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  • Weekly Horoscopes Sep. 11-17: Progress

    Key: ✨ General 👉 rising 🍀 Love, Emotions 👉 moon 🍂 Money 👉 venus 🌞 Career 👉 sun Aries: you’ll be moving forward this week with moving plans or you’ll be going back home to visit family, sister, or a girlfriend. If you’ve been having car issues since the end of July or august then this week you will be test driving a new car with the initial F, P, or Z. You may have cravings for cherries or red-colored sweets. Working on your physical strength this week so expect to put money toward gym equipment, a gym membership, or some sort of workout group. A business deal or an agreement that was put on hold last week will be moving forward. You will have to travel toward this person to finalize whatever this deal is. If you’re trying to buy a car it may be better to do the process online or use an online dealer. Diabetes issues will be occurring toward the end of the week so make sure that you don’t overdo it on the sweets you’ll be craving. Singles will connect with a water sign person online with the initial G, C, or K and this person lives at a distance near the ocean or a boardwalk. A family game night will be on the calendar or it would be good to have some sort of game night with your significant other. You’ll be in a better mood emotionally once you receive news relating to travel, a libra, or a court case. Taurus: you’ll be catching more feelings for a Pisces who has just recently entered your life. This week you are in your bag of creativity and will work on unfinished art projects, poetry, or drawings. You will finally feel love and warmth from a sister or mother if you and they haven’t had that sort of relationship. Picking out new jewelry or buying a new outfit for a date you’ll be going on this week. Some of you will need new clothes for some sort of banquet or job-related event that will take place soon. You will feel triggered by someone sharing an emotional story with you about their mother, grandmother, or teacher, but you’ll have to control your emotions because they are coming to you for advice. It will also be a moody Monday for you this week as you will feel like someone is picking on you but it’s just a healthy critique. The colors green, blue, yellow, and red will help you this week if you incorporate them into your wardrobe. You are considered a natural therapist amongst friends and you will consider turning this into your profession in the next eight weeks or five years. Someone will come to you asking for dirt or gossip or a person you consider a friend; keep your mouth closed. Gemini: you’ll be dealing with things around marriage, children, art, or an institution this week. Counseling may be suggested this week if you’ve hit a roadblock with a libra or Taurus person. By the end of the week, you may be considering a position to work with the government or in the field of teaching. There will be a lot of movement in your energy this week and this could be you unpacking things if you just recently moved or some of you could be taking some sort of camping trip. You will become skeptical about this good fortune that’s happening in your life because you haven’t had it in the last five months or five years. So you’ll be questioning when will things hit the fan. Enjoy the good times while they’re here instead of wondering when the rug will be pulled from underneath you. Carrots will be beneficial for your immune system and some will be drinking lemon juice for indigestion or to help lose weight. You’ll be studying something new, likely a hobby that you’ve grown interested in since March. It could be acting, film, teaching, couponing, cleaning, or metaphysics. You will be getting a certificate this week in a new study or you will sign up for some sort of new program that requires a certification to be hired or to be promoted. You will have success in this as long as you don’t slack off. Cancer: This week you’ll be starting something new when it comes to your finances. For some under 32, this will be a new school program, others of you this will be the call you’ve been waiting for about new work. Now the work feels temporary so make sure you continue looking for a more permanent position. Also, there’s a change in look coming for you where you’ll be looking more youthful. Others of you in teaching or dealing with the youth may find yourself becoming some sort of mentor or you’ll sign up to work for some sort of non-profit organization. You may want to start you’re own non-profit organization for kids who struggle to pay for school lunch. Old books will be donated this week as well. Some of you will still try to hang on to the last piece of memorabilia from someone who passed away or whom you broke up with. You’ll be spending a lot more time outside and some of you will be finding ways to get a child more involved in activities. Babies/pregnancies are likely this week so be careful. But for the most part, it’s a week about restarts in money. Leo: you’ve been running away or trying to hide from something, a business partner or an ex since the beginning of the year and this week it will be catching up with you. Lost mail or postage is likely if you’re expecting something on Tuesday or Monday this week. With the seven swords in reverse, someone who is dishonest is remaining stuck to you. Make sure that you’re not being dragged into situations where your hands will no longer be clean (illegal activity). But for the most part, you will have a feeling this week that there’s a rat in your environment. Because how is someone knowing certain things about your life or what’s happening behind closed doors. Because of this, you will decide to take a step back from everyone and everything so you can figure out who’s doing this. Be careful of leaving your lights on in your car so you won’t have to deal with a dead battery. Watch out for a thief as well if you’re visiting a large city. There’s a voided check in your energy this week. Caterpillars will be showing up and this will be a sign of you heading toward a transformation but it hasn’t started just yet. You have to clean the environment around you first before you can move on to something or someone else. Virgo: communication will be delayed again with a younger fire or water sign person that you’ve been getting to know for the last three weeks. People have been trying to get in touch with you but they don’t have your new number or your mailbox is full. You may feel that someone is playing games with your emotions this week after you go out on a limb and tell them how you are feeling. You will not have much success trying to find your life purpose this week because your mind is preoccupied with other things. I don’t get a pregnancy even though some of you are worried about conceiving with a person who is inconsistent or keeps ghosting you. Be mindful of drama that will be coming your way from an employee or employer. You won’t be in the mood for the movies this week so you may be calling off date at the last minute. You will likely be on the same path for now so don’t expect much change this week. Last week you may have gotten the attention but this week you may feel like you want to fall back into hermit mode because people may not be paying you much mind. If you wear glasses, be careful about losing them. If you’re in a group of three new friends you will feel left out because they will have a meet-up without informing you or they may have some sort of inside joke that they didn’t let you in on. No speeding this week either. Libra: this may be a tough week for you to deal with some sort of loss that’s been weighing heavily on you since Taurus or cancer season. If you had an emotionally balanced week last week then this week you may need to take more time for yourself. You’re having a hard time completing a chapter in your life because the lesson hasn’t been learned yet or you’re so used to this family member or love being in your life it’s hard to imagine the space if you walk away. You will be diving deeper into things of your past this week starting with the lineage on your mother’s side. Some of you may have been adopted or you’re trying to get closer to that side of the family however you are seen as an outcast. There won’t be much changing in your energy this week, just a bunch of self-reflection moments or moments of sadness because you miss someone. Those in relationships will be deciding to dive more into Kama sutra this week. Hanging on to grief won’t help you much here. If you made mistakes in the past, acknowledge what you did wrong and work on moving forward. Feeling guilty is what’s blocking you from moving forward especially when it comes to your career. You have to work on being more sure of yourself and accepting of your body. This message is specifically for people with letter j, Aquarius placements, Venus in Capricorn, or Virgo. Scorpio: you’ll be isolating yourself this week from colleagues or coworkers who you feel are insulting your intelligence or making jokes about your appearance. Make sure that you’re listening to your intuition when it comes to enrolling in self-help courses or courses to help you get x amount of money by starting a business. This will end up being a waste of money if you do this between now and the end of Virgo season. Those in relationships may have a hard time seeing where this connection is going or you may be feeling indifferent about the future together. You’ll be paranoid about spiders this week as well. Some of you may even be paranoid about an ex trying to sabotage your job or the new relationship that you may have started earlier this month. There’s a copycat in your midst and you should be careful about revealing any plans for the next 3-6 months. The light that you felt led by before when it came to your purpose seems rather dim right now but that could be because Mercury is in the pre-shadow phase right now. This pre-shadow period could be affecting your house of money. And you’ll be paranoid about going broke or not having enough to pay bills so you may jump into something and end up losing the money you’ve saved. If you’ve been dealing with someone older or you were dealing with this person you’ll be letting them go this week. Sagittarius: you’re looking fake happy these days with family or some sort of family situation. You may be unsure about pregnancy, a family member moving in, or unsure about your partner. You’ll be having issues staying awake this week so make sure to take a nap before you travel or get to bed earlier than 11p. Gastrointestinal issues are getting worse for those of you that refuse to lay off the dairy. You’ll be rejecting a cancer this week because of their attitude or they will say something demeaning about your family. This won’t be the first time but now you’re fed up. You’ve been considering new opportunities for the last four weeks however you’ve waited too long to give them an answer so these opportunities will be taken off the table. Others of you, because of your family or relationship it will cause issues with people wanting to work with you if you’re a creator. Don’t avoid addressing the elephant in the room this week and this may be you need to confront someone about the gossips they’ve been spreading about you or the unfair treatment from a boss in your work environment. At this point, you’re just going with the emotions because you feel your life lacks emotional fulfillment. A choice you made, now is met with regret but you don’t know how to get out of this. The answer will come to you in due time. I know it’s important to be practical but it’s okay this week to dream or work on manifesting a better future. Capricorn: a good financially prosperous time for you this week. You’ll be getting acknowledgment from an older gentleman in your workplace or this will be your father. This week you will feel more balanced as the money you’ve been waiting on will be coming in on Thursday or Friday morning. Some of you have been looking at new houses or apartments and likely you’ll be moving in February or March of 2022. You’ve already seen the place that you will move to so you can stop worrying about this. The place will still be there when it’s time to apply for it. It’s a good week to start a business as well as there is great wealth attached to it. If you’re not interested in a business then it’s a good week to apply for the management position you’ve been eyeing since November of last year. Some Capricorn’s will decide on going into social work by the end of the week or the end of the year. Of course, schooling will be required however, the future looks bright on this. Ask for a raise this week and you’ll be surprised by the answer you receive. Even though money will be there, handle it responsibly. New colognes or perfumes will be bought as well. An investor or someone interested in you will be contacting you on social media or through email; Respond. If you’re in a connection and you or your partner have been having financial issues then this week things will finally start to look up. If you need a lawyer then one will be recommended to you and I see a win if you decide to go with this person. With Saturn coming through this week, your hard-fought efforts will be rewarded. Aquarius: a chapter finally coming to a close no matter how many times you try to Lee this from ending. This could be with a Scorpio, Virgo, Taurus, or Pisces. At one point you were open to giving this situation another chance but you will see this person out with someone new unexpectedly or you will realize that this person's ego is too big to take accountability for what they did wrong. You will feel wronged in some way this week by a child, teacher, pastor, father, or a friend with benefits. Some of you will feel a way that someone around you is using their illness as a manipulation tactic to get what they want. You’ll speak up about this and this may cause a negative backlash however, bringing the truth to light is the right thing to do. You may not have much of an appetite this week if you are breaking up with someone but still find a way to put something on your stomach. Issues with lungs, asthma, or hair. It’s a good week for a bad dye job so I’d suggest waiting until the 21st or 25th to do this. You’ll still be waiting for this new life or a new beginning to start and because it won’t make it in this week you may start to feel hopeless or like you just want to throw in the towel. Delayed doesn’t mean it won’t ever happen. If a person or relationship is draining you, step away. If you’re an artist then this will be a good week for you to use your emotions to create beautiful pieces. Pisces: a week where you could be blessed with a new home or a new office. This is also a good week to redecorate your space for fall which will put you in a better and giving mood. This week you may even feel like life is perfect because of the beautiful things you’ll be experiencing. Singles could be going over the house of an Aries that you dealt with in the past and this person could be bringing up moving in together or even starting a family. If you’re a life path 1,4 or dealing with this person then you will be starting a new work from home position. Real estate school is on the calendar as well even though you may not be considering it right now. Getting a tattoo of some sort of bird will take place for some in the next four days or four weeks from now. I’m getting a ribbon-cutting ceremony so you could be unveiling something or you’ll be getting invited to some sort of celebration this week. Keep an eye out for the mail because likely invitations will be coming through this form of communication. Victory in social settings will be happening at this time and if you need to impress someone or get someone on your side, now is the time to do it. I’m sensing admiration from a crowd or being acknowledged for doing good work. Some of you will even be receiving a medal in the next six weeks or you may get lucky enough and sign a new contract. But this is your week for luck and speaking things into existence. Good for you!

  • Weekly Horoscopes Sept 4-10: Looking for Purpose

    Aries: money is falling out of your pocket so make sure you don’t have a hole somewhere. You’ll be letting someone who’s been belittling you or putting you down, know how you really feel about them by the end of the week. Your savings or wealth may be in jeopardy if you are frivolously spending on things just because they make you feel better. If you have a business get rid of the inventory you have first before buying new stuff. There will be casual conversations around you with cousins, nephews, nieces, or even siblings. You may be planning a trip for a group of people for the next spring break. You’re looking for a sign on when you can let go but the chain that has been attaching you to this person or situation has already been broken. Don’t use fear of this person spiraling out of control if you’re not there as an excuse to stay. The book ‘catcher in the rye may be of significance to you this week. Make sure before you write that check that you have enough money to cover it because a last-minute expense may come out. So double-check, please. You will detach yourself from this one final person in your family where money got into the way of your connection and you saw a different side to them. You’ll be in a giving mood this week when it comes to helping people financially but make sure that you’ve helped yourself first. Taurus: migraines, headaches, vision issues will be clouding your judgment by the middle of next week. You will struggle to focus during some sort of company or business meeting so make sure you’re not staying out too late trying to keep up with people half your age. You may feel caught in the middle of following your heart or listening to that voice inside your head. This week may be a week where you have poor decision-making skills when it comes to finances or starting projects so it’s best to take it slow. You’ll have to fight back your cravings in the middle of the night especially if you’re trying to lose weight. Don’t let your anger get the best of you with a sister who you feel is being ungrateful but I also get that someone will be losing their phone or dropping it on concrete. Because of this it may make you panic about someone you haven’t heard from in a while but I feel they’re okay, they just don’t have a phone. Those of you in connections will be accusing someone of cheating because they are declining your calls or going missing without letting you known where they are at. This will lead to a big argument where both of you will lose control of your emotions. And that could be the end of this so if you don’t want that to happen find another way to approach them. You’ll be interested or invested in art or music shows this week and make sure to do something fun instead of working all the time. Gemini: something won’t be ready in time. This may have to do with a gift that you had reserved for someone, an issue with a child’s school or records, or there’s a lack of affection in a connection because someone is always working. You will try to find a creative solution to an emotional problem this week. There will be disagreements around who does what when it comes to the children. A new life is about to start but it won’t be without some bumps in the road first. If something falls through at the last minute it’s because there was a clerical error on the paperwork. You may be subject to dealing with a boss that keeps postponing or delaying a promotion or signing the papers so that you can transfer to a different department. It may be raining a lot where you are and because you will have to be inside it may cause you to be a bit moody. Some sort of creative project that you may have launched, or something fun you thought would turn into a career has taken a different route. The numbers aren’t there and if you were looking to be signed to a creative arts company, get into the field of photography, cooking, or doing something with animals, this won’t bring you the result you envisioned. Try again another time. You may be bumping heads with a Scorpio or Taurus Venus this week over having kids or their true feelings toward you. Cancer: you and your mind are going at it. You may be struggling to make ends meet this week if you still haven’t found a job. But on the other hand, you’re too focused on what people may see if you move forward toward something different. Some of you have to put your pride to the side and be in the moment of practicality. If you are trying to study for or take your driver's test you’ll have issues retiring the information. A hobby or something creative that you’ve been doing fit quite some time isn’t fun for you anymore. It may be that you wanted this fun thing to be something else but you may realize it’s not in the cards so it’s making you feel some sort of way. If you’re trying to switch companies you may be dealing with scheduling conflicts when it comes to trying to set up an interview. Someone who is an Aquarius, Leo, Scorpio, or Taurus is trying to discredit your work or take credit for a discovery you already made. Don’t burn your bridges with people this week just because you’re not in a good mood. The need to be right could be hindering you more than you realize. Singles will be catching someone in a lie or realizing that someone is manipulating you into being patient while they go back and forth between two people. Those in relationships will be bumping heads with someone when it comes to their priorities. Stop trying to compete with everyone and just play your game and do what you do best. Leo: you may feel like you are falling at the hands of injustice. Some of you have been going back and forth on the phone when it comes to dealing with the government for tax issues or issues regarding missing payments. Someone could be outsmarting you this week and trying to beat you to the punch when it comes to divorce or separation. There will be something coming your way that you won’t see. This may be an opportunity or something like a get-rich-quick scheme that will seem unreasonable. Go with your gut on this one. You’re trying to get yourself back to a place of balance and self-control for those of you that lost your cool on someone last week. If you’re trying to get a passport or deal with travel documents, things will be backed up until November. Your focus is too much on how long is this thing going to take to happen instead of realizing that you have to set the foundation. A Libra, Taurus, or Virgo may be trying to control you in a way. Vegas may be on your mind but it’s not the best time to go. Some of you have been spending less time with your friends to make a relationship happy or you will feel that a person is trying to make you choose between them and your friends. In the end, you’re not willing to compromise on this so you will choose your friends and let this person go if they keep complaining about this. An old colleague or friend will be asking you to vouch for them when it comes to their resume or some sort of court case they are dealing with. Some Leo’s will be meeting someone incarcerated or if you’re already dealing with this person then you may get some not so welcome news about their case. Put down the sugary or carbonated drinks and it’s time to put yourself back on a diet. Virgo: someone is distracting you from handling business. This may be someone with a Scorpio moon, rising, or Sun. This may even be someone whom you used to date and for the last year you and this person have been back and forth on getting back together or calling it quits for good. Oh, this person may also be a Pisces as well. You want a traditional relationship now after having some time to yourself to think. If you don’t have any kids then you may be having baby fever by the end of this week. Some sort of health issues will resurface again this week when it comes to your skin, eyes, ears, or throat. If you have a business then someone on the internet may be trying to purposely sabotage it however, you don’t know who this person is. This threat will eventually subside just try and stay focused. As of this week, you haven’t come in contact with the person that you will settle down with. So your feelings of uncertainty about someone didn’t just come out of the blue. Even if you’re trying to make it work with this person from the past their energy is behind you at this point. Onward! Not the best idea to confide in a sibling unless you want your parents to know about it. Go to the grocery store instead of eating out. Cabbage, Kale, Vitamin E are the nutrients you need more of this week. Libra: you could be making plans to take a vacation with someone special or some of you are making plans for a wedding between now and January 15 or 19. You will be putting more energy into creative purists this week especially when it comes to fashion. Some of you have the makings of being a well-known fashion designer, especially if you have Taurus placements or Venus as your chart ruler (Taurus or libra rising). This isn’t a dream that can’t be fulfilled even though you may feel out of your league. You have an eye for beautiful things and even if it’s not fashion, then it could be interior designing, graphic designing, stylist, or organizer. You will be more of a straight shooter this week as well when it comes to putting out corruption, dealing with companies, or even putting a family member in their place for meddling in your business. Older Libras could hear news about a child getting married by the 5th or 7th. Singles should watch out for getting entangled with a married person even though the sex will be good. Don’t put your blinders on. Surrender to the call and surrender to your intuition. Crazy people do crazy things, and I’m talking about it in a good way. You will be blessed this week financially and this may be coming from an institution or a court of law if you’ve been dealing with an ongoing case. Scorpio: you won’t be feeling like someone is paying you enough attention so you’ll be out on the prowl looking for it. Those of you dealing with a Leo or other fire sign may feel that this person is trying to make you jealous just to get a reaction out of you. Changes are ahead but they haven’t started just yet. Some of you will be entering the classroom soon as you will become a teacher and others of you will be studying for some sort of new skill. There will be arguments about commitment this week or you will have arguments with the parent or your child about needing a break. You’re in the advantage position this week so use your negotiation skills to get what you want in your career. If you’re in a secret relationship, the cat will be out of the bag as early as Monday. You also may be going to yoga, Pilates, or step aerobics class this week so that you can get back in shape. A relationship with a public figure or public servant will be coming soon for those of you. You will meet this person at a party or through your job. Some of you will also be looking at new houses this week or setting the foundation to build a house. You’re more impulsive this week than you have been so make sure that doesn’t get out of hand. Sagittarius: cold hands and cold feet may be bothering you. If you’ve been in a rough patch with a mother this will likely continue through October or May 2022. Someone who you wanted to cut off romantically will be given another chance this week because emotionally you are up and down. There may have been a situation that transpired that you’re still having a hard time wrapping your mind around the fact that it happened. Don’t such yourself off from a hug this week because it feels like you need one. Others of you will be breathing a sigh of relief because you will be relieved of your duties if you were taking care of someone who was sick or if you are in a field that deals with the elderly. After you are done with this you will be ready to start a new life in another city or some of you will decide to move to another country eventually. Mexico, Panama, Barbados, Caracas (Venezuela), or even Rome are the countries that are coming through for you. Or if you’re not moving to them you’ll be visiting in the next 2-3 years. It will be easy for you to fall behind this week if you’ve been slacking off at work or with your responsibilities. Try to keep a journal or use the notes app on your phone to keep you on track. Go-kart racing or mini-golf will be good for you this week. You have to get back to doing what you love because you’ve been cooped up in your bubble for too long. Capricorn: you won’t be going anywhere this week. You may be feeling physically ill or weak because of a stomach bug that will go around on public transportation that you will take. You also may be feeling like giving on a connection before the weekends because you don’t know where this is going. There is someone that you miss who lives at a distance and you may be trying to telepathically communicate with them through your dreams. Issues with a vehicle if you are trying to go on a trip, which is why I was getting that you probably won’t be going anywhere. Something needs repairs and you can’t afford to put this off any longer. A trampoline or trampoline park is coming up so you could be invited or this may be for a birthday party. Issues with lower legs, diabetes, or circulation will be making it hard for you to rest. Run, walk or jog this week if you can evacuate exercise will help some. Get rid of the broken TVs or broken electronics in your house. If you made plans for someone to come to you from out of town you may be disappointed to know this person won’t be coming alone like they said they would be. The news you have been waiting to receive is still delayed but it feels whoever is delivering this has the wrong email or address so you should call. You’re doubting yourself too much which is why you’ve now been hit with delay after delay. You have to get clear on if this is the direction you want to travel or if there’s something else you’d rather do. Whatever this is that you want to do, keep pushing through. You have to give it a full try before you just let it go. It’s okay to make this move forward, it won’t hurt. Don’t be afraid to move away from your hometown. Aquarius: good news coming in from a distance in the form of love. This is a fire sign that will be getting your attention. Some of you may be preparing for your first plane ride or you are off on some sort of new adventure after receiving a lump sum of money. People may see you as hyperactive or too giddy this week but don’t pay it any mind. There will be quick progress in your life, especially when it comes to a money-making opportunity. If you haven’t seen your grandparents in a while you will go visit them rather this be physical or they may visit you in the dream world. You’ll be in a chatty mood this week as well which will work out in your favor because you will meet someone who will want to be your business partner or they want to offer you a job at the company they work for. Not saying you have to talk to everyone but if you’re feeling pulled to do small talk, give it a try. If you’re dealing with a Scorpio then you and this person will be having a lot more fun this week and will be embarking on new adventures. Connections that have been struggling will see a new beginning this week if you choose it. Time to clean out your closet and bathroom as well. Debts will be settled this week by Friday and some of you will be getting reimbursed for something that could have happened back in 2018. It’s an easy week for you Pisces: you’re bored, confused, and lost all at the same time. You’re sick of doing the same old thing but also you’re not sure what else it is for you to do. You’ve been waiting on an offer of peace from a family member that you had a falling out. Others of you wish you could go back in time and say one last thing to someone who you lost. You don’t feel appreciated by potential partners or the partner you already have. You may feel that you spend a lot of time doing for others while they aren’t returning the favor. You’ve misplaced some sort of picture that’s really important to you. Make sure that your purse or bag is zipped if you are out in public. Some of you are still waiting for love to show up at your front doorstep, but I don’t feel it’s coming right now. Others of you don’t want to have to feel like you have to stay with someone just beasts you guys have kids. You don’t want to deal with obligations right now, you want to have fun but sometimes having fun makes you feel guilty. You’re going to have to learn how to live a bit more. Your finances could be fluctuating this week and you may start to panic because you won’t know what to do. However, there’s no sense in you doing that because you will still be able to take care of what you need. It’s downtime for you right now and you should use this time to rest and figure out what your purpose is. If you are newly single, you don’t like it and because of this, you will start to look back on the past. You and this person may even hook up. If you’re self-employed and wondering if you should get a job, I get no. Things will get better in October. Sometimes doing nothing isn’t as bad as people make it out to be. Sometimes you have to do this so that you’re clear on where you’re headed.

  • Weekly Horoscopes Aug 28-Sep 3: Talk About Endings

    Key: ✨ General 👉 rising 🍀 Love 👉 moon 🍂 Money 👉 venus 🌞 Career 👉 sun Aries: this week you may be having to make the tough decision to relocate or move further away from your family because you’re failing to get things done. What has worked in the past is no longer working and it’s time for you to let go or sacrifice something for a better outcome. Those of you that have been waiting since mid-June or July for someone to come back from the past will realize by Wednesday or Thursday that this person isn’t coming so onward it is. You will be having issues focusing if you are taking short courses or trying to study for some sort of entrance exam. By the end of the week, you also may be feeling more disconnected from your family or sad that your family isn’t as close as they used to be. You need a hug right now however they are too far away for you to get to. If you decided to put the past behind you 6 weeks or 6 months ago to relocate, you’re feeling homesick. Home has nothing left for you so you made the right decision. Others of you are still going back and forth between staying or going and it’s time for you to go. You may find yourself at odds with people you meet on the train, while walking downtown or if you’re touring a new city. Some of you will be reaching out to get help with some sort of litigation that you didn’t resolve before you left your last place. If you are trying to ask for a raise then you may have difficulty getting what you are asking for without the education credentials. Some of you will start communicating with someone new who lives in Georgia, Wyoming, New Mexico, Toronto, Istanbul, Nepal, or Ethiopia. This is a long-distance connection that is just in the talking phase so don’t jump the gun. Fights about inheritance are likely if you come from a family of 6 or 7 siblings so be prepared to take this to a court or this will drive a deeper wedge in the family. Be careful of consuming too much coconut because nausea issues are likely this week. Taurus: you’re not going to know how to respond to a text message or email that you will receive from a law professor, an ex-fire sign, or a peer of yours. This will come off as passive-aggressive. A lot of you are trying to focus and find out what your life purpose is and you will get your answer but you won’t know how to move forward on this. You’re looking for things that you already have and you're looking for an answer that you already know. You may get caught up in the drama when it pertains to finances that you share with someone. Or if a friend or family member is helping you out with money right now, you and this person may have a small falling out. Some of you are hiding money or trying to appear broke so that no one will ask you for anything. If you have some sort of business or do work online you will get caught up in reading others' feedback or the reviews and you may get discouraged. Stop looking at the numbers so much and just work. You are coming across as a master in this field so what are you running from. You have people’s respect as you asked for, now you feel there has to be something else. It’s time for you to stop running and face facts also when it comes to love. You’re trying to rush forward while they are trying to stay put. Focus on something else for now. No, this person isn’t lying to you as much as you would like to make them out to be a liar, they aren’t. Everyone doesn’t want to hurt you. Singles, you’re still in the talking phase with someone but you don’t like them that much so you will drop them after you guys have sex or you end up hearing back from this ex of yours by the end of the week. Work is fine this week and it will pick up more around the 1st of the month. If you are in litigation, the other person will be caught lying in their testimony, paperwork, or deposition and the court will rule in your favor. You have three potentials to choose from. The best out of the three is the water or air sign (Aquarius or Scorpio). The fire sign with water connection will end in Scorpio season or 13 months because the feelings aren’t mutual anymore. Gemini: to get to your purpose you may have to get a little dirty. This is something that you didn’t picture yourself doing but you have a passion for it. That could be music, art, photography, landscaping, sculpting, financier, comedian, or real estate. You're battling your own inner demons this week between doing what’s right and doing what’s expected of you. Don’t go off the deep end with your antics or with your attitude because you will feel triggered by a lot of people this week. Nightmares of the mistakes you made in the past could be haunting you. If you are thinking of implementing an idea make sure it's not already taken or you could get hit with copyright or you may run across someone stealing your idea while you are scrolling social media in the middle of the night. You’re juggling a lot of things right now to see what can work. Some of you haven’t been to work in a while and you may be too prone to not go back at all, so how will you make your money? If you have Taurus, Aquarius, libra, Capricorn, or Virgo sun, moon, or rising then in the next two months you will start making moves toward turning your talent into an income. Some of you that are dating more than one person may find yourself in a situation where you will lose one because they will be spying on you. If you’re getting back together with an ex, you may have to fight through unwanted opinions or negativity. However, think this through because someone is needing help right now to fight their own inner struggles which is why they are coming back to you, but will they be there once you’ve got them all fixed up. Slow down and take your time, there’s no rush and you won’t be alone forever if you decide to not take this person back. Your mental health and peace of mind are more important than making a broken homework again. Issues with authority figures this week as well so make sure you mind what you are saying. A lawsuit may be coming your way from a friend, foe, or family member. Cancer: total recall of some sort of vehicle or food product will be coming through this week. You are going through an ending this week that you know was coming. For some of you, this may apply to a work situation. Others of you that have been without jobs since January or April will be deciding to enroll back in school. Now some of you may do this to get the funding from financial aid or scholarships to help you get by with your bills. If that’s the case, then do what you have to do. But the lack of income period that you’ve been going through will be coming to an end around the 2nd or 3rd of this week. On the other hand, it may be tough for you to end or walk away from a connection that you’ve spent years trying to build on. You may have traveled the world, lived together, or even made a baby but this betrayal is something you can’t ignore. Be careful near water if you are going to a place far from your home. Issues with the eyes, teeth, or hands will be happening on Tuesday. A tough breakup with a Scorpio because of social media or because of them being financially unstable is coming sooner than later. You will be spending too much time on the internet this week that you may lose focus on the new things that will be coming your way. See the endings happening this week aren’t by surprise, your inner knowing already felt this coming back in June, however, it’s just now coming to past. But the good thing is that karma is served and the cycle is broken so you can move forward how you like. Tough truth is that nothing really lasts forever and it’s too good to be true than it is. Let the chips fall where they may. Leo: you may be joining a focus or study group this week if your life calls for it. There is a lot of travel coming up for you in the next 4-6 weeks but it won’t be too super far off places. You will have a chance to speak to someone who has been cold and distant toward you for the last 7 weeks, 7 months, or since 2012. You will be able to have a better understanding of this person in terms of why they did what they did or why they never called. So be open-minded to the answer that you will receive. There will be a party or gathering that you may attend, it feels like a small get-together where you will meet new people, not lovers. This is good for those of you that have been wanting to make new friends or meet new people. In connections, the same arguments will arise again between you and this cancer, Leo, Capricorn, or Sagittarius person. Someone wants the other person to stay home more, while the other person doesn’t want to compromise their freedom. Some of you may also get offended that an old friend either in high school or college, failed to invite you to their wedding or baby shower. They don’t feel in their eyes that you guys are close anymore which is why they didn’t extend the invite. You could be going back to the doctor for a checkup if you’ve been sick in the last 7-15 days. There won’t be a lot of fast-forward movement this week, however, you are headed in the right direction. Interviews for the airline industry, health/fitness, call center jobs are likely in the next 5 days. You’ll be called back for a second interview for this, however is not as much money as you would hope. So instead of taking the offer, you’ll wait again for something else. Virgo: a good week for you. If you’ve been asking for someone to go to counseling with you to fix a connection they will finally consider this offer. A boss will also be thinking about promoting you to a new position or making you their assistant. Now they will be testing you over these next five months to see if you are a good fit for the job, which you are. Things are going good when it comes to your finances, so if you are wanting to take the week off then you have the wiggle room to do so. This also will be a good week to apply for any sort of capital (loan or financing) that you’ve been looking to get since the month of May. You will meet someone that aligns with your morals, values, and beliefs but you will still remain shut down with this person for the remainder of September to see if it’s safe to trust them or not. You are protected this week from any threats rather that be in terms of the law or via social media, just as long as you don’t engage. You may be thinking about launching something this week and it would be beneficial for you to hold off. The foundation you already have is working so no need to cause chaos. Those of you that are single will be getting irritated because someone just won’t let you go or they won’t stop trying to talk to you and you may be missing out on a blessing because of your ego. Whatever you have right now, will last if you so choose. If you’ve been with a company for the last 3,5 or 9 years, I don’t see you moving on to anything else and this place feels like you’ll retire there. Also, don’t be afraid to let go if something is already behind you. Libra: if you’ve just recently submitted for a background check then they will be calling you back asking for more information or for you to clarify something. Travel plans may get canceled at the last minute because of missing documentation or expired documentation. You won’t be taking the bait from someone who is trying to argue about the same thing over and over again. If you haven’t heard from someone by Sunday, you may start to panic but this person is busy with a child or they are dealing with creative arts things. You will be thinking about getting a second job or going back to a second job you had in the past. This could be food service, food delivery, or working with children. If you have a child that is two years old or younger then you may be having issues finding a daycare or paying for it. A friend or grandparent will be willing to help you with this, so reach out to them. You will be in a really creative mood this week so harness that creative energy. If you left projects unfinished this is a good time to complete them. You will see something with new eyes and decide to take a more practical approach. And it’s tied to your money. Some of you will decide to stay home and work so you can cut expenses on childcare and it will be beneficial. Others of you will find a new way to be more appreciative of the job or business you already have and move forward with it. Be careful to not get distracted by a younger water sign who is interested in you romantically. Good news is coming in about a loan you applied for or you will be receiving an amount of money on the 1st, 5th, or 10th. It may be back pay. Some of you will lucky and have your moving expenses paid by a company who’ll offer you a contract or a new contract. You will try to make things work with a Sagittarius Scorpio: if you are getting divorced, the other person will not be contesting it so that you both can go your own separate ways. Luckily I see you and this person, in time, will be able to get back to being friends again but right now it is best to be apart from one another. Even for those of you that aren’t married but separated, you and this person will become more accepting of this. A court case that has been hung up will be finalized and it will go in your favor. If you are trying to sell a house then you will receive good news on Wednesday. There is energy here for you to reconcile with a Cancer, Libra, or Leo friend before the week is over. They may invite you out to lunch or you guys may decide to meet up somewhere so you can catch up like old times. You will be feeling in a better mood and if you’ve been having chest, lung, or stomach issues then you will be resolving those before the week is over. Engagement energy is surrounding you so this could be a friend or this could be you getting engaged to a friend you’ve been dating for a while. This week, try to have fun and not be so serious about schooling or work. You are on the right path and for those of you that have been stuck between two people that you’re interested in dating, you will decide to drop one of them before the weekend is over. You’re tired of the juggling and you’re also tired of not being committed. Feels like you’ll leave the air sign behind and choose the water sign. These are happy times, so don’t ruin it with your fight or flight energy. Sagittarius: you’re trying to push through but you are worried about your money. Some of you may feel a way about someone older that you are connected to, that may have played themself up to be someone else that they aren’t. This person may be struggling financially as their money keeps falling out of their pockets and hitting the floor. If you’re married to this person bankruptcy may be coming but for others of you, make sure there is misappropriation of funds if you share a bank account. As much as this person may give you a hard time, you will still forgive them and give them another chance. So forgiveness will be taking place on Saturday, Tuesday, or next Sunday for this connection. You may spend too much money on pampering yourself so make sure that you cut that in half by at least 20% over the next few months. If you are friends with a fire or earth sign and not dating, this connection will take time to develop so be more patient. You and this person will likely be friends for 4-9 months before a relationship is even an option. Someone needs to heal first from a divorce or breakup before this moves forward. More reading and less tv would be good for you this week and some of you need to catch up on your studying. Applications will be sent out to go to medical school or go for your master's degree. There’s a long line ahead of you so you may not get in until the spring semester. You’ve already found the person you’re going to grow old with. They’re right beside you despite their shortcomings, you don’t care and you just want to make it work. I don’t see someone new coming in and it working out for those of you looking right now. There won’t be anyone new worthwhile until December or January. If you’ve been wishing for a new beginning in a new place you’ll be receiving your wish, however, you’ll have to sacrifice your home or even a relationship. However, I don’t see this person willing to let you go so easily and they’ll try to make it work as long as they can. Capricorn: you still feel trapped in a situation. Rather that be a relationship or something tied to the justice system. A family member will be coming to your rescue soon. If this family member moved away you will be phoning them to see when you guys can see each other again and they’ll likely be home next weekend. On the other end, if you are having difficulty in terms of finances, this family member or another will be coming to your rescue. You may be taking a job in hospitality or at a restaurant soon. Putting things in storage is likely for those of you that are moving however some of you will be moving and you don’t realize it. So this could be a spur of the moment decision or you may be unable to stay in the place you’re in currently due to finances, air conditioning, or some sort of leak in the roof. You will be making a move this weekend that will make you feel uneasy like something is off but it could be your fears or this is a gut instinct worth listening to. Your soul is ready to embark on this new journey and for some of you, this new journey involved walking away from a legal case that you won’t win. However, it will be behind you and you’ll be able to start over with something new. Whooping cough is likely this week so make sure that you are protecting yourself. If you are single, new love won’t be coming in for you this week as the feelings of an ex will start to creep in on Friday. Try to push through the creative block that you’ll be having this week. If you are needing a favor from someone in management or an authority position, they won’t be willing to work with you on this, so it’s best to let this one go because they won’t budge even if you come to them a few days later. New work will come in by the second or third week of September so this week is all about breathing and finding a way to find some patience. The balance will come. Too much sugar will be bad for you and if you’re having issues losing weight then get a trainer. Aquarius: it’s a false start for you this week. You may be trying to go for an internship, trying to get your work hours adjusted, or even trying to find a tutor for a child. The traction or progress that you had in previous weeks will feel like it has slowed down. Now some of you may be in a bad way with an earth sign and it feels like you both keep going in the same circle over and over again. You will be focusing too much on your image to stay in this connection or you may be dealing with someone who is in the mirror too much. There’s self-centered energy around you and it comes off as it’s either my way or the highway. And because of this, you will likely distance yourself away from this person. If you’re taking a road trip in your car make sure that you get a tune-up because car trouble is likely this week. It’s the same issue that arises in June or July. On a good note, you’ll have good luck with the government this week so take advantage of this. You will get a chance to talk to a Taurus or it will hit you that this Taurus is the person that you want to be with, they’re just being a bit crazy right now, but that’s who they are. So as much as you will try to fight this, you will find a way to compromise and see how to make this work. You will be getting a phone call from a professor or some sort of new opportunity tied to government or business will be coming your way. Business trips will be happening for some of you because someone will have to call in sick and you’ll have to take over their duties. You are free to put in a new proposal for a raise and some of you may put in an offer on a house however I don’t see the house offer pulling through. The good thing is that you always try to do the right thing and the universe notices this and you will be paid back with a blessing in 4-6 months. Pisces: you still have hope that you can fix things up with this person who has two kids, you both have a child together or someone that is in the medical field. You’re not interested in staffing anything new or trying to get to know anyone new because your mind is still set on this working out. This person will give you a glimpse of hope before the week is up on what could be. And you will hold on to that hope as you preoccupy your time with work or changing your image. You’re more willing to compromise with people this week when it comes to being critiqued on your work or talent. And with you being more open to criticism, in the end, that will open more doors for you. You will stick with what you have at this time as looking for something new has become quite exhausting. Some of you may be feeling a way about having kids and struggling to find people who will accept your situation without judgment. A friend group of yours will be getting back together this week or you will go back and hang with friends that you left behind back in 2019 or April of this year. You will be questioning your skills and talent this week due to a competitor that may be coming to your company. Don’t let fear show on your face, because you are solidified in your position. A lump sum of money will be coming to you when Venus moves into Scorpio or in the next 4 days. This is the time to work on your self-confidence and put yourself out there more if you are trying to find a relationship. Money problems won’t disappear but things will get easier starting this week. If you’re trying to find a job, there won’t be any callbacks this week however it may be beneficial for you to look for opportunities in other cities. You’re so worried about making a wrong decision that you’re not making a decision at all. Stop trying to fix things with this person from this past because the love is gone. There will be someone who will come into your life by surprise in November or four months from now who will be a good match for you. Now is the time to focus on you you you. Your soulmate is not in a relationship, let it go.

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