish you could go back to a water sign from your past, but this will always be a disappointment if you try to make it work again.


You could be leaving behind an earth or air sign by the end of the week or if not you will be deciding to cut off communication with this person and still stay in the connection. You are being a bit cold towards the world right now and you are trying to focus on your career. Some of you may be feeling that someone in your life just won’t change, especially if you’ve given this person a second chance. You may feel that by being the ice queen and throwing out all these demands that it will be the key to getting this person to get it together. They may get it together temporarily but as soon as you let your guard down again they will slip back into who they are. Something about the past is keeping you stuck in a pattern of hurt when you try to open up when it comes to love. You may have even been hurt by this person and even though you have given them another chance, your heart is closed like a cold freezer door. And you’re trying to figure out how to open up and let love in but at this point some of you are just staying for the finances or what you could financially build together. But as soon as the sun goes down, the loneliness sets in and then you wonder why did you even bother. You may be feeling right now that gifts could fix this, but what this situation needs is possibly therapy or just a real conversation minus the bullshit. You both are just hurting one another to see who will crack first and let this situation go. There may be a lie being told by the end of the week by this person or some of you are already aware that this person has a problem with lying or their attitude and you’ve ignored it. But then when this side of them comes out, you act surprised. Some of you may be having issues with a boss who you feel is being unfair towards you or you may even feel discriminated against in some way. Be careful about this person trying to cross the line with you in terms of sexually speaking. A wish or a manifestation that you’ve been asking for for the last 8 weeks will be coming true just for you to find out that it doesn’t satisfy you like you think. Someone hasn’t finished up a cycle with their past and you could be finding out about this at the beginning of winter. Like the saying goes, be careful what you wish for. There are two kings showing up in your energy which means two choices in love. But on the other hand a relationship may have too much masculinity and each person wants to be in control and it just keeps bringing you down. Money will be coming in through family or through some sort of family business. Promotion or raises at work are likely starting as early as the beginning of october or over the next 6 months.


A new business venture or a new money making idea will be coming to you by the end of this week or by October 1. Some of you may start to grow more of an interest in the stock market or you may start to grow interest in the field of technology. You may be working on an app right now that will benefit children or the next generation. You are ready to go on a journey and some of you on this journey could include a new financial plateau that you could reach between now and January. Some of you will be leaving behind someone new that you just met because you feel this person is using you or they only seem to grow an interest when you are making the conversation about them. Some of you may find out this week that you are pregnant by an earth or air sign person that you left behind about a month ago. Some of you keep trying to leave behind a person from your past but they are popping up in your dreams or this person has already reached out to you but you ignored the message. There may be someone around you that is jealous of your success or your relationship. So be mindful of gossip floating around about you on the internet or some of you should be mindful of this happening in your work environment. A boss may be playing favorites or they have been playing favorites for some time and that will be coming to an end during this week when their superiors notice this behavior. Right now you may feel like a baby or if you’ve had dreams of babies being born, maybe not by you, then success is on it’s way in to you and it will be bigger than what you’re expecting. Especially if you are pushing forward on something that you set to the side in the past, you will have this new found urge to get it done. You may not make a lot of money at first, but it will come. It’s a slow crawl to the top. If you have a business right now, money won’t be coming in as heavily this week, but finances are still looking good. Just make sure that you are saving more than you are spending during this week. Some of you would be really good in the field of sales, media, or leadership. The arts are coming up for you as a career that you are being pulled toward. You do know who your soulmate is but you keep running away or breaking up with this water sign with air in their chart person. Or this is a person whose birthday is in the winter months (October, November, December). This person could be younger, doesn’t want a lot of kids or you and this person have or will have twins. It’s not time to move forward on getting married or someone that you’re dealing with isn’t ready to be married and they are afraid to have this conversation with you. This talk will happen in the spring of 2021.


A new beginning in your career could actually be a false start and you could learn of this by the 23rd or 27th of this week. Some of you are trying to escape or run away from someone who may have betrayed you or you are just ready to flee to another place and start over. A cycle in your life just completed and some of you may have had to let go of your career due to things outside of your control. So a move to a new place may not be a bad idea for those who feel that there are better opportunities elsewhere. Some of you are going back and forth with a fire sign person who wants their freedom instead of being tied down. Not a good week to be impulsive on any sort of decisions dealing with money or your career. If you can hold off on moving forward with any new ideas and start them next week then things will be better. This is a good week for you to just have fun and try not to take life so seriously. A friend or an acquaintance could be offering to take you out to get your mind off things but you could only want to stay inside and lay around. If you are trying to get to a better place with someone then you have to leave the past behind and stop bringing it up everytime this person pisses you off. Travel plans could be delayed for those of you that are trying to go back home or you are waiting for someone to come towards you. Some of you still have your heart set on giving someone a second chance that you’ve been dealing with for the last 4 to 6 years. This could be the one for you but this situation may require taking time apart from one another to regroup and then come back together in 6 weeks or 6 months. A better opportunity for your career will be coming up and even though you may be sad that you lost out on the opportunity you wanted, a better one is near. If you already have a business then an offer could be coming in for you to expand this to other areas. If you are single then an unexpected love will be coming to you by way of an air sign, older, travels for work, is a writer, has a fire sign father and used to play sports in college or professionally. If you’re dealing with this person already this is your soulmate and this situation can last if you put in the work. They also may be a fire sign.


An idea that you started in the past will resurface on your mind again by the end of the week. Some of you are working towards getting your finances in order. Those of you that were separated from someone in your past could be deciding to move back in with this person or you will be making plans to do this. New communication or your phone could be ringing this week unexpectedly and it’s someone from your past who is either a fire sign or a scorpio. Children or your inner child will want attention during this time. If you have been having difficulties at work when it comes to your coworkers or your boss, then this week you will find balance. You are working on balancing your emotions. Nostalgia about the past could be catching up with you in the dream world and some of you may take this as a sign that you should reach out to this person. Others of you will have dreams that will be clues to what you’re supposed to do in your career. Write them down or if you can remember the dream it wasn’t a dream, it was a message. If you are heading in to work this week make sure that you leave a bit earlier because traffic may be a little heavier. Some of you may be moving back home or moving back to the state that you grew up in to settle down for good. Some of you are nesting, not because a baby is coming, but you are preparing for the changes that will be happening in your life over the next 6 months or 6 years. You’re at a point now where you are ready to settle down in one place and build your life. If you have a baby on the way then the baby could be coming this week. A person from high school or college will be bumping into you to see if you are interested in dating them. You could give this person a chance because they’ve always been nice to you. It’s a quiet week for you and you will finally find a place of peace. Especially if you have been mentally exhausted or dealt with migraines over the past four days or four weeks. Some of you have a creative calling that is in fashion, tv/film or writing. You could be having a dream about this and even though you may feel it’s too difficult, it’s actually not once you set your mind to it. Some of you may be thinking about going back to school and finishing your degree if you dropped out. Where you are being led to isn’t wrong, you just have to have more trust in yourself. If you are dealing with issues with children there will be a reunion happening this week or you will get the news that you are looking for when it comes to this. A new cycle of life is starting for you.


Some of you may be running away from your partner if you are married. Some of you are panicking a bit when it comes to news coming in via the government or the lack of news is making you panic. You are having a hard time making a decision this week when it comes to your romantic life. Some of you may be in a long distance relationship with a fire or earth sign person. There may be an elder that you are having a hard time communicating with and it seems that you and this person are still going to be in a bad place with one another. They don’t understand you and they don’t see where you are coming from. It may be time to take a step back from trying to make this situation work because they aren’t going to change their mind nor are they going to change who they are. So the time is now to just agree to disagree so that you can find peace. Some of you may be having difficulties getting approved for student loans or getting approved to get back into a school that you once went to. If you are trying to transfer to another institution there could be disappointment when it comes to this or transcripts. An older person in your life could be having health issues during this time and it may require a flight or travel towards this person to make sure they are doing okay. Money will finally be coming in at the end of the week if you are receiving not so great news during the first three days. A friend could be loaning you money or a delayed payment will finally get approved. Some of you may be getting back pay for something that you applied to in may or the beginning of september. If you are trying to get back into school and get declined this month, then you will get accepted in October. October seems to be a better month for getting plans off the ground. If you are looking for a new career then you may have luck in the field of finance or teaching. Short delays this week but they won’t last long. A divorce may be called off with a fire or earth sign person and you and this person could end up moving back in with one another during sagittarius season. If you are a spiritual entrepreneur, teacher or mentor your finances will keep growing each year, so you’re in the right place.


You may be feeling weighed down by responsibilities this week. Some of you are trying to get answers out of someone who is being cold towards you. This person could be someone that you are no longer with or this could be someone that you are in a relationship with. A mother or you could be having health issues pertaining to the lungs or the head by the end of the week. You may still feel hurt by a mother or a relationship from your past who you feel that they left you when you needed them the most. You may be trying to carry the weight of the world on your shoulders and some of you may even be trying to fix a relationship without the effort of the other person. Is love supposed to be this hard? Isn’t is supposed to bring you a sense of peace instead of a constant question mark over your head if this is even worth it anymore. This person that could be causing you some inner conflict could be a sagittarius, capricorn or gemini. You may also feel forced during this week to move on from something that caused you a bunch of pain. Due to people's insensitivity this week you may just want to close yourself off from the world. Hurt people hurt people and some of you may subconsciously be doing that to someone because of what they put you through in the past. Some of you are crying out from your soul for help and it’s as if this person isn’t even paying attention. You may feel overburdened that you have to take care of the family all on your own, especially if you are a single mother. You just want some help and a side of relief but this has become more about them and less about the two of you. A new love will be coming in for you unexpectedly as early as the end of this week or the 4th week of october. It will either be a fire sign or a water sign. Some of you will be bringing to life some sort of new business idea that will see success as early as summer of 2021. Others of you may end up moving to a new place around the same time as well. Right now the goal is to stay on course to reach your goal. Don’t give up when you are closer to the finish line.


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