Weekly Horoscopes Sept. 29-Oct 5


You may be feeling flat and uninspired this week due to a change on the financial front or the lack of money coming in. Some of you may be leaving behind a water sign or earth sign person this week who you feel can not be trusted. This person may be getting a bit too close to someone that they call a friend or this person is still feeling a way about their ex. You are feeling a lack of support for some sort of project that you have started or you want to start before the year is over. Some of you may be feeling left out in the cold when it pertains to a work situation. There may be a lack of clients or there may be a lack of responsibilities that you are being given this week. Some of you may be having a falling out with a work friend or colleague this week due to communication or the fact that someone is being very unappreciative of this friendship. If you are broken up from someone then you miss the time you had with this person or some of you are still wanting to make a family work with someone who has turned their back on you. You feel that no one is paying attention to you right now and some of you may be seeking attention elsewhere because you feel that you aren’t getting it in your connection. There is something leaving your life during this week. Some of you that are on the job hunt may be getting a letter of rejection by the end of the week and back to the drawing board you go. Some of you may be rejecting the advances of an earth or air sign person that is trying to reconcile with you. This week you will be too focused on what you didn’t get or what you don’t have that you may feel the pull to just sleep in or some of you may be dealing with depression. A new love will be coming into your life or your partner's life and someone may be too willing to risk leaving your relationship behind for something new.


You could be letting go of a fire sign person again this week for the third time this year. Some of you are still in a back and forth cycle with someone who you keep trying to make things work with but something about the past keeps interfering. Some of you may be catching feelings again for someone from your past who you feel has grown up or matured past your expectations and now you may be trying to make your move on this person. You are manifesting something new this week, but for most of you it’s something that you’ve already had that you want to return. You will be up and down on the emotional front this week especially if you are meeting someone new by Thursday or Saturday. You may be confused if you are moving too fast when it comes to getting into a new connection. Some of you are fearful of letting someone go who keeps coming back in your life even though someone new wants to have a chance with you. Some of you may be sending breakup letters or messages of closure to someone who you feel that you are no longer interested in trying to see if this is going to work. You may feel emotional about your finances right now and some of you are worried that you may have signed a contract that hurts you more than it helps you. Travel is highlighted by this weekend for some of you. If you decide to let go of someone then you will give this new person a chance and within the next 4-12 months you and this person will be living together. Some of you need to find your own path besides just being a mother, wife or girlfriend. There is some sort of project that is being presented to you by the end of the week that could be in the field of fashion, graphic design, writing or the import/export business. This is a good opportunity for you and you may start on this by the end of next week. Some of you that are wanting to go back to school will be approved in December if you are looking at schools during this week. Stop chasing love for now and worry about your endeavours. Whoever you are letting go of this week, it will be the end of the road for this relationship. An air or fire sign person will be coming into your life soon. Don’t catch feelings for someone in a relationship, because they aren’t looking at you in that manner.


You are working on your patience this week and you are working on not engaging in someone who keeps trying to argue or pick a fight with you. Some of you may be concerned about your health at this time as there is some sort of rash/discoloration that you may find on your inner thigh or on your stomach. You will be finding peace in your life during this time and if you’ve been trying to get rid of a fire sign then by the end of this week, this person could be deciding to give you what you want. And even though they may do this you still are unsure if you really want this to be the end or not. If you are dealing with an air or fire sign person and this situation started off as friends with benefits then some of you may be catching feelings for this person. However, this person could still want to keep their options open or this person just isn’t interested in anything serious with you. A sibling or a family friend could be coming towards you this week to get advice when it comes to their relationship or their business. Some of you will be doing something different with your hair and you may decide to cut it shorter or you are wanting your hair to be longer. There’s a secret relationship in your life that could be coming to the forefront by the end of the week. Some of you are about to transition to a position at home when it comes to your career. Some of you need to work on your friendship with a water sign person that is feeling neglected by you because you may be focused too much on this fire sign person. Some of you will be deciding to go for counseling or you may want to go back to school to get your degree in psychology. If you’d stop chasing this fire sign then you’d realize that a water or earth sign person is trying to give you the love that you deserve. But you’d rather go for the choice that is more accepted by the public even though it lacks happiness. If you have a business then it may be time to rebrand and appeal to a younger audience to help move your business in the right direction.


A new career opportunity or news of one could be coming to you by Friday or within the next 8 days. Some of you could be traveling before this week is over or communication could start to pick up more with this earth or fire sign person that may be at a distance. You may feel pulled to spend more time outside and gardening or getting a plant could be good for you and your vibration. Some of you could be meeting someone new while you are hanging out with friends at some event or you are just going out for a night of fun. Things will take off quickly with this person and be mindful of falling in love too quickly with them. A change or transformation is coming into your life and some of you this change is just you maturing. So you may have outgrown a particular romantic connection in your life and now you are wanting something more stimulating. This person may not accept this new found growth within you, but you will give this person a chance to come around, but if things don’t change in the next 8 weeks, you will decide to leave them behind. Some of you could be planning to move to a new city or state within the next 8 months so you could be looking at houses or looking at career opportunities in that area. Luck will be on your side in another place so if you are feeling pulled to move to a new place, you are headed in the right direction. Someone may be getting under your skin this week as you feel this person is mocking you in a way for being open or honest about your emotions. A new colleague or even a new mentor could be entering your life during this week and this person will be of help to you in your career. Some of you may even start to catch feelings for this person after some time. Those of you that feel you have unfinished business with someone that is younger than you or they have an air sign child, will be getting or offering an apology before the week is over. You are willing to give this person another chance if they can stop the lying and stop being someone that they aren’t. But there still may be a lot that needs to be sacrificed in this connection in order to make it work. And one person will be giving up a lot more than the other and resentment will start settling in after 8-10 months. So make sure the sacrifices are worth it.


You are waiting on your ships to come in. Some of you are waiting on someone to be serious about your connection after they’ve been making promises to you over the last 3 weeks or 3 months. For those of you that are thinking about letting someone go, this person could be giving you a reason to give this another shot, but deep inside you feel that this person is making promises they won’t be able to keep. You may be dealing with communication issues related to children, work, or travel. If you are in a long distance relationship then you may be panicking and feeling that if you don’t close the gap then you may lose this person. Make sure that you don’t lose yourself in the process. Some of you that are living with someone are wanting to take your distance right now, and there may be a move out within the next 5 months if things don’t get better. There may be someone in your life who is being disrespectful to you or they are not being mindful of your feelings. Because of this, some of you may be using coldness as a defense mechanism. If you have a younger child in the 3rd grade, the age of 13 or younger, then you and this child could be clashing this week. You are working on manifesting a new beginning but you aren’t really sure what kind of new beginning you are trying to manifest. You know you want to move in a new direction and you know you want a new beginning, but you don’t know exactly what you want to do or even when you want to do it. Some of you are still waiting on someone to come back into your life and apologize for what they put you through. You may even feel that this person has been throwing subliminals via social media, so you may be under the impression that this person is still thinking about you. Don’t overthink this. When it comes to your career, some of you are wanting to give up or throw in the towel because you keep hitting roadblocks when it comes to this job or business. I don’t see any promotions in this job or company that you’re in and it may be time to move on to something else. You will experience delays for some time while you transition to this new career but by March or within the next 9 months you will be getting what you’ve asked for. Some of you may be obsessing over getting married to an earth or fire sign person that keeps changing their mind.


Luck will be on your side this week and some of you will have some sort of lucky new beginning that you don’t see coming. Relationships, friendships, work partnerships could be things that are coming to an end this week or by the end of october, but it’s a good ending. It would be best for you to go with the flow during this week and learn to not control things or this transition/new beginning could easily slip through your fingers. Some of you will be getting in some sort of unexpected communication when it comes to a Scorpio, Sagittarius, Pisces or Leo person that you used to deal with. Or this could be someone that you had a crush on but you never explored this connection. A new career opportunity could be coming in for some of you that may deal with finances, taxes, law, children or even teaching. This seems to be your life’s purpose, but some of you may ignore this because you feel that you aren’t ready. This week you want to be more focused on self and focusing on what’s important for you. Someone around you that is still immature could be causing a scene or throwing a temper tantrum if you are deciding to focus on other things during this time. Some of you may be meeting someone new that reminds you of your father or a family member in your life. This connection could make you feel like a kid again, but this person is someone who struggles when it comes to explaining how they feel. And because of this some of you may run away or decide to cut this person off without trying to find a way through your issues. Communication could be the reason why some of your relationships have failed in the past, so try not to make the same mistake. Some of you are disappointed or sad about your living situation right now, but you may not have the money you need to move. Work on your patience and you will be able to accomplish this in the next 5-7 months. Connections with people who live at a far away distance from you may not be the best for the long haul and some of you need to look closer to home. Some of you may pass over this new person because the person you want the offer from isn’t paying you any attention. Don’t miss out on your destiny, because some of you will be meeting the right one for you this week or before October is over.


You are starting over when it comes to your studies. Some of you could be thinking of going back to school to major in or learn something new. Some of you are still considering giving someone who you are separated from another chance even though this person has been acting quite immature towards you. You may be having issues sleeping during this time and some of you may be fearful that you are pregnant or this could be someone that is around you. If you aren’t pregnant then you could be feeling that you want to give your child a sibling or you are just having baby fever. There may be an earth sign person that you are turning to during this time for advice when it comes to health or a relationship. Some of you may be in some sort of dispute with someone when it pertains to child support or custody. It seems that someone during this time will be doing things to get under your skin because they know they can. If you need a break then a parent or a family member will be willing to take your child so that you can catch up on some sleep or so that you can go out with friends. Some of you are wanting to redecorate but you don’t have the money or you are planning to downsize if you just separated from someone. If you still have issues with a cough or sore throat then you will be scheduled to go to the doctor on Friday. Some of you may be having issues with tired legs or a tingling sensation in your arms or legs. It may be time to go and check out with your doctor because there may be some sort of blockage that needs medical attention. A younger earth or air sign person could be trying to give you an offer during this week but you are turning this down. If you just got out of a situation with someone then likely you will want to be to yourself for some time before you get into another romantic situation. This may be a time where you need to evaluate if someone is a better friend than they are a lover. If you are dealing with a water sign then you may feel that you connect better with this person when you guys aren’t trying to be serious. Work will start to pick up at the end of this week or within two weeks from now. Some of you could be getting into the field of beauty, fashion, analytics, law, research or writing before this week is over. This career choice or change will bring in more abundance to you by March of 2021. If you are married to a water or fire sign then divorce could be on the table and it seems someone isn’t interested in trying to fix it this time around. There’s an older fire or water sign, a more mature person, that will be coming into your life in the year 2022 and this is your life partner. Business or self employment could go well during this time.


You may be feeling less optimistic about your future or you are doubting yourself when it comes to achieving some sort of goal. You may feel that eyes are watching you during this time, just waiting for you to mess up. It may not be time to move forward on some sort of plan and instead it may be time for you to take a step back and make sure that what you are doing isn’t sending you back into a cycle you’ve already completed. Some of you have grown and transformed into someone new and now you are slipping back into your old ways. An air sign person who you may have had a toxic relationship with could be trying to get your attention during this time if they’ve learned that you’ve moved on. Some of you may be in a connection with someone who you feel is completely opposite of you and you are having a hard time convincing yourself to stay. Some of you may not know how to adjust or how to deal with life when there isn’t any drama or any big issues going on. So some of you may be wanting to leave someone behind because they are boring. You may feel trapped when it comes to your career during this time or some of you are feeling trapped because you are still trying to follow the path/destiny of a parent. Stop letting people live vicariously through you. Pick your path and if you truly believe in it, then you should continue moving forward. This week you will be in your head a lot, overthinking and overanalyzing every little conversation that you have with people. Some of you may be evaluating your friends around you because you have a feeling that some of them can’t be trusted. Those of you that have felt that something is off when it comes to a connection will find out this week that there is a third party. Once you find this out, you will be rejecting this person’s advancements or apologies. You may not move on immediately but within the next 9-13 weeks you will be trying to find your new beginning elsewhere. Some of you are having a hard time adjusting to your new way of life if you had success in your past. You keep trying to go back to what was instead of figuring out how you can make the best out of right now. Be careful of miscommunications and some of you may get into a disagreement with a partner because you had a bad dream that they were cheating on you. Sometimes a dream is just a dream or it is just our fears are starting to overtake us. Not a good week to start a new business as this will not go the way you intended it to. Not saying a business can’t work, but you may need to try a different niche. Some of you are missing home if you’ve moved away to begin a new chapter or a new relationship. You’re wanting to go back because now you may be feeling that you didn’t think this through. This could just be for this week so try to give it a chance for another 5 months and see if you still feel the same way. It’s time to get a new budget and let go of some things that you don’t need.


You could be putting your past to rest during this week. Some of you are diving more into discovering your artistic talents when it refers to poetry, artistry, or writing. Your inner child wants to come out and play during this time and some of you should try listening to music more this week instead of watching tv or being on social media. If you haven’t spent a lot of time with your children or even nieces/nephews, now would be a good time to take some time off to be around them. Some of you may be thinking about decorating for fall and some of you I see are feeling pulled to bake something. This may be a hidden talent that you didn’t know you had that could turn into something else in the next 14 months or 4 years. Be careful outside when it comes to children because there may be some sort of accident that could happen at the park. I don’t get anything super dangerous, just be cautious. You will be looking at someone with different eyes during this week and some of you may feel that your feelings are changing for this person. At one point you used to see this as a sense of peace and you used to feel at home in this connection, now some of you are just wanting a way out. You may not feel the love or the passion between you and this person that you used to when you first started dating. Some of you may feel stuck to someone because you have kids with this person and you don’t want to raise your child in a single parent household. There is some sort of obsessive energy in a connection and someone has an issue with someone’s friends. It seems that someone is fearful that someone could be crossing the line with a friend or someone is fearful that a friend may steal the other person away. Talk about these fears with this person so that you can have a peace of mind. Because jealousy, self-sabotaging ways and obsessiveness could be the reason why a connection isn’t working out. So even though you may not feel the same it could be because you aren’t trying to find your way through. There is love between you and this person. Some of you may be fearful that you’ve gotten entangled into a sex only situation and you are starting to catch more feelings for this person. Money will be coming in via social media or some sort of loan that you applied for around the 20th-26th of September. Don’t be afraid to put your talents on display because some of you are already counting yourself out before you give it a chance. A new person could be trying to come into your life this week, but you will be turning this person down because you are already in a relationship or you feel this person is a player.


You may be cutting off communication with another fire sign or you are still in no communication with someone for the last 9 days or 9 weeks. You are having a hard time trusting when it comes to love and some of you are having a hard time bouncing back from some sort of defeat in a previous relationship. This could be causing you to not want to open your heart up to people and instead chase after situations that promise the passion and the sex. Right now you are confused on your life purpose or your destiny. You thought you found what you were looking for but it turned out to be a defeat. Some of you are needing to come to terms and forgive your father which could be why things are not going the way you would like when it comes to love. You may be looking to replace someone instead of just finding someone that vibrates on the same level as you. It may be a good idea this week to put your pen to your paper and this could help with manifesting in a new beginning. By the end of this week there will be some sort of communication that will be coming into you on the workfront. It could be a new passion project or it could be a new business partner. The communication that you’ve been waiting to get will come through the day before the week ends and you will be happy to receive this message. Some of you will be getting a message that someone from your past is wanting to meet up and talk things over, especially if you used to live with this person. Even though the communication coming in is most welcome, for most of you this seems to be a closure. Someone will be letting you know why they couldn’t stay or why they didn’t try to work things out. It seems that someone was more focused on their freedom or exploring other options as opposed to trying to settle down. Some of you that are in relationships are dealing with issues from someone who keeps running away and then when they are done running or doing what they do, then they are coming home to you. If this is a fire sign or earth sign person there will still be some struggle on the relationship front with this person. A water sign is the right one for you or you keep rejecting this person because you feel they aren’t serious. Seems like the one you keep rejecting or did reject is actually the right one for you.


New love coming in for you this week and you could find this via social media. Some of you are falling back in love with your partner if you are with another water sign or fire sign person. A trip may be being planned for you and this person to spend more time together this weekend or before the end of October. Some of you may be job hunting in different areas far from where you live now or some of you are ready to relocate to a different city/state just so you can start over. If you are good with your hands then you could find new creative ventures this week. Some of you may be thinking of getting a new tattoo and some of you are working on getting a passport. You are choosing to go the route of balance and some of you may have felt determined to leave behind someone last week, but now you are using your head over your heart. So you will choose to stay and give something another chance as you realize that the issues may not be as big as they were being made out to be. Some of you may be trying some sort of new skin regimen or you may even be thinking about dying your hair to a darker color. If you have been having issues at work and have reported them to HR then you could be getting some welcome news this week that the situation is being handled. Don’t get ahead of yourself when it comes to your communication during this time. Some of you could get on the right track and then end up messing it up because of your attitude or your mouth. A younger earth sign person in your life could be sending you some sort of gift or they are doing something nice for you during this week. It’s likely this is someone who has feelings for you or they are your partner and this will give you a reason to smile again. A small raise or some sort of small financial victory on the workfront will be coming in on Thursday, especially if you work in the field of children, entertainment, agriculture, or beauty. If some of you are looking to buy a house then this may be a good week to start looking as you will have unexpected luck in this area. Some of you will be rich or you will find riches through a partner. This is likely someone who is a water sign with earth in their chart. Don’t be cold to someone because you assume that they don’t understand. They can’t understand if you don’t try to explain to them how you are or who you are. There’s still hope or there is still a chance to get a situation back on the right track before it gets too far gone. Put your ego to the side and see the bigger picture. All in all it’s a good week for you financially and emotionally.


If you have been searching for truth or waiting on the truth to come from someone then you will be getting it around the 1st or 5th of this week. Some of you will be confessing your feelings or your love to someone and it will take a connection into a new direction. You do have love for someone you just wish that the mental or emotional connection was a bit stronger. Something that you have been manifesting since the month of january will be coming to pass this week. For some, you could be getting your wish when it comes to manifesting an ex back into your life. This week it’s about making choices that are best for you instead of always putting everyone else first. If you are looking to sell something or looking to get into the field of sales then you will have luck with it this week. Technology could be a good career field for some of you that are wanting to develop something to help humanity. If you have been seeing 111 then there is unconditional love around you or there is some sort of project that you are working on that will take your career to the next level as long as you are following your heart with this. Some of you may need to make an appointment for the eye doctor because you will be having issues with your eyesight or some of you may be experiencing discoloration on your tongue. You may have a dairy allergy or you may need to let go of the red meat. This is a good week for you to learn something new or if you have a business then this is a good week to work on being better. Those of you that are worried about exams or things dealing with your studies may have to take this test again because you didn’t prepare. Travel plans may be cancelled before the weekend is over for those of you that were planning to go somewhere in October. If you are dealing with a fire sign then there could be no communication between you and this person starting around the 4th or 9th of this week. It may not be wise to invest your money or it’s not wise to get another loan when some of you haven’t paid down your debt. Don’t let things pile up during this time and if you have the money to take care of certain bills now then you should get it out the way. Some of you will be letting go of someone because of their debt or someone will be letting go of you because of this. Be careful to not keep repeating this same cycle when it comes to finances. Some of you may be waiting for someone to get a divorce so that you and this person can start a life together. This person isn’t necessarily sure if they want to completely walk away due to assets and other things that are tied up into this connection. If you are wanting to relocate to a new place, now is not the time and it’s best for you to wait until next summer. Some of you also may be feeling a lack of appreciation from someone that you are in a connection with. They don’t know what they’re doing wrong unless you tell them and they aren’t a mind reader.

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